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Thread: GIGABYTE G1 Killer Series Motherboards

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    GIGABYTE G1 Killer Series Motherboards

    Asus has long dominated the market ultra high-end motherboard, but all platforms Gigabyte Asus answers with its new range of high-end motherboards, the G1 Killer. Initially using the X58 Express chipset from Intel, this range has three models: the G1.Assassin the G1.Sniper and G1.Guerilla. The first adopts a format that XL-ATX provides up to 4 dual-slot graphics cards. It will be necessary to have adequate housing. The other two are the ATX standard and all have many common features, like support for the USB3 .0, SATA 6Gbps in addition to SATA-II, the three-channel DDR3 memory, a BigFoot Killer NIC 2100, support for RAID. The two most upscale adopt a sound chip Creative X-Fi will be happy. NF200 is installed on any one of these three motherboards and it is hoped that this will bring down the price significantly.

    It's a whole new range of motherboards oriented players that we will propose Gigabyte, Series G1-Killer. They have a rather aggressive look with coolers in the form of weapons, but also and above all totally unusual colors from Gigabyte, black and green. So exit the blue, this new series breaks with certain monotony, here is welcome. For now, the range consists of three cards with very evocative name, G1 Assassin, Sniper and Guerilla. These 3 new motherboards, coupled with Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition, will offer every hardcore gamer, flawless performance and responsiveness. The series G1-killer boarded the latest technology of the moment, the hardware and software. G1-killer solutions offer everyone a unique experience in High Tech.

    They are built on the X58 chipset and ICH 10R and then boarded a socket LGA 1366. G1 version Assassin XL-ATX format, it is longer than the ATX format, this allows it to accommodate four PCI-e graphics cards with dual slot. It is compatible with 3-Way SLI and 4-way Crossfire X, the other two models with 3-Way SLI and Crossfire X. 3 way. Sound Blaster audio technology is positioned as an innovation leader in the market, there is no doubt that the builders of the World High Tech no mistake

    In terms of memory, three or six-channel DDR3 slots are provided on all models with up to 24 GB. Two SATA 6 Gb / s are located as well as SATA II and eSATA. NICs are based Bigfoot Killer 2100, Creative sound cards for 20K2, only the G1-Guerrilla features a Realtek ALC 889. USB 3.0 is managed by an NEC chip, four to eight connectors are supplied, for USB 2.0 are present up to eight or twelve different models.

    Graphic and Sound Support:

    The GIGABYTE G1-Killer technologies offer multi-GPU CrossFireX 4-way and 3-way SLI to allow flexibility and unique gaming experience and at very high resolution without sacrifice of performance. Able to locate your enemy, hear before you see is a real advantage during the game! GIGABYTE offers the latest audio technologies embedded on references G1-killer for a unique audio experience. References GIGABYTE G1-Killer embark technology Soundblaster Digital Audio Processor (20K2) X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity and EAX Advanced HD 5.0.

    X-Fi is a suite of technology innovations offering a premium surround sound, faithfully reproducing digital environments, whether for headphones and computer speakers. EAX (Environmental Audio Extension) is a combination of innovations that allow the perfect reproduction of 3D audio environments, technology ideal for any player!

    Boost your audio experience with Dolby Digital Live. Encoding technology in real-time Dolby Digital Live converts any audio signal into a Dolby Digital for home theater PC system. Your PC will then distribute digital audio through a single digital connection, thus eliminating any risk of cable clutter!

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    Re: GIGABYTE G1 Killer Series Motherboards


    DTS Connect technology is ideal for any lover of quality audio experience. DTS Connect is the result of the merger of DTS Neo: PC (converting 2-channel stereo audio environment 7.1) and DTS Interactive allow the encoding of sources into digital formats to standard DTS Digital Surround.

    Specifically designed for players, motherboards offer Killer G1-amplification technology allowing everyone to be able to get the most from their audio environment without loss of detail or no risk of distortion when using headphones professionals. This amplification technology with low signal to noise ratio is no longer available for subwoofers, speakers, rear, side and Line Out. The GIGABYTE G1-Killer offer audio capacitors bipolarized Nichicon Muse ES and MW, professional components that can create ultra-realistic environments.


    GIGABYTE is the only manufacturer to seriously address the community of online players by providing them solves their problems of lag, thanks to technology Bigfoot Networks Killer E2100 Game Networking, combining an NPU (Network Processing Unit) and a dedicated DNA technology clean.

    NPU (Network Processing Unit) dedicated to 1GB of DDR2 memory to handle the network load usually handled by the processor. Technology Networking Game DNA bypasses the Windows Network Stack to address the NPU live, this very substantial gains to responsiveness.

    The Killer Network Manager informs you in real time the health of your motherboard Serial Killer G1 while providing opportunities to optimize it. Killer Application Network Manager use the Visual Bandwidth Control technology for real-time information about the bandwidth (use, affected applications.) the technology Bigfoot's Advanced Game Detect will keep the game in high priority offering all the bandwidth needed for proper operation.

    Usb 3.0:

    G1 Assassin motherboards offer a front panel of the most suitable, offering direct access to 2 USB 3.0 and eSATA Power. In addition, is available, a button Quick Boost allows to overclock their system instantly. The GIGABYTE G1-Killer technologies offer USB 3.0 (4 ports, 2 front and 2 on the rear panel), SATA 3.0 (6Gbps) Marvell and innovation 3X USB Power Boost to support USB devices and more energy efficient.

    The GIGABYTE G1-Killer proposes a new cooling system heat pipes. By distributing efficiently the heat generation, this all new cooling system helps keep the area secure VRM. To allow you to control the temperature of your system, 5 connectors Smart Fan have been implemented for precise thermal absolute. Each connector is equipped with dedicated sensors, and can be controlled from the BIOS and utility EasyTune GIGABYTE 6.

    Cpu Support

    GIGABYTE's proprietary Dual CPU Power allows phases to set up two groups to be able to operate in tandem. This allows a set of phases to operate while the second group will remain at rest if needed. Technology GIGABYTE Dual Power CPU and allows better management of energy consumption of your platform, since only the phases required will be sought. By incorporating MOSFETs meet the standards and specifications, Intel, GIGABYTE G1-Killer enable better management of high-frequency current to meet the needs of the latest processors. Driver-MOSFETs can help you reduce your needs for an area VRM processor optimized and secure.

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    Re: GIGABYTE G1 Killer Series Motherboards


    GIGABYTE DualBIOS is a GIGABYTE proprietary technology enabling secure and retrieve data from your BIOS in case of failure or system corruption. With two physical BIOS chips onboard, our technology allows you to protect yourself from any attack or any critical situation that can cause severe damage to your PC environment. GIGABYTE DualBIOS is now compatible with 3TB of disk drives.

    It is not surprising that the rate still stands at $ 299, with that price we reserve G1-Killer feature a panel of very attractive, three PCI Express x16 slots and six DDR3, and eight SATA connectors, including six 3-Gb / s and two at 6 Gb / s, the six SATA 3 Gb / s are directly bind to Southbridge IOCH10R s, the fastest SATA ports connected to an independent monitor, a merger has the support of technological multimedia and entertainment and it signed an extraordinary uniqueness as a fan magazine assault rifle to impress the galleries, the competition will have trouble making a better match if the G1 X58-killer.


    Another highlight is the built-in network chip. Here, too, is separated from Realtek and goes back to the rather less well-known companies Bigfoot. These provide for some time Ethernet controller machine specifically for gamers, but these were never really prevail. This seems to be now with the E2100 installed Bigfoot Networks Killer Game to change platform networking. This is a special memory of 1 GB DDR2 as a Network Processing Unit (NPU), thanks to relieve the processor and reduce ping by network traffic, and prioritizes the games.


    Series GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 3 is positioned as a leader in the IT industry offering advanced design and quality. With 2 ounces of copper for the layers of power and ground, GIGABYTE offers substantial reductions in system temperature, improved energy efficiency and greater leeway for overclocking. The GIGABYTE 6-Series offer a single processor design, offering performance and stability with a 24 phase VRM design, technology Dual CPU Power and Power Boost Phase. These innovations will all soon be available on all of our high-end and midrange.

    The green-black design you have probably a little oriented to XFX, who almost withdrew, however, from the motherboard market. Good to see the chipset cooler is in the form of a magazine that is part of the new Locked and Loaded heatpipe design is. Apart from this there are 5 fan connectors and the proven Ultra Durable 3 design. The well-known DualBIOS function is used again and is supported out of hard drive partitions larger than 3 terabytes.

    Like any good soldier, ready for the assault, the elite players know that their equipment is essential to differentiate between two frags. GIGABYTE is dedicated to providing each of these players dedicated solutions for their killer instinct digital multiplies. Whether you're a fan of FPS or MMO, Technology Bigfoot Networks Killer E2100 multiplies by 10 the network performance of your PC system.

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