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Thread: Linux Mint 10 Julia

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    Linux Mint 10 Julia

    After 3 great versions in green / dark Shiki, Linux Mint theme returns to its clear and its traditional dark background, but this time it gives the illusion of a metallic appearance. It is called Mint-X and is based on some of the best artistic productions available. This release includes wallpapers created from the works of new artists. The menu and home screen have applied the effect "brushed metal" to highlight the artistic direction towards which runs Linux Mint and highlight the metallic appearance of the general aesthetics without impacting system performance.

    Linux Mint is probably the only distro that has evolved with Ubuntu in terms of ease of use and simplicity for less advanced users. On this day, Linux Mint 10 "Julia" officially arrives with a significant amount of new and always visually appealing. Regarding the latter, the updating of Linux Mint 10 is based on Ubuntu 10.10, the kernel and GNOME 02/06/1935 02/06/1935. Bring a new default theme (dark background and metal finishing) and then the same features we offer with each update, and have made this distro one of the fastest growing.

    Linux Mint is a GNU / Linux for personal computers. It is based on Ubuntu and uses both the repository specific, and those of Canonical Ltd. Ubuntu Linux Mint team has published on its website the new codename for version 8 for Xfce and LXDE. The new name will be Helena. Linux Mint is already growing and shows the third place on Distrowatch in 2008 and continued admiration for new users. The peculiarity of Linux Mint, however, remains the tools mintInstall, MintUpdate MintDesktop and mintAssistant, allowing you to manage the system quickly and easily. As always Mint expects to issue up its own distribution about a month after the release of the official version of Ubuntu.

    New Features

    Welcome Screen
    • Install codecís and upgrade to the DVD edition from the welcome screen

    • Highlights newly installed applications
    • Finds and installs software from the repositories
    • Search engines
    • GTK bookmarks support
    • GTK themes support

    Software manager
    • Application icons
    • Better categorization

    Update manager
    • Ignore updates
    • Download size

    • Upload Manager
    • UI, speed, ETA
    • Connection test
    • Cancel / Run in background

    New look and feel

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    Re: Linux Mint 10 Julia

    System improvements

    Whatís New?

    Linux Mint 10 comes with updated software and provides additional refinements to make your GUI more comfortable to use. Also the operator updates the distribution has integrated good features, such as the greater degree of selectivity of the updates and the operator of the FTP uploading now also shows the time remaining until the end of the loading process, and it is easier to configure. Besides that all software has been updated to coincide with the arrival of Ubuntu 10.10, and improved as usual Mint.

    Desktop: Some cannot use DVDs and others live in countries where magazines are not allowed to distribute codecís or proprietary technologies. It is regrettable in a modern operating system like Linux Mint that people can not enjoy it in all its glory. Well, we solved this problem and you will not be penalized for it now. Some of the medium from which you install Linux Mint, the Home Screen will give you the ability to install multimedia codecís that are missing as well as upgrade to the DVD edition.

    Interface: The Linux Mint Menu has been enhanced with innovative features and ease of use improved. Highlight newly installed applications the menu highlights the applications installed recently to make them easier to spot. Find and install applications: The applications available are easy to find. The menu knows what is available in your repositories, so you can search for and install software packages without opening the Software Manager. The menu is not only the fastest way to open an application, it is also the fastest way to find just about anything. Whether you want to get something through Google or find a Wikipedia, just type the beginning and you will directly from the menu. You can also search for words in the dictionary that way and find tutorials, software, peripherals (from the database of Linux Mint on devices), ideas, and even other Linux Mint users.

    GTK: The menu now supports bookmarks GTK. If you enable this option in preferences, it will display the same as your bookmarks file browser Nautilus. The menu now supports GTK themes. You can use this to make the menu different from the rest of the graphical environment.

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    Re: Linux Mint 10 Julia

    New Improvements:

    The menu now identified as mint Menu as regards the compatibility with GTK themes. This means that GTK themes may define own style sections of the menu. The default theme for Linux Mint 10 uses this effect by applying a "brushed metal" on the menu. The size of the icons for shortcuts locations and system is now configurable. The icon sizes are now expressed in pixels and range from 1 to 128. This makes it easier to customize the look of the menu.

    Software Manager & Updates: Manager Software offers a pleasant surfing experience, with better categorization software and the use of icons for applications. If you do not want to receive updates for a particular package, simply click on it and tell the Manager Update to ignore updates to this package. The package will then be added to your list of "ignore" and you will no longer receive updates for it in the future. Manager Updates now also shows you the size of updates that you selected, so you know how much data you are about to download. It automatically highlights newly installed applications, but also includes a search engine to find and install applications from repositories, or search for tutorials on a particular topic on the web.

    The upload manager (upload manager) is not intended for everyone, but it is extremely convenient for developers and administrators, and has therefore been enhanced at multiple points of view in Linux Mint 10. If services are defined, the taskbar icon is automatically launched at startup by Linux Mint. The File Uploader was merged with the Upload Manager. You can now test the connection while setting by clicking the button Test Connection. Uploads (uploads) can be canceled or executed in the background. Upload dialogs have been improved and now look like the dialogues of downloads of Firefox. They measure the speed of uploading and calculate an expected ending time.


    Adobe Flash: Linux Mint has the latest Adobe Flash Square, running in native 32-bit mode or 64-bit full (depending on your edition of Linux Mint). This plug-in is faster than its predecessor, especially in full screen.

    Oracle Virtual box: A new metapackage called virtual box was introduced. This package points to the version non-open-source Virtual Box and offers management of USB. The highlight used by apt is now faster and more reliable.

    Meta Packages: codecís are now plotted with mint-meta-codecs and the applications included in the edition DVDsont drawn by mint-meta-gnome-DVD. The mint system adjustment system is now compatible LSB. Comes with latest version of Flash (at 32 and 64 bit), Virtual Box, signed and verified repositories of data and codecís metapackage.


    I can say that it has become now very easy to install a Linux system. Overall, it takes about half an hour, and you have a few personal adjustments, a fully functioning system, which also still quite effective against viruses and protect all the other stuff. It is preferred to use mainly because of its multi-media thickness. I've been here a while, my LP's, you know, those big black discs on it with ancient music, to bring in a handy format. Digitized keep certain length. The same I have with my private VHS tapes and even before, so even the best potters in the PC card. So I look at times and most incidentally, is from the RC to the final version.

    Developers have stated that they have no intention of abandoning Gnome though its basic version, Ubuntu , has other plans. They plan to use Gnome3 without using Gnome Shell or any derivative thereof. Apparently, new versions of Linux Mint will continue to use a desktop, although improved, much like they look today. The new update, and go through 10, is called Julia and as a newcomer has many new features that show. This distribution, based on using Ubuntu Linux, is highlighting the community lately for itís beautifully finished (always in green) and its excellent performance. Linux Mint is a great distribution for those who still have not quite decided what to use. It is not as complete as Ubuntu but simple efforts to make sure that will delight the most inexperienced.

    The heart of the system, however, relies on the kernel Linux 2.6.35, backdated slightly compared to the current stable release 2.6.36, but still very functional and able to properly recognize a wide range of hardware. The desktop environment is in the spin default, GNOME 2.32, and there are no changes for a while.

    System Requirement:
    • x86 processor (for 32-bit version)
    • x86_64 processor (for 32 - and 64-bit version)
    • 512 MB Ram
    • 5 GB of free disk space
    • Graphics card, monitor with min. 800x600 pixels
    • CD / DVD drive or USB port

    How to Install:
    • Download the ISO for the newer version of Linux Mint.
    • STI check MD5 signature.
    • Burn it at low speed on a liveCD.
    • Boot from the liveCD and select the option "Check disk integrity."
    • Boot from the liveCD and select "Start Linux Mint."
    • Once on the live desktop, check your hardware that is Properly Recognized (graphics card, wireless etc.)
    • Once you're happy and confident that this newer release is good for you, click on "Install" on the desktop and Proceed with a normal installation.
    • When Asked by the installer, choose "Specify partitions manually (advanced), select the partition That You Used for your current installation of Linux Mint, assign "/" to it, and reformat it to "ext4.

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