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Thread: Nero Multimedia Suite 10

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    Nero Multimedia Suite 10

    Brief Description :
    Company Nero is not so long ago introduced a new version of its flagship product - Nero Multimedia Suite 10. This Program gives the user Maximum capacity not only for Recording optical discs, but also allows you to manage all information, Which resides on their computer. Around what unites more than twenty programs and even half a dozen plug-ins included with Nero Multimedia Suite 10? Around three directions (in Accordance with the motto "Nero Multimedia Suite 10 - the most complete multimedia solution 3 in 1, processing of multimedia files, Recording optical disks and data protection from the irreversible loss.

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    Re: Nero Multimedia Suite 10

    Nero Vision Xtra :
    Memory for information were sufficient and affordable - as a result of the Relevant information is lost Among a large number of Secondary files. Purchased Online store songs, photos, Digital Camera from vacation, backup your favorite movie with DVD-ROM or Video of a tourist Trip - all require ordering. So Nero Vision Xtra from an Ordinary component Has Become One of the three cornerstones of the package Nero Multimedia Suite 10. This Application is Designed for Advanced Video Capabilities with editing multitrack editing, Transitions, composting and special effects to create Cinema-Quality Movies. You CAN save Projects in High definition AVCHD on Flash Drives and memory cards for playback on the screen HTDV Without the need for optical Drive Blu-ray. If you are using CUDA-Capable graphics card nVidia, ITS Support will Automatically be Added to Expedite the Processing of Video and Music files. If the Video does Not fit on the Media, CAN help the Program Nero Recode, Which is Responsible for Converting and Compressing Video files. Built-in Multimedia Player Supports Formats such as AVCHD, MKV, FLV, FLAC, DVD, MPEG-4 AVC , (S)-VCD, and Audio CD AVCREC, as well as Various play lists and slide Shows.

    You can Import and Processing of Video format with QuickTime. There is a Built-in scene detection Technology to Video clips captured from Analog and Digital Video sources (Standard or HD) are Automatically SCANNED for changes in the Structure of audio-Visual (light, frame rate, sound level, etc.) and then segmented Into Individual stage for Further use in the Video Project. You CAN Connect the search Advertising units for automatic detection and removal of Advertising in the Movies by combining Different Fragments. Compatible with OHCI FireWire-controller will Accelerate the capture of Digital Video Camera, and Built-in Support for Nero ShowTime TV-tuner Enables you to control and record TV programs from a single interface.

    If you want to digitize the data stored on vinyl records or cassettes VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, SVHS-C, Video 8 and Hi-8 Formats, it CAN be done with Nero SoundTrax. The Same Program will help to optimize the sound Quality by Reducing background noise, Cod and Other Interference. Nero WaveEditor Allows you to search Music blocks to Determine a film and Music Tracks Automatically delete everything except the Music, Which facilitates Integration of Musical Fragments Into a Single Music Video, Which then you CAN Embed Into Their Own Projects. You CAN Also save the audio Track from the Music Video Clip in MP3 or WAV.

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    Re: Nero Multimedia Suite 10

    Nero Burning ROM :
    Since the creation of optical discs has historically been a "basic" function of this program, functions such as copying or drive image can be run directly from Nero StartSmart, pressing a single button. As in previous versions, the wizard for burning and copying CDs Nero Express will help build the Project Drive, and Nero Burning ROM - write it. The new version of Nero BurnRights Utility Allows users Without administrative rights to accomplish the burning Drive Exclusively by the Application Nero. Covers and labels for CDs will help prepare Nero CoverDesigner.

    Maintains a record of any optical drives format CD, DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray, including through technology Label flash (record labels directly on disc by a special coating on the surface of the disk) and LightScribe (record labels directly to disc using a laser engraved in a special layer under the surface of the disk).

    Nero BackItUp :
    If the antivirus program to protect the user from intentional damage to personal and business documents, videos, photos, music files from malicious programs, Nero Multimedia Suite 1910 protects meaningful to the user information and more from accidental damage by malfunctioning computer components. Nero BackItUp Allows you to "cast" the hard Drive in case you need a full reformat of the system due to failure or breakage. For Further security, backups are protected by a password. Supports incremental, Differential, full or Modernization copying. Perhaps backing up files and Folders on multiple Devices simultaneously. Nero Online Backup (with BackItUp & Burn) will Safely and Effectively recover lost data even if hard disk failure, and Theft of copies on Removable Media, moreover, These copies do Not occupy space on your hard Drive. Nero AG offers free use of a GB in three months or a paid annual subscription for a year, a volume of 5 or 25 GB.

    With Nero SecurDisc technology users can protect personal information from unauthorized access with password protection and encryption. Record backup disk sector further guarantees the recovery and prolong the life of the optical disc. If necessary, Nero RescueAgent allows you to recover files from damaged storage devices (eg, scratched discs), or carriers, only partially inaccessible to the reader.

    Unified control center :
    Nero Multimedia Suite 10 includes several dozen applications that are managed through Nero StartSmart. In facilitating the management of information management, the user is assisted by three additional component.
    So, Nero MediaHub - a comprehensive organizer, music, photos and video, media player. Also, it allows you to retouch photos and video files, applying to them the special effects and adding music. It is easy to use application allows you to create presentations that can be spread to the Internet or stored on optical media. If necessary, slide show from your photos or video clips can be moved in Nero Vision. Simplified publication created by projects in social networks YouTube, myNero, Facebook. Problem-oriented control center Nero Knowledge Center allows a user to open step by step interactive training materials, and dealing with issues in the community My Nero. According to Nero, a social network My Nero is 1.5 million enthusiasts, which interact in the forums and can provide good advice on working with projects Nero. If your computer's performance is not enough (for example, to burn CDs), you can use a utility Nero ToolKit.

    Additional :
    Above the creation of the latest version, Nero AG has worked closely with Microsoft, to the possibility of Windows 7 is fully utilized, and the interface became more understandable and user friendly. In particular, the new version improves import data from libraries, Windows 7, folders, drives, as well as custom devices, play music and CDs available on the panel designs; mapping process can be seen burning in the status bar of Windows 7, data access is performed using list of transitions. If users need even more functionality, it can be obtained by means of plug-ins - DTS plugin (allow support for multi-channel systems 5.1 and 2.0 when playing video DVD), mp3PRO plugin (for backwards compatibility with MP3 can compress audio files twice more, taking less space on disk ), Grace note plugin (provides access to extended information about the song title, album title, track number and album for more than 80 million songs on 6 million CDs). At the company's website has free high-quality library with 226 ready-made templates for creating menus and themed. Recently, there was added a template on the last World Cup.
    Program Nero Multimedia Suite 1910 compatible with 32 - and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista SP1 and Windows 7 (note that Windows XP SP3 is supported only in 32-bit versions). As system requirements are specified processors from AMD or Intel 2 GHz, 1 or 2 GB of RAM, the file system hard disk only NTFS. To update the existing version, you can use the control center configuration products Nero ControlCenter. It specifies that Nero 9 may be in the same system as Nero Multimedia Suite 10. However, if you have any problems, the older version is completely removed using a utility Nero General Cleantool.

    Conclusion :
    The main difference between Nero Multimedia Suite 10 of the previous version of the program is well conceived precisely detail the expansion and deepening of the functionality of the program. Thus, the added support of a number of new recording formats and codecs, to add access to an interactive step by step guides and directories via Nero StartSmart, can interact with the community to My Nero, access to blogs and the advice of other users may make notes of your favorite photos for easy organization and retrieval, simplified view, by presenting multimedia data in the form of piles and sorting in the library of media content, cropping and editing photos directly within the utility for creating slide shows, slide shows can be not only photos but also from video recordings; direct import videos from using the library Nero MediaHub, simultaneous installation of several tracks with video editing, enhanced video processing (application, frame-to-frame, chromatic key, position, scale, rotate, etc.), additional visual effects, such as panning, zooming, softening the edges , earthquake, and many others, removal of background noise for improved sound quality (for example, recorded on the camcorder's microphone) format support 24p for Blu-ray-video; backups (including scheduling), and restore files, folders, and entire system for a few simple steps, find the specified file on a backup to restore it "one-touch, sync files and folders on different carriers for quick access to the latest version, transparent breakdown of the very large backups to multiple disks CD, DVD or Blu-ray in any combination. Nero Multimedia Suite 10 - a new class of programs that allow the user to handle information without leaving the workspace interface. In fact, Nero Multimedia Suite 1910 replaces a set of tools, providing a single point of control, connectedness of existing programs with each other, as well as technical support in case problems arise. The main difference between Nero products from other manufacturers of software, simple and intuitive interface, despite the complexity of the problems to be solved.

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