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Thread: Gigabyte G1.Assassin 2 Motherboard

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    Gigabyte G1.Assassin 2 Motherboard

    Gigabyte's G1.Assassin 2 is one of the most recent motherboard which is a right decision for your custom pc. The board is equipped with a technology which helps you to work on Intel X79 platform. There are number of additional features. They Gigabyte G1.Assassin 2 a fairly tough competitor for the others in the market. The motherboard with traditional support of more than one discrete graphics card and dedicated audio/network features. Other than this the board comes with some special features which offer you 3G gaming benefits. Currently this is board is the latest one in GIGABYTE G1-Killer series. In short line, it is the most recent and highly featured gaming motherboard. Gigabyte G1.Assassin 2 supports Intel’s new X79 chipset. I had mentioned in detail about this chipset. This provides you to run the most recent Intel's high performance i series processors. It adds a extra benefit of better processing capabilities with many bus improvements.

    Intel X79 Chipset

    The new Intel chipset for high and extreme ranges, the X79, replaces the familiar X58 at the top of the scale of Intel, so that the plates that will incorporate a high price, as happened with the X58 in the day. The most important change is the reorganization of the chipset, now more like the P55 or P67, having spent the PCIe controller chipset to the processor (in the X58 chipset could be found in the north bridge, while the P55 and P67 are located directly on the processor). Another major change in the X79 over the X58 is the communication between processor and chipset, Intel QPI abandoned in favor of the DMI (as in P55 and P67). In the case of this communication is P67 PCIe 2.0 4x (4GB / s), but the X79 doubles the communication (by selecting the EFI), to have a bandwidth of 8GB / s.

    Besides this, the X79 offers up to 14 SATA ports with RAID capability (levels 0, 1, 5 and 10), 10 of them can be used as SATA 6Gbps. Depending on the manufacturer of the motherboard can be configured up to 8 of these ports as SAS. Obviously Intel has not adopted the USB 3.0 standard and features 14 USB 2.0 ports. Still no news about the intent of Intel Thunderbolt, but motherboard manufacturers may opt for USB 3.0 controllers from other manufacturers. The platform features a 16x PCIe 2 lines or 4 lines at 8x, depending on usage. E Sandy Bridge processors have 4 channels of DDR3 memory, which indicates that the X79 chipset will place beside 4 memory slots, except that a manufacturer decides to release some with 8 slots. It is still early to tell how it will affect the occupation of system performance channels, but having to take the 4 channels obligation is one of the most common fears of users, and which prevents the future expansion of memory capacity in the case need it.

    Gigabyte G1.Assassin 2 Features

    Gigabyte G1.Assassin 2 other than high end processor support, provides you the most latest and advance features which are needed. It is clear from the feature list itself that the motherboard is enough good for everyone who wants a high end system. I had tried to explain the same in much simpler way what the exact features and what one can benefit out it. It is always necessary first before buying, that you must know everything about the product. The reason is that you can thus plan to use it in that way in future. For example if you bought a gpu which does not supports SLi and in future if you plan to go for the same, then card is wasted. I recommend spending wisely on gaming pc. They cost too much in comparison to regular system and branded system doesn't provide you a better customization where you have more option of bargaining. The current features are taken from the official site.

    Super Sight :

    This is something new I saw. Basically many motherboard manufactures name the feature differently on the base of its output. Super Sight is somewhat related to the graphics quality. This section talks about the SLi and CrossFire support which is a need for every gaming pc today. This board has support for 3-way CrossFireX and 3-way SLI Support. That means you can at a time use 3 ATi or AMD make or 3 Nvidia make gpus. Currently the board features giving you the best graphics and upgrade support. It has 3 Pace slot where you can run three common gpu configs. Because of PCIe 3 support you get better graphic rating in your pc. The latest generation of PCIe slots provides you to play games on maximum bandwidth you want. Current game graphics are super high which are not really meant for slow hardware config.

    Super Shield

    I was wondering that this meant board will not break or kind of shock resistance. But do we really plan to carry out systems. Leaving my wrong assumption behind Gigabyte G1 Killer Series board has better features for heat ventilation. That means you can manage your system more properly in that matter of cooling. This features is available in all Killer series. If you are going multiple gpus, and overclocking stuff then surely your cpu is going to heat up soon. To deal the same the board provide you attached heatpipe which drags heat out of your processor. It is well designed and preconfigured. So you do not need to do much on the same.

    This is really a very innovative part of the board where overheating was kept in mind before. For better ventilation this board has 5 Smart Fan Connectors. So this time you do not need to rely on the limited psu connectors. You can attach 5 fans to the board itself which are controlled evenly as the system heats up. Every fan is managed by the thermal sensor of board and it can also be controlled with the help of GIGABYTE's EasyTune 6 utility which located inside the UEFI BIOS.

    Super Hearing

    This refers to good sound quality. It has become possible because of onboard Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Digital Audio Processor (20K2). This time you get a separate chip which manages your sound quality. This another important feature of this board. Because of additional hardware support you can enjoy must realistic audio. The Killer series boards are equipped with advance sound support and this are hardly found in any other gaming motherboards.

    Other than this the superb sound quality is also managed by X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity and EAX Advanced HD 5.0 for better enhancement. Remember to enjoy the features you should have a better sound device which supports all this. Traditional speakers will not respond adequately. The headphone audio amplifier on the board allows you to enjoy realistic sound. The headphone quality do matters here. Without much disturbance and high end sound quality your gameplay will be awesome.

    Super Speed

    For lan gaming this board has more additional to give. It is equipped with Onboard Bigfoot Networks Killer E2100 Game Networking Platform. This platform is designed for high-speed multiplayer game support. You can get rid of lags and other issue which are most common on your regular system. The dedicated Network Processing Unit and Killer Network Manager software help you to get the highest ping. This are some of the best innovation done on this board. Possibility it is a complete pack for a gamer that does not need to stay back for low hardware. The NPU (Network Processing Unit) and Bigfoot Advanced Stream Detect provides you better gameplay. Bigfoot Advanced Stream helps you to get flawless streaming of videos and chat. It helps you to manager your high quality streaming support.

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    Re: Gigabyte G1.Assassin 2 Motherboard

    Specification :
    • CPU : Support for Intel Core i7 processors in the LGA2011 package.
    • Chipset : Intel X79 Express Chipset
    • Memory : 4 x 1.5V DDR3 DIMM sockets supporting up to 32 GB of system memory. 4 channel memory architecture. Support for DDR3 2133/1866/1600/1333/1066 MHz memory modules/non-ECC memory/Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) memory modules.
    • Audio : 1 x Creative CA20K2 chip. Support for Dolby Digital Live/DTS Connect/X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity/EAX Advanced HD 5.0/High Definition Audio/2/4/5.1/7.1-channel/S/PDIF Out.
    • LAN : 1 x Bigfoot Killer E2100 chip (10/100/1000 Mbit)
    • Expansion Slots : 2 x PCI Express x16 slots, running at x16 (PCIEX16_1/PCIEX16_2).
    • Multi-Graphics Technology : Support for 3-Way/2-Way AMD CrossFireX / NVIDIA SLI technology.
    • Storage Interface : Chipset - 2 x SATA 6Gb/s connectors (SATA3 0/SATA3 1) supporting up to 2 SATA 6Gb/s devices. 4 x SATA 3Gb/s connectors (SATA2 2~SATA2 5) supporting up to 4 SATA 3Gb/s devices. Support for RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 10. 2xMarvell 88SE9172 chips: 2 x SATA 6Gb/s connectors (GSATA3 6/GSATA3 7) supporting up to 2 SATA 6Gb/s devices. 2 x eSATA 6Gb/s connectors (eSATA/USB Combo) on the back panel supporting up to 2 SATA 6Gb/s devices. Support for RAID 0 and RAID 1.
    • USB : Chipset - Up to 14 USB 2.0/1.1 ports (8 ports on the back panel, including 2 eSATA/USB Combo, 6 ports available through the internal USB headers). 2 x Fresco FL1009 chips - Up to 4 USB 3.0/2.0 ports (2 ports on the back panel, 2 ports available through the internal USB header).
    • Unique Features : BIOS/Q-Flash/Xpress BIOS Rescue/Download Center/Xpress Install/Xpress Recovery2/EasyTune/EasyTune/Smart 6/eXtreme Hard Drive (X.H.D)/ON/OFF Charge/Cloud OC/3TB+ Unlock/TouchBIOS/Q-Share.

    This is the most highlighted features of this motherboard. Other than this, it has high quality 3D support, 3D BIOS which allows you to configure your system on gui mode, dual bios which allows you to setup two different bios provides one for regular use and one for overclocking, 4 Channel Memory Architecture which gives you bandwidth upto 25GB/Sec and upto 32GB RAM support, etc. You will also get GIGABYTE Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi Card with it to manager your wi-fi connectivity.


    Motherboard GIGABYTE G1.Assassin is the most functional solution series, which is done on the PCB larger form factor XL-ATX and is distinguished by the four slots PCIEx16. Models GIGABYTE G1.Sniper and GIGABYTE G1. Guerrilla performed in a more familiar form factor ATX and equipped with three connectors PCIEx16. The main difference between the last two motherboards is in a different audio subsystem. The motherboard GIGABYTE G1.Sniper using high quality system with a microprocessor Creative CA20K2, and the GIGABYTE G1. Guerrilla set to a more conventional HDA-codec Realtek ALC 889. Unique in appearance cooling system in the form of machine is used for all three models of the series as one of its important attributes. In addition, the flagship series GIGABYTE G1.Assassin different from the other two models, the availability of more powerful 16-phase power supply unit, rather than an 8-phase, so the first should theoretically show a better overclocking.

    The layout of the motherboard GIGABYTE G1.Assassin quite familiar. Obvious defects in it are difficult to see. The main thing to consider when choosing a case for motherboard GIGABYTE G1.Assassin is that it is made in larger PCB form factor XL-ATX. Board dimensions are 345x263 mm, not 305h244 mm, as in the form factor ATX.


    The motherboard GIGABYTE G1.Assassin implemented as the possibility of organizing graphics chipset Intel X58 Express, which allow you to combine four video cards in x8 configuration + x8 + x8 + x8 lines PCI Express 2.0.
    Any additional lines of bridges PCI Express, which could increase these opportunities as two nForce 200 SLI chip on GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD9, on the motherboard GIGABYTE G1.Assassin not provided. But the new motherboard is equipped with a better sound system and a network system that, for most gamers will be more important quality. Also, of the features of the hardware structure of a motherboard GIGABYTE G1.Assassin can note the presence of only one controller USB 3.0, which supports two ports USB 3.0. Thanks also to two USB-hubs VLI VL810, the number of USB 3.0 connectors on the motherboard GIGABYTE G1.Assassin was increased four times - up to eight.

    If the judge logically, there's really very difficult to imagine a situation when you might need more than two USB 3.0 ports at the same time. Let's rewrite a large amount of data from one drive to another USB 3.0 at the same time - this is actually the only thing that may need the user. Therefore, the installation of two or three USB 3.0 controller on a single motherboard cannot be called rational, since it increases the production costs than bring practical benefits.

    Controller SATA 3.0, supports two SATA 6 Gb / c, is connected via two lines of PCI Express 2.0 directly to the north bridge chipset Intel X58 Express, so the bottleneck bandwidth connecting bus should not be. Special attention is given to the remote module front panel with two ports USB 3.0, plug and use the Power eSATA «Quick Boost», activating technology. Indeed, in most cases much more convenient to connect portable drives from the front of the chassis, not the back. For better contact with the heat sink semiconductor host CPU power and the south bridge used thermal pads.

    One of the advantages of a motherboard GIGABYTE G1.Assassin is to have four ports PCIEx16 and support ATI CrossFireX technology in configurations x8 + x8 + x8 + x8 lines PCI Express 2.0, and NVIDIA 3-Way SLI mode x16 + x8 + x8 or 2-Way SLI mode x16 + x16. Plus, the motherboard GIGABYTE G1.Assassin provided summarizing additional power to the PCI Express two peripheral power connector PATA, which should increase stability. In addition, to enhance the functionality on the motherboard GIGABYTE G1.Assassin has two slots and one slot PCIEx1 PCI.

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    Re: Gigabyte G1.Assassin 2 Motherboard

    Multimedia Support

    Audio subsystem is not based on a simple HD-codec, and is represented in the form of a sound system Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi, soldered on the PCB of the motherboard. It is based on the latest audio microprocessor Creative CA20K2-2AG, with a very high speed. Specifically for on-board sound processor chip is DDR-400 Hynix H5DU1262GTR-E3C 128 MB. Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi has hardware support for technology X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity and EAX Advanced HD 5.0, which are designed to create a realistic 3D-sound.

    Also, the audio subsystem to decode formats Dolby Digital Live and DTS. Also specifically for demanding gamers who prefer network battles, GIGABYTE has set the game adapter Bigfoot Networks Killer E2100 chips with two DDR2-667 SAMSUNG K4T511630I-HCE6 of 512 MB each. Thus, the total size of the network buffer is neither more nor less, and 1 GB of memory. Same level of physical network adapter, the motherboard GIGABYTE G1.Assassin implemented by the controller Marvell 88E1118R.

    According to the manufacturer's exclusive NIC Bigfoot Networks Killer E2100 is able to reduce the average latency network (ping), due to the usual integrated network card, from 6 ms to 0.25 ms. Thus, to a minimum should decrease the likelihood of "lag". Although fully upgraded network card can reveal itself in the local network, with the game, the internet and the passage of a data packet will largely depend on the entire route, which connects a computer and a game server.

    Gigabyte Killer Series Board


    Gigabyte G1.Assassin 2 is a full fledge board where you do not need anything to add. Maximum stuff are managed by the bios itself. All you need is to add the board to your system and start playing. The list of features are very long. This board is a perfect example for the most recent and high end motherboard. I had tried to find out some related models also but they lacks lot of thing. And Gigabyte is a market leader which has great credibility in the market. So you can simply rely on it. Specially built for gaming purpose Gigabyte G1.Assassin 2 is one of the best board for gaming and high performance system. The price estimation for this board is termed as $399. But there can be fluctuation depending on the seller.

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