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    Top Spin 4

    2K Czech can be proud of their work anyway because Top Spin 4 is mostly a total questioning of the series often lauded for its realism but so many cried for its handling demanding. This was the case for Top Spin 3 for that matter prompting developers to start from scratch with the desire to provide more accessible gameplay while remaining faithful to the origins of the license. The Academy Top Spin and almost thirty lessons are not too much to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of the game, starting with accurate shots and powerful shots. Hold the button to shoot a heavy hit and then press it briefly to place the ball near the lines, here is the player is under constant dilemma during the matches, knowing that the quality of the shot is not played.

    For to accumulate victories in Top Spin 4 is the science of timing prevails. More specifically, what determines the power or precision strikes, this is when you release the button and commands. This time remains the same whether a strike lifted, flat or evens a lob. To better visualize what happens, the developers of 2K Czech have established indicators: a "too early" or "too late" softened the blow considerably, while a "good" or "perfect" already allows to prolong the exchange and efficiency. But to reach this famous master timing, there is no secret workouts chaining up grab the stuff. What is even thinner with Top Spin 4, is there a difference between the perfect execution of a sudden racket, and the fact that it remains in the court. In other words, in addition to having to master the timing, it should also be placed correctly, lest the ball consistently out of the ground. The use of RB, combined with that of the analog stick is very helpful to adjust the positioning of the player. Speaking of stick precisely, it can not only find the angles of the mentally ill but also to vary the length of the ball from different angles. A shot that will happen in the feet, for example, much harder to return a ball placed in the middle of the court. Constantly changing effect is also a great way to outsmart the opponent and force him out of his game.

    This is the guideline for Top Spin 4, namely to encourage the player to use all the moves available to its character to win the game even against an opponent alleged stronger. Own philosophy to fighting games and 2K Czech is unquestionably succeeded in applying its tennis simulation. There is always a solution to turn things around even when one is led 4 games to 0 on a single set; Rumi can attest elsewhere. And then, do not forget the fatigue of the player, evidenced by a gauge that can be there too. Naturally, the more it will move on the court, the more exhausted over the trade. The force of his strikes also has an impact on his physical condition, and the matches in five sets we made for testing purposes, it is better to conserve energy by relying on balls accurate, especially with player weakling endurance as Roddick.

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    Re: Top Spin 4

    Even if you cannot describe the cast of Top Spin 4 fabulous, there's still enough to do to achieve great tennis matches. Among men, we can count on the top three worldwide (Nadal, Federer and Djokovic), but also of the essential figures of circuits, such as ATP Murray, Roddick, Blake or even Simon. In women, it provided a little less, but the bulk has been observed with Wozniacki (No. 1 worldwide), Safina, Ivanovic, Zvonareva, Serena Williams and Jankovic. Finally, the tennis legends also respond in this Top Spin 4 , and is a real treat to kick the ball with Sampras, Agassi, Borg, Chang, Becker and Rafter. In short, with gameplay as well chiseled, 25 characters, it is both small and great. With, of course, a few that stands out. And since the comparison with the fighting game is far from stupid, god tier of the Top Spin 4 called Rafael Nadal.In addition to having a slice to weep and a lift which hurts the legs (especially after a race), the native of Mallorca has an extraordinary fitness and is able to make the wiper on the court with smile. The fly is its only major weakness, but his ability to shoot the shots from the baseline makes it nearly unbeatable when the mania for perfection. There could be many Nadal on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, even in Levallois-Perret. Among the top third, Federer stands out when he does not show stats maddening. Yet it executes its strikes with surgical precision, either forehand or backhand. As for uncrossed his shot is simply the most effective of the game Sampras (outstanding service), Djokovic, Murray, Agassi and Borg follow behind, but we prefer to let you discover them.

    Obviously, Top Spin 4 offers the possibility of creating its own player from head to toe, for the mode "Career" that flirts with the infinite. The eternal goal is to become No. 1 in the world and remain so, primarily by accumulating experience points which can subsequently improve its attributes: forehand, backhand, service, volley, power, endurance, speed , reflex. To avoid ending up with an army of cyborgs customized, 2K Czech has decided to limit to 20 the maximum level that a player can achieve. The distribution of points becomes a matter of compromise, bearing in mind the need to constantly choose between three compartments of the game: serve and volley, play aggressive ground strokes, defensive ground strokes. To perfect his game, he can enlist the services of a coach in Bronze, silver or gold, which will set objectives for training or full competition, with the key bonus points for attributes, but also and above all additional skills. What is fascinating with the coaches of Top Spin 4 is that it can change at any time, to maximize his chances of winning the tournament according to which one participates. To Dublin (the equivalent of Wimbledon for lack of license obviously), where the bounce of the ball is low enough, it will be more appropriate for example to refine his game on the fly, while at Roland Garros, the control moves the baseline is vital. This serves to emphasize that ever the importance of the surface did not seem as important, so crucial in a game of tennis, and a monstrous player on clay will not be necessarily on grass or hard court. Also in regard to the mode "Career", there are also the sponsors who come knocking at the door when the symbol of our foal begins to climb. Like F1 2010, we would have liked the choice of accepting this or that contract to give a touch of interactivity to the game there, the mailbox is filled with proposals accepted automatically.

    The double game is not terrible either (with three friends or AI controlled players), and it is especially simple as we take the more his foot. Finally, we cannot complete this test Top Spin 4 without mentioning the graphics (compatible with 3D stereoscopic) which imposes a reading at two levels. The game is far from beautiful, true, and modeling of the players will not leave a lasting impression in memory. But as regards the animation of the players, it is simply amazing. The developers of 2K Czech have integrated signature shots / moves that clearly enhance the authenticity of the title. Nadal lifts the knee by tightening the fist, Murray shows his muscles like a bodybuilder, or even Djokovic and his fists on his chest, it breathes tennis. The gesture of each player was met with millimeter accuracy, whether in motion or stationary to receive the service. In short, Top Spin 4 is a true work of art is said.

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    Re: Top Spin 4


    Impressive, Top Spin 4 has all the qualities that make it a serious contender for the title of best game of the year. Virtual tennis has never seemed so technical as deep as real to satisfy the purists, while providing a grip that leaves no accessible rot neophytes to the locker room. Game content varied wants, and manner "Career" hyper addictive added "The King's Court," where the winner stays on the field to reach the required number of victories, not to mention online play and his "World Tour" which will be discussed as soon as the servers are activated. We regret however that the licenses for official tournaments are not all present, even if the casting is not stratospheric, the main figures of tennis is there. About gray areas identified in this test of Top Spin 4, we include first the modeling of unsteady tennis stars, while their beautiful animation shows. Load times are too numerous for our taste, and then the extreme difficulty getting out of stolen and written off effective can sometimes force water to the baseline. Of points that may already reflect 2K Czech Top Spin for 5, with foundations made of titanium, you'll understand.


    • Gameplay in Star levels
    • System of precise control, varied and never dull
    • Physics of ball unprecedented
    • State of the art animations
    • Rich multiplayer options


    • Network to exchange some unlikely
    • Change racket has only aesthetic consequences

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