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Thread: ASUS Zenbook UX31 Ultrabook

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    ASUS Zenbook UX31 Ultrabook

    The Asus UX31 Zenbook series is presented by which is extremely portable, yet powerful mobile computer in the new product category of the ultra-Books. The technical configuration is very versatile. Already in the list of the smallest ultra-UX31 Asus Zenbook series comes with Core i5 2557M second generation processor. This provides a base clock of 1.70 GHz and can accelerate the turbo boost mode up to 2.70 GHz in order to avoid performance bottlenecks. If you want more additional performance in ultra-portable computer then you can go for Intel Core i7-2677M processor. This defines a clock frequency of 1.80 GHz in Turbo Boost mode which can gain upto 2.90 GHz. Talking about the memory it is really more than enough to get a 4GB ram support. You can go for upgrades as per your need. It is one of the most powerful ultrabooks in the market released yet. In storage medium you get a special feature of shock resistance solid state drive. This gives more durability to the ultrabook. Rightnow the current ultrabooks comes with a capacity of 128 or 256 GB. With Intel Core i7 processor and high ram and SSD support you can get more than enough from the device.

    The interfaces of current models of Asus Zenbook UX21 is simpler running on native operating system. For example, the mini-VGA port is now on the right side next to the micro-HDMI port. Who wants to connect an external monitor via HDMI can set with the help of external HDMI adapter. That's the price one must pay when an interface at its full size is about as thick as the notebook itself, the audio jack is also only for headphones or external speakers. A separate input for a microphone is not available.

    Highlighted Features:
    • Incredible 3mm at the front and 9mm at the rear
    • Spun metal and hairline aluminum for incredible beauty
    • ASUS exclusive Super Hybrid Engine II with instant on 2-second resume, four to five times the standby time, automatic data backup and recovery, and 25% longer battery life!
    • SATA Revision 3.0 solid state drive and USB 3.0 incredible speed of data transfer rates
    • SonicMaster technology co-developed with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower increases audio performance with lifelike surround impact
    • The latest Intel Core processors


    Asus UX31 Zenbook has some similarities in the design in comparison to its competitor model in the market. It offers you a subtle and elegant design made up of good metal finish and metal keys. The thickness is only 3 mm in front and 9 mm in the rear. The weight of the notebook is 1 kg and 315 grams. The quality of materials of Asus Zenbook UX31 can be only felt and seen. It makes it more strong and firm to touch the case of brushed aluminum; the design is modern and industrial. Just like the UX21 also leaves the UX31 is a promising first impression and splendor of the case presentation from a block of aluminum. Fingerprints are barely visible except for the screen. The display cover is specifically due to the reflections of the metal surface, which shows a design with concentric circles, eye-catching.

    At the leading edge of the housing is only 3 mm thick at the trailing edge of only 9 mm, and thus be even slimmer than the competitors, the Acer Aspire S3 , but still marginal "thicker" than the 13.3-inch MacBook Air The metal keys on the keyboard is very beautiful but not functional in the same way, even if they are finished well and are not too slippery, the writing does not seem to be comfortable as on other notebooks, especially if the keys are pressed too quickly, without too much pressure. It should be noted that the keyboard is not backlit, it seems just a detail, but people will take this into account when he must choose between Asus Zenbook and macbook air.

    The trackpad, however, was initially imprecise and jerky but after the driver update to version there was a marked improvement in its functionality and usability. Despite this, the trackpad is not as precise as one would expect, but more updates should fix everything. The multi-touch gestures, left a mixed impression. During a two-finger scroll worked as expected, can pinch-zoom to be fairly inert and slow. Nevertheless, the touchpad is not as it is passable. An immediate driver update, if not already newer drivers are now installed, but is recommended. The Asus UX31 uses a glossy 13.3-inch display with a high native resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. This resolution is higher than most other similarly sized notebooks which usually offer the smaller 1366 x 768 pixel resolution.

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    Re: ASUS Zenbook UX31 Ultrabook


    Wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are available. Optional GPS, WWAN, or WiDi would be nice, but also the ultra-slim competitors currently offers both WLAN and Bluetooth are not much more functionality. Both modules are from Atheros, Bluetooth version 4.0 is used. This saves over the previous versions a little more energy. By default, the UX31 comes with a surprisingly small power adapter and a slim brown laptop bag, similar to that of the UX21. In addition, there is a USB to RJ45 and a mini-VGA to VGA adapter, but no adapter for HDMI in the box. It would be nice to have such Asus included a third adapter, but that is for the user when necessary, a comparatively small investment.


    In the heart of RSL8-UX31 operates one 1.7 GHz Core i5-2557M processor, which can high overclock with Turbo Boost up to 2.4 GHz for both cores. ULV processor is the power (TDP) at 17 watts TDP, almost half were under the Sandy Bridge CPUs at full voltage. The stroke rate was reduced in favor of battery life and lower heat. It is a common strategy of the ultra-slim category. Popular competitors like the Samsung 9 series and the Aspire one can also use S3 ULV Sandy Bridge processor. In particular, the 13.3-inch MacBook Air uses the same CPU as our test Asus model.

    Like all Core CPUs ix the second generation, the UX31 is an integrated Intel Graphics HD 3000 discrete graphics solution. Although this supports Turbo Boost up to 1.2 GHz in the test model, it is still just a starter solution. Modern PC games can not be played back with high or medium settings without having to convert them into a slideshow. The GPU is clocked in idle mode, according HWiNFO with 350 MHz. A detailed test of the graphics chip you can find here . As the main memory 4 are common today - GB DDR3 on board. However, the modules are soldered directly on the motherboard to reduce size and weight. Therefore, the user can add or remove RAM.

    Battery Life :

    Battery life for average use (65% brightness, wifi and a few videos on) is almost 6 hours, the macbook air is not far away with more than 5 hours (with OSX, down to little more than 4 with windows installed). The ZenBook Asus UX31 is available in three different configurations, the first, basic, includes the Intel Core i5 2467M, 1.7 GHz, 4GB of RAM and a 128GB Hard Drive SATAII SSD for a price of $ 1099, the medium version at a price of $ 1349 is similar to the previous with the difference that in this case the hard disk is 256GB, but the top configuration provides, in addition to the hard disk 256GB, Intel Core i7 2677M from 1 , 8GHz all at a price of $ 1449.

    Operating System

    The ZenBook Asus UX31 is sold with Windows 7 pre-installed on 64-bit Professional, Home Premium or Home Basic. In addition to a number of proprietary applications for Asus hardware management, performance and system utilities, there is a trial version of Microsoft Office 2010.

    Detailed Specification:

    Cpu Support:
    • Intel Core i7 2677M Processor
    • Intel Core i5 2557M Processor

    OS Support:
    • Genuine Windows 7 Professional 64bit
    • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
    • Genuine Windows 7 Home Basic 64bit
    • This version contains all product updates (SP1)

    Chipset Support:
    • Intel QS67 Express Chipset

    Ram Support:
    • DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM, OnBoard Memory

    Display Output:
    • 13.3" 16:9 HD+ (1600x900) LED Backlight

    Graphics Output:
    • Integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000

    Storage Support:
    • SATA3
    • 128GB SSD
    • 256GB SSD

    Additional Support:
    • 2 -in-1 card reader ( SD/ MMC)
    • Integrated 802.11 b/g/n / Built-in Bluetooth V4.0
    • 1 x Headphone-out jack (Audio-in Combo)
    • 1 x USB 3.0 port(s)
    • 1 x USB 2.0 port(s)
    • 1 x micro HDMI
    • 1 x Mini VGA
    • 50 Whrs Polymer Battery

    ASUS Zenbook UX31 Drivers Download:


    After the first impression of the overall process is still impressive. Under pressure, the screen lid is barely on, and it is almost difficult to get over him. Also the base unit is pretty solid, but the casing is left of the touchpad to the right than the easier this area. The case is not made entirely of aluminum. The screen frame is made of clear plastic. Nevertheless, this does not diminish the solid construction of the device. Regardless of the configuration are all other mobile computer, the Asus UX31 Zenbook series with a 13.3-inch display. The display area can be a resolution of 1,600 x 900 pixels. The signal passes to the outside screen in stationary applications either through a micro-HDMI port (flat-screen TVs) or a mini-VGA port (monitor). For the pixel placement of the Intel HD graphics chip is responsible.

    The ZenBook Asus UX31 is ultimately a good laptop, is the line between netbooks and notebooks, and this does not exclude the possibility that someone might decide to use it as a first computer. The hardware features, its compact size, ease of use and its design will surely make this notebook successful.

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