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Creative World of Warcraft Wireless Headset Review


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Old 07-09-2010
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Creative World of Warcraft Wireless Headset Review

Rediscover the sounds of Azeroth and other worlds through the Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset. Designed specifically for players of World of Warcraft, it incorporates the technology of advanced audio, wireless and uncompressed, and THX TruStudio PC. Get an incredibly realistic effect through advanced technologies that enrich their games and can get surround sound effects through headphones. Communicate clearly with your partner or your team. The Sound Blaster Wireless Headset World of Warcraft features a professional quality microphone that everyone will hear you scream in a loud voice shouting. Declare your allegiance with interchangeable lenses helmet marked with the symbol of the faction that you have chosen and lighting options, including over 16 million programmable colors.

Dedicated players of World of Warcraft , it includes a single audio technology, without compression - for crystal clear sound - and wireless (2.4 GHz), to save space. What fans can rest assured, it provides more than eight hours of continuous play session per charge! What to benefit from technology without THX TruStudio PC that makes the best sound enriching it with surround effects: the virtual speakers seem to spring all around you to immerse yourself totally in the game.

Creative jumps on the train of the World of Warcraft merchandise on sale from mid-March and with a headset in a special WoW-design. The simple version with cable and no X-Fi sound card costs, the more expensive model without disturbing string, but that X-Fi USB sound card moves with a Creative Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Wireless Headset.. We have the wireless version in the test and examine not only the gaming capabilities, but also the sound of music and movies.

As with the Steel Series World of Warcraft mouse was also at the Blizzard WoW headset a say in the design and color selection. So resemble the slightly scaled elements of the headphone suspension of the surface structure of the WoW mouse, and the color of the headset is held in identical gray. The frosted plastic appears at first glance chic, but feels quite windy on - no comparison with high-quality headphones from. The runes engraved on the edge of the ears to know WoW fans also from the SteelSeries mouse.

Features :

Internally, Creative Soundblaster World of Warcraft accumulates a number of interesting features. The transmitter uses wireless technology using 2.4GHz wireless uncompressed which, coupled with headphones 40mm Neodymium magnets with a frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and an impedance of 32 ohms resulting in an excellent quality of audio. All audio is enhanced by THX Trustudio software. As the microphone is removable and incorporates noise suppression system environment so that our voice sounds clear. The most ardent fans of the game can also alter the tone of voice that matches the particular accent of some races of the game by control software called VoiceFX.

Features :
  • Dive into a 2.4GHz wireless technology and without compression. The powerful sound you expect from Sound Blaster wirelessly.
  • The THX audio technologies TruStudio PC can get a sound with unprecedented realism of surround effects breathtaking simulating virtual speakers above, below and all around you.
  • Customize your headset with interchangeable lenses.
  • The earphones provide a wide and padded comfort for long sessions.
  • Take the voices of other characters and creatures for World of Warcraft with technology VoiceFX.
  • Detachable noise-canceling microphone for clear transmission and precise. Your orders will not only be executed!
  • Audio Control Panel for World of Warcraft - Configure the settings without difficulty using the software to customize your helmet and improve your audio experience.
  • Customize options lighting the helmet.
  • Improve the sound with THX TruStudio PC.
  • Activate VoiceFX and equalizer for sound games.
  • Combine orders to the keys for faster access.
  • Save multiple profiles and switch easily from one to another.
  • Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Voice Tap (sold separately) - Establish a connection between the button that acts as push to talk or your favorite macro and the foot switch as an option to keep your hands free to control the game

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Old 07-09-2010
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 220
Re: Creative World of Warcraft Wireless Headset Review


World of Warcraft (WoW) is certainly the most successful online role-playing in general - and everything that bears the names WoW-sold, much better. There are a variety of merchandise, in addition to official mouse pads and keyboards now a headset. This is easily seen in the illuminated logo that map, depending on the group, either the Horde or the Alliance. Do not worry, you need not buy a new headset for each character, the logos are interchangeable and are included. The wireless headset offers THX TruStudio PC sound with a 40 mm neodymium magnet, which is to create a realistic sound, even outside of WoW for film and audio enjoyment. However, when I think of so many THX-certified speaker systems from the electrical market, the THX logo has lost its value for me.

The detachable noise-canceling condenser microphone avoids embarrassing moments. And despite the great sound driver was not accommodate enough room in the ear cups to three colored LEDs that illuminate the logo of the group depending on the mood. Design suites in a contemporary style and, at first glance, it is convenient, but duty use (1.5 hours or more) tiring the ears, otherwise use the headset does not cause discomfort. Buttons on the headset.

Uniquely, however, is the lighting. Comes with two transparent plastic discs included, one with Alliance and Horde with a logo. The driver you can now not only the lighting of the logo in almost every color set, but also the duration and intensity of the pulsating effect. With a depth of about six inches of the ear headset is a Creative Sound Blaster World of Warcraft still thicker than the one side MMX 300 (5 cm) or Sennheiser PC 350 (4 cm). If you adjust the size of the headset, and pull the outer ear, revealed a thin plastic splint, which we would not expect a fall from a desk.

At the bottom of the left ear, you can mute the microphone by pressing a key. The red LED is responsible for a look outside to their field of vision. Better would be an LED directly to the microphone such as the Roccat Kave . About the additional software can then adjust the colors, set the THX sound options and configure extra features for WoW.


The music reproduction of the Creative Sound Blaster Wireless Headset World of Warcraft likes. Atmospheric ambient sounds of crashing metal boards or the headset resolved clearly and without glaring weakness again, distortions do not appear even at high volume levels. However, the highs sound headset typically significantly overstated, leading to slightly hissing pool, but overall the speech comes to good. The bass could also use some more oomph and definition. Although he not has the bass control on the driver but you should raise a few steps to get more pressure on the ears.

Activate also necessarily the Crystallizer in the driver that spices up the dynamics of your favorite music palpable, but subtly and in one of the biggest advantages of the integrated Sound Blaster X-Fi compared to other sound chips. The bottom line makes the World of Warcraft wireless headset when listening to music so that a good impression. Specifically, the Sennheiser PC161 offers thanks to the much clearer and drier, and the bass noticeably more balanced playing music more clearly, it does not any additional equipment. In games, reveals a similar picture: whether the eponymous World of Warcraft or Battlefield: Bad Company 2 , can always, the sound of the Creative headsets convincing. If you often talk to other players, you should enable the driver dialogue Plus, which improves the voice again.

Connectivity :

Creative offers an exclusive headset for World of Warcraft. The charging cable is a 2-meter USB / mini-USB cable and works with the very fabric sheath dibasic. The USB receiver is barely larger than a normal USB stick. Unfortunately, he has no further input to the headphones as connect to the stereo or TV to be able to.

The battery is fixed by modern lithium-ion technology, no memory effect and high capacity. After four hours of charging are on to eight hours of gameplay. If that is not enough, at any time, the USB charging cable to be connected with. The broadcasting is set to 2.4 GHz. Thus, in contrast to the first 27-MHz models, no noise heard. The range is over 10 meters in free space more than adequate. The input for the charger, and just above the slider to turn off the headset. So there is an indicator that shows the status of the headset. If the charge is small, the color signal is replaced by red. When charging the LED is yellow. Controls the sound on the outside of the headphone. The Creative World of Warcraft Wireless Headset is a great headset with excellent sound and comfortable fit with no weaknesses. Only the price is not quite the fair processing in detail is to be criticized.

General characteristics. The device justifies its price, perfect for watching TV or listening to music, the signal enough for the whole apartment. Now I can communicate on Skype, and go about your business, you can wash the dishes, or even to do with cleaning. Now the computer does not bind you to my wires, communicate without boundaries.
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Old 07-09-2010
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 220
Re: Creative World of Warcraft Wireless Headset Review


Arranged around it are the control buttons for volume and mute. The software is actually an add-on, but similar to the gaming mice usually are the drivers and their software the real reason of the request. At the top button to increase volume, and below, respectively, to reduce the sound. By pressing the logo Logitech, microphone, and stop working at the microphone will see the red LED. So you never forget off or, conversely, turn on the microphone. Also, the microphone will not work in an upright position. Now consider in more detail the wireless network adapter, or simply a transmitter. Connects to USB 2.0, it will allow you to connect to most computers.

Just the size of it is the same with a standard flash drive, transfer it to you no problem. The body has an LED at normal mode it is not flickering light of the constant signal. If the probe lost contact with the device, he slowly blinks green. When the battery indicator rapidly blinks green. Consider stand wireless adapter. If you connect the transmitter to the back door computer radius of the signal decreases. To do this, the developers from Logitech, staffed his headset cord lengthening, or in a scientific stand wireless adapter. Cord length about 2 meters, this is quite enough to put the transmitter on the most prominent place, so that the signal spread throughout the apartment. On the charger.

Chargers have enough headphones in active use for 6-8 hours. I, for example, charge every 2 days for me this is enough. And if, for example, during the conversation you have finished charging, you can connect to the charger and continue to communicate without problems. And for this reason, the headset is not completely operating system independent, only MacOS X and Windows are supported on XP, which is also due to the USB 1.0 dongle that provides the wireless freedom. In the frequency range used to be able to work up to 40 devices simultaneously without interference - there is the next LAN party did not counter. The games session, however, should not take longer than 10 hours, otherwise you stand in the dark - without sound and lighting effects. Those who place great value on sound quality, then grab the hi-known quantities, but provide no gadgets, even a successful accessory to the headset.

The headset works wireless and does not restrict the freedom of movement around the room. However, available and wired version, it connects to the PC 1.8-meter USB cable and is worth fifteen hundred cheaper. Of particular interest are the microphone settings: complete software in real-time voice processing player so that it becomes similar to the selected character or creature WoW. Be prepared to appear in voice chat, trolls and blood elves. Includes a cover for headphones and a small screwdriver to change with symbolism. Additionally, you can buy pedal Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Voice Tap to quickly activate voice communications - not to detach the hands from the keyboard.

Positive Points
  • Powerful sound scenes
  • Convincing surround sound
  • Clear voice in mic
  • Simple operation
  • USB Sound Card
Negative Points
  • Poor bass
  • Controls not all optimally positioned
  • Heavier than wired headsets
  • Size adjustment shaky
Conclusion :

A great product with great sound quality THX and the ability to change his way into a character of the game (very funny) the absence of wire is very significant with good hearing over a great distance, only the pilot is to find or even on the internet, can damage but at least it is good to date. Fast delivery and always a serious irreproachable from DRC. Amazing sound quality (one would almost believe). No noise during conversations. A value indisputable. Wireless is great but the range is limited to 6 meters if you the sensor behind the tower.

The plastic makes a somewhat rickety impression. In particular, the volume keys on the shell contribute quite spongy. Probably a tribute to the low weight for a wireless headphone. The plug-in microphone is attached to a flexible rubber arm, but this is unfortunately little in position. The illuminated in 16 million different colors side cover can be replaced with the supplied screwdriver, and you really have to pry a little rough. To select this are Horde or Alliance logo.

Even at the first notes fall on the excellent sound that can be optimized with the software. Especially here the Crystallization function is recommended. But even without options deepest bass sound at all times as detailed as they are known by only a few headsets. The mids are well balanced and benefits the language field, the heights are always clear and unobtrusive. The sound is good and the space to good. Thus, in just the opponents of shooter games ever to locate the best. Overall a very good sound, ideal not only for playing but also the sound a piece of music or other anew. All the more sad that no input for other sources is available. The microphone is this in every way and has a good voice. If desired, you distort your own voice in the software or to the appropriate player race.
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Old 12-03-2012
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