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Old 24-07-2010
Join Date: Apr 2009
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Soul of Darkness - Nintendo DSi


Gameloft is one of the largest companies in DSiWare neat, especially because many adaptations of titles that appeared earlier in a physical format conversions or original titles of different phones, and this time offers us a proposal along these lines: Soul of Darkness , an action adventure with a strong exploratory clearly in the Castlevania series has its main strong inspiration.

But we must not be misleading: like most video games, movies and books and other forms of entertainment, this title is not original, that's true, but not so bad. In fact, it is a pleasant surprise in the catalog for digital distribution of the notebook. In essence, players will find an action title that Metroid exploration to be key, as has been customary in every 2D Castlevania for years, cutting scenes set in Gothic hellish creatures: vampires, zombies, mummies ... So, platforms and action are linked together with an exploratory component to face hundreds of enemies in large scenarios.

Halfway between the development in terms of classic episodes and the role play aspect of the album Symphony of the Night , the game looted several codes vampire series Konami , starting with his paw graphics and music, and that part of his bestiary. The developers have not been to equip their heroes with a whip, it simply uses a light saber and a lance of ice, between which one can juggle with one push on R.

However, possibly because of limited space, the fact is that most areas of the map is very linear, so that the exploratory component of the formula has resulted in a whole worse off. There is enough exploratory element, with a lot of rooms, yes, but it shows that the balance has shifted a lot more action. Sometimes there are situations in which people will stop to reflect for a moment, but overall the title is more action-oriented.

In the game, you have to enter a fascinating gothic world as Kale, a mysterious, powerful man. Try to save your beloved's life and soul and get her out of an evil vampire's clutches. Explore dark woods and caves, huge castles and cathedrals under the full moon's light. Master and upgrade your sword and spear, and learn how to control your powers: use the Fire and the Ice, or transform into your enemies. Face and defeat werewolves, gargoyles, zombies, and more, with a customized hero thanks to the exclusive camera features. Good or evil - be the sole master of your destiny!

As per the features, Soul of Darkness is featured with:
  • 11 levels to explore, from huge castles and cathedrals to dark woods and caves.
  • Play through levels you've already finished to discover more secrets and use your transformation ability to reach hidden spots.
  • Thanks to the inner camera, become the hero or take pictures of your environment to earn powers and experience.
  • Upgrade your fire sword and ice spear to perform more powerful attacks and magic.
  • Legions of dark creatures to fight (werewolves, gargoyles, zombies, etc.) in fabulous decors.
  • Enter an absorbing gothic environment thanks to impressive music and a 3D-like graphic background.

As we move our character will progress in their weapons, improving the spear with which we began as purple collect the souls left the enemy to be destroyed. The weapon is customizable and can make progress in specific areas, to enhance certain features of it. For example, we can enhance their magical ability and put aside their ability to do combos. In addition, it is not the only option at this initial launch, fire, will join other ice, with their own magical powers, and that we open up access to areas previously vetoed. To switch between the two is as simple as using the side buttons of the console.

It will not be the only power of the protagonist, because it can transform into different creatures with special abilities, we must use to advance specific areas, and even as a means of attack. The game tells us, usually, when we must transform, and its introduction is made playable smoothly in the title, so it is no problem. Instead of opting for skills like double or triple jumps, and so on, to access new areas, are generally used to these changes.
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Old 24-07-2010
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 732
Re: Soul of Darkness - Nintendo DSi

How to send the fees, the game offers a lot of bosses, and it is clear that the designers have sought to show off ... and they have succeeded. His designs, routines and patterns are of great quality, making it the best moments of action. You have to see what they do, how they move, then use it to our advantage. After removal, we can again improve the spear.

The control system is traditional and very responsive, which is consistent with a difficulty level well measured, but is sometimes seen higher, but never because of problems with response or interface. In general, however, it is likely that the Castlevania regular players find it very easy in concept.

On the visual level, offers beautiful graphics well made, but stresses particularly the soundtrack, which is unusual in downloadable games for the portable. It is intense, with a great soundtrack, very well planned and executed to suit the different sections and passages of play. And visually, the enemies are somewhat repetitive, yes, but bosses and stages distinguished by their variety and good taste in art design, with a solid start screen.

Not bad looking, Soul of Darkness is still dotted with small bugs and slowdowns display, not to mention the often wacky Hitbox and handling not always square. It also knocks loading times when starting the game and before each of the twelve levels of adventure, crossed individually in ten to fifteen minutes. The most interesting element of the game lies in the original transformation, bringing a bit of variety to the gameplay .


There will be no prize for originality, but Soul of Darkness is a superb staging for a style of play that really is not as common as we would like. Technically it is above average, and gameplay is very well designed, with a tasteful combination of platforms and action. The exploratory element is relegated to the background because the scenarios are actually bit labyrinthine, but the overall work is high quality and compete as equals with proposals in physical format. And surpasses them forcefully enough.
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