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Edifier S730 mini 2.1 Speakers


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Old 02-09-2010
Join Date: Apr 2008
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Edifier S730 mini 2.1 Speakers

The 300 watts of power offer great sound, but also dynamic. The wooden boxes two satellite channels and the sub-woofer box 10 inches with a passive radiator, wired and wireless remote control equipped with analog and digital inputs allows for various uses. Edifier is a leader in loudspeaker design. The manufacturer sells its products but also worldwide, this country could not yet penetrate into the consciousness of the masses. This includes the European portfolio of the Chinese manufacturer quite a few very interesting speaker who can easily take on the paper with the boxes in this country favorite variations of Logitech, Creative and Co.. One of the flagship products for the PC is the Edifier S730 2.1 system.

Behind the anthracite-black facade hides a real monster that is ready, everything, which was raised in his way. With a gross weight of over 32 kilograms and a massive sub-woofer, who teaches the little devils do not already woofer similar price range to fear, this might even succeed. In a box volume of 50 liters is the sub-woofer of the Edifier S730 clearly the most impressive which pass more than PC speakers. All speakers are tested on a Creative X-Fi Platinum connected, and when Windows Vista is used. Due to the higher stability Youp-Pax drivers are used for the sound card. As a media player on PowerDVD 7 and the recourse Windows Media Player. Equalizer settings, or up-mix modes are totally disabled, not so different from the description.

The Edifier S730 is optional digital (optical or coaxial) or analog (connected via stereo RCA) with the PC and other sources. The choice of the source using the cable remote control or the remote control. The sub-woofer of the 2.1 system is like that of the Creative GigaWorks T3 to a system of active Main driver and two passive membranes for support. All three chassis, however, measure 25 centimeters in diameter and are therefore of much greater than the derivative of Creative.

The preparation of the Edifier S730 system is in effect identical to that of a 2.0 speaker system, the two speakers are each positioned on the left and right of the screen. The sub-woofer should be placed on the ground, whether right or left of the desk or in the center is not taken decisive. The decisive factor is rather whether the very large sub-woofer in the room takes place at all. Edifier S730 system sends the two exceptionally large boxes into the race for the favor of the customer. In terms of connections and offer the boxes, two terminal ports. Four rubber feet under the speakers for a safe and secure hold. The delivery is generous. In the retail version of the Edifier S730 sound system are located next to a high-quality digital audio cable (coaxial cable) even a stereo RCA cable, a jack to RCA cable and a 2.0 m long and 1.25 mm thick speaker cables (two harnesses / Pro Speaker one strand). Also included in the packet is an instruction manual, a small remote control and a control unit, with sleek, blue backlit LCD display.

The package Edifier is very basic, aesthetically speaking. In fact, we use a simple cardboard printed with name and logo of the producer and technical highlights. No frills then Edifier points directly to the substance, the technical content of its products and strong awareness of the excellent work done does not spend a penny of the cost of product marketing, but investing on quality. The packaging is still made with great care and evidence of accidental impact from transporting or shipping. Defining the full complement would be an understatement: after opening the packaging will find a bundle that simply has everything you could want, both for immediate use the product, both in the presence of some accessories that increase, however, considerably ease of use product. Are therefore a multilingual guide paper, a power cable to the integrated amplifier, a pair of power cables, signal cables to connect four different sources to the amplifier built into sub-woofer from a 3.5 mm jack to dual RCA, a pair of RCA / RCA cable and coaxial digital connections, electrical S / PDIF. In addition there is a comfortable and aesthetically appealing wired remote control, with a small display and wireless remote.

  • System 2.1 speaker system with subwoofer 10 inch
  • MDF enclosures for all speakers.
  • Satellite two-lane wooden box with a glossy piano finish
  • Passive radiator on both sides of the speaker providing extreme low bass and high quality.
  • Engine speaker magnetically shielded for all speakers.
  • Analog and digital inputs are compatible with most audio sources.
  • Full function remote control with wire and a 2.5-inch LCD screen (dimmer included).
  • Headphone output on wired remote control
  • Volume control on the output of the loudspeaker and headphone output.
  • Amplifier volume for even more power.
  • Bass and Treble
  • Multifunction wireless remote included.

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Old 02-09-2010
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 266
Re: Edifier s730 mini 2.1 Speakers


The satellites fall with 116 x 203 x 160 mm (width x height x depth) from anything but small. They were each equipped with an 80mm mid-range driver and a 25mm tweeter. In principle, such a chassis size comes in the vicious schemes Concept E Magnum Concept and F is used. The speaker Edifier system are however significantly larger and offer more than double the box volume. This can be very helpful while playing. Equally helpful is that the satellites have on the back of a mount, so they are easily attached to the wall or a foot.

The processing of each speaker is - especially given the price range - outstanding. The sub-woofer uses a very robust MDF cabinet with a very finely crafted edges and a huge heat sink on the back. The covers of each chassis and in particular the active driver on the front side are fitted very accurately and also very solid. The entire body of works indestructible and leaves no doubt that the sub-woofer is not just a toy. Besides the massive aluminum heat sink is equal to four entrances for different playback devices, including two analog and two digital. The Edifier S730 can thus coaxial, optical or connect via stereo RCA with virtually any source. So much variety of connections is rarely seen.

Sound Quality

The music is generally a weakness of most PC sound systems. If the virtual sound off is required, it lacks fine detail and a harmonious overall picture. With these systems, the true harmony, although to the age of hi-fi sound is still something missing. Not only the sound of a loudspeaker counts, including optics, processing and equipment should vote to stand by the sound of pleasure, the optical stimuli. Also the speakers reviewed here by Edifier must give themselves a more detailed visual inspection. The Edifier S730 consists of two satellites, a sub-woofer, a wired remote control and a wireless remote control that communicates with the wired remote. The leaflets also include all necessary cables including a coaxial digital cable, a jack-to-RCA and a stereo RCA cable. This allows the speaker system from the factory directly connected to three sources and are immediately put into operation. This is with regard to the competition, which offers often while many connections, but little cable, very good.

The sub-woofer of the Edifier S730 PC users prepared for the inclined while probably the most problems. With a dimension of 367 x 397 x 489 mm (width x height x depth) that is not easily fit under your desk. The volume is being used this to accommodate a total of three bass in the 25-cm-membranes, two of which work passively moved by the main driver and the inside of the sub-woofer enclosure resulting pressure. In a defined frequency range, this has the consequence that support the passive membranes the active driver, and then the bass seems stronger. But even alone, the active 10-inch driver should be quite capable of a solid bass foundation.

Very positive in this context is that the sound on both the analog and digital inputs equally good sound. The choice between the sources is no problem and without noise. Even when you play you must turn up very far to reach the limit of the Edifier S730. The sound system is allowed to regulate on a scale of 0-50, the volume, which at 10 is already low volume reached. At maximum volume the system rushes significantly, very few would interfere with the noise at this point but. It takes the same time the maximum level of the brutal system, producing the more expensive comparable systems in hell anything. Distortion of the peak level is not so, but a very high level may well be realized without the hiss and crackle.

The comparison Analog (jack to RCA) to Digital (for me Toss link) has here the following words deserve only: who indulges in such a system should rely on digital. Acoustically, the difference is like day and night - even on my onboard sound card. I would not have expected, but it lacks many details in the songs: In the middle, treble, everything seems dull - small details disappear and the background instruments, some completely disappearing. The volume, the Edifier S730 arrives at is also significantly lower. This system has a built-in high-quality D / A decoder that allows you to directly use this speaker system with CD players, sound cards, even with the XBOX 360, PS 3, and any other audio equipment, with SPDIF. Based on the CS8416, optical and coaxial input are high-quality and reliable solution that facilitates use of the system and its switching.


The sub-woofer brings a vast array of weight on the scales: the estimated likely already> 25 kg. But not only the weight but also the overall appearance make him appear basic. The edges of the case look clean, the curtain on the main driver is clean and fit processes, the characters are neatly placed, the passive driver with eight hexagonal screws in the housing - the massive heatsink on the back doing his rest. Despite all the processing is not perfect: I was on my sub-woofer housing two small adhesive residues make up (presumably by the bonding of MDF boards), the hand is removed, however, lies. Furthermore, could the transformation / transition housing to fit ring for the grid of the front driver be better. This edge is a little felt, however, the visual is not visible.

The sub-woofer is based on its size (36.7 x 39.7 x 48.9 cm / WxHxD) is not necessarily a straightforward placeholders. If you want to place the hum bears under his desk, which will meet under circumstances more space problems. The two satellite speakers are definitely in terms of proportions exceeds what one is otherwise so used from the PC sector. Too big for the desk at home or work boxes are not (other than the Edifier S2000 system may be the case). An eyelet on the back of boxes enables mounting directly on the wall. The display control unit is very readable and only shows the volume level or the level of the volume level also, whether the 2.1 configuration is properly connected and in case of games or movies, whether a Dolby Digital, DTS or Dolby Prologic sound track is output.

The rear panel connections all make a good impression, here wobbles or rattle nothing, and the hinged connections for the speaker cables are in order. The processing is really complete without blemish. Value by a relatively high weight (2 kg) satellites, by grace of a perfect deep black piano lacquer is applied uniformly for, clean, rounded edges, solid front cover - that has delivered a fantastic job Edifier. The cable terminals could be something bigger, but to fulfill (at least for the supplied cable) is completely sufficient.
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Old 02-09-2010
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 266
Re: Edifier s730 mini 2.1 Speakers


After the set has already been able to maintain in the music, it is not surprising that with the Edifier S730 can also play well. The sound is unspectacular and sober, but just because he makes the long term joy. The sub-woofer annoys the medium and long term are not noticeable by weak bass and bloated upper bass, which in an action game very quickly and would annoy just as quickly. The pleasant heights contribute to a credible and thus overall impression, which makes the Edifier S730 to the player friend.

Even film sound is a trade of 2.1-system. The harmonious overall impression will ensure that credible voices (although, however, sound a bit too soft) and occurs no annoying hiss. The sub-woofer is potent enough to let the rank of a woofer actually recognize what meets the very action fan. The performance is that of the popular devil-systems very similar to a touch more depth, but offers the Berlin manufacturer. For true movie experience, it really lacks only the set of speakers - those for the middle and the rear channels. For movie night, in between and to complement the TV speakers, the set is a number, which you have first heard.

Remote Control

Electronic adjustment instead of the traditional - is absolutely accurate and contains no mechanical contacts
  • Mode BOOST, which allows to adapt the volume of the music signal
  • The absence of magneto electric interference
  • High accuracy of setting all parameters
  • Protection of user-selected settings
  • Large illuminated display shows the selected parameter and set its value
  • The presence of the backup wireless IR remote control
It is controlled by the 2.1 system via wired remote with 2.5 "LCD and remote control. Both of the on and off, regulating the system and channel volume, choice of source and a treble and bass control available. The cable remote control used it in a special holder and positioned in this way. It is made entirely of plastic and comes with two buttons and a wheel with lock out. The display is usually only the volume, informed but also on each of the actions carried out. In principle, would suffice but a smaller screen, especially since a 2.1 system rare in many different functions available. In addition, the cable remote control corresponds to the touch and visually not the excellent qualities of the rest of the system.

This changes when the remote control. On the small rectangle to find all the necessary touch buttons. The remote control does it simple but not cheap, and performs its function completely. For the transmission command, the user must aim the remote control cable, which works well in general. Something strange seems to mute function that the system should actually mute. In fact, the volume to the value 0 is back screwed. From this silence is still considerably removed so that the system remains quiet sounds.
The cheap, thin plastic remotes, the cheap camcorders usually accompanied or similar device. Not outstanding, not beautiful, but functional and practical. All important functions such as mute, power, bass, treble, balance, volume, subwoofer and input source are directly selected.

Package Content :
  • 2 x Edifier S730-compact speaker
  • 1 x subwoofer Edifier S730
  • 2x 1.25 mm Speaker Cable 2,0 m
  • 1x Coaxial
  • 1x RCA jack cable
  • 1x stereo RCA cable
  • Manual
  • Power cable / power cord
  • Remote control
  • 2.5 "LCD control station (control unit)
Conclusion :

I judge the processing of the sub-woofer as well. There are no sharp edges, the heatsink on the back holding a delicate fluting and rounded corners, it fits perfectly on to the MDF casing and is very fine with a matte-black paint provided. The processing of the satellite is still a tad better than the sub-woofer. The piano is applied to perfection and, moreover, relatively scratch resistant. The brackets for the protection of fabric are quite robust. The speakers are well and do not have any defects. A bracket to mount the satellite to the wall is to place as naturally as four small rubber feet to the satellite on the table.

The processing quality of the S730 sets is excellent. The boxes can visually convincing because of their black piano-Looks (Beware of fingerprints) and score with rounded edges, and a generally very clean processing. The materials used to make an impression valued. The used ports on the boxes are normal terminals, which perform their duties but wonderful. The sub-woofer is perfectly processed, all seems well thought out and very high quality. The large cooling fins on the back of the sub-woofer and the massive and escalating housing show that this much power should be hidden. The ports on the back of the woofer are not only numerous, but also clean all integrated into the housing. In terms of processing, optics and materials there is the Edifier S730 2.1 system fault absolutely nothing to the contrary, that sound system leaves an excellent impression.

For a 2.1-PC system is not that much, but still not too much, as the comparison to some systems of the competition. What is important is what is on offer for that price - and that's where the Chinese are far ahead. Besides abundant sized components, from the sub-woofer, satellites, the chassis assembly, the potent power amplifiers and equipment, there is nothing that works with this set properly inappropriate. The speakers are excellent workmanship, as evidenced by the apparent quality of materials and the juicy weight that suggests real strength and emphasis. Something that we hear, too, but without that annoying effects distort the natural sound.
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