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Thread: EMULATOR Multi-touch MIDI controller for Tablet PCs

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    EMULATOR Multi-touch MIDI controller for Tablet PCs

    The Apple iPad has terrific, responsive multi-touch input, goal for many, using it to control music would mean iPad Carrying year and a computer. With a number of PCs gradually Adding touch capabilities, It Seems That inevitable integrated touch for music at least Will Become a compelling option. This machinery have Some features The iPad Lacks, Such as USB and Other Conventional I / O, and true pen input, Which Can Be more precise applications for arts and they're traditional computers, With All The Flexibility That Entails.

    The iPad is Open on the gates and multi-touch is the technology of the future when it comes to the control of software applications and virtual instruments and effects, here is a program that provides its service in Windows 7. The enormous success of the iPad Apple has shaken the other major PC manufacturer awake and they now bring out little by little Tablet PC systems with multi-touch screens, since it is only natural for a software program the is capable of the multi-touch Pcs to turn in Midi controller.

    Argentina-based DJ Pablo Martin Gives you the scoop HOM history new Emulator software. The Descendant Of The Lemur MonotouchLive-style control, Emulator looks more mature, and adds multi-touch support. It's ready to run Traktor out of the box, goal Other Tools are possible, too. With a revision of HP's TM2 Expected This Summer, We Could Have an Interesting, More Powerful Alternative To The tablets more limited about to follow In The iPad's footsteps. (I'll say this - It Would Have Been a Better Machine On The trip I'm on Currently, Both pour la touch / tablet capabilities and battery life along more Than Conventional my Asus laptop.)

    Features :
    • Sound generation with 128-voice polyphony
    • Over 192 presets, reverb and chorus effects
    • Battery operated, 2 headphone outputs
    • Built-in wireless EMU PIPEline audio transformer

    Digital Midi Controller

    Emulator A multi touch controller for Traktor Pro. This is a GUI based on the multi touch features of Windows 7. So if you have a touch screen (multi touch or touch-compatible single) and Traktor Pro you have everything needed to run this new feature. Here's an impressive touch screen interface, the Minority Report, used in the video (below), as a DJ mixer for the future. This mixer was designed by the Chilean Pablo Martin DJ, is the union of two projects. Token Multi-touch and Emulator (+ Traktor for mixing application).

    For technical details, the software then resumes the main features of Traktor and interfaces with the NI software with MIDI, it appears as a MIDI controller so you can fully classical setting for the assignment of keys. For the demo app's creator turns Emulator on HP TouchSmart tm2 (a laptop with a multi touch screen). The app is still in beta, but you can test it now choosing to buy for $ 49 as part of the beta. If, however, is the full version you want the price will be $ 75.

    For me this kind of product and other software out in numbers for the iPad, really opens a whole new way in what will be possible to hand mix and live performance in the future. The problem is for my loss of touch sensation to knobs and faders true: it is impossible to do anything without stare at the screen which reduces the number of shares that can be done concurrently / fast . Maybe the future will bring hybrid controller between physical and multi touch, where some functionality is realized by buttons and knobs, and a large part of multi touch for the rest of the features more open settings such as effects.

    Works with Windows 7 and is only compatible with the internal version of Traktor Pro, but promises to eventually work with the external mode of Traktor Pro and other software like Deckadance, Virtual DJ and Ableton. It has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixel touch screen must be purchased separately.

    This style MIDI Lemur and a descendant of MonotechLive, although more mature and, of course, with multi-touch capabilities. You can work with Traktor and other tools in this field. The author of the program recommended for use with three specific models of tablet, HP TM2, Dell XT Tablet Multi-touch Tablet and Lenovo, as their screens are capacitive and it seems more responsive than the resistive to the management of this program, but obviously with any tablet or touch screen computer can handle Emulator.

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    Re: EMULATOR Multi-touch MIDI controller for Tablet PCs


    The transparent multi-touch screen is used for music mixing and it seems a bit what they use now for the weather but that TG1 is more transparent and if you think a console would be a total cool DJ. The software does is to send MIDI signals to Traktor which is partly "covered" by the midi keys and slide the software. The most impressive of these two systems is the Token multi-touch, which is primarily a method to plan your Windows desktop, applications, visuals, etc.. on any surface and they interact with through touch. In this use, the interface of Traktor is projected onto a thin glass shelf interactive. Multi-touch - interactive technology allows you to interact with a computer by touching the screen with multiple fingers simultaneously, alone or with others.

    The Emulator, meanwhile, is a MIDI controller touch screen (Windows 7), 100% compatible with Traktor Pro in internal mode, and soon to Deckadance, Virtual DJ, Ableton, and others, it can work with a Tablet PC . Emulator is a MIDI controller (virtual) based on Windows 7 multi-touch. It's just awesome and beautifully done.

    Emulator Is A multi-touch MIDI controller (for Windows 7, oh yes NO IPAD), all software Where You Have What You Need Sami screen and combines it The Power of multi-touch, The Useful And The standard mouse interface of native software to Be Controlled All Useful in one nice and GUI layout first version 1.0 include 100% Compatible with Traktor Pro mode internal, future upgrades include Traktor Internal mode and new layouts for Deckadance, Virtual DJ, Ableton and more.


    This software runs under Windows 7, 32bit/64bit, and it works tablet PCs With 12.1 inch screen (1280 ◊ 800). I Decided to Do This Because The big LCD multi-touch screens available On The Markets arenít really and Accurate Enough for pro use, (optical sensors can) generate false touch, ghost keys, etc etc, and you lose portability (on larger screens). It comes combines with the emulator , a MIDI controller compatible with the future including Ableton, Virtual DJ, it helps in this case project the famous software mixer, and mix with touch screen.

    EMULATOR conceived and created who are some of Martin's Tablet PC emulator on the already successfully tested Pablo was very well be on the EMULATOR HP TM 2 work but also the older model TM2Z should work. With Lenovo's Multi Touch Tablet and Tablet DELL CT emulator is the software used, it is mentioned here in the Tablet PC's to multi-touch enabled devices.

    The biggest problem in controlling via Tablet PC Emulator is probably the feel, you get the twist of a knob or the push of a fader no response, I have a Nokia mobile phone which also has a Touch screen has here vibrates like the phone when I tap something on the touch screen when it vibrate now positioned would be exactly where I want to make a difference then the multi-touch screen we would have enormous detail of the case.

    The major problem with touch screen controllers present is that You Do not Have tactile feedback (you can not feel your fingers with knobs, buttons, sliders etc). For That reason you need time to put your eyes on the touch screen device for use the controller, and lose focus over the music software, with Emulator That problem is solved.

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    Re: EMULATOR Multi-touch MIDI controller for Tablet PCs

    PC Software :

    This software is Designed to work with tablet PCs, the model I suggest for use with my HP software is the wonderful TM2, or the Older model TM2Z. It Also Can Be Used with Lenovo DELL XT multi-touch tablet and tablet. All These tablets support multi-touch capacitive digitizers Have, But again I suggest the HP TM2, due to it Having a wonderful capacitive digitizer from Wacom, it's really good quality tablet.

    The CPU power of TM2 is perfect to run Traktor, I tested with Ableton Without Any Trouble. Some guys think the CPU on HP TM2 does not have enough power, But That is wrong. Emulator software is to Where You Have What You Need on all single screen and combines the power of multi-touch, the SP, standard mouse and the native interface of software to Be controlled all in one nice and Useful GUI.

    Virtual DJ

    With Virtual DJ, you mix your own music like a pro DJ. The software Virtual DJ makes the computer to a virtual DJ mixer. The professional DJ software simulates the complete standard equipment with DJ turntables, mixer and various effects units. This opens up a whole different world of popular music for music education. The digital mixer VirtualDJ mixes electronic music was from itself and save it as MP3 file. The program helps with the Mix, for example by matching the beats per minute, "even at the highs and lows on the Sync button. In addition to locally stored files, Virtual DJ also takes into account data from the Internet. With a play list, you define the order of the desired tracks and mixes virtual decks consecutive plays professionally at two. Virtual DJ recognizes a Beatlock engine automatically sound patterns and provides seamless transitions.

    And for that Virtual DJ is very interesting. VirtualDJ offers, indeed, a great variety of instruments to keep time, synchronize the good pieces, you can even mix in addition to music videos. But let's face it, only use the pc does not give the feeling of being a DJ, why not connect to the mixer console and PC and use it with Virtual DJ? Utopia? No, really. There are in fact connected to the controller and mixer for use with PC and Virtual DJ, to be less and more Virtual DJ.

    For each individual song tempo track, artist and given in the first line, then the time remaining and already spent time. A gain control consoles for each channel is on schedule and provides for the sensitivity to the recording on that channel. It can mix in some samples and effects for each track individually. (Large loop functions are explained below again. The) With the control key lock can be individually re-adjust the tempo or customize. The software stored played music on demand with various sound effects and changes own samples, by cross-fade between the decks or removed with a so-called kill function certain frequencies during playback.

    If desired, the program takes the entire set - that is all that live in the mixed PC is real time, "including all samples, effects, etc. - in parallel with an integrated audio recorder on with, so that it then with his own CD's individual 'mix' to burn (e.g. for the next party). A special video editing function creates Virtual DJ also matched to the music videos.

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    Re: EMULATOR Multi-touch MIDI controller for Tablet PCs

    Traktor Pro

    Traktor Pro profoundly redefined the role of a DJ by allowing it to handle up to 4 decks simultaneously. Combining loops, cue points and sound effects, Traktor comes as close to real time as a multi track software mix. But to effectively manage this large number of parameters, it is necessary to use a MIDI controller very adequate. The Launch pad has developed a MIDI controller from Novation. Originally dedicated to the software Ableton Live, it has nevertheless the advantage of being 100% MIDI-compatible, which means that it can be used with any other software is also compatible. Very economical, it requires no power and fits easily into a backpack. We'll see today how to use it with Traktor Pro , the software mix of Native Instruments.

    In Traktor allows digital music files on up to four different decks mix. Here are the DJ as useful tools such as the Beat Detection Beat Grid and Sync Lock is available. Special emphasis was laid on NI Traktor on the effects section, which holds for each plate mixer the right effect from the simple influence of the EQ or filter through to creative sound shaping the music. Further ahead notable features of the DJ software would be about the auto loop feature, the synchronized loop easily allows the management of the music with compatibility with iTunes and iPod , or about the automatic gain control, which is currently in live use as a very useful proves. Also very nice can be set to save directly to disk.

    The new features of Traktor Pro is the modernized look and feel. Was there the previous four panels at the top that could be freely configured, one is in the new version also gone over two panels at the top of the screen to be integrated. Here, the DJ was spared the trouble of configuring and consuming topic simply what beginners will certainly be of advantage. In previous versions of Traktor Pro was found effect slots, master tempo, master record, broadcast, etc. in the panels. This I find in the current version tidier and therefore clearer. The section with the master tempo is on the left side, right next to the effect slot FX 1, then in the middle again, the master controls for master volume, mix Amount, headphone volume, etc. Finally, one finds on the right is the effect of slot FX2 and the buttons for broadcast and record.

    If you have used the program in one of its predecessors, find your way quickly. The FX 1 and FX 2 can be set as either advanced or set by Chained effect. When set to the same effect Chained to three effects per slot for Native Instruments Traktor Pro will be charged. However, it can be removed but also regulate only in the effect strength. In Advanced mode, however, only one effect loaded, but are governed by three parameters. Both modes of operation of the effect slots provide for the digital DJ, of course, their own advantages and disadvantages, so it might even make sense, left and right to use each one of the modes.


    EMULATOR MIDI controller is a multi-touch created by Paul Martin that combines the power of multi-touch, the usability of a desktop mouse and a user interface easy to use and compatible with software such as Traktor Pro. The only drawback of working on a screen we have no reference to the feel of the various controls and must constantly watch the monitor or tablet. Emulator works with Windows 7 at a resolution of 1280x800. The screen that appears in the video called Token has been developed by and the appeal of being transparent is that everyone can see what the DJ.

    The software made for this controller is designed to work with the Tablet systems. For my side I will suggest you to use the same with the software which comes with it. It is a really nice tool and works with older models too. There are some places where the same tool is tested with Lenovo Multi-touch and Dell XT tablets. It worked very nicely. There are capacitive digitizers which is really good for this technology. The major issue with this is that the current touch screen controllers which might not give a better feedback for the software. You might not feel the sensation of using a mixer.

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