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    Developed by Square-Enix and arrived on the market without too much noise, Mindjack is a product of sloppy and with few pretensions. Appears in the eyes of gamers more careful, as the absurd attempt to adapt to the production mechanisms and the tastes of Western audiences, by a Software House who denies its history and its specificity. Mimicking the Third Person Shooter with dynamic hedging, suggesting an insipid plot and characters just as evanescent, and the team seems to want to run behind alchemy of video games that do not understand the meaning and formula.

    Not enough to find some good conceptual level, to revive the scene was marred by an implementation of surface, even the "innovations" Mindjack break the wall of a development clearly unconvinced. It remains so ', on the shelves, another stump of a company whose creative crisis seems to know no boundaries. Once you lay hold to the game, we realize immediately that its atmosphere is decidedly futuristic. The aesthetic we mark at first glance this style. The particular case is that it combines traditional Eastern elements with other purely Western. Meanwhile, among the most viewed along the plot appears squawker called, who correspond to the group of nerka. This private military force will respond to the interests and objectives of powerful multinationals. For its part, the technical side, although satisfying, does not show much variety, which is always grateful for the gamers of such securities. To summarize their environments, only reach to say that the gray scale is prevalent in almost all of them. While the animations also leave much to be desired, with little care and movement of the characters a bit slow and robotic.

    Moreover, the emphasis of the work done by boys Feelplus study seems promising since the multiplayer mode. Gamers who try it will find themselves with competitive options, as well as cooperatives. With the first, losing playing solo, the game will end. Meanwhile, with the latter, you will receive a penalty, but may return to play within another body. While, in the style typical RPG game, as you advance and meet the objectives, it will get experience points, improved defense, attack, special skill acquisition and improvements in the vitality of the selected character.

    Game Plot

    AD 2031

    A new era. Sophisticated and complex technologies are now contributing to the advancement of making. However, the world’s governments are crumbling, new corrupt powers arise and conspiracies proliferate. The truth behind the proscribed technology could destroy the very care of humanity. Join a rogue team of agents as they fight for survival and entangle themselves deeper into the mystery.

    Mindjack offers a unique online experience. Enter a revolutionary playing filed upon which an engaging solo campaign transitions seamlessly to thrilling cooperative play. Expand your minds reach by hacking into enemies. Vehicles or civilians and enjoy the freedom to control almost any character. Each bystander becomes an active combatant in this new urban warfare. Your state of mind is your only limitation.



    The mind wave technology was developed by Andrew Gardner and made into a technological advancement by Nerkas Solutions. Mindhacking allows the user to enter the minds of any individual wearing the Nerkas solutions headset. Once hacked the individual loses all control over motor functions found in the cerebral cortex. While simultaneously transferring information from the Temporal and Occipital Lobes into a digital representation of sight and sound. These functions become available for manipulation by a hacker which allows them to control another human being.

    Mind Slave

    A derivative of the Mind Wave tech, the Mind Slave forces the misrepresentation of both temporal and occipital brain functions by confusing a slaved individual. In this, a slaved individual will percieve allies s enemy threats, and the accelerated frontal lobe activity causes the regulation of aggression to take hold.


    Nerka Solutions headsets require a massive network broadcasted around the world. In this, data can be instantly transferred with a mere thought. The headset gathers information from the occipital lobe and transfers data to the frontal lobe which is then used to a activate the headset. Users may experience slight discomfort form using Nerkas linked products. Some users have preported hallucinations of digital smoke. This is a temporary conditions, however if the problem persists, please contact a Nerkas Solutions representative immediately.


    A hacker is only as good as the tools they use. With Arts unique abilities are equipped to digital profile which allow for easier hacking skills. There are many different types of Arts available and each has their own ability that can affect the user.


    Mindjack and 'set in a future clean and aseptic, in which the collapse of political stability has given way to a creeping war between corporations and institutions that are competing in principle the control of power. In the midst of this unspecified skirmish, they move to the anonymous protagonist Jim Corbijin irreverent police-military-with remarkable talents and Rebecca Weiss, that - apparently - the central government plans to eliminate unorthodox manner. The quality of the plot are hardly examples: on the premises rather feeble born without apparent reason, a steadfast cooperation between the two actors, while some faint detail on the troubled past of Jim observes a gradient "rose" that does not fail to paint the colors with progression pathetic and melodramatic. By proceeding in a fairly predictable and without surprises resounding with narrative time dilated, and a director to be thrown away, the plot of Mindjack not the least curious about the video player, that will not scruple to skip cut scenes. For a plot with no particular ambition plus the scenic and artistic system. Environments and a rather common design of characters and enemies at all decisive, are flaws that stand out at the first glance, annihilating the possibility of the product to remain in some way engraved in the mind of the user. If these are the circumstances in which Square-Enix wants to compete with the "Science Fiction" moderate, it would be better to do right away.

    At the level of play, the gameplay Mindjack recovers fully from taxes paid by Third Person Shooter Gears of War, but did not inherit pace and dynamism. It takes just a few minutes to realize that the plant playful title Square-Enix has not really possible to break through. The control system is not very functional, and we must disentangle between repeated presses of the front buttons of the two analog sticks and back. But getting used to map wicked, you must then deal with a discrete movements and woodiness of the targeting system. Inaccurate when moving, the characters as puppets tripping mad, going to get stuck in the most unexpected, and fighting not only against opponents with a system of shell rigidity unthinkable. Take cover, leave cover or move quickly from one niche to another, is an immediate and very rarely recommended. Much better exploit the "old style" elements of the Spartan architecture diagrams. In this way, also avoids having to watch the awkward animations of the characters.

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    Mindjack Weapons


    Accuracy and responsiveness of the system aims hiding, while a conventional design of weapons absolutely shows in fact part of manufacturing Mindjack marked by a discreet obsolescence. Handle guns, semi-automatic rifles and rocket launchers (which, not very creative, shoot down any helicopter on the roof of a tower block) fall in the routine haunting the old generation, and Mindjack not really offers nothing new to fans of the genre. Of course, one might consider the presence of MindHack that the intent of the development team seemed to liven up the situation.

    The basic idea is to give the player a chance to leave one's body, to take possession of equipment or people nearby. This system, ideally, can transform an unsuspecting passer-by in a serious threat to the opponents coming from your body (the control is given to the CPU), you can wander around the environments in search of possible victims to "hack" maybe rather tricky to get around a patrol, or bombard their opponents from advantageous positions, unreachable while checking this movie. Beyond some very smart choices (simple Hostess who arm themselves with guns suddenly and sniper rifles), the truth is that only the first enjoy the movement, which was in quite incidental and trivial.


    You had an early game mission, you must now save your life, and act alone only achieved by using only your skill to aim, and put an end to acts of a few sly boors. Scenario and asked proves terribly credible. We do not believe for one moment, the character of Jimmy is a caricature. Fortunately, the U.S. dubbing appears well made, the hero thus maintaining a semblance of dignity. Here is your situation early in the game: in very bad shape, you are now alone against the world. But rest assured, you will experience this adventure in pairs, as Rebecca will be hanged to your skirts, you can use to eliminate enemies through a simple pistol.

    Get ready for a succession of penalty shoot-outs. The militia chasing you has an unlimited number of men ready to make you skin. You became a traitor, you are investigating a dangerous subject, calling into question the likely government itself, so you are becoming a pest to be eliminated. So give them your enemies to their hearts content. Waves of opponents you will face waves that you will sometimes get the feeling of never overcome. Not only because the enemies are actually many, but also because they feature a multilayer armor that makes them highly resistant to your bullets. Forget the one shoot, shoot on the head, you will be surprised to realize some despite the presence of headphones. And some enemies have even more right to shields.

    The pace of the fighting is continuing. You walk down a hallway, falling to a combat zone, then new corridor, new combat, etc. We do advise that you take too much time on the way to pick up some ammo because you will use a large number of bullets on a single enemy. The AI is nothing extraordinary, the majority of opponents remaining in the corner for cover does show that firing phase. No need to consider strategies, you can just shoot anything that moves, to use your charger while avoiding getting shot too. Inevitably, your equipment can not be reduced to simple leather, you are much less resistant to enemy bullets.

    The game takes place therefore in the same way, using the penalty shoot-outs and over again. Always the same approach, always the same goal of eliminating all opponents of the card. Letting off steam is the first hour of play and terribly boring. Fortunately, the title will offer different environments, you still will not play on the same playing field The single player campaign quickly turned around and especially lack of credibility: how two individuals, one armed with a single pistol, may come soldiers of an army of over-equipped?

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    Re: Mindjack

    New Powers

    The MindHack is activated automatically when the character that you control falls under enemy fire. In fact, the ability to leave one's body and take control of a second character, becomes a walk in the advancement of health. For example, alternating with the "Guide" by Jim and Rebecca, you can heal each other an infinite number of times, and even if both the heroes had to get in trouble, a casual business man crouched in a corner of fear can serve the purpose , save in extremis situation.

    Tainted by a disarming ease, progression is further faded by the possibility of "converting" the enemies on the verge of death. While robots and soldiers are dying on the ground, the touch of a button allows you to "recruit", so that fights by our side. Far do the dirty work is to enemy guards as another way to avoid getting your hands dirty in person, in what is a massacre tedious and repetitive. And it is worrying that, on balance, the fun Mindjack be just what you do not have to shoot a shot. Moreover, measured against AI opponents so bad, it's never pleasant to use than ridiculous shell, the enemies are exposed to fire with any shape, simply move a few steps to the right and left, as if they were shapes of cardboard.

    With this background, it's really useless to have designed a structure that provides a progression almost or having an integrated system for online game similar to Demon's Souls. Ideally, it is possible to level up, gaining Tweaks and Perks with which change the "rules" of the adventure, by changing the routine behavior of the enemies, the difficulty level or effectiveness of the weapons. On balance the proposed amendment is very little influence, which is not sufficient to dilapidated structure and not very functional. The ability to "invade" the game of another player, choosing to ally with him or control his opponents, an option is conceptually interesting. But if in the above mentioned multiplayer a From Software title like that work and rewards, in this case is the only way to share a frustrating experience in every aspect.

    Technically speaking, Mindjack limps noticeably. The construction of polygonal environments is an embarrassing poverty, and even fails to appreciate, greedy mapping and surface reflection effects credible. The static lighting appears to come from a remote time when the game turned on a CD-Rom. The animations of the characters are absolutely ridiculous, use of graphics and templates is ruthless. There is little to save the title Square-Enix: also because in the face of such a bland technical work, you still stand a frame rate always excelled, and a truly frightening amount of Tearing, that annoys more than one occasion. Not that the loading time think themselves totally optimized.


    The cover plays in virtually all tactical shooters a great role, they survived without her not regularly long. But not every cover is equally good. Always need to pay attention to whether your complete fighter is hidden, it may not, for example look out of the head up. There are also games in which coverage can be destroyed. A wooden wall is broken faster than a concrete wall. You weigh anywhere in absolute safety. If your enemies are at a higher level, you hardly protect low coverage’s. Investigated in such cases, better high coverage’s, where you can miss the mark on the side. It is also recommended always to keep a cover for evasion in mind. For example, you fly a grenade at the feet, you can fast on this sprint.

    Opponents can be protected in many ways driven out of their coverage. Are you alone, offer themselves to grenades, but also aimed shots to the body parts of enemies, especially - are not protected - for whatever reason. Sometimes assaults are the best choice. Take a strong weapon, but no explosives, runs to the enemy cover and blast the opponents. Preferably, you should use for this purpose shotguns. But be that you can fall in this action no enemy in the back. Do you play a multiplayer game, you can enter one or more players can nail down a barrage to the enemy. Start with the bursts but deferred, so you do not have to reload all the time. For barrage of machine guns are highly recommended, since they control the only real time Fire (with 30 rounds in the magazine of an assault rifle is a permanent fire as a matter of course).

    In solo play, but in multi-player games your positioning is crucial regularly. Make sure that you have a retreat forever, so let's not push you into a corner. Preference increases, because the simplified throwing grenades and gives you a clearer mind, but always remember that you must give something for cover! Even if the enemy is before you, always careful that no one takes you fall in the back. In turn, this also means that you should regularly try this yourself. A few friends and let the enemy distract stalks, then you round the enemy and he falls in the back.

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    Re: Mindjack

    Do not take the weapons that make the strongest impression, but that you can use best. Try around a bit and then take the pistols and rifles into battle, on which you are most deadly. Are you a team on the road, watch for a balanced weapons image. A player with a gun is enough assault rifles should always be present "numerous", since they provide for almost any situation. Shotguns are recommended only for fighting at close range and in buildings. If possible, give you sniper coverage. Do you have the opportunity, and then secure it with another player. Are you traveling in close formation, comes with the shotgun always first to the position. He shoots his other comrades (scattering effect)!

    Do you play in a multiplayer game a sniper, shoots only when the probability of kill, your enemy is high. Otherwise, you give only your price position. Whether you should change these regularly, depends on how much movement there is an enemy in the area. It would be stupid, you'd seen it, just as you seek a new hiding place. Snipers can incidentally also wonderful spot information on enemies and help their mates so they do not have to fight at always on.


    Mindjack is a game to avoid at all costs. Square-Enix is not ashamed to propose yet another Third Person Shooter without soul and without quality. The success of its congeners, probably escapes the creative slant-eyed, is not only based on a priori preferences, but on its ability to maintain a fluid gameplay, and fast paced, and with a set of creative and interesting situations. Mindjack, by contrast, offers a stereotypical progression, a predictable storyline, and gameplay in an advanced state of decomposition, which was destroyed by a system of control woody and not very malleable, as well as AI terrifying. Also, visually ugly and not very optimized, Mindjack remains one of the many projects died at birth, which sometimes the Japanese team trying to chase the taste of a people who are determined not to understand.

    The idea is nice and would have benefited from being better utilized. You can take action in full possession of a person or thing from areas of battle. Your teammate may be invested, for example, as civilians caught in the crossfire. The advantage of this technique is relative. That way you can escape death, but take the body of a policeman armed with a small weapon is quite limited. Also, you will exercise this capacity only on rare occasions, for abandoning a game more direct, more "normal".

    MindJack is an honest way in which fans will have fun shoot to blow off steam. However, we can quickly blame the gameplay as much too redundant. Sequencing of the arena from the beginning to the end of the game with enemies still the same, naturally requires certain weariness. However, the development studio will want to distinguish themselves from other games in the genre, incorporating the system of mind control. But that possibility, too poorly exploited, is fast becoming optional in-game. The interest of its efficacy has been proven at any time, players are sure to ignore it, preferring to go straight to the point. Special mention, however, taking control of enemies become allies in seconds.

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