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Old 04-09-2010
Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 351
BenQ GP1 Mini Projector

The LED projector, BenQ GP1 is a pocket projector. The size of your palm, is designed to entertain you wherever you go! Just need to connect your personal device to convert videos, photos and even music videos in great fun. This mini projector has light LED, which provides stunning images up to 80 inches, also has speaker 2W. Sit back, relax and enjoy yourself. With the BenQ GP1, everything becomes fantastic.

Portable LED Projector BenQ GP1 gives the opportunity to enjoy the colorful images, wherever you are. He is so small that it easily fits in the palm. Simply plug the USB drive with media content (movies, clips, photos) and enjoy! Instead of a projector lamp BenQ GP1 uses LEDs, which allow you to create stunning big picture. Built-in stereo 2W power will fill the video excellent sound without the need to connect additional devices. Just turn on the projector BenQ GP1 and experience the atmosphere of your favorite movies or photos.

The entertainment is amplified by being able to project movies, photos, video games, DVD without using a PC, simply connect a device to store files, such as external hard drives, digital cameras, and personal media players, PDAs, i-Pod i-Phone, smart phones, game consoles and laptops. The fun on the big screen (up to 80") Effortlessly and without borders, at home, office or anywhere you want, is ensured by the superb picture quality, sound and extreme practicality: 120% NTSC, on / Flash Off, 100 ANSI lumens with digital LED lighting, Wall Color Correction, integrated 2W speakers, more than 20,000 hours of use at no extra cost, dock i-Pod/i-Phone (optional), and tripod compatibility.

In the early years, BenQ has unveiled the first-born of its range of mini projector. This is the Benq GP1. What are its characteristics. Firstly, it is worth remembering what a mini projector. You'll be able to judge more easily its technical specifications and attributes. A mini projector has dimensions smaller than a normal projector. However, it is larger than pocket projector. The Pocket Projector is a miniature projector (it is possible to incorporate it into a PDA or mobile phone). A mini projector fits in your hand.

The Benq GP1 operates on the basis of technology DLP (Texas Instrument). The DLP is a technology that allows for less loss of light and more contrast. It has excellent brightness. It is ten times that of conventional projector. It has a higher contrast than the average. Resolution SVGA (800x600) will receive a diagonal of 2 meters. Weighing 500 grams, it is not a highly mobile even if its size (13.6 cm x 5.4 cm x 12 cm) allow it to fit easily in the hand. The Benq GP1 should be accompanied by a dock to receive IPOD AND IPHONE.
Mini video projector BenQ GP1 uses technology DLP developed by Texas Instruments and offers a brightness of 100 lumens , 10 times more than conventional pocket projector.

Its contrast is also higher than in general pocket projector with 2000:1. The diagonal proposed by the resolution SVGA 800 x 600 is 2 meters. In comparison, a pocket projector has a diagonal of just 1.27 meters maximum for optimum quality. This is related to the lower brightness of the bulb. It weighs 600 grams handicaps a minimum level of mobility. But its size it is quite reasonable for use in the palm of the hand with 13.6 cm x 5.4 cm x 12 cm.

In terms of connectivity, you will be served by an output Composite , a USB and the traditional VGA . The BenQ GP1 should be provided with a docking station for Ipod, Iphone. The GP 1 is as small as a CD case, but so great in his features like a true professional-Beamer. But not so fast. The little projector is the first of April 2009 the U.S. for a price of 600 dollars. Thanks to the automatic keystone correction image will always have ideal proportions. First, instead of conventional lamps in the projector using environmentally friendly LEDs. Secondly, the cardboard box the projector at 70% made from recycled materials. Thirdly, the power consumption decreased by 30%, so that the projector is in standby mode, consuming less than 1W of electricity. To operate the projector, you no longer need a laptop. Use as a source of media content from USB-flash drive, DVD-player, game console or the iPhone / iPod, connected through the docking station. To connect headphones feature a separate entrance.
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Old 04-09-2010
Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 351
Re: BenQ GP1 Mini Projector

Features and Support :

Superior projection LED3 :

Mini Projector from BenQ, LED3 with technology designed to exceed the image quality of film - delivering clearer images, bright and vivid, with optimum brightness, high contrast, native resolution and an NTSC color gamut.

Modern Design Black and White :

The Joybee GP1 not only brightens your day with a variety of audiovisual entertainment, like the leaves of humor due to its fantastic modern design in black and white.

Small, but ready for action :

The Mini Projector BenQ Joybee GP1 was done with different characteristics to deliver performance projection fabulous wherever you are.

Tripod ready to improve its projection :

Put your books under the projector can be a good idea when you want to reach a given projection angle and height. However, BenQ's Projector Joybee GP1 can be easily placed on a tripod with a projection to the desired setting.

100% Free lamp and energy efficient :

This model is made with power LED - the latest technology 3LED BenQ, which uses RGB LEDs as light sources instead of the traditional projection lamp. Now you can enjoy vivid images impressionability without worrying about issues like the reduction of brightness, color, or replacing lamps.

Color correction on the wall for better image quality :

Cannot find a white wall? No problem. The technology of color correction on the wall of BenQ offers a selection of five colors of wall to fit the requirements of the different projection surfaces, even in pictures of the classroom. Today, it is possible to have an impressive projection quality wherever it is.

Perfect viewing in all its projections :

With Automatic Keystone Adjustment, you will always have a perfect forecast. Say goodbye to distorted images.

Environmentally friendly, inside and out :

BenQ Projector is a "green product". 3LED Whether through technology, to be 100% free of mercury, increasing by 70% in the incorporation of recyclable materials for packaging, 30% reduction in energy consume less than 1W standby power, or all the labels received echo. Projector BenQ GP1 will reveal a new sensation from the usual multimedia devices. Moreover, now to show the images do not need a laptop. Just enjoy the image from a USB-flash, photo or video cameras, DVD-player, mobile phone, player or game console, always and everywhere.

Used in the projector BenQ GP1 3LED technology achieves cinematic images. The picture is brighter, sharper and richer thanks to the wide color gamut 120% NTSC, system optimization of brightness and contrast. It is first LED projector BenQ has done everything right: the BenQ GP 1 Mini-Beamer weighs only 640 grams and fits on a palm. With a brightness of 100 ANSI lumens, the projector business present in small rooms. And thanks to the USB port on BenQ GP 1 Mini-Beamer not even have a PC or netbook, because the PowerPoint presentation can be easily played from the USB stick. Cool: Even the Iphone is an additional docking station connected to the BenQ GP a mini-projector can be connected.

Another advantage of LED technology is the long life of 20,000 hours. Therefore there is only one native resolution of 858 x 600 pixels, but is on the mini-projectors already extremely good. And because the BenQ GP 1 Mini-Beamer is so light, it can also be taken into the home theater. Here he creates at least the resolution of HD Ready with 720p and can even display 1080i. That at least the second best digital resolution. Also good: the Wall Color Correction. Simply select the one of the default wall paint, and there are already adapted to images of the BenQ GP 1 Mini-Beamer. Even school boards can be lit from a mini business projector.

The projector measures 136.5 mm in width, 54 millimeters in height and 120 mm deep. The installed LED bulbs have a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours and keep it by about ten times as long as the lamps a DLP projector. Relatively little, however, is the light output of 100 ANSI lumens. The resolution is according to the manufacturer at 858 x 600 pixels, a contrast ratio at 2000:1. The GP1 allows the projection of images with a diagonal of up to one and a half meters. If the unit is two meters away from the wall, then you reach a diagonal of about 40 centimeters.
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Old 04-09-2010
Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 351
Re: BenQ GP1 Mini Projector

Connection side of the projector VGA, component and composite video has to offer. The audio signal passes through a 3.5 mm jack for projectors and is output through a loudspeaker. It also has an integrated USB interface, which can be fed without the GP1 laptop with video or image signals. When the power consumption during operation BenQ speaks of less than 90 watts in standby mode to the power consumption below one watt. In spontaneous presentations GP1 will make a good figure, because it is compact, light and attractively decorated.

Offering the possibility of projection anywhere, anytime, portable and great brightness, GP1 is ideal for all users. For families, the GP1 is perfect for use at home or on vacation, in fact, its functions allow you to project movies, photos or films contained in a USB stick and enjoy the big screen in a hotel room or any room the house. At constant prices compared to a TV, the new BenQ has a screen bigger and better and is more versatile, portable and easy to use.

Easy Connect :

Children can have fun with friends, instantly and easily connect with their game consoles or DVD players. Business professionals will be able to manage the videos and presentations in jpeg format on a USB key for any last-minute presentations in a conference room, coffee or in the smallest space. For photographers, interior designers, graphic designers and other imaging professionals who require accurate color and brightness, GP1 is virtually unparalleled quality thanks to 120% NTSC and 100AL of its "Photo", design and rendering video color great impact even in fully lit.

Compared to the average of 55% -80% in most projectors NTSC, GP1 is noticeably superior image quality thanks to the deepest shade of a wider range of colors. The image format of 4:3 basis (16:9 selectable) is adjustable with digital zoom and preset picture mode PC and A / V The automatic mode projection research and Wall Color Correction makes it fast and guessed each function, while the built-in speaker provides excellent sound quality digital.


Projector BenQ GP1 not only affects its multimedia capabilities, and attractive appearance. A prisoner in a compact enclosure made of white plastic with a glossy black lid, mini-projector GP1 weighs 640 Soft lighting control module and the touch keys is extremely easy to work with a projector. For added convenience, the projector can be mounted on a tripod and ideally adjust the height and angle of projection.

Its unique shape and elegant handheld, causes the GP1 is an indispensable accessory pocket for other items such as i-Pod, Smartphones, PDAs and digital cameras, offering a screen size of these devices increased to otherwise restricted by the smallness of their screens. Extensive connectivity includes USB ports, D-Sub, Composite and audio outputs to your PC. Supplement is also available as a docking station i-Pod/i-Phone sold separately.

However, the BenQ GP1 has two features that make it stand out from other portable projectors, but will not save anyone's life, if they can make life easier for imaginary executives on the move. I mean the ability to play video, audio and images directly from a USB memory and the ability to connect an iPod dock. The first function would, at worst, without a computer to give a talk, while back to the roadside motel that houses the protagonist of this movie that I've ridden, projected against the wall the last chapter of your favorite series from either his trusty laptop or iPhone (iPod if you have blackberry-diction).

Thanks to modern technology BenQ 3LED mini-projector GP1 uses as a source of light is not an ordinary lamp, and RGB LEDs. This not only allows you to achieve stunning color reproduction, but also to get rid of problems such as reduced brightness, color saturation, and forget about the need to change the lamp. Built into the projector column output 2W achieves full audio-visual pleasure. Watch the video now you can connect without additional accessories.
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Old 04-09-2010
Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 351
Re: BenQ GP1 Mini Projector

Power Consumption :

Certified RoHS, WEEE and EuP the GP1 is consuming 30% less energy than competitive models thanks to a standby mode of less than 1W and autonomy of more than 20,000 hours of illumination for fun in complete compliance with echo-environmental. Logically thinking, the other features of this DLP projector is not no big deal, telling the BenQ GP1 with a lamp capable of generating 100 ANSI lumens and a contrast static so bad that even its manufacturer dares to mention it. The same happens with the screen resolution to be 10 to 80 inches that is capable of generating. Finally, just be missing GP1 mention that the BenQ has no digital video inputs, with the pin VGA component video and the only present in your patch panel.

It incorporates a lamp which, among other things, is capable of generating 100 ANSI lumens and a resolution is between 10 and 80 inches. If you will excuse the redundancy, is also capable of playing files of audio , video and images, and you can connect an iPod with its integrated dock. Turn has USB connection and VGA, but emphasize the negative characteristic, it has no digital video input.

Specification :

Technology : DLPTM by Texas Instruments
Compatibility: with HDTV SVGA DDR DMDTM x 1
Native Resolution : SVGA (858 x 600
Resolution Supported : 640 x 480 - 1280 x 1024
Brightness : 100 ANSI lumens
Dynamic Contrast : 2000:1
Image Size (diagonal) : 15 "- 80"
Colors : 16.7 million colors
Lamp life : 20000 hours
Noise level : 28 dB
Analog RGB / Component video : 15-pin Analog D-sub x 1 (via adapter)
Sound : L / R Audio: RCA x 1 (via adapter)
USB Port : USB x 1 Type A
Video Compatibility : NTSC / PAL / SECAM
Speaker : 2 W x 1
Power : 100 - 240, 50 - 60 Hz
Net weight : 0.64 kg
Energy consumption : 60W (Max.)
Video : MPEG-1, MJPEG
Audio : MPEG-1 layer 2, PCM
To convert video files : Use the software ArcSoft MediaConvertor Software (supplied on CD with User Guide).
Warranty (basic) : 1 year

Conclusion :

The GP1 is making sufficient darkened rooms a very respectable picture. The colors have a strong life. The picture is sharp despite the small resolution. He has a ring on the lens for the correction and sharpening a focus adjusting the zoom. or home theater use, this device is unfortunately too faint (100Ansi) and the screen size for my taste a little too small.

In summary, mini video projector, projector is smaller than a traditional but larger than a Pocket projector but this is a summary because there are now four types of projectors to small. I will let you visit different categories mini video projector, pocket projectors and video projectors to familiarize yourself with classic names of these new products and buy your dream tomorrow. The movie playback, although trimmed to SD resolution and not too bright, but convincing color and brightness ratios of the composition completely. This motion representation is excellent.

BenQ's portable projector shows quite impressive, what is technologically possible. True to convince us, the concept could not yet, especially with regard to the film presentation. The videos, which accepts the GP1 are played in good image quality, even with sound. The built-in 2-watt system delivers Hi-Fi, of course, not quality, the dialogue we can understand and correct the volume. The presentation quality is generally good, colors and contrasts of the tiny is properly again, and certainly does not count an application such as home theater to its core competencies.

Very fashionable are putting micro projectors like the one we bring you today, the BenQ GP1. These are teams that have been designed for mobile workers who need to have a projector at any time without having to carry a product that is heavy or occupy too much space.
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