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Thread: Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Tablet PC

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    Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Tablet PC

    In terms of processing can be the TF101 not guilty. All component joints are executed accurately. Usually in the most stressed area around the case, Asus one an Alu-profile tailored cutouts for the various interfaces as well as fine holes for the speakers houses. The colors of the Transformer comes in a bronze-brown hue, which, according to the author leaves a very attractive, solid impression. Of alternative color versions so far nothing is known.

    The housing has two major advantages. First, it fits comfortably in your hand, second battery was also a great place. Six, seven hours more time at maximum screen brightness and active WLAN are not a problem. In addition, the battery gets too much faster than fresh juice at about 10.1v Samsung Galaxy Tab . With 680 grams, the Transformer is not the lightweights, while reading in bed as you need on a permanent base. The built-in cameras, however, are only middle class - as does many a smartphone prettier pictures. About the MicroSD slot I had already voiced praise, it is still a HDMI -mini port for connecting to the TV. What is still missing is a UMTS -Modem: The EeePad Transformer will probably only learn in the summer to go wireless without the net.

    The display itself is bright and high contrast, its resolution is great practice. This also applies to the dual-core processor from NVIDIA, which fulfills his tasks very fast. At the Android 3.0 interface, Asus has made few changes. Very handy is that you the (virtual) button that shows all running programs, for making screenshots misuse can - this is not trivial under Android.

    SRS Premium Sound Technology offers a sonic experience to transform the 3D stereo audio with maximum bass response and an enhanced sound field. The Eee Transformer Pad is distinguished from other tablets to be able to have a docking keyboard if required, is to have a docking station would provide access to a full QWERTY keyboard with function keys only Android, so make your Eee Pad in mobile PC. Incredible! You decide!.

    • NVIDIA Tegra 2 1.0GHz dual-core CPU for excellent multitasking & HD video playback
    • Android 3.1 Honeycomb O.S. with Adobe Flash 10.2 support
    • Full QWERTY keyboard, touchpad input with Polaris Office for mobile productivity
    • 16*1 hours long battery life for all day computing with docking station
    • Brilliant IPS panel with ultra-wide 178⁰ viewing angle made from scratch resistant and super tough glass
    • One year of Unlimited ASUS WebStorage, two USB ports, SD and Micro SD card readers for easy sharing & storage expendability
    • 3D stereo with max bass response with SRS premium sound

    Price : Rs. 32,999 /-


    The main trend of modern tablet is thin and durable housing. The tablet of ASUS cannot compete in harmony with the tablet from Apple, the maximum thickness is 12 mm. The housing is combined - the posterior part is made of corrugated plastic, and runs along the ends of the metal frame. The design is not as monolithic as the American competitor, but unlike most Asian counterparts look presentable and feel very positive reserves. Unfortunately, despite its apparent solidity of the body, in the test sample experienced a small gap and a rear lid creaked a bit. I think this is attributed to the lack of pre-sales design and production models will be fine.

    The touchpad is large (80x48 mm), has the correct finish and is equipped with convenient buttons. True, use the buttons should be cautious: the right to work as Android Back / Exit, so that by chance it does not get better. In real life does not really matter how it is framed - see it really still no one will. Even on the shelf plates will be deployed to the buyer face, so that there decorating delights not play a role. Keyboard is convenient - the majority actually used in the Android buttons are large size (step keys - 17 mm). Got slightly "arrows", but this sacrifice justified - in the "robot" operating system on them is still quite a bit of confusion. In place of the usual number of F1-F12 keys are available that control different functions: enabling and disabling wireless interfaces, change volume or brightness, and so on. Separately pleased availability button that allows you to capture the screen - usually for the sake of the devices have to arrange for Android.

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    Re: Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Tablet PC


    The tablet is built on NVIDIA Tegra platform 2, which includes dual-core Cortex A9, running at 1 GHz and the GPU GeForce. More information about the new hardware platform, we were told in one of our surveys . Filling the tablet is one of the most productive at this time. The platform uses a dual-core processor supports SMP (Symmetrical Multi-processing - symmetric multiprocessing), through which increases the speed of the graphical user interface and respond to user actions, also observed a significant increase in performance when displaying the heavy web pages.

    Hardware support for Adobe Flash that the best effect on performance and power consumption of the whole system. Hardware support for Adobe Flash that the best effect on performance and power consumption of the whole system. In addition to the standard set of software and applications on the tablet EeePad TF101 installed firmware application from NVIDIA - Tegra Zone. Tegra Zone - a store Android applications, creating for those who like to play on mobile devices in a modern and colorful game. All games are specially optimized for mobile devices built on a hardware platform NVIDIA Tegra.

    Storage & Connectivity

    As for interfaces, with the ASUS did extremely tricky. The main body of the tablet are very few ports: output HDMI (not quite standard, the version of the "mini"), a combined audio jack and a slot for cards MicroSD. And, of course, a 40-pin socket communication through which the tablet is connected to a computer, charger and docking station. Positive point: the total amount of disk space can be increased to very impressive. After all, you can use just two cards and two flash drives. In addition, the docking station has a second battery, the same as in the tablet itself. That is in the mode smartbook Eee Pad Transformer runs about twice as long.

    As a rule, Tablet PCs cannot boast of having the required number of various connectors and interfaces, but thanks to plug-in docking station, model Transformer TF101 offers good opportunities for connecting peripherals. Tablet itself is equipped with a proprietary connector for the power adapter and sync with a PC port miniHDMI, Jack 3,5 mm jack for headphones and a slot for memory cards microSD. Except for the power connector and sync, which is located on the bottom plate, all other connectors are located on the right side of the device. The left side revealed only a long key, volume rocker and the power button.

    The docking station is equipped with a proprietary connector for charger and sync with your PC (located on the left side), two ports USB 2.0, and memory card reader SD / MMC / SDHC on the right side. Communications tablet with docking connector are identical to features of modern notebook. At the moment this can only offer Acer Iconia Tab W500. The highlight of the model EeePad TF101 is a dock with a keyboard that turns the tablet into a full-fledged notebook. Such a decision long ago not new, and increasingly common among manufacturers of Tablet PCs, but all the existing solutions are usually far from ideal and have significant drawbacks. Option proposed by the engineers at ASUS is not only a support system of the original, but also greatly expands the functionality of the device

    App Support

    Premium games under one roof - all applications Tegra Zone, optimized for the platform Tegra, collected in one place, allowing users to easily find, purchase, and install any game on your mobile device. One portal for games, and anything else associated with them - in addition to the list of games, Tegra Zone provides the user with all relevant and useful information on the gaming application: high-resolution screenshots, videos, and reviews from users and ratings.

    Ease of payment Marketplace - NVIDIA Tegra Zone is not a substitute application store Android Marketplace, but it is a welcome addition. Users are invited to find optimized for Tegra game through the application Tegra Zone, and if the user decides to purchase the game, Tegra Zone will send it to the right place at the Marketplace for purchasing and installing the game, using the previously registered an account Marketplace.

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    Re: Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Tablet PC


    Important feature of the new tablet from ASUS is a software platform. The unit operates under the latest version of Android OS 3.1 (Honeycomb). The new version is designed as a versatile operating system designed to work both on plates and in the new generation of smartphones. Version 3.1 includes a new set of standard applications that are optimized for use on devices with a large screen.


    In the tablet has two cameras - the main with a resolution of 5 megapixels and more - for video with a more modest 1.2 megapixel camera. External camera shoots pictures and video and makes it a very mediocre. Pictures taken in low light conditions abound noise, and photographs taken in natural light is not enough focus. But do not forget that the tablet is not a camera and an external camera - it is rather a nice bonus. The inner chamber at a much lower resolution adequately perform its functions - providing a video call via popular services. The camera interface is rather austere and not overloaded with numerous settings, you can change only what you need: picture quality, sensitivity and white balance.


    ASUS EeePad Transformer TF101 - the best of Android tablets we've tested. Model stylish, image-and thus powerful, functional. Novelty is based on the most modern and productive platform NVIDIA Tegra 2 and runs under the latest version of Android 3.1 Honeycomb. The only disadvantage of Taiwan transformer - it's no version of the module 3G. According to unconfirmed reports the version with 3G module should appear in late summer, and now have to settle for Wi-Fi.

    The TF101 EeePad Transformer is either a very good Android-3.0-Tablet-Netbook or Android. Just a shame that Asus plans to introduce the first in Germany, the 32-gigabyte version for 500 (to 16 gigabytes of test equipment ranging completely) and the keyboard is so expensive in this country. In any case, Asus has done far more right than most competitors (only the USB host mode for plugging in USB Flash Drive with Acer Iconia A500 is still unbeaten).

    Transformer can compete with Acer Iconia Tab A500, which also costs 15,990 rubles, is also built on Tegra 2 and also have a third Android (but the older version 3.0.1). The main difference between them at the keyboard - if it's ASUS brand enhancement, even with the battery, then the Acer only USB-port on the housing. In addition, the A500 body is made of aluminum - looks and feels expensive, but despite this, it is still not a fashion product, as a Transformer.

    ASUS TF101 Tablet PC Drivers Download

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    Re: Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Tablet PC

    How does ASUS Transformer access My Desktop files back at my office pC

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    Re: Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Tablet PC

    Quote Originally Posted by Encourager View Post
    How does ASUS Transformer access My Desktop files back at my office pC
    You will require something like the ASUS MyDesktop Remote Software. With this application installed in your asus transformer, you will need to have the splashtop app running on your machine and need to set up port forwarding on your home router. The application uses tcp ports 6783, 6784 and 6785. Hope that helps.

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