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Old 03-09-2010
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Corsair AX1200 1200W Power Supply

Food Corsair Gold Series Professional delivers a reliable and clean power in the toughest conditions. If you need an extremely stable power to break records or if you simply find one of the best power supplies available on the market, the Professional Series Gold is for you. All cables are detached from the diet. During installation, so you can use only the cables you need for a system and an optimized airflow. Also, if you later decide to integrate your system a more powerful power supply, all cables can remain in place, simply install your new power supply completely modular Corsair. With a yield of 90%, 50% load, the Corsair Power Professional Series Gold is quieter and produces less heat. You save money every month. This power supply is certified for 80 + Gold, securing the smart choice for power efficient.

Meanwhile, there are some very economical 80 + Gold Certified power supplies on the market and the output power of 1000W over with. Corsair has now both packaged in an enclosure and with the AX1200 model created CMPSU-1200 is a pure power plant. The AX Series is still there even with the output power 850W and 750W. In the following test, the editorial Technic3D the power plant will take a close look at more closely. AX Series has been designed to produce more performance and more technologically advanced market. Provide levels of power and performance never before achieved.

Corsair introduced last month, its new fully modular power supplies AX1200, AX850 and AX750 the Professional Series Gold, 80 PLUS Gold-Certificate. The top model before us AX1200 Corsair "CMPSU-1200AX with an output power of 1200W is therefore at 20%, 50% and 100% load an efficiency of at least 87%, 90% and 87% have. In the predominantly in gray-black box held the key data in five languages, including German, are printed. The adapter case has been painted with a black matte textured finish. Under the black fan grill sits a 140mm fan. The existing cable management with flat cable includes all wires and cables including ATX has been labeled clearly avoid confusion.

The connectors are flush with the housing. The power supply has a single powerful 12V rail. Corsair served in the AX series with technologies from the server area. These should include Zero Voltage Switching to prevent losses during switching and reduce electromagnetic interference. In addition, there is an individual DC scheme for the 3.3-volt, 5 volt and 12 volt rail.

Furthermore, should a constant nominal power in environments that are offered up to 50 ? C. Other features include four black screws, ten black tie, black cable bag, a black power supply pocket, a self-Button with the company logo, a manual in eight languages with a German-speaking section, and a power cord. The warranty period is seven years. The power supply has a mounting depth of 200mm (with connection sockets on).

  • Power: 1200W
  • Modular: 100% modular
  • Standards: ATX12V v2.31 and 2.92 EPS, ATX12V 2.2 and backward compatible ATX12V 2.01
  • Yield: 80 + Certified Gold
  • PFC: Active
  • Fan: 14 cm Ultra Quiet
  • EPS Supports the latest ATX12V v2.31 and 2.92 standards and is backwards compatible with ATX12V 2.2 and ATX12V 2.01 systems
  • An ultra-quiet 140mm double ball bearing fan delivers excellent airflow at an exceptionally low noise level by varying the fan speed by responding to the outdoor temperature
  • 80 PLUS Gold-certified
  • Active Power Factor Correction (PFCs) with PF value of 0.99
  • Universal AC input 90 ~ 264V
  • No more problems with turning the tiny red switch for selecting the input voltage.
  • Overvoltage and over current, under voltage and short circuit protection provide maximum security for your system
  • High quality Japanese capacitors provide uncompromised performance and reliability
  • The fully modular cable system allows you to use only the cables you need
  • The low-profile and flat cable design reduces the friction of the air and helps to maximize the airflow through the computer housing at
  • A seven-year guarantee
  • Dimensions: 150mm (W) x 86mm (H) x 200mm (L)
  • MTBF: 100,000 hours
  • Approvals: UL, CUL, CE, CB, FCC Class B, T?V, CCC, C-tick
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Old 03-09-2010
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 315
Re: Corsair AX1200 1200W Power Supply

Exceed the requirements demanded by the 80 PLUS Gold certification and provide more than 90% efficiency at 50% load, with voltage of 115V. These increases up to more than 92% efficiency when used with input voltage AC 230V, European specification. Combined with an advanced cooling design, the AX Series power supplies are exceptionally quiet and efficient. To achieve these benchmark levels of efficiency, voltage stability and reliability, Corsair incorporates numerous sophisticated server-level technologies including Zero Voltage and Zero Current Switching to eliminate switching losses, and reduces EMI and individual DC voltage regulation DC-to-rails for 3.3V, 5V and 12V. The use of synchronization of secondary side rectification and advanced four-layer PCB results in a lowering unusual vibration and noise levels.

AX Series offers a set of low-profile wiring completely modular. This system allows the user to use only those cables you need, reducing clutter and maximizing airflow. Trained to work at room temperature over 50 ? C, which means continuing to provide exceptional performance even at high temperatures.

Fan & Cooling:

With 90% efficiency at 50% load the power supply works Corsair Professional Series Gold very quiet and produces less excess heat. The ATX cable, P8 (P4 +4) and all PCI-E cables are covered properly and sufficiently long been designed. All cable with Molex and SATA connectors are designed as flat ribbon cable. The ATX cable has a length of 62cm, which guarantees 20 +4- pin ATX connector, a certain backward compatibility. Undressing the Molex connectors are also available. The power supply is equipped with six PCI-E cable, which all lead to a 6 +2 pin connectors. This gives the power spacious six PCI-E 6 +2 pin connectors.

The power supply is cooled by a 140mm Yate Loon fan of the company over a temperature control. The fan with the name D14BH12 causes, according to the manufacturer's data sheet for a maximum SPL of 48.5 dB (A). The control electronics of the power supply limits the speed of the fan so the fan at full load is less audible. According to the diagram of Corsair is the fan at full volume 30.0dB (A). With an overload of 9% (1303W total) but the fan is clearly audible. For fan volume is noted that in fans with temperature control is difficult as all, volume in the normal to quantify the effective, at least without extensive measurement in air-conditioned and sound dead spaces. Under full load the fan was heard however.

It should be noted is that we used PCE-318 meter covers the range up to 26 dB towards the bottom, in the frequency weighting A / C at a frequency of 31.5 Hz - 8 KHz, according to official standards. The accuracy is + / - 1.5 dB. The room is very quiet and not subjective is over 30.0 dB (A). Since we do not have a sound dead space, the values are not regarded as absolute and beyond cannot be reproduced. The measurements continue to only support our subjective impression and make comparisons to other components internally. Was measured by left front oblique cm at a distance of around 50th so close to a near sitting position at the open test stand was 30.6 dB (A) (passive graphics card / passive CPU cooler / 0 dB NT).

The maximum deviation of the rails was -4.5% down (3.3 V full load) and 3.7% above (full load-12V) and is "within tolerance of 5%. (3.3 V) and 10% (-12V). We have loaded all 12V rails for CPU, graphics card and drives (if any) and the 5V rail and the 3.3V rail and measured separately. Small voltage differences are, however, always caused by the cable. The tuner used 140-mm fans should also work according to Corsair at a very low noise level - this we can confirm during the test, the fan was running on low speed and low volume (which for three GeForce GTX 480 in 3-Way SLI operation as audible in the video goes down anyway).


Visually, the power supply is kept rather simple in black, only the cable management makes her a bit: The 24-pol. ATX power connector is also kept modular, 3-Way SLI and CrossFireX-owner has the power but also sufficient connections: For six PCIe connectors (6x 6pin + 2pin) has interpreted the Corsair power supply, also are added two 8 12-pin EPS-T ports for motherboards like the ASUS Rampage Extreme III or the Gigabyte X58A-UD9. Furthermore, 16 SATA devices, 12 devices Molex and two floppy disk drives are powered.

Furthermore, the efficiency of the power supply was tested. According to Intel specifications should be allowed by ATX2.0 power supplies about 70% under typical load, and much more. Power supplies with the 80-plus labels have at 20, 50 and 100 percent utilization efficiency greater than or equal to 80%.

We have measured the power consumption at low load (low, 60W), at an average load of 300-350W under full load and now also in stand-by and free of load. The diagram also the power factor, the ratio between active and apparent absorbed power is specified. Ideally, this (like efficiency) or a rate of 100%.
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Old 03-09-2010
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 315
Re: Corsair AX1200 1200W Power Supply

Power supplies with active PFC usually reach this nearly 100% in power factor. The efficiency is for a power supply with 80 + gold certification in a normal range. The force turns out to donors in standby mode as economical.
The AX1200 Corsair sets new standards in terms of efficiency in the range above 1000 watts. For the high-end systems with appropriate multi-GPU overclocked systems, equipment or the power supply can be the first choice, but also for medium-class systems that have a maximum capacity of up to 600 watts, a use is conceivable if one not want to bet on gold versions with lower wattage.


The Corsair AX1200 with an output of 1,200 watts is rightly certified 80 + Gold, offers full cable management and is home to almost countless connections. Processing was carried out cleanly and was even thought of undressing in details such as the Molex connectors. To the rich supply includes four mounting screws, ten cable ties, cable bag, a supply bag, a manual in eight languages and a power cord. The warranty is saturated seven years. The only downer of the force package, next to the volume which is normal for 1,200 watts.

Corsair stands next to the technical features also indicate the quality - and backed it with a seven-year warranty. The power supply is capable of EuP, ATX12V2.31 supports the standard and the C6-power operation of the Intel CPUs. From the technological capacity to deliver her 12-V-Rail 100.4 amp, the DC-DC power supply also has a PCB and optimized routes for the best possible noise / ripple regulation.

New additions a ZVS / ZCS is called technology. ZVS stands for "Zero Voltage Switching, ZCS for" Zero Current Switching ". Both techniques will increase the efficiency and performance of the power supply. The following graphic Corsair has listed the benefits of new technologies - the yellow areas show the results from the older technology.

To achieve this level of efficiency, stability and reliability, it has Zero Current Switching Zero Voltage Switching regulator and a DC-to-DC individual channels from 3.3, 5 and 12 volts. Use a system of secondary synchronous rectification and a 4-layer printed circuit board allows for low levels of ripple and noise. Ballasts comply with the ATX12V v2.31 and 2.92 EPS. They also include an Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) (value PF 0.99) and have a single-channel 12V.

  • 1x ATX 20 +4 Pin
  • 2x EPS / ATX 12V 4 +4 pin
  • 6x PCI-Express 6 +2 Pin
  • 16x SATA
  • 12x 4 Pin Molex
  • 2x FDD
Connections :
  • An ATX / BTX connector (20 +4 Pin)
  • Two cables with a P8 (P4 + P4) connector (motherboard EPS/12V)
  • Six cable with a 6 +2- pin PEG connector (Graphics)
  • Three cables, each with four 5-pin connector (SATA)
  • Two cables with two 5-pin connector (SATA)
  • Four cables, each with four 4-pin 5.25 "plug (drives, HDD)
  • Two cable adapter from Molex Male to 3.5 "plug (drives)
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