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Thread: Dead Rising 2 Case West

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    Dead Rising 2 Case West

    As scheduled, the standalone DLC for Dead Rising 2: Case West is available on the Marketplace at a price of 800 Microsoft Points, allowing us to go find the old characters of the first chapter of Capcom's zombie series. The DLC adds new environments, gameplay into a cooperative and of course perhaps the most awaited by many: the return of photographs. The first DLC, Case West, had amounted to around 600,000 downloads. Case West- a prologue to a zombie-shooter Dead Rising, that preceded a plot of the original project.

    The protagonist of Chuck and his daughter Katie were trapped in the town of Steele Creek. To get out, you need using chainsaws, baseball bats, lawn mowers and other equipment to disassemble the walking dead for parts.
    The plot of Case Western is happening to the main game Dead Rising 2 and located out the story as a kind of epilogue to the end. The first DLC Case West contrast dealt with the period before the actual story and was the prologue of the title. As its title suggests, Greene will meet the additional package Zombie Dead Rising 2 - Case Western an old friend: Frank West. The survivors from the first part join the battle against the undead added. Also on board are of course also the funny, but always powerful home-made weapons. The players can co-op with one of the two characters start the bloody fight and keep the new zombie invasion in check. Dead Rising 2 - Case Western will appear exclusively for the Xbox 360.

    If Dead Rising Case West acted as an appetizer for Dead Rising 2, Case West farm for his walk. Kind of complement to the epilogue of the second installment in the saga of Capcom, the DLC also allows us to find that old fogy of Frank West, the hero of the first segment of the saga. Thus, both in the characters present in the gameplay, all offers the saga guise once again of great humor and big tracks of gore. Who knew these old fogies of Chuck Green and Frank West would meet some day? Well that's it. Both Dead Rising and merging of this union was born the West supposed to come close Case Dead Rising 2. However, the idea is pretty well supplied as if the first image of this supplement provides a nice little spoil the end of DR2, it is not really necessary to enjoy the completion of Case West.

    It is of course preferable but knowing that the scenario of this DLC focuses primarily on research evidence to exonerate Chuck, PS3 owners will not feel too aggrieved. Yes, for stunned to come join us, remember that once again we are dealing here with a downloadable content exclusive to the Xbox 360.


    Chuck Greene and Frank from the first part of the series in Dead Rising 2: Case Western team and work together as through hordes of undead fight. The two protagonists are trying to find out what's behind Phenotrans and how the company has something to do with the epidemic that makes people zombies, or infected. Already the first DLC for Dead Rising 2 Case West was a great success for Capcom. This second time after playing DLC Dead Rising 2 and thus represents the epilogue to the upcoming action adventure. As the name suggests, it emerges again Frank West, the hero of the first Dead Rising part on. But Chuck Greene, in the second part, Hunter is one of the party, so the two together zombie co-op in fighting the undead.

    Frank West, hero of the first Dead Rising. Marked forever by the incident of Willamette, the hero now task to investigate the footsteps of the company Phenotrans and satisfy his vengeful impulses. Because of his experiments, Frank has become a time bomb. Without regular intake of Zombrex, a vaccine developed by Phenotrans, it will turn into a zombie. After five years of dependence on the remedy, the protagonist has decided to end once and for all. He can count on the support of Chuck Greene Phenotrans trapped. The media around the world hold him responsible for effect of infection in Fortune City. It will also have good reasons to drop the pharmaceutical company and shed light on this dark big business.

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    Re: Dead Rising 2 Case West


    As some of you will surely confirm, the way that Capcom has handled the pre and post launch of Dead Rising 2 is somewhat unusual, as well as difficult to interpret. While many may have appreciated the company's strategy of Japan, enjoying the small starter homes represented by Zero and the resulting "dessert" of Case West. Others, seeing in this modus operandi the desire of developers to capitalize hype of fans could be left deeply disappointed. Get Started with a premise, since Dead Rising 2, like its predecessor, has seven different endings, some of you when you begin Homes West might be a bit 'out of place. To make sense of this DLC, Capcom has in fact opted for a direct link to the final. This is the only final "open", taking up the story exactly from where you left off previously.

    Having rescued his daughter Stacey, Chuck is fighting TK, which has become a zombie, and just when it seems close to defeat, an unexpected person saves him from certain death: Frank West! And it is precisely the encounter between these two characters to represent the greatest strength of Case West. The DLC is, in fact, to all intents and purposes, a real link between the first and the second chapter, increasing the importance and weight of a narrative already rich with a variety of personal interests. But back to the point.

    Fast forward to the story that we propose to survey a huge warehouse of the company Phenotrans. What for? Well just to find incriminating evidence against society's epidemic in the United States while collecting enough documentation to launder Chuck Green. From this starting pitching a visit will result in good standing of the building in which you will need to resolve several cases in limited time, save the few survivors scattered but mainly the zombie in every way imaginable. Nothing new you say. Yes and no because there is still some small improvements. Thus, talking to rescue the widow and the orphan, remember that most people you will find escape from the warehouse without having to escort them. Good news even if the AI Dead Rising 2 was much better than the first episode and therefore less prone to a few tantrums when helping a survivor. In short, you will mostly eliminate bits of Barbeque Street to make way for the survivors who will advise you on the whereabouts of some of their knowledge.

    Note therefore the willingness of developers to offer something more uninhibited and action oriented. And the least we can is that it is rather successful. So, in addition to the stiffs, you will stuck with a plethora of guards armed to the teeth. Although clumsy, these soldiers will not hesitate to throw grenades blinding us as it may agree to clear the smoke by moving the stick. These are still the way to recover from automatic rifles and more guns swinging hypodermic darts or laser beams. Yes, we failed to mention that the warehouse is the lair of some unmentionable experiences, it is not uncommon to find ways to defend themselves more amazing than ever. However, beside this, you will always be entitled to the inevitable brush, baseball bats, coat hangers which we will add an industrial sander, a dildo (sigh) and much more. We should also mention the return of photos to earn more PP and reach level 50 quickly, Chuck commencing from the start at level 40.

    About Frank West, remember that a friend can embody it in the coop mode online. A bit frustrating for those who want to play solo Francky but the option is still saving because if Frank is doing perfectly well by itself, it will still pick him his arms and pass him. Same goes for clothes that will initially locker before you press Y in order to dress up. In short, nothing worth a true companion in misfortune much more reactive. In one case as in the other, it goes without saying that the duo will be at the center of this adventure for a XXL carnage interspersed with a few well-chosen dialogue.

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    Re: Dead Rising 2 Case West

    Some Tips

    The impact hammer is behind a stairway in the waiting area Pen. Exit the storage bay by going through the small door in the corner with "pens" written above it. Hug the right wall that says "Security" on that as soon as you go through that door and make your way down the stairs leading to the Advanced Security. The impact of the hammer will be under the stairs. You can also get a jackhammer to kill any unit of danger once they appear.
    The story takes place so soon after the second album and you must, as a duo, to face new enemies, but in return, you can create new objects just as crazy, see more, than in other episodes. For example, you can enjoy the Janitor's Favorite, the Zap and Shine or other Reaper. But also the design of weapons as insane as each other, you'll have to second mission to save human beings you'll encounter yet. You will have opportunity at any time, either solo or in co-op to ask Frank to take a souvenir photo to capture evidence of the involvement of Phenotrans. And since we're talking about co-operation, it will be for 2 players. One will take control of Chuck while the second leads Frank, who will be managed by the AI in single player.


    It receives support from Chuck Greene Frank West, the protagonist of the predecessor. Together the two of them on to the system outside Phenotrans Fortune City’s visit, where they will not just new monsters and other survivors, but also fresh weapons and (Combo) objects on the duo.
    If you play alone, Frank is controlled by AI. In addition, he will be a camera with you at all to shoot important photographic evidence. In addition, Capcom also promises appearances of other characters from the first zombie adventure. Appear to the DLC expansion later this month - has yet to reveal exactly when and at what price.

    Regardless of what may be your opinion on, but it is necessary to make a premise: as Case West, Case West is also a DLC that deserves to be played, especially when we consider real fans brand. "But they could not put anything in the basic game, only making us pay for that?" you might think and how to give you wrong? The explanation, alas, we all know but the fact remains that Capcom still has some obvious merit. Although it is impossible to deny that this move is a blatant commercial, it is equally true that the care and quality with which these two DLC have been developed and is worthy of attention, why not, for further investment.

    The graphics engine has not changed since square one and we regret that some developers have swapped the towns of Still Creek and Fortune City against a single warehouse. Nevertheless, there is still a good group of divers from different parts infested with zombies and some additional weapons and vehicles. The gameplay has not changed since Dead Rising 2 and it is nice to find Frank West. In sum, the playability of Case West blends of both the first Dead Rising by proposing to take pictures to collect more and more prestige points while creating new weapons combos. Of course, the bulk of the adventure is synonymous with continuing clashes against throngs of undead and disciplined soldiers.

    The increase was again restrained by the deadlines that we have not made much time for sightseeing. However, the store is roughly the same size as Still Creek, we will quickly turn. Count on roughly 4, 5 hours of game to see everything that the app has to offer. The scenario is quite agreed even if it follows that Dead Rising 2. It will therefore be subject to a search for evidence to exonerate Chuck Green, and then this is a good way to get a friend Frank scoop. However, if the storyline is not surprising, we will delight the duo Chuck / Franck recalling the great years Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.

    So basically, nothing changes, this nice epilogue to Dead Rising 2 above allows us to find the hero Frank West of Dead Rising first. And the least we can say is that the guy forms an excellent duo with Chuck Green. Sometimes clumsy, a bit slow-witted, thought, feeling full hormone nose, both guess not looping no opportunity to make us giggle while astronomical amounts of zombies. We would have appreciated an environment a little more original but like the few extra weapons and vehicles are there to remedy this defect, we will be content with all that the adventure is again the most promising.

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