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Thread: HTC Sensation XE Smartphone

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    HTC Sensation XE Smartphone

    Last month we saw the regional launch of the new Smartphone from HTC and it is the latest version of HTC sensation named as HTC Sensation XE. Now we know many features of the Sensation so lets see what are the highlights of the new HTC Sensation XE.

    The first and the main highlight is the Beats Technology that has newly come up. It will just revolutionize the way we hear the sounds from our mobile phones. so that’s one feature that has been newly introduced by the HTC. Sounds good!

    The second highlight is the faster dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

    The third highlight is the 1,730mAh battery. Which would definitely up the battery power.
    So the above listed one’s are the main features of this phone now its time to have a detailed look at the phone and check out what is there and what is not there in the phone.

    So first lets have a look at the design of the phone. At the first glance of this phone this new HTC Sensation XE does not look different at all from the older HTC sensation. Same dimensions almost same weight and all. HTC Sensation XE is a bit heavier weighing 152 grams. The camera placements, sockets, snapper and buttons are unmoved.

    The only difference that you notice is the Beats Audio logo round the back and also splashes of red can be observed near camera lens and also the earpiece.

    It’s a unibody design that means you need to actually pull the phone so that it gets into two pieces and later install the battery or the memory card in the phone. The design does looks solid and the overall appears classy. Screen size is 4.3 inches.


    As I have already mention at the top that Beats technology, faster processor and battery are the main highlights of the phone. Now apart from that we can see a Gingerbread operating system in the phone Androind 2.3.4. HTC Sense 3.0 is added in the phone that’s a another star feature in the phone. The 4.3-inch, HD (540 x 960) does appears to be quite bright and vivid then the previous HTC phones. So a plus one for that. If we look at the headphones then it is quite good and it also provides four additional pairs of earbud tips that come in different sizes. However the only thing that I found missing in the headphone is that it isn't the tangle-free type headphone that we can see in majority of the phones today. HTC people should have taken care of that feature.

    Beats audio quality is quite good with the speakers as well as with the headphones as well. However you will be finding some limitations with the sound equalizer. Also the sound enhancer simply works with earphones or external speakers plugged in the 3.5mm jack, but not in speaker mode. The Beats Audio sound profile is only enabled if you are playing the music through HTC's stock music app. Yes there are some limitations with the Beats Audio technology but that’s ok. With the 1,730mAh battery you will be ensuring that your phone is alive for a longer time and plus a 1.5GHz dual core processor will definitely speeded up all the processes, both are the biggest plus points in the phone.

    Camera is the same 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and dual-LED flash technology. Video recording is 1080p@30fps.

    You will be getting a 16GB micro sd card during the purchase and also will be getting a cover as well for the phone.


    Its time to have a look at the performance of the phone. Yes the new processor and the new battery will be definitely improving the phone’s performance for sure but lets see what difference does it brings.
    We tested it with the wifi kept on and set up tow email accounts In the phone and also all the social networking sites on , we tested it continuously for around 4 hours and only a miniscule percentage of battery was gone. So I think that’s a good thing to watch out for and I also played some movies and watched it for 4 hours at a stretch and still the battery consumption was very less say hardly 30%. So I would say thumbs up to the battery of this phone which did lived up to its expectations.

    Now lets have a check at the speed of the phone.

    I tested the video playing performance by running a youtube video with 720p and it ran good while it did lag when I changed it to 1080p. on running the BrowserMark benchmarking application on the phone all I can say is that it completed the test with a very impressive score. It scored 52019 and the previous best was 39673 scored by HTC sensation. The optimized javascript performance in the phone is quite good and it improves your browsing experience. So overall performance of the phone is worth looking at.

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    re: HTC Sensation XE Smartphone

    The price of the phone is US $670 which is I.N.R. 32,843 rupees.

    Now while concluding this review all I can say is that the phone is quite good very much impressed with the performance of the phone and also the battery life. Now if you look at the price of the phone it is quite expensive but this phone is of that worth since the sensation that was released last year was just US $23 less then Sensation XE. For the audio beat technology, faster processor and superb battery HTC Sensation XE and an attractive look is for those who are looking forward for a good music Smartphone with good looks and also amazing performance. I would rate 4 out of 5 from my side.

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    Re: HTC Sensation XE Smartphone

    The phone definitely looks good to me but the price is a bit of worry for me anyways i will be surely checking out for the phone.

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    Re: HTC Sensation XE Smartphone

    Mobile phone carrier Orange UK has just added to its coming soon page a new smartphone from HTC, namely the Android-based HTC Sensation XE.

    The new device was unveiled to the world only a few months ago, with high-end features and capabilities, complemented by the inclusion of Beats Audio technology inside.

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