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    DC Universe Online (MMORPG)

    As we all know that The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien were used to set up a paradigm in fantasy literature, DC Comics also made a very convincing contribution in front of us today. Ever since 1937, the U.S. publisher has been responsible for giving life to Superman, Batman, Joker, Flash or Wonder Woman and many more such characters. The goal was the same, leading to save or persecute citizens in an open world with a character that we have created with our own hands from head to toe. It proved the most attractive, especially for fans of the genre. Now they are back with DC Universe Online. Let's see what happens. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that we think will help our heroes to protect the world peace or wreak havoc on the population along the road.

    DC Comics universe is necessarily a gold mine to form a logical world. Charismatic characters, aggressive with clear intentions, it only remains to build an MMO around. But obviously, we're not in the Candy land and hence it's not so easy. It remains to attract customers with addictive gameplay and a realization that holds water. But before you ask such questions, start with character creation. As is the tradition established by the City of Champions Online is vast in choice that allows us to make our character as hero or villain. Whatever its size, sex, personality (which will change its approach above), its powers, its ability to move his or her physical attire, you can let your creativity flowing and go on a muscular giant in underpants which draw crossbow, or a woman jogging in lizard and top hat-shaped able to fly. Ok, these examples are not the best taste, but you'll surely make it better.

    Among the critical choices, the type of authority and your weapon specialization are among the most important. In fact, it's your choice if you want focus on a skill tree. Same for your weapon, which will lead to a variety of combos to unlock as and when you are leveling. For each passage level, you are awarded either a skill point or a point of power (in turns) to improve your character. Another important point is your travel mode. If only three choices to make to you, the flight, super speed and stunts, it is also possible to boost through skill points to move faster, for instance. You can easily trudge into the city, flying over buildings or making huge jumps no matter whatever the travel mode you have chosen. The sense of freedom is optimal even if the consequent size of the environment has its faults as we discuss.

    Before going to the actual game, we need to create a homemade superhero having at our disposal with all types of costumes and powers that we will develop through our struggles, that is known as Lee-style. Despite all this string of elections and freedom to determine the fact that our fellow travelers is whether we choose to be villains or heroes instead focused on the search for peace. It is not the same as having the Joker and his sinister smile - it gives a good account of the game - on our side that is Batman which helps us to stop our rivals. The tune of our superhero is very free and we can create from fierce mythological creatures going through all kinds of humans with different powers such as ice, water, fire, speed or strength. The Magic will also take place in a the game, from the beginning, with the player's imagination.

    Though DC Universe Online seems as good as omens, the picture darkens a bit when we go through closely at the gameplay. Most of the mission offered may be very useful, indeed essential to make levels, they are also particularly annoying and redundant. In most cases it will fight a number of enemies or perform some tasks in hostile zones. Unfortunately, this concept runs out of steam very early and we had enough even before having tasted the "special collections" available later. If we hesitate that we would spend a lot of time to flank the rouste, we expected a little more diversity. Especially about the battle system, it is not really Folichon. Although you can chain your moves with combos as specified above, the end result still looks like a big boxing match, especially as the use of powers available through six shortcuts, in addition to the complete mess ambient. In addition, targeting the opponents can be chaotic when you are surrounded by four or five mobs moving in all directions.

    Just for your information, each quest series in DC Universe Online ends with a mission instantiated more scripted, even if the quality of the frame is not always equal. For case, the mission that opposes Parasite Power Girl is really on the edge of the ridiculous. Anyway, it helps bring a little spice and variety, which is always welcome, especially as each of these quests instantiated ends with a confrontation with a boss, always from the universe of comics, cons where fighting is often a little more strategic, even if everything lacks dynamism. The main thing here is that every player can change roles to become a healer, tank or DPS, knowing Alerts are designed for four players at once. But again, misfortune fell on DC Universe Online as the value of these missions is more wobbly.

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    Re: DC Universe Online (MMORPG)

    Very often we need to complete some very classic goals in a room and beat a number of monsters to see a boss. So, we are very dissatisfied by the lack of originality, as we practically get the same scenario in each instance. Once we reach at 30th level, which is the maximum current, we have access to Raids, advanced versions of the kinds of alerts. Besides, alerts can be realized remade Hard story mode to continue the challenge. After this level, your main activity is to recover different types of brands. Hence you need to purchase powerful weapons and legends armor, among other things. Too bad for some brands, it is obliged to repeat the tasks undertaken, with the only difference in the level of the enemies.

    Implementing the powers and watermarks has made a good performance. Thanks to Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine that moves the hundreds of characters quickly and smoothly who wander through a worldwide. Many lightning, ice, water and other elements will need a good engine for the effects that are infact at the top of the situation. At first, the screens were somewhat soulless because of lack of more elements in the décor. As for the on-screen presentation of the game was decided by the fact that the player can only have its own superhero to fight the rest as the possibility to choose one of the mythical saturate the map of "Supermen" or "Jokers." A decision was widely criticized at the beginning but from the realistic and practical point of view, it became a great decision by the development team.

    The same point of difference between this game and consecrated as World of Warcraft could be a dangerous double-edged sword because the formula may like superheroes or otherwise tired after a few hours of play. Similar to other games, DC Universe Online have much freedom of movement in the free servers, where we see thousands of different characters poking your opponent with a taxi, sending huge balls of ice, lightning or walking the walls at the speed of Flash. The formula is well thought out but sometimes this scenario is so cornered by people who come to overwhelm. At some point it may happen that the number of attacks will receive occasional glancing blow, not intentional.

    Even though its status as particularly open world MMO could provide an apology, we must admit that the decorations are often ugly, lifeless and repetitive. Besides, some visual bugs can break the tip of their nose if you play a little bit too much with travel, or if you go where the developers were hoping that you would not. Personally, I can say that that this is a bit "not finished product", something quite unacceptable for a security whose subscription costs is 15 euros a month. Another of the types of gambling, private servers will be devoted to items of "mission" where we have to help one of the superheroes and supervillains to defeat his rival in the same manner as other securities of the same type. In short, DC Universe Online is clearly a disappointment, as such, does not really deserve to bet as much money on it. The title clearly lacks finish and clarity, both in gameplay and in the visual realization.


    Even being nice, DC Universe Online is really not in foil, and buildings and other structures often tend to repeat. The curriculum of those responsible is large enough and well known to need no reference. This factor plays them very supportive because it already got huge fans before the game ships to the market but the same as the level of demand for these increases exponentially. It is unfortunate to say, but we expected much more of this DC Universe Online. The quest system is not well thought out, forcing us to follow up missions similar to each other, especially since the gameplay is meant just as daunting. In short, the lack of finishing can only be ignored by fans whose guilty is undisputed with DC Comics universe.

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