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Old 19-09-2010
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Mafia II : Jimmy's Vendetta

I have read and listened to a lot of things on the test of Mafia II. I still have some difficulty in explaining some points, so low that they immediately make think of a buggy play, without IA. So in summary, the biggest criticisms against the last 2K Czech is that it was not GTA .

We're in an open city, it has a history manager, it goes from point A to point B, but outside the main plot, nothing. A few more missions should be free or recover from Bethune so we end up with a choice, but to go where we want to make some dough, but there's this frustration we have all the codes. We know that the developer has always said he wanted to make a game of mafia and not a play sandbox where they would be a taxi driver and it makes sense. But at the same time, it took all the codes for the game gameplay sandbox way GTA IV : cars to steal, to assault people in the street, going into shops to choose his clothes, get apartments and parked his car to save.

Erwan, Patrick and Clement have agreed on the fact that all the players knew perhaps not what they were going to fall. We have read that the players were expecting the fastest cars! However, the price advantage is the developer of the narrative and realism. I'm not going to repeat the test for Mafia II , of course. However, I am going to draw your attention to one point: the expectations you can expect from Jimmy's Vendetta. It is incredibly far from what can be found in the base game. It is curious to find content that is as much a balancing act. Personally, apart from sports games, I'm pretty open to everything. I loved Mafia II and I loved Jimmy's Vendetta. But you should be warned: if you liked the fifteen missions of the base game, they may disappoint you.

The narrative that allows certain tasks take two lead is clearly set apart. Instead, it was thirty goals to accomplish, things that are very short, very violent, and very rhythmic. But the charm of the Italian-American mafia atmosphere has melted like snow in sunshine. If there were no cars or retro 50s music on the radio, one might simply believe that the play takes place in a contemporary period. The hero has no real charisma Vito, far from it. We care less about what motivates him, his social climbing ... He emerges from jail, by escaping, and he decides to take revenge on the guys who have rocked. To give you an idea of the atmosphere, I just give you one number, one, from a success. To unblock it, you have to kill ... thousand enemies. I have not counted out in Mafia II , but had to turn to a hundred. It must be admitted that the last mission is rather baked. 70? 80 types to slaughter? I do not know.

If I may make a bold componyme Jimmy's Vendetta is Mafia II is what Michael Vendetta at The Farm celebrities: something that breaks a well-oiled machine. It becomes the brothel absolute, but is a necessary evil to spice things up. With Mafia II , the developers have proven they could do a game as brilliant a film like Goodfellas. With Jimmy, they raise a little foot on the serious side. I cannot help thinking that the purpose of the thing might be to suggest something as comprehensive as GTA IV but do it slowly, like a pointillist painting his canvas. Yesterday, I actually wrote this news . With Joe, there would be new scripted missions, but also optional missions.

With Jimmy, it was a lot of elements and more, fast cars, the successes that make you want to create a huge brothel in the city. It is less academic than the basic game, really insist on this: what made me incredibly like about Mafia II disappears altogether. Finally, it complements what some asked loudly.
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Old 19-09-2010
Join Date: Sep 2010
Posts: 43
Re: Mafia II : Jimmy's Vendetta

So what this content is as expected? First, we must know that this DLC is very independent and does not fit in Mafia II. This is the main menu that selects it. It begins this story lightened with Jimmy in prison. It all starts during a riot. With a few punches in the mouth properly administered, will Jimmy ends. Not very complicated.

In the following sequence, our hero finds himself again in the city center. It is already the scenery: not to get a phone, clothes to put on. No direction, the card with three icons that appear, in addition to all those we know. Let their ten levels, it is not explained exactly like that, but that is how we can interpret.

For each level, a mission on the Irish, Italians on a mission and a mission you can steal a car. These missions are recreations. They earn you some money and sometimes even cars. The sponsor is so generous and so wishes you were playing you bling it will give you two or three times, the right to keep the cars you just took. Impossible to find in the streets, they are absolutely sublime. When the three tasks are finished, three more appear, until we complete ten sets of three like that.

First good news about the case is that the garage now has 30 slots. I have not really found useful in many places. At least go collect multiple colors and patterns. It must be said that the passages in the garage can repair more whims.

Patterns can be applied quite fanciful as the flames behind the wheel training (five or six different designs), but also paint any car in dozens of colors is incredibly varied. Personally, I painted all red Ferrari. But interest is not that graphic. You were crying on the slow cars before the DLC? You hardly make the success of 125 miles per hour? In the DLC, any car worthy of the name should help you achieve this look without the upgrade.

The trips on the highway become delusional. And I'm really glimpse of something in Mafia II , something I had not addressed and I have not seen anywhere else either. In GTA IV , yes him again, when you play the sandbox, you always end up doing things that are probably unlikely that they have all been initially planned by the developers. We all have stories about it. In general, these moments are associated with delirious laughter between friends unforgettable.

In Mafia II , I do not loose teeth. It did not score at the time, but now that Vendetta gave me fits of laughter as I have not had this year before a game, I caught a lot. I think these cops and the fall of their car over the railing after another car had crashed into them. I think these cops to the AI a bit cancan which I do not suspect when I'm the only guy on a gigantic amusement park to blow up tanks and trucks. Your instincts of destruction are satiated with Jimmy. Where Vito was working in the reservoir, the escapee is absolutely not in the lace.

The DLC is also an opportunity to return to the rankings. We realize very quickly with this additional file we earn points. By killing enemies, accomplishing the tasks or driving in a certain way to slip in excess of 75 mph, jump. The combination of these items can go for success, but also to confront thousands of other players around the world. Sure, it's a bit frustrating not compete against other players breathed only through numbers. Who knows ... In a future DLC ... No, it is very unlikely. I think we have never seen a game with a multi become DLC.

Maffia II will pack its DLC progressively for the approach to more of a GTA solo. We must be patient. For my part, I think this DLC nag and do not violate missions as excellent, but it deserves to go in another direction to fill a gap. It is obvious that this is not bad notes Mafia II which is reacted developer: it was intended from the outset. The cranky protest, explaining that the game is incomplete without the DLC to fill this game gruyere. I tend to react this way in general. Now it has been criticized a lot of things to Mafia II , but it is quite complete.


The DLC will add things that will provide a significant replay value (perhaps more important than the game itself!). And do not forget that the basic game is not a blow out when the wallet. In short, we cross our fingers that 2K Czech still leads us in other directions to each DLC.

My only regret is that history has not been a little further. It was really excellent gameplay but no mission that was among the fifteen Vito or a quick glance that would have established a link between the two characters. So, one point less, but you will understand, we find that the DLC is pretty essential.
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