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Old 13-02-2011
Join Date: May 2008
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WebOS an Online Operating System

Slowly and surely webos grows out of ideas and private development into something more, webos not just a program, it is not just an interface - a new ideology of creating software and providing it to users. This site is completely dedicated to webos, and all that they were directly connected. Copyrighted material is based on our own reasoning and practical experience. To date, we know that webos a Web operating system, and all as it should look like, what the required functions should it be that while not clearly defined. This is due to the fact that major developments pretend to be a web operating system is extremely small, they can be counted on the fingers. Therefore, anyone can argue that there is webos, but it's not right. In my opinion webos should have mandatory set of features (about them later) otherwise it is not webos and sausage.

While Google Inc. has an excellent post Gmail, very awful office suite Google Docs & Spreadsheets, RSS-reading room, an online photo album, instant messenger Google Talk, multifunction home page, as well as many others and is preparing to file this as a beginning of an era WebOS, millions Programmers around the world, inspired by the ideas of not just a search engine's unpretentious and easy to create the future.

Online OS

Webos in essence is the same as conventional operating systems, only webos not operate a computer, and only work with data. However, you can imagine, are able to grow webos ever, or more correctly what may appear a wasp. As for working with data (creation, storage, access restriction, etc.), there have webos much in common with regular OS. First, the same data (text, graphics, music, videos). Secondly, the same program or, more Web applications to work with different data (text editors, players, etc.). Thirdly, the user interface webos largely similar to the interface normal OS, and it fundamentally. After all, why look WebOS such as it is, because it is the most usability interface between a computer (data) and the user, as well as the problem webos and OS are similar to the interface should not differ much, and we are not talking about literal copying is unnecessary, but about really easy to use interface functions OS: desktop, shortcuts, windows, using their preferences, etc.

Network Support

Knowing what webos can understand why they are needed and whether they generally use. Applied webos can not just online, but in a local network (intranet), web applications can replace most or even all office programs. For Internet webos is primarily a tool for streaming media, and this may be a personal tool on its website, as well as common to social networks. Webos clearly separated from the design of information processing, the user can make his own, and upload data from other sites. And most importantly, all you need to webos - Internet and a browser, today it is even mobile devices.
Rightnow webos considered mainly as a commercial product, but you can imagine and free webos . For example, replacement of aging cms, webos will give users new opportunities to exchange information and application, web application development, which by the forces oust an expensive office software, it should be noted here that webos is an excellent system for saas platforms.

Network webos and search in these networks perhaps the most exciting idea that roams in the minds of webos-developers. With regard to networking all clear - the exchange of pure content without advertising and design in a special format that is convenient to quickly, a kind of enhanced rss protocol, plus music videos, etc. And now the very essence - search networks. Even without delving deeply - it is clear how much it will search for better and faster than today's search engines. The fact that the server webos essentially a search server by webos content is already optimized and networking opportunities through webos server can exchange information about kontenet. The result is a mixture of social and search engine. You do not need to wait for the search engine will go to the site and index - it happens immediately when you created content in addition it gives the possibility to control the source of content and lots of other features.
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Old 13-02-2011
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 146
Re: WebOS an Online Operating System

Data Transfer

The more perfect it is perfectly webos Internet. The emergence of webos is a natural development of the Internet, today there are all favorable conditions for development webos , so you can expect an early increase in their number. One can hardly expect some fierce competition between webos , but you can expect competitors webos capable of sinking, the truth and if that happens, the Internet, in which it happens to be very different from today. When a web interface is a page with text and links, and no graphics, and the more asynchronous data transfer. However, progress does not stand still and today there are lots of webos interfaces that are not only changing the familiar look of sites, but also change the principles of creating and viewing Web pages. Webos interfaces is only one of the web interface, there are others, it was him they will be discussed in this section.

How a WebOS Works
  • Window manager running on the client side, where the application is in the form of windows - iframe. In fact, it's not the OS, just a window manager, no matter how steep the server application in it.
  • Window manager, where applications are displayed as moving boxes - the layers that are part of a web page from running in her java-scripted programs that use different libraries, and perhaps even all sorts of server applications via the public API. These API are usually a lot of limitations, because otherwise they would be dangerous. Nevertheless, all that you have just read, we can say about almost all of today's Web services. If this WebO S, it means that every online service also WebOS (you can replace the java-script program to flesh or java - it will not change anything).
  • All that is written above, as well as system add / remove applications on the fly on the server and client sides.
  • All that is written above + manage multiple users and their individual settings.
  • Dynamic resource allocation, application management so that they occupy as little space when running. Collision avoidance and conflict, and their fine-tuning for a successful collaboration. All this exercise is WebOS, but not the applications themselves. This means that they are all in an environment that controls their existence and the fact that they can and cannot do. All this is true for applications that run on any operating system, which should tell you when you do not have enough memory to run something. Also, for example, this is true for gadgets Windows Live, which run on Windows Vista.
Hp WebOS

HP and Palm, HP or better and just as it now seems that the Palm brand has disappeared permanently, today introduced three new products to boost their worldwide gem: WebOS. Ever since it was introduced two years ago, WebOS I remained in my heart, it will be for his multitasking from day one made by God, it will be for his meticulous attention to aesthetic detail and graphics, because you know what to do when Palm puts hands on a mobile device.

Then came HP and bought a Palm on the threshold of bankruptcy, we know the story: Apple has done what he did, and Google has filled the little space left .. If we add RIM, Microsoft and Nokia would tell anyone that Palm and its WebOS were doomed. But no, HP has managed, at least apparently, the great value Palm team and gives him life by putting it in a position to present today three products and above all a new and updated WebOS who can not only give them a common platform, but really integrate them.

HP has chosen to leave the choice of preferred device and the user has created three "variants" of what is virtually only seen as a wrapper for its operating system: small, medium or large? And then come here to HP, HP 3 and HP Pre TouchPad. Seamlessly integrated with each other and with the rest of the cloud, these devices promise sparks and will be available next summer. We will see together if they are able to carve out a decent slice of the market, many old Palm developers are very active, the entire industry has welcomed this launch, we'll see if HP will be able to actually keep the many promises made today.

HP Touchpad

The HP touchpad have accessories to transform it into a real computer. We thus find a wireless keyboard and a mounting stand. HP is betting on the user experience. Indeed, the tablet will connect especially with the Palm Pre 3. Video calls a Pre 3 may be received directly on the tablet. Also like Android and Chrome, the websites visited on his smartphone can be automatically synchronized on the touchpad and vice versa through a technology called Touch2Share.

The multi-task is also part of the tablet and have been designed specifically for this purpose. Among the applications already available we find the Kindle for reading eBooks, the QuickOffice suite or even the Dropbox synchronization utility. Note also a media player and a manager of community networks.

HP's new tablet has a screen diagonal of 9.6 inches and displays the contents according to a resolution of 1024 x 768p. It weighs about 725 grams. Two versions of the touchpad exist: one with a memory of 16 GB and 32 GB of other

  • Dual processor 1.2 GHz heart
  • 1.3 MP camera;
  • Connectivity of WiFi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 2.1 this summer. The launch of 3G and 4G models are also on the agenda of HP, but no specific date;
  • RAM 1 GB
  • Support of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Beta
  • Multitasking, multimedia player.
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Old 13-02-2011
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 146
Re: WebOS an Online Operating System

Some WebOS

Goowy :

Goowy is made on the basis of technology AJAX. Sites built on technologies Asynchronous JavaScript + XML, subjectively run much faster than usual. Such resources, in particular, allow you to perform many actions, such as a note message without reloading the page. Therefore, Web applications can work almost as well as with conventional programs. Technology of AJAX, in particular, has been used by programmers in the development of Google email service Gmail. With regard to service Goowy.com, it combines the capabilities of mail service, online calendars, contacts book and a collection of flash games. In addition, Goowy.com allows convenient widgets.

For storing user information in Goowy.com allocated 2 GB of disk space, can import contacts from Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and other programs. Work with Goowy.com through any mail client does not succeed. Among other things, we should mention the possibility of navigating with keyboard shortcuts.

G.h.o.st :

Global hosting operating system (Global Hosted Operating SysTem) created the Palestinian-Israeli (!) Team of programmers. Looks like a desktop PC: the same windows, menus, icons, launch programs. OS combines the familiar interface of Windows, on the one hand, and the support network of widgets, on the other side. There is no need to manually upgrade program, nor keep the documents, nor do backups - G.ho.st. Eliminates a whole heap of problems. An account user uses up to 3 GB in the system.

From a technical point of view Ghost system is built on technology Lazlo, supports Firefox and IE. Until the end of the year will support Safari. So far, the interface is in Flash, but planned to remake it in Ajax and run a mobile version - they are also the end of the year.

AjaxWindows :

Unlike most similar WebOS free disk space of the system is not located on servers AjaxWindows, and the popular free Web services: MP3tunes, Gmail and so on. This is both its pluses and minuses. The system supports data synchronization with your desktop PC: supports dragging icons, navigation through folders, setting up menus, launch applications from the desktop. By pressing F11 browser set to full screen and create a complete illusion of the ordinary operating system on the desktop. On your remote "personal hard drive, you can one-click download all documents, bookmarks, contacts, wallpaper, even music files from your home computer, they all opened with a web-based applications. The set includes a text editor ajaxWrite (supporting documents MS Word), presentation editor ajaxPresents and many others. And the OS and all programs, of course, completely free.

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Old 13-02-2011
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 146
Re: WebOS an Online Operating System

Desktoptwo :

Tools is a set of ten mini-applications. Is a weak substitute for e-mail client, a good RSS reader, calendar, notepad, internet-pager, the keeper of favorites. Desktoptwo allows your own blog and communicate directly with other service users. Also in Desktoptwo a set of programs for reading office documents and PDF-files. The main drawback Desktoptwo - the almost complete lack of support for Russian language. If you write a blog article, it appears as question marks. In some forms simply cannot use the Cyrillic alphabet. Perhaps the only component where you can use the Russian language - notepad. Another point to be borne in mind - in Desktoptwo limited set of applications. The ability to add widgets third-party services do not.

eyeOS :

Use the system in several ways: to establish itself on the server, download to PC and install a server on your computer (that is, unlike analog, it allows you to load scripts on your own hosting and use it is there), use the online service eyeOS. Although the capabilities of standard nowhere: a text editor, calendar, contacts manager, calculator, email client, instant messaging, web browser (!), and several additional programs, including some games.

myGoya :

GOYA - a Flash WebOS, which is strikingly similar to the Windows Vista Aero. The interface is made in smooth black and translucent colors. Otherwise, the standard WebOS. Under the letter and the files you get 512MB of space on the removal of screws. You can work with address book, calendar, media player, file manager, and several widgets - all the amateur.


YouOS problem is that this online operating system very similar to the old Windows. This OS is a lot of really working programs. Interface is poor, but it works and performs its duties. Program set list is silly - a lot of them. Impressive in YouOS command line, as well as task manager, and programming, where you can express your attitude to a program of the OS, the vote on the five-star image. Decent Operating System to see, and maybe work.


The developers of WebOS very brave or very stupid people - their product, which is obviously aimed at geeks, does not support Firefox. Queer politics, but nevertheless, IE only. The concept of building the OS is interesting, but somewhat inconsistent. By Orca bolted various online applications like Zoho Office. I do not know how about the stability of such a decision, like a "bad phone, but a place in this chain Orca - highly doubtful. Might be worth it to write off an early alpha, but somehow I do not want to. Also, the developers of this service is preparing LiveCD Orczilla, loaded with which you get familiar desktop.


The idea of an operating system that fully existing on the Internet, came up with, of course, not Google, but it is due to the corporation concept is widespread. Starting in 2003, when net communities crawled first rumors of the revolutionary developments in network applications , hundreds of enthusiasts, who single-handedly, and some in the business start-ups, gave the world their vision of WebOS. To date, the "axis of the Internet" is not a long-awaited, long-term future, and everyday now, able to solve tasks on a narrow but attractive market for investors.

We have prepared for you TOP best to date, WebOS, which in the next few years to dispel the dust representations about computers and proprietary software. In essence, this is the second firm step in the virtual, after the founding of Google, who must complete a full transition to user terminals with only one preinstalled software - a browser. PS For most network operating systems, the following statement: currently runs on Firefox 2 + or IE6 + Flash + Java + only.
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Old 19-08-2011
Join Date: Aug 2011
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Re: WebOS an Online Operating System

Great Article. You put a lot into it. I thought it was great and structured great. I do have one comment about WebOS.

All the planning and prepairing they did but they didn't think of one thing. Proxy Servers. I can't believe they did all this planning and did not incorporate a Proxy Server setting for the web browser. That makes me think Palm and\or their WebOS is as my Grandmother used to say, "A bunch of Gypsies". I bought an HP TouchPad (before I heard they were dropping out of the PC business). I can't use it at work because like 90% of the companies in America, we use a proxy server.
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Old 20-08-2011
Join Date: May 2009
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Re: WebOS an Online Operating System

And now HP will stop its activities on the WebOS devices, particularly tablets and phones. The products have passed the caps set in-house or met the financial targets. The message is clear and the days of the TouchPad , launched at the beginning of July, are numbered. A few days ago, HP had made ​​a drastic drop in its prices in the United States, suggesting that the tablet does not sell well. The goal now is to sell stocks of a product that has no future.
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