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Old 16-07-2010
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Mass Effect 2: Overlord

With Supremacy, Bioware has finally paid downloadable content for Mass Effect 2 whose lifetime exceeds 40 minutes. The icing on the cake, the quality and diversity are at the rendezvous. One can say that Overlord is the first DLC that focuses on a new story without having to describe a character or familiarize yourself with the controls of a spaceship a bit rotten.

Small observation, however, before you actually start testing this additional content. We've six or seven hours of additional game, the equivalent of a modest expansion pack, the fifth main game. So far, I found that files were additional overlays, far less interesting than what you can live in history to discover on the disc. Those who have completed Mass Effect 2 and wanted to prolong the pleasure remained unsatisfied. We had the impression so far that poorer aspects of the game have been amputated at the disk out to become DLC. This reminds me of a scene from "How I Met Your Mother" when Barney mentions the appreciation of beauty enjoyed by women when they are together.

When four or five women gathered in one place, one has the impression that it was a meeting of Miss. But when viewed separately carefully, this is not the same thing. It's the same with DLC Mass Effect 2 . We can talk about great BioWare game and its three DLC as a whole or separately, the brilliant game BioWare DLC with the character of Zaedd , rather plain, the rotting vessel of Kasumi the thief (very interesting character , good background and gameplay that are worth a visit). Overlord is the level above, even if you do not notice it right away. The story takes another turn when they discover one of the peculiarities of a character. And we find the very inspired Bioware adored for his narrative.

Overlord is the return of combat against the Geth, but Geth doped. When you begin this adventure, you receive a mission of human disturbance (which may seem strange to those who have not adhered completely to his actions at the end of the game). He has a problem with one of its bases, then you go on site. Do you get much faster than a scientific experiment has just surpassed the expectations of its authors: corpses everywhere, a nearly empty station. Without that you do not understand why, the director of the station asks you to prevent the rotation of the antenna of the base that sits on a satellite.

Accuracy, the antenna is several hundred meters in diameter. Of course, your path will rise up some enemies. These are the Gath, but not the ones you already know. These are more or less surrounded by a green halo, very odd. They are stronger too. Once you've done well blow up the antenna, we will explain. This station was working on an interface allowing men to control the Geth. By merging with a program, men must find a way to master them.

Of course, it quickly a spin and you will fight an entity enjoying the qualities of men and that of Gath. Turning off the aerial has prevented the enemy that behaves like a virus spreading throughout the galaxy. He will then strike a great blow to destroy the cause, being mid-Gath, half-man who was once the brother of the database administrator. Yes, we're in the same Greek tragedies to which we were entitled to the basic game.

First big surprise: the DLC is not simply a succession of pieces in a warehouse in which he must destroy all the enemies before getting to point B. It is much more sophisticated. On the previous page, I mentioned the first part of the mission to screw up a dish. But this is only the beginning. Then we should find itself in a different area that we will travel with the Hammerhead . All turrets are controlled by the AI new Gether, progress is not as simple. Some gameplay elements have been added. The vessel can be positioned above columns of steam to get some height. Some rivers of lava, leaping to cross debris floating on the surface. This is not the idea of the century, but it spices up the routes from one base to another, the number four in Overlord.

In terms of atmosphere, it is simply excellent. When you use the first computer based, everything seems to be proceeding smoothly until you locate the Geth. Then heard a terrible noise sounded throughout the mechanical basis. A bit like the noise of the crumpled sheet was a voice, it horrible. At the same time, the screens are full of characters who sometimes seem to form green eyes that follow you look.

Overlord, we soak in many movie soundtrack. The screens are irretrievably think Matrix. The discovery of the last base, the heavy atmosphere (all empty) refers to the first Alien. And towards the end of the DLC, you can not help but think of Clockwork Orange and even TRON. If so, all in the same DLC.

With all these references and the story becomes more and more flavorful, this DLC is just more interesting is also the prettiest stories ever offered in Mass Effect 2 . I wonder if Bioware has already proposed something as interesting, any game. I still have to say a little more. Stop reading if you do not want to know too much.

The director of the station is obviously responsible for all this mess. Aggravating circumstance, it is his own brother who served as guinea pig for the experiment. But not for any reason. The brother in question is autistic, a bit like Forest Gump, particularly gifted in mathematics. The Geth being artificial intelligence, mathematical minds, the administrator quickly realized the relevance of using his brother. Unfortunately, he had more side in mind that the mathematical genius side with autism when he began the experiments. Overlord But do not stop at a tragic story. To achieve undermine AI, Shepard will merge with the matrix. Any late offers graphics completely strange as if our hero found himself in a universe a little more sophisticated than a wireframe representation, but still very TRON.

This is the first DLC Mass Effect 2 where developers surprise us a bit and it's a big slap in the face, both in screenplay and technical level and duration of life (two hours, otherwise said, it's three or four times longer than the previous DLC). The final graph is a tremendous success. It was discovered a little DLC as one discovers the Asterix Goscinny of the post, without actually find the characters with any pleasure.

The least we can say is that there is to drink and eat in this add-on. Of fighting, puzzle, dialogue and even passages Hammerhead, the vehicle came to enrich your equipment from the pack Fakir. To complete the mission, Shepard will thus cover part of the planet to reach two remote databases. En route, we will make some encounters that will lead not gunfire, before making a little climb and jump with our hovercraft of the future. In addition to these motor sequences, one is entitled to the good old battle of good against Geth dynamic angry and a bit of puzzle and exploration. A nice mix, well mounted, well arranged, for a mission that will keep you occupied a good hour and a half. All for about 6 euros.


For 560 points, Bioware offers a new secondary mission interesting, varied and correct length (well more or less) that ranks among the coolest missions full game. Sleek, Supremacy advantage of well-built scenery and a pleasant rhythm, alternating sequences deftly. More importantly, it succeeds admirably to plunge us into the Mass Effect universe, that we appreciate those who have completed the game the other hand, he offers a final that does not leave indifferent even if it gives a bit too much pathos. In any case, it is a good pick for fans. no one will be disappointed.
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Old 23-04-2011
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Re: Mass Effect 2: Overlord

Masseffect2 is the fantastic game and I am playing the same from last few months and it really the best that I have ever played. Now what I want here is to just download this game and install on the same machine and see whether it helps you to get the proper on your system.
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