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Old 10-09-2010
Join Date: Oct 2005
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Lenovo New Commercial Grade NoteBook-ThinkPad X201i Complete

Notebook Lenovo IBM ThinkPad X201i equipped with processors Intel Core. New Notebooks Lenovo IBM ThinkPad X201i will be equipped with a 12-inch matrix with 1280. Business Notebook Lenovo ThinkPad X201i are classically for IBM / Lenovo design in black and are intended primarily for use on the road. Lightweight and compact design will not deliver inconvenience to carry, and long battery life will easily run in a long trip. Lenovo IBM ThinkPad X201i - a new generation of ultra-and ultra-light computers with 12.1-inch WXGA. Features reinforced body frame magnesium alloy top cover of carbon fiber, keyboard, spill-resistant.

It is first, an updated line of laptops with new processors, Intel, and secondly, as a user of a previous line of laptops, I was interested in a test of this device, pondering buying a new laptop. The unit comes with CPU Core i3 330M, built on standards 32-nm process. Each of its cores clocked at 2.13 GHz, technology TurboBoost not supported. Cache third level is 3 MB. The processor supports technologies such as Enhanced Intel SpeedStep, Idle State, Execute Disable Bit, Intel 64 Architecture, as well as Intel Virtualization and Trusted Execution. In this paper, Core i3-330M is guided by a full set of SIMD-instructions: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE 4.1, SSE 4.2.

The main difference between the new processors from the previous version - a two-crystal structure. The essence of this decision is that the same body is just two of the crystal. First - it is executed on standard 32-nm processor itself. The second crystal is made of 45-nm process technology and includes a built-in graphics core, memory controller and the controller is PCI Express. Thus, there is almost complete fusion of the CPU and system logic.

One of the most interesting developments can be considered technology Intel HyperThreading - virtual multithreading. You can perform one core two threads of instructions simultaneously, which increases productivity. But there was a problem: some programs not work properly with this technology, and displays the results are much worse than those that were without HyperThreading. Therefore, the new architecture this development has undergone a thorough processing. The new and improved version called Simultaneous MultiThreading (SMT). With SMT, applications multithreaded receive comprehensive framework for implementation laid down in their capabilities, reducing the processing time goals.

The operating system sees two cores of Core i3 as four, without dividing them into physical and virtual. Being the youngest in the line processor, Core i330M easily cope with the entire spectrum of tasks ranging from simple office work and surfing the Internet to video encoding, and complicated calculations in computing systems. However, the new processors are not only productive. Technology can reduce power consumption processor power consumption to 5 watts, but talk about it in the appropriate section.
Plank memory occupied one of two slots SO-DIMM, which are accessed from the bottom. This memory standard DDR3 PC3-8500F production Micron Technology. The maximum amount of memory supported by the memory controller on the CPU - 8 GB.

Assessing the potential of the notebook with streaming video showed that X201i perfectly with that handle. All stops are put in a valid zone, even during active communications. In fact, X201i even in the standard configuration when using the UltraBase docking station can easily replace a desktop computer.


Built-in processor Intel HD Graphics (HD 5700) is nothing but the modified Intel GMA X4500HD. Graphics chip Intel HD Graphics also uses a system of unified pipelines. To improve performance, had to change the number of blocks of scalar calculations from 10 to 12. But this is not the only factor that can affect the performance of video systems. Location of the graphic chip on a single chip with a memory controller allows data transfer at speeds of 17.1 Gb / s and to minimize delays when working with memory.

Another interesting development of the new graphics technology is the HD Graphics Turbo Boost, which is a slightly revised version of the familiar processor technology, Turbo Boost. It reflects the dynamic way to change the frequency of the graphics core from 133 to 667 MHz depending on the load on the system. Thus, achieved a perfect compromise between performance and power consumption. Graphics supports DirectX 10, OpenGL 2.1 and Shader Model 4.0. The minimum score in the benchmark Windows 7 gets just the integrated graphics. Other estimates exhibited a well-deserved and in general the system is fairly balanced.
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Old 10-09-2010
Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 351
re: Lenovo New Commercial Grade NoteBook-ThinkPad X201i Complete


Although in this case the differences are much smaller, and it is very good. From above, as well as from the bottom (without labels), the laptop does not distinguish from X 200 (s). But if you open it immediately catches the eye touchpad. That he is the main change in the design of the apparatus. To help a built-in speaker was added to the second, but they are also located on the front face. Actually this innovation and over. Otherwise, X 201i has all the same stern look, as his predecessors. Since the laptop WWAN Ready, on the usual Display unit has a separate icon just for the 3 G.

Frame X201i implemented as a magnesium alloy, providing camera high strength and low weight. Here is the approach IBM: thanks to the reinforced frame, classical keyboard managed to place the entire width of the notebook. The cover of the matrix, outside the mat, with a cherished logo ThinkPad, is on the sides of special ribs, which, in its closing record display, not letting him bend under pressure. Will not the will, dropped his laptop on the marble floor, ascertain their effectiveness.

On the outside of the cover features the first indicator block containing the following green icons: Charging the battery powered laptop hibernation. Holds the cover all the same all-metal hinges, having a huge margin. The maximum angle of opening the lid off scale for 180 degrees. At the top of the cover is a flashlight ThinkLight, intended to illuminate the keyboard at night. Enable or disable it can be simultaneously pressing the Fn and PgUp. Near the torch will fit eye built-in webcam.

Above the keyboard fit the classic control panel: buttons adjust the volume, branded feature ThinkVantage button and turn on the instrument. Panel for the wrist is made of rough plastic. In her right hand corner duplicated logo ThinkPad. The biometric sensor 201Xi installed only in more expensive models. The bottom of the notebook is also satisfied magnesium alloy and almost defies strain. Collate laptop as easily as the previous model.

Keyboard & Touchpad

Excellent keyboard, inherited from the previous models accurately please fans of the brand. It is a good understanding of heredity and Lenovo importance of such decisions and make this laptop is so valuable. The keyboard still has the waterproof performance. Special grooves guide the liquid in the drainage channels, which are derived on the bottom of the notebook. For extreme cases, if the liquid poured too much, provides for protection of the motherboard - it is covered with special film.

But the most interesting - is the body control UltraNav. That's how you can shamelessly called combination of nice touchpad. For a long time working on a laptop without a touchpad, you forget about that convenience that it provides. Work with the touchpad turns much faster, even though he is fairly small in size (60 x 30 mm). But such a size relative to the entire area under the keyboard is quite justified. Touchpad on contemporary fashion supports scaling and has two scroll bars. Plastic buttons below the touchpad are very soft, and push them a pleasure.


Location of ports has not changed at all. Is that now from USB yellow color that hints at support of technology Sleep & Charge. Total on left side located notebook connector for the power adapter, one USB 2.0, VGA (as it should, with fittings), RJ-45, one more USB 2.0 and ExpressCard54, covered with a curtain. There is also the switch, shutting down all wireless communications, including laptop. In our case, this Wi-Fi module Intel 1000 (802.11 b / g / n) and Bluetooth. When in the depths of the notebook 3G-modem it will also turn off this switch. Individually enable / disable the communication can be a combination of keys Fn F5. Because there is a built-in wired communications adapter Intel Gigabit Ethernet 82577LM and 56k modem. The right face is loaded much less. There is only one USB, kensington lock, and two audiorazema. In general, the ports are very convenient, and complaints to the no.


Most importantly, the X-series has not escaped the total screens - the laptop uses a matrix with the classic aspect ratio of 16: 9 (On time, on manners - previously regarded as classics of the matrix 4: 3). If my X200s in order to save set matrix with CCFL backlight, then on all laptops X201i use LED-backlight, which provides lower power consumption. Besides, in such a matrix a higher brightness. But the contrast, as expected, not pleased. While analyzing the experience of communication with such a class of laptops - for working with graphics without an external monitor connected via docking station, X-series is not intended. Since this laptop for business, the overall picture fits perfectly matte coating matrix, which is in contrast to the now fashionable gloss does not glare when working outdoors or in rooms with bright light sources. Adjusts the brightness of the matrix as always shortcuts Fn Home / End in 15 steps.

The impression of the display, as is the case with the X200 (622D613), tainted the pixel grid, which is perfectly visible to the naked eye. For more demanding users, this can serve as a refusal from the purchase of apparatus. Viewing angles, as in all low-cost solutions - even at small angles noticeable inversion of colors.
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Old 10-09-2010
Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 351
re: Lenovo New Commercial Grade NoteBook-ThinkPad X201i Complete

Hard Drive :

The hard disk will always keep a packaged in a rubber clip, overwhelming slight vibration. Remained in place and built-in accelerometer. In addition to vibration and shock accelerometer is able to feel the fall of the notebook. In any of these situations command is the hard drive, which parks the heads in a safe condition. The level of sensitivity of the accelerometer sensors can be configured to any style of work. Configure and test the readiness of the system can use the utility Airbag Protection (part of the ThinkVantage). In the second tab utility displays the position in the notebook space, and the status of the hard disk. Such a symbolic name associated with the fact that the technology came from the automotive industry, where such sensors control airbag deployment. When one becomes acquainted with the laptop no problem with the system were noted. In contrast to the X200s, blocking the hard drive music or movie playback is not freeze.

As the drive using the hard drive, Hitachi model HTS545025B9A, which has the typical characteristics for the drive with a spindle speed 5400 rpm. On the other hand, noise and vibration from such a solution is almost there. More expensive versions are equipped with laptop SSD-drives or hard drives with spindle speed 7200 rpm. But wiser with insufficient speed to replace this hard disk to another, rather than just buying a top-end configuration.

Heat Support :

The heating apparatus was much smaller than anticipated. If the X200 processor P8700 warmed considerably in almost the entire area of the body, the X201i became hot only in the installation of the CPU. While the overall configuration of the temperature zones remained very similar. HW Monitor Utility fixed the temperature of the components during the entire test, so the screenshot visible component temperature load and idle. The central processor under prolonged stress is not heated above 78 degrees. The hard disk also kept cool.


Power system as always consists of 65-watt power supply with a characteristic curved along the hull beginning of the cord. In fact, the cord from the power supply to the laptop provided buckle which is long enough to secure a wound on the power supply cable. The cable from the power supply to the socket 220 is not very long, but it can be replaced.

Ends of the power supply cord is quite large and bulky plugs. At first glance, it seems doubtful, especially if you look at the thin wire inside. But here everything is made. Connector, located on the body, is made known to be shaky, which saves him from the strain when moving your laptop connected to the power on the table. Established battery in this configuration, 6-cell. It is completely compatible with batteries X200 (s). Backlash from Lenovo is not going to just get rid of, so both batteries are much dangle.Charging the battery is both a very long time. Another thing is that buying Ultrabase you can charge two batteries simultaneously.

Specs :

12.1 (1280x800) LED, Core i3-330M (2.16GHz, 3MB L3), 3GB, 320GB, GMA 5700MHD, WiFi + WiMAX, BT, WWAN ready, 7-in-1, Express card, 6 Cell, 1.54 kg, Win7 Pro, 3 Years (about 37 thousand rubles)

Package Contain :
  • Notebook (1204 g)
  • Power supply + power cord (240 + 112 g)
  • 6-cell battery (324 g)
  • Instructions
Positive Points :

Matte finish display
Long battery life
Thin, lightweight and durable case
Use of a magnesium frame and a reinforced cover design;
Availability of basic communications;
WAN Ready
Protect your hard drive;
Spill-resistant keyboard;
High performance processor.

Negative Points :

1 year warranty
Home version of Windows 7 32-bit
Lack of drive

Conclusion :

The new ThinkPad X201i - a worthy replacement X200. The laptop has retained all the features of their ancestors, and acquired several important innovations. Main, which accurately assess the number of people, is the appearance of the touchpad. Although this configuration is very cheap (just over $ 1000), structurally it is curtailed only FingerPrint. Marketers feel the need to remove the 3-year warranty and establish a home version of Windows 7. The rest of this configuration is very interesting for those who want to get all at once, and inexpensive. It is a pity that you cannot accidentally put back in its box X200s.

Dual-core processor and 3 gigabytes of RAM make this Super netbook in a mobile office. Small form factor, the screen is only 12 inches, makes it easy to take netbook Lenovo ThinkPad X201i on a journey, he will become just an assistant for video conferencing and provide access to Internet chat rooms. Due to increased battery life can be in touch more than 6 hours. Well, 320 GB hard drive will keep all documents and multimedia files. This makes the system much more powerful.
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