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Old 03-08-2011
Join Date: Nov 2005
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Samsung GT-S3350 Chat Qwerty Mobile Phone


Whoever likes to write a lot - be it via e-mail, chat or SMS-enabled programs - emphasis on a practical keyboard to compose texts for a quick return to the other and sometimes even longer passages to formulate problems. Thus to solve this problem, Samsung GT-S3350, which is also called "chat", is already in the product name for same. The layout of this mobile phone is likely very familiar to Blackberry users, but also Nokia and Sony and LG also have such equipment for some time in the offer. The chat is aimed at comparatively low prices of around 90 EUR to the beginner or the person to whom it is sufficient to dispose off elementary functions. The equipment includes a 2 MP camera, memory for up to 1000 contacts and 500 calendar entries, expanding the memory with Micro SD cards up to 8 GB, EDGE and Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g. How does it behave in day to day life, we have reviewed.

Samsung GT-S3350 Chat - inexpensive, recommendable Messenger Phone

Processing Features

The design of this handy phone is modern and convenient, especially for prolific writers. The Samsung S3350 has acceptable forms. The surface is made of frosted plastic with polished border. With its dimensions of 111 x 61 x 11.9 mm and weighing only 99 grams, it fits comfortably in your hand. The TFT display with its 2.4-inch screen is 262,144 colors that are great with a (low by today's standards) resolution of 240 x 320 pixels, but being a significant piece of the current reference, the display removes, what one notices in the brightness, contrast and black level. The battery compartment cover of the Samsung Chat consists of slightly textured plastic, that can be opened and closed easily. It also sits perfectly. The package includes a manual, charger and a headset.

Back of the Samsung GT-S3350 Chat Mobile Phone

Plastic battery cover

Loud - Quiet button

Headphone and USB ports
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Old 03-08-2011
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 1,203
Re: Samsung GT-S3350 Chat Qwerty Mobile Phone

Business and Data Functions

Data Connections
  • Bluetooth ? 2.1 - not 3.0 like many other Samsung Mobile Phones
  • Bluetooth ? Messenger
  • Wireless 802.11 b / g - no wireless n
  • Storage - when connected to the PC the phone will act like an external hard drive

Profile settings
Normal, Silent, Car, Meeting, Outdoor, Online, My Own Profile 1, Own Profile 2, Own Profile 3.

Reception and voice quality
The Samsung Chat has a relatively good reception quality, even if the network coverage is not quite optimal. The voice playback sounds at normal volume is only minimally covered. The voice quality of the speakers is good, distortion occurs only at higher volume.

Battery life (with normal use)
Up to 4 days - that is very good, even with constant use it keeps the Samsung chat by 2 days. The battery is 1000 mAh, with not even particularly large dimensions.

Opportunities for entering new contacts
Surname, first name, last name, mobile phone, telephone (home), Email (private), group: None, office, family, friends, school, picture, caller Ring Tone, Caller picture, Internet phone (private), company, profession, Options: Add symbol, Predictive text on / off, writing options, Add detail: Second first name, title, suffix, nickname, mobile phone, mobile phone (private), Mobile (business), telephone (home), telephone (business), Telephone (Other) Video call (home) , Video Call (Business), Video Call (Others), Car Phone, Fax (Home), Fax (Business), fax (Other), Pager, DTMF, Email (private), email (business), Email (Other), group, Internet Phone (Private), Internet Telephone (Business), Internet phone (Other), Push to Talk, Web address (private), address (business), address (other), department, name of the wizard, number of assistants, spouses, children, address (private ), address (business), address (other), birthday, anniversary, memo, send message, edit, delete, multiple delete, copy to phone, Add symbol, writing options, FDN contacts, send a business card via; delete detail: news Email, Bluetooth, backup settings: Sequence of the display name, display of contacts, standard memory, My Card, My numbers.

Calendar settings
Options: Create: Date: Subject, Start time and date, end time and date, alarm on / off; Repeat: None, Daily, Weekly, 14-day, every month, every year, place, details; Anniversary: ​​Subject, Date repeat every year: on / off, Day off: Enable / disable, Alarm: on / off; event: subject, start date, end date, week, Open: Today, Date, Delete, Delete Multiple: This month, before date, Aller events; settings: Week begins on Monday, Sunday; default view by: month, week, day.

Built-in voice recorder (dictaphone)
Go to sounds, settings: Recording time: Limit for MMS, 1 hour, standard storage: phone, memory card, recording: Title Send via: Message, Email, Bluetooth, Set as: callsign for voice calls, caller ringtone, alarm tone, details: name, size, format, creation date, location, the reproduction of the recording does not sound special. But it is nevertheless easy to understand, if you max. selects the median volume when listening. At higher volume levels, one must take into account some scratching.

E-mail functionality
Connection type: POP3, SMTP and IMAP4. Setting the standard email accounts is done in a few steps. The Samsung has no problems chatting and downloading emails with attachments. It only takes a little time, if it is connected to a wireless network that is expected to be smaller. About the presentation, it is debatable. This is clearly laid out, but on a larger display with higher resolution, it is certainly easier to read.

Internet functionality
The selected Internet sites, as measured by today's high-tech smartphones, by both wireless and via Edge networks, load slowly. In absolute terms, the load times to go for an inexpensive starter instrument is still in order. Complex structure and memory-intensive websites are sometimes not even loaded at Edge connection, as there is not enough memory. Even if one could think, because of the name "chat", the Samsung would be excellently suited for social networking: Facebook is integrated only in general terms. At least you can send messages and upload photos. Clients for Twitter and RSS are also available.

PC synchronization
The Samsung Chat can be recognized as mass storage. Alternatively, the Chat 335 is also compatible with Samsung's Synchronsations platform that is called gravel. The current version can be downloaded from the Support area for products on the Samsung website. Also, photos or music can be easily moved. A USB data cable is, unfortunately, not included and must be purchased commercially.

Other features
Protocols, My Documents, Organizer: Alarm clock, calendar, memo, task, world clock, calculator, conversion, communication: instant messaging, Bluetooth Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Communities: My Space, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, Friendster, applications: FM radio , games and more: Typing Master, Brain Challenge Vol 2, infeCCt, PyramidBloxx, SuperYumYum 3, voice memo, dictionary, Bluetooth, timer, stopwatch, WLAN; downloads.

The Samsung GT-S3350 Chat Phone has Quad Band with quite useful features and is not often criticized. It is supported at data rates of EDGE, WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1. The battery lasts up to 3-4 days at normal use and for a phone with this equipment is to be commended. The calendar functions compared with the standard is a bit sparse, but still sufficient. Preset profiles that can be changed easily, are also present in the Samsung chat. It is also possible to create three separate profiles. A memo functions with 3000 characters, and a voice recorder for recording up to 1 hour, are also integrated. An email account is setup in a few steps and getting the mail is then depending on the size and notes is loaded fairly quickly. Several email accounts can be created easily. Finding and opening Internet pages on the Samsung chat has no major problems and it only takes a little time, if they are not designed too highly. In complex designed pages, it may be possible that the memory is not sufficient enough to render the page. The view however is not as great as on a large screen of a smartphone, but still it is easy to read. To transfer contacts, calendar entries and notes on the conversation, you need a USB cable to sync it to. This process was error-free over from Outlook. The Samsung GT-S3350 has different features, including various organizer functions, communities, portals, games, etc. This makes it certainly even more interesting.
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Old 03-08-2011
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 1,203
Re: Samsung GT-S3350 Chat Qwerty Mobile Phone

Multimedia Features

Camera equipment
2 MP camera; mode: camera, video camera, Resolution: 1600x1200, 800x600, 640x480, 320x240, Brightness: -2 to +2, Self-timer: Off, 2 sec, 2 sec, 10 sec, White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Cloudy; Effects: No effects, Gray, Negative, Sepia, Night Mode: Off, On; Settings: Photo: Quality: Very Fine, Fine, Normal, Facility: viewfinder: icons, no icons; Check: A, 2 sec, Off, Shutter Sound: Shutter sound 1, 2, 3, Off; memory: phone, memory card, Quick Access Info: mode, timer, night mode, display, post-processing options: Send via: send, email, Bluetooth, Set as. Wallpaper, caller picture, move, delete, multiple delete, copy, rename, create folders, View: List, Thumbnails, Sorted by: time, type, name, size, slideshow, Bluetooth visibility one, protection of, details: Name, Size (KB), size, size (resolution), creation date, location, Rating: 2.

Camera quality
Regarding the quality of the photographs, you can expect little more than a limited snapshot quality - they are with too low sharpness, contrast and image depth. The black level can inspire less. The images made with the Samsung chat you can send is a maximum of ex. via MMS, but the quality is sufficient.

Video camera equipment
Recording Mode: Normal, message limits, Brightness: -2 to +2, Self-timer: Off, 2 sec, 2 sec, 10 sec, White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Cloudy; Effects: No effects, gray, negative, sepia, night mode: Off, On; settings: Video Quality: Very Fine, Fine, Normal, Facility: viewfinder: icons, no icons; memory: phone, memory card, Quick Access Info: mode, recording mode, timer, calendar, post-processing options: send via : message, e-mail, Bluetooth; Move: Selected, Multiple Copying: Selected, Multiple, delete, multiple delete, rename, create folders, View: List, Thumbnails, Sorted by: time, type, name, size, Bluetooth Visibility one, to protect; details: name, size (KB), size, size (resolution), creation date, location, Fit to Screen Size: Normal, aspect ratio preserved, not observed aspect ratios; Rating: 2-3.

Video Quality
In the video function, the results are already in low light conditions and also blurred and noisy. In addition, the resolution is very low. Anyone who seriously wants to make videos to a mobile phone should take higher-quality equipment.

Features of the built-in music player
Now playing, play list: News, Library, Loop mode: Off, 1, All tracks, random one, which translates to Bluetooth stereo headset to the playlist, Title Send via: Message, Email, Bluetooth, set as a call sign for voice call, caller ringtone, alarm, Title Rate: 5, 4, 3, 2 star, 1 star; Details: artist, title, album, track length, genre, author, date, track number, size, location; Library: All songs, playlists, albums, artists, genres, played most frequently, recently re-established; Settings: Player Settings: Effects: Normal, Auto, classical, rock, jazz, pop, dance, wide, dynamic, surround, background music: on / off ; Music Auto Off, after 30 min, after 1 hour, after 2 hours; Music menu: Playlists, Albums, Artists, Genres, Composers, Years, Your rating, played most frequently, recently played, recently added; rating : 1-2.

Sound quality of music player
Although the speaker was positioned on the back of the mobile phone, it has no problems playing all the songs well. If one turns around the Samsung chat, it increases the volume quality of the playback. Overall, the sound is pretty clear and not as center-weighted, as one might expect spontaneously. What we assess very positively: Samsung chat puts the low purchase price with an earphone, the sound is not even bad, but scores with a decent dynamics and a good acoustic homogeneity. Make no doubt about the classification: For listening to music in between ranging from the performance, it is not sufficient.

Radio yes / no, Sound quality of radio
Open Favorites: Options: Edit, Move, Remove, Remove All, listening; Add to: Favorites, all channels, open all channels, speaker on / off, record, go to sounds, manual search, search, program Note: memory activation: a / out, frequency, memory, repeat: Once, Daily, Weekly; settings: Standard memory: phone, memory card, FM radio automatically on / off: Off, after 30 min, after 1 hour, after 2 hours, depending on the orientation of the antenna (headsets / headphones sound) sounds from the respective stations are quite well. The selectivity is best if the mobile phone will be kept quiet. The quality of recordings depends on the interpretation of the headset. With a favorable orientation very good results are achieved.

Storage / location of the memory card
48 MB internal memory - expandable to 8 GB of memory card slot is located under the battery compartment cover.

The camera of the Samsung chat is easy to handle and has easy-to-use settings. The shutter lag is not there. The results of the 2 MP camera as shots are usable, but when viewing on the PC screen, the result seems rather unsatisfactory. The built-in MP3 player can be operated very easily and sounds good. The Samsung chat has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Thus, a headset or headphones are used with other jack. On a radio it was not waived. This is easy to use and has enough Presets. Channel names can also be added by renaming the frequency. The Samsung chat has a 48 MB internal memory which can be extended with micro SD memory cards up to 8 GB. The insertion of this memory card is located under the battery compartment cover.

2 MP camera

Uncomfortable headset

Storage / location of the memory card
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Old 03-08-2011
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 1,203
Re: Samsung GT-S3350 Chat Qwerty Mobile Phone

Handling / Menus

The Samsung chat can be easily operated even with one hand. Contact details are found quickly, and edited or added, and a call can be performed easily. The display in direct sunlight or direct light can be just yet visible. However, it can also be adjusted according to the needs, similarly like on some other phone on the setting of the background image or theme. The keyboard has a consistent pressure point. Messages, or Notes can be easily writen down on the flat keys - but the keys are too close together for large hands. With thinner fingers on the other hand one has little difficulty. The Samsung Chat has typically designed menu with underlying Samsung's proprietary operating system of the 335 IM, that was fitted with a total well-to-understand menu items. The standby bar allows rapid access to the menu. You can assemble them easily with desired menu items. The 2 MP camera and MP3 player are easy to operate and not so overwhelming. The Samsung chat can read memory cards up to 8 GB. The insertion of this memory card is located under the battery compartment cover. Creating your own folders and moving data is completely smooth.

Message Handling
News: New Message: Add symbol, Multimedia Add: images, video, sound, take picture, record video, record sound, text: template, business card, calendar, task, memo, emoticon, Favorite, Add recipient, subject, add elements Attach: file, business card, calendar, task, memo, text detection on / off, shout options: Writing language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Polish, My word list, word list, hide, show Toolbox; sending options: Character support: GSM alphabet, Unicode, auto, reply path: on / off; Delivery report: on / off, keep a copy: on / off; validity: Maximum, 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, e-mail, create conversations, Inbox, e-mail inbox, Sent, Outbox, Drafts, My folders, Mailbox, broadcast messages, spam folder settings: (keep a copy, delete folders, messages blocked, signal repetition) General Settings, SMS, MMS, E-mail WAP Push, broadcast messages, mailbox number, SOS messages, memory status, grade: 1-2.

The Samsung chat is easy to handle. Running a call, adding contacts, and the readability of the display in low light conditions, are commendable. Messages on the keyboard, are quickly written. The menu has a fashionably designed and intended scope. Moreover, this is sufficient. The easy operation of the camera and the MP3 player are further plus points. Self-selected shortcuts to the menu, you can create in the standby bar. Memory cards with up to 8 GB can be read easily. Score: 1-2.

Qwerty Keyboard

Trackpad button

Overall Conclusion

The Samsung GT-S3350 Chat is a must for writers who do not have too big hands, because this group will have their enjoyment of the qwerty keyboard, apart from basic needs. There is a lack 3G/HSPA and wireless-n. Moreover, only Bluetooth 2.1 is on board. After all, the PC sync works quite well - but be careful: You should always use, especially for a still relatively new device like the Samsung Chat, the newest gravel software suitable for mobile phone version. In recognition as mass storage, there were no problems. Handling the internet cannot keep pace with today's standards. The Samsung chat is slow and limited by the low screen resolution, the display could also be better. The e-mail handling includes only the basic functions that should be enough for many people in everyday life. The camera is snapshot compatible.

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