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    Shank (XBLA)

    Announced since 2009, Shank was able to nail us to our seats from its first trailers for its graphics and its violence at all times. So it was with some impatience that we waited all this beat'em of Klei Entertainment, which was finally landed on the PSN and XBLA on 25th August.

    Do not waste our time explaining the scenario Shank that fits on one sheet of toilet paper folded into four and that has absolutely nothing original. Anyway, let this be, you do not play this game to turn the brain with a complicated story but rather to return to the hordes of enemies with great bursts of chainsaw. And what side you should be used since it offers mostly what Shank.

    For squaring your opponents, you will have in store, a fast with your daggers, and a powerful blow with a chainsaw (for starters) and the possibility of attack from a distance with two guns (for starters there too). To these attacks which we consider basic plus grenades that needs no introduction, seizure which you will throw your opponent or beat them severely and Pounce, which provide an opportunity to pounce like a cheetah across the Table crush an enemy to come to the ground and gently finish using various tools while maintaining the other belligerents in compliance with blows of pop-guns.

    Finally, it is also possible to warn you and dodge attacks. As and when the adventure, you will collect new weapons which, basically, really will not affect the way you play and although it will sometimes change depending on your opponent, you'll enjoy more often to keep with you your favorite toy. On the menu of artillery you'll find along the way and vary a little different that you enjoy various performances, you will find the machete, katana, the Uzis, a shotgun, chains, etc..

    About the game:

    Electronic Arts and Klei Entertainment team up to bring gamers Shank, a cinematic brawler that mixes classic beat-em-up gameplay with the flair of some of the most iconic pulp movies of this generation. Shank launches as a downloadable title in 2010 for the PLAYSTATION 3 (PSN), XBOX 360 (XBLA), and PC.

    Betrayed by the only family he ever knew and left for dead it’s up to Shank to seek revenge for the death of his beloved at the hands of the underworld’s deadliest assassins. Utilizing his knowledge of gang warfare and weaponry Shank must battle his way through the criminal underground in order to seek revenge against the people for bringing his world crashing down around him.

    Shank immerses gamers in a side-scrolling, highly cinematic revenge story. With the ability to string together endless combos of mayhem and destruction and an array of blood-spilling weapons at your disposal, Shank seeks to reboot the 2D brawler and take it to a level of production never before seen.

    Utilizing a unique 2D art style featuring diverse settings, unique visual effects, and the most fluid animation seen to date, Shank stands apart from its brawler counterparts and stands out in a crowd. Shank is being developed by Klei Entertainment and was nominated for “Excellence in Visual Arts” at the 2010 Independent Games Festival.

    Romp, Shank is sure, but we will soon realize that there is always the same ... Indeed, the adventure comes down to gut all of the guys on a table, make a small stage or two platforms and defeat the boss. Then again at post ... And ... And ... As for the boss in question is a little similar. They will always seem overpowering at first but will prove nullissimes when you find their weak point. Except maybe the last boss will give more trouble than others. In short, Shank has always equal a campaign where you'll never see incredible passage nor, fortunately, passing below the rest.

    Despite his side a little repetitive, you do not really have time to get bored because it does not need more than 3 hours to finish the game in normal difficulty. What makes the bill a little salty, even for 1200 MS Points or € 14.99 ... Rest of cooperation, which will add 2 hours of play on the counter. Provided you have a friend at home because it is not possible to play on Live or PSN. Hopefully also a patch to address this shameful way the day ...

    Finally, the atmosphere remains Shank which is close to a flawless character with a hair-design, music perfectly in tune and dubbing of good quality. One could quibble about some of the animations not always on top, especially with larger opponents, but the whole is truly effective. Also be aware that the whole game is in English and that the dialogues are not subtitled. This contributes greatly to the atmosphere of soft and it should not really harm the non-English players at the sight of the scenario that is a banal revenge story.

    Graphics: With the exception of one or two movies worse than others and some scenery a bit less inspired, the whole is very pleasing to the eye.

    Gameplay: If you really start having fun when you discover the possibilities of Shank, we get tired a bit to the "long" to do the same thing.

    Shelf Life: Count between 2:30 and 3 hours to finish the game on normal that you can add 2 hours with the cooperation. This is unlikely. Still, the rage may venture so difficult and will strive to unlock all costumes.

    Sound: The music that you can download for free on the official website of Shank, are really very good and contribute significantly to strengthening the atmosphere of the title. The dubbing in English (without subtitles), are also of good quality.


    My little Shank ... All this time waiting for you and finally you're not that good ... Fortunately for you that you're not bad either if you should return your chainsaw against you, but still ... You might have to make an effort. Regarding your life and your anemic limited cooperation by example ... Or the lack of variety that you suffer ... Fortunately for you they still take pleasure in bourrines to anything goes!

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    Re: Shank (XBLA)

    I have played this game it has the finest of gaming quality and also main thing here is that whenever you are trying to play it in the multiplayer mode then at that time you will witness that the game doesn’t lag. I am sure that the users who are playing the same must be enjoying themselves with this lovely graphics effect.

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