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Thread: Sony Ericsson Naite Mobile Phone

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    Sony Ericsson Naite Mobile Phone

    Introduction and Getting Started:

    The Sony Ericsson Naite was announced a few weeks ago or days. The Japan-Sweden manufacturer has submitted its telephone terminal as green. Indeed, integrating the new line directly GreenHeart representing the interest of the brand to nature, the Sony Ericsson Naite is built from recyclable materials. Particular point, finished the paper, the manual that came with the Naite is only available in electronic format. One does not often account the economy can be realized without the impression of the many manuals.

    Unfortunately, the terminal has been taken without box, so, we do not yet know how far the efforts of the brand have been worn. On its official website, it states that still does not have its mobile lead, the chemical elements in general have been reduced, the packaging is more compact. Also note that the charger supplied with the terminal is more environmentally friendly by its limited energy.

    Design and finishing:

    The design of the Sony Ericsson Naite is as you understood, and as you can see, quite simple. The grip will not disappoint fans of Sony Ericsson. The keypad is actuated preferably with the nail not to commit the odd and screen, with its 5.6 inches diagonal, is not very spacious. Found on the side connector eternal home that serves both as USB headphone jack, as well as an anchor for the charger. And on the other hand, a dual-action button for the volume. The regular menu includes all the twelve icons uses, whether web access, camera 2 megapixel with fixed focus, Messaging (included) or settings.

    The Japan-Sweden manufacturer affixes little sexy style and old in the mid-range mobile still well equipped. Despite the recyclable materials, this new terminal seems in good order. The plastics used are not really pleasant to the touch but they still seem solid and well assembled. Only the back cover of the battery not really obvious to remove really bothered us and some squeaks when pressures in the right places. But after all, most mobile users do not spend their time to change SIM card or battery. Sorry, the microSD slot is still located just below.

    Its size is reduced, the Sony Ericsson Naite fits comfortably in the hand. On the mobile side, there are very few buttons. Only the volume is adjustable from these areas in contrast to other Sony Ericsson phones that are used to seeing at this time. Indeed, one can easily find a button for the camera, a button to lock the phone and more. But here they are absent. Finally, you really love the Sony Ericsson to find something interesting in this phone in terms of design.

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    Re: Sony Ericsson Naite Mobile Phone

    Camera, Multimedia and Internet:

    Web access uses advanced data binding we measured the velocity at about 500 kilobits per second, which is reasonably fast for this class of handsets. The display, due to the small screen size does not lend itself too much Web surfing classic, except to ignore comfortable reading and navigation. However, we discover with satisfaction the presence of social applications, Facebook and Twitter in the Organizer folder, especially as these applications are very easy to use and their integration into the home screen is successful.

    The camera is not bright. Simple 2 megapixels without flash or autofocus, it will not become the perfect companion for your little getaway full of memories to capture. The settings are limited and the menus are not presented as the various terminals ranges Walkman or Cybershot that we really feel like to hold hands in a compact camera. Here, the phone will remain upright and will handle just take some pictures with ease. The absence of a dedicated button on the edge of Naite reinforces the idea that the photograph, it's not really its thing. In terms of pure result, the pictures are not great and will not be usable for printing. However, the colors are real but the lack of autofocus and depth of field too much since fixed, not the way to enhance your scenes. Good point, it is still capable of tag photos to know exactly where the photo was taken.

    Telephone simple but complete, as any good Naite incorporates Sony Ericsson media player with easy access to its songs, its videos or photos. As a small mobile media center, it will be easy to choose their media in the library automatically categorizing your music or pictures. The speaker quality is not excellent; the sound saturates once the mounted volume and the latter in dire need of relief. To get the music player for example, it will use the stereo headset certainly comes with the mobile. Unfortunately, we do not have this accessory with our test model, but knowing the reputation of the Japan-Sweden manufacturer, the supplied headphones should be satisfactory for most users. No 3.5mm jack, it will be necessary to use an adapter to connect your own headphones.

    The mobile Internet is a technology currently in vogue. All mobile connectivity with EDGE, UMTS or HSDPA like the Sony Ericsson Naite, it is now mandatory to find at least one Internet browser to access any type of web page. The Naite fulfills this task rather well. No web page frightens him despite its record rather simplistic. No need to wait for you to display a page as a true smartphone, the embedded browser will only save one boulder below the other for faster loading and easy navigation as it has no screen touch. Otherwise, the terminal includes all the same easy management of favorites and simple history navigation keeping in memory long enough web pages viewed.

    GPS and general use:

    The Sony Ericsson mobile phone Naite is using A-GPS technology for positioning. So with the famous Google Maps software it will be possible to create routes, find a point of interest and be in a jungle of buldings like New York, Paris and many others. Unfortunately not compatible with what we call the "Turn by Turn" fully exploited by third-party software like TomTom, Navigon or Wayfinder, Google Maps will have trouble getting referrals throughout a long journey by car for example. Maybe we will get one day a new, more accomplished operator perfectly Street View technology unfortunately absent on this phone.

    Regarding the general use, the Sony Ericsson is a mobile Naite able to accompany you on a daily basis. Like many mobile brand, it incorporates a number of small utilities such as calendar, task manager, the ability to synchronize with an Exchange server or just Gmail Sync for its calendar and contacts. We also find a timer, stopwatch, calculator and much more. The first mobile GreenHeart has many advantages. Firstly, its connectivity with the only complete lack WiFi but not really useful on this terminal. Still, Bluetooth is present and especially the 3G + that allows to easily to get on the Internet, retrieve e-mails or play video calling thanks to its low resolution digital sensor on the front.

    Of course, the use of its energy-intensive technologies will significantly reduce battery life standard 950mAh which equips the terminal. But it is not impossible to oscillate between 2 and 7 days of use according to your consumption or simply by disabling 3G in the settings for those not using this technology.

    Communicating does not frighten, it can retrieve and send e-mails, make video calls, manage your SMS messages as conversation in the image of the last great smartphones on the market. The iPhone and the HTC G1 have been the first devices to present messages that way and obviously the manufacturers like to take this presentation very useful to follow a conversation. No need to leave a message to read another.

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    Re: Sony Ericsson Naite Mobile Phone

    Complete Feature List:

    • Digital Zoom - 2.5x
    • Camera - 2 megapixel
    • Send to web
    • Video recording
    • Photo fix
    • Photo feeds

    • Radio - FM radio with RDS
    • Media
    • 3D games
    • YouTube
    • Java
    • Video viewing
    • Video streaming

    • Video calling - dedicated camera
    • Facebook application
    • Speakerphone
    • Vibrating Alert

    • Music tones - MP3, AAC
    • Media Player
    • Album art
    • Bluetooth stereo (A2DP)
    • MegaBass
    • PlayNow
    • TrackID

    • Google Maps
    • Bluetooth technology
    • Modem
    • Synchronisation
    • USB support
    • USB mass storage

    • Wallpaper animation
    • Picture wallpaper

    • Pan & zoom
    • Bookmarks
    • Google search
    • Web browser - Access NetFront
    • Web feeds

    • Conversations
    • Email
    • Exchange ActiveSync
    • Text messaging (SMS)
    • Picture messaging (MMS)
    • Instant messaging
    • Predictive text input
    • Sound recorder

    • Alarm clock
    • Calendar
    • Calculator
    • Flight mode
    • Notes
    • Phone book
    • Stopwatch
    • Tasks
    • Timer

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    Re: Sony Ericsson Naite Mobile Phone


    The Naite is anything but intimidating. It provides the utmost discretion in all the services that we are entitled to expect from a modern phone. GreenHeart with range, Sony Ericsson wants to get involved a bit more in ecology. It is certainly a good initiative but would have liked to find suitable content on the mobile. Because of the nature-oriented applications, or applications for backpackers in herbs that you can be so. It seems that the Japan-Sweden has not really been through in its initiative and that is unfortunate.

    Nevertheless, the Sony Ericsson phone Naite is complete and rather successful. Its primary functions are very satisfactory. Thanks to its connectivity, the Naite allows its users to be very free in means of communication they wish to use. Too bad the camera is not a performance. Like the browser, although not really fast but in the tone of the market. The design will not help a bit sad not to appreciate this model is pretty basic and very "Sony Ericsson". However, many features and makes significant autonomy Naite for all mobile, able to adapt to many situations and on the whole satisfactory.

    • Autonomy
    • Connectivity
    • Recyclable Material

    • No WiFi
    • Look a little sad
    • Not very nature oriented

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