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Thread: Apple iOS 4.2 for iPhone, iPad, iPod

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    Apple iOS 4.2 for iPhone iPad iPod

    Apple says that iOS 4 is an operating system the most advanced in the world, discover more than 100 new features , multitasking and more. Coming very soon (in November) the famous iOS OS 4.2 will be available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Details of the new iOS 4.2, a tour of interesting applications and features. With the performance of IOS 4.2, Apple has much improved iPhone 3G. iOS 4.2 will finally unify iOS Apple devices. For the first time, the OS will be available simultaneously for all three mobile devices from Apple. This new operating system offers upgrades AirPlay, AirPrint, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and multitasking, records, Game Center and other improvements iOS iPad.

    • Multitasking to the new 4.2 iOS

    This service will be able to perform all your favorite applications, going from one to another, without slowing the performance of the application in the foreground or battery drain. You can listen to music, receiving notifications, etc.

    • IOS 4.2 - drag and drop files

    Now, organize your applications into folders by dragging and navigate more quickly to your favorites. You may want to browse and manage thousands of applications easily.

    • AirPrint with 4.2 iOS print photos directly from your iPad, iPod Touch

    Finally, you can send, print photos, web pages and more directly with a printer connected to a network wirelessly, from your iPad, iPod Touch and applications. Apple responds with this feature to a very high expectation of users, hoping it will do well among the revolutionary new features announced. Indeed, some rumors suggest that the print function from internal applications to shared printers on Mac or Windows is not available. However, the dissemination of a match between Steve Jobs and a customer suggested that the rumors are unfounded. The surprise will be for November 16, 2010 to follow.

    • AirPlay IOS version 4.2 - broadcast media on the Apple TV

    This service allows the iPad streaming videos, music, photos on the new Apple TV wirelessly.

    • The new 4.2 for iOS Game Center

    Game Kit with API, find friends, go to multiplayer games, play against new opponents and compare your results, scores and rankings.

    • Mail - better visibility and organization of mails with IOS 4.2

    View all messages from all your accounts into one inbox. Organize messages by son discussion, open attachments in third party applications. The text search function improved with the Safari 4.2 iOS. Find the desired information more quickly, highlighting certain words and phrases in your web pages.
    • IOS 4.2 more accessible to deaf, hard of hearing and visually impaired

    This operating system allows the connection of Control VoiceOver using a wireless keyboard. It provides output in Braille with more than 30 writing systems supported. The application supports Bluetooth and has a Braille display in over 25 languages.

    • IOS 4.2 offers new keyboards and dictionaries

    More than 30 new keyboards are available, and new dictionaries including Arabic, Greek and Hebrew.

    • Uses in business and iOS 4.2 - enhanced security

    The new Apple system does everything to attract companies. IOS 4.2 offers enhanced security features, new capabilities, device management, all crowned by a better integration.

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    Re: Release of IOS 04.02 Apple iOS 4.2

    Release of IOS 04.02

    • Some speak of an exit on Sunday 14 November, however, nothing is officially confirmed. However, this firmware is already available to developers in version Gold Master version considered final.

    • This should be releasing Friday, November 12. Would be available at that date iOS iTunes 4.2 and 10.1, it was announced informally on Friday also Nevertheless, these much needed updates seem to be desired even more.

    • Some where i have read that the Apple iOS 4.2 will be available iOS Tuesday, November 16, 2010. It seems that iOS 4.2 is delayed due to serious problem WiFi connection. A few more days, will they be sufficient to resolve these important technical difficulties.

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