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Thread: Sony Ericsson Hazel J20i Mobile Phone

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    Sony Ericsson Hazel J20i Mobile Phone


    In the compact design, presenting the Sony Ericsson J20i, also known as the "Hazel" in a metallic red color, starting at a market price of the 152nd from - € (without contract, shipping and depending on the provider) is now available. In addition to the above graduated color variation, the Hazel also comes in Superior Black color. The recyclable plastic, lead and consciously avoiding the excessively use of chemicals, e-manual, minimal packaging and an energy-efficient charger, Sony Ericsson participated actively in environmental protection by presenting this phone. This mobile equipment scores with features like memory expansion via Micro SD cards up to 16GB, FM radio with TrackID, 5 MP camera with face detection and flash, EDGE, HSPA and Wi-Fi and more. How the environmentally friendly Hazel behaves in everyday life, our review shows.

    Sony Ericsson Hazel - Slider with 5 MP camera

    Processing Features

    1. First impression of optical / Special features to support the design - Compact Slider Mobile Phone.

    2. Housing material / surface quality - Mix of metal and plastic.

    3. Housing Dimensions - It comes with a weight of 120 grams and dimensions of 102.0 x 49.5 x 16.0 mm.

    4. Goodness (sharpness / resolution ) of the display - TFT display with 16.7 million colors and a QVGA resolution of 240x320 pixels. Color is perfect and it also has got sharp display.

    5. Implementation of the folding or sliding mechanism - Solid - looking slider mechanism.

    6. Quality of the battery compartment cover - The battery compartment cover is made of plastic and can be opened easily, close, and sits perfectly.

    7. Supplied items / accessories - Manual , battery, power charger, Headset.

    8. Processing Results - The beautiful mobile phone, consists of a matt finish plastic-metal combination. With the handy sizes and yet an acceptable weight, it sits perfectly in the hand. The TFT display also scores points, the 16.7 million colors are clear and sharp. The battery compartment lid is made of plastic and scores for Hazel as well as the accessories speaks for itself.

    Back of Sony Ericsson Hazel J20i Mobile Phone

    The battery compartment cover is made up of plastic

    Silent Key and Camera Key


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    Re: Sony Ericsson Hazel J20i Mobile Phone

    Business functions

    1. Supported networks - Quadband, GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS / HSPA 900/2100.

    2. Data transfer - Bluetooth 2.0, USB, aGPS, DLNA Certified™.

    3. Reception and voice quality - The Sony Ericsson Hazel has a good reception quality, even if the network coverage is not as strong. The vocal reproduction sounds natural and understandable.

    4. Voice quality of the speaker - The voice playback at medium volume is still well understood. At higher it is slightly dull and scratchy.

    5. Battery life (with normal use) - 3-4 days.

    6. Storage capabilities of Contacts - Name, number, new email, web address, picture, ring tone, message alert, voice command, Business: title, company, street, Additional Info, city, state, zip code, country, home: street, Additional Info, City, State, Zip, Country; Categories: Business, Family, Friends, Info, Birthday.

    7. Profile - Normal, Meeting, vehicle operation, outdoors, headset, home, office, and all settings are preset and can be easily adapted to your own needs.

    8. Calendar settings - Week view; New entry: the beginning (time), end (time) or full day; topic, remember: No, when switched on, five minutes before, 10 minutes earlier, 15 minutes earlier, 30 minutes earlier, another memory; General: Dates: change the date, time, topic, memory, details: location, description, repetition: no repeat, Date Extended: memories : always , never, if phone ON; starting day : Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday , Friday , Saturday, Sunday delete ; All entries change ; view : month, week.

    9. Notes feature - Icon : Add Character and smiley ; rapid : on / off switch ; language: German , English , French , Croatian , Italian , Romanian , Greek , Bulgarian , Russian , Albanian , standard ABC , spelling , writing settings : Special : on / off ; My words , propose word, word suggestions , Copy and Paste: Copy all , select and copy, paste , help : help , writing tips; Created notes show : In standby, Edit, Send: as a message , as email, delete via Bluetooth.

    10. Built-in voice recorder (dictaphone) - Options: Record, send : as email, as a message , delete via Bluetooth; Rename , sounds and play, use as: ringtone , alarm signal, message alert, manage files : copying, moving , renaming , information : Name , Created / order , size , length, type , location , distribution , The results of the recordings can be described as useful. The minimum noise in the background hardly bothers, because the voice sounds very good to understand.

    11. E-mail functionality - Connection type: POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP. Setting up the email accounts is done in a few steps. Even the download is fairly fast. Retrieved Emails are quite fast. Annexes after a short period time downloaded quickly and represented uncompromising.

    12. Internet functionality - The loading of the website takes no time. A clear view is presented by Hazel in portrait and landscape orientation with elaborate side.

    13. PC Synchronization - The required USB cable are not included and must be purchased. As usual, it is with Sony Ericsson, but running the synchronization of data with Hazel is completely uncompromising and error free with Outlook.

    14. Other features - Alarms , applications: AccuWeather, Calendar Wallpaper, Checkbook , Ecomate , Facebook , Green Calulator , Grocery List, NeoReader , Standby World, Tracker, Wisepilot , YouTube , file manager, data transmission , tasks , Media Home, video call , synchronization , timer , stopwatch , Flashlight , calculator , Location-based services : Google Maps , Navigator , Tracker , My Favorites , settings ; Entertainment: TrackID , PlayNow , games: Quadrapop ; Demo.

    15. Business Results - The quad band mobile phone provides EDGE, HSPA and Bluetooth for fast data transfer all kinds and 2-3 days battery life is commendable for a mobile phone with such equipment. Calendar, profiles and contacts are to the usual standard, and are not to be complained. The memo is to be commended. The voice recorder could not deliver good results. We were somewhat disappointed by the result of the recording. The email account is easily set and retrieving the mail is depended on the size and notes, otherwise done very quickly. Finding and opening itself to the elaborate website, a ready Hazel, has got no problems and takes no time for loading. A USB cable is not included, but the synchronization is uncompromising with Outlook. The Hazel has a wide selection of different equipment features that enhance it further.

    The memory expansion via Micro SD cards supports upto 16 GB memory (located under the battery compartment cover)

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    Re: Sony Ericsson Hazel J20i Mobile Phone

    Multimedia Features

    1. Camera Equipment - Recording Mode: Normal, Smile Detection, Panorama , Frames , Scenes : automatic, night, night portrait, landscape, portrait, beach / snow , sports, document, Resolution : 5 megapixel, 3 megapixel, 1 megapixel, VGA ( 640x480 ), Auto Focus: Automatic face recognition , macro , infinity ; Flash: Auto, Off, Self-timer: Off, 2 seconds, 10 seconds; Exposure Mode : Normal, Spot; Finishing options:Auto- turning, show on map ; Send: on to Facebook to Twitter, an Internet albums, as a message , via email , via Bluetooth; Use as: wallpaper, screen saver, startup screen , Contact Image ; View: WiFi , print request , print, turn + Zoom , Delete , Photo Fix, Rotate, assign days , slideshow , information: Name , Created / um , size , image size , file type , location , transmission ; on album: Manage file : move , copy ; Highlight : Multiple select , select all , view: Large Thumbnail , Thumbnail , list , memory status , More : on Twitter, on MySpace.

    2. Camera quality - In daylight and normal lighting conditions (indoors), the camera made of Hazel's gave gratifying results. Colors and shapes are displayed on the screen in all their colorful splendor. In the darkness also good results can be achieved, thanks to lightning and results. Part of this work, although some are overexposed, but very clearly visible.

    3. Video Camera Equipment - Video Format: Normal, for MMS; light : on / off , night mode : on / off , Self-timer: Off, 2 seconds, 10 seconds; microphone : on / off ; Exposure Mode : Normal, Spot , White Balance: Auto, Daylight , Cloudy , Fluorescent Solarize , bulb ; Effects: Off, Black & White, Negative, Sepia ; settings : Review : on / off reset , setting; Finishing options: Information : Name , Created / um , size , length, video size , audio codec , file type , location , distribution , playback Send: at Internet albums, as a message , via email , via Bluetooth , delete , Auto Rotate , Play mode : Continuous, One, Play days to assign.

    4. Video Quality - In daylight-outside and normal lighting conditions (indoors) colors are represented quite well. Pixel veils but are immediately visible when you make moves. Zooming sound are sure not to be heard in the background of the clip. In the darkness also it can achieve good results, thanks to night mode and light. Although these are not as colorful as in days, but still usable.

    5. Facilities to the built in music player - Format: MP3, AAC , music feeds, PlayNow , Media Server , resume ( last played song ) artist , albums, songs , playlists , audiobooks , podcasts , SenseMe , genre , year, options : My Music, Settings: Styles, Play mode : random play , loop , Loop / Random , Off; Equalizer: Normal, Bass , Mega Bass , voice, treble boost , stereo surround sound : on / off , direction : Auto- rotate , landscape, portrait , File: Send: as a message , as email, delete via Bluetooth; ; save playlist , Minimize.

    6. Sound quality of music player - The speakers are positioned on the back. In Central and bass songs, it sounds quite well. At higher sounds or songs with more bass activity, the playback can also be regarded not as glaring. The headset looks cheap and is uncomfortable. Nevertheless, it sounds pretty good.

    7. Radio present yes / no, sound quality of Radio - Option: OFF ; TrackID : TrackID , information; Channel: Save, Delete, Rename, Auto- Save, Delete all , speakers: one set / off, frequency, settings: Mono / stereo , transmitter data show off / channel information ; Minimize ; The respective Channel sound quite noise-free. Also in movement , the sound is constant.

    8. Memory Storage / location of the memory card - 280 MB of dynamic memory and supports memory using SD cards up to 16GB.

    9. Multimedia Results - The camera equipment of Sony Ericsson Hazel is easy to use and has useful settings. The results of the 5 MP camera scores even points. The results of the video score points only if one avoids movements. Thanks to lightning in the darkness, one or the other results are obtained. The built-in MP3 player can be operated very easily. Playlists are created very simply and easily. An FM radio with sufficient time slots is also included in Hazel phone. With easy to use, fairly noise-free, clear sound can convince this as well. The mobile phone has 280 MB internal memory and is expandable up to 16 GB. Unfortunately, the insertion of a Micro SD card is located under the battery cover.

    5 MP camera

    Headset of Sony Ericsson Hazel J20i Mobile Phone


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    Re: Sony Ericsson Hazel J20i Mobile Phone

    Handling / Menus

    1. One-hand operation for the main functions possible - Yes.

    2. Call execute (with the menu item "Contacts") - Contact details are found quickly and easily run a call.

    3. Adding / Creating / editing contacts - No restrictions on creating, adding or editing new and existing contacts.

    4. Readability of the display - On the day and at night, the Hazel phone gives very good readability of the display. In direct sunlight or light irradiation, the content cannot be seen directly somewhat. But that is where, like almost all other mobile phones does, on the setting of the theme and background image it can be adjusted.

    5. Pressure point of the keypad / reaction of the touchscreen - Uniform and good pressure point of the keypad.

    6. Handling the navigation elements to prospect the menus - Easily navigate with the scroll through the entire menu.

    7. Clarity of the menus - The menu has easily recognizable symbols. The design is clearly arranged and easy to read.

    8. Extent of the menus - The menu has enough size sub menu.

    9. The design of the menus - The graphic design is typical from Sony Ericsson Menu with easily recognizable symbols.

    10. Opportunity for the assignment of shortcut points - Menu items are arranged in order to quickly get to the favorite menu item. Moreover, there are shortcuts to Calendar, Facebook, My Space, Twitter and Walk Mate Eco.

    11. Message Handling - Preview icon : Add Character and smiley ; rapid : on / off switch ; language: German , English , French , Croatian , Italian , Romanian , Greek , Bulgarian , Russian , Albanian , standard ABC , spelling , writing settings : Special : on / from ; propose my words , word, word suggestion , Copy & Paste: Copy all , select + copy, paste ; page : After adding , before adding , duration time (seconds ), delete page , layout (background color) , text ( size, add color, time parameters ), text position ( bottom, top ); Advanced: annexes, signature , text template, as SMS , heading added : from the current position of my favorites; help: help , writing tips , news tips , add image , add animation, Add video , add sound , add camera , sound , plus recipient: Enter e-mail address , enter the phone number , contact search.

    12. Service photo and video camera - The settings are fairly easy to find and easy to adjust.

    13. Operation of Music Player - The music player is easy to use and is designed with the different styles class. The overall handling, and creating a playlist is not overwhelming.

    14. Reading Memory - The reading of Micro SD cards is done quickly. Existing data from the memory card as far as possible from the format and file type, presented no problems. Unfortunately, the slot is located under the battery compartment cover.

    15. File Management - Easy to create your own folders and move data.

    16. Results - The Sony Ericsson Hazel is easy to use and not too much overwhelming. Making a call, adding contacts, as well as the readability of TFT display speaks for the Sony Ericsson phone. Messages are written with the keypad quickly, since the pressure point is uniform. The simple operation of the camera and the MP3 player are additional advantages. Memory cards from Hazel, are read quickly and smoothly, and the data so far on the format or type permits, will play evenly. Unfortunately, the memory card slot is located under the battery compartment cover. The creation of folders and moving data is fast and uncompromising.

    Answer Key, End Key and Navigation Key

    Keypad of Sony Ericsson Hazel

    Overall conclusion

    The Sony Ericsson Hazel J20i Mobile Phone

    The Hazel offers to an average market price with a very great features. Slide with stable function, good workmanship and stylish design, it sits great in the hand. The 5 MP camera with flash and very simple operation delivers great results in normal lighting conditions. Thanks to flash, it can convince even in darkness, but the results here seem overexposed partially minimal. The internal music player scores with typical Sony Ericsson equipment and it is easier to use and produces good sound as well. The reproduction of the radio works on correct alignment of the antenna (headset) which is quite abrasive and noise-free. Internet sites load quickly and in portrait or landscape mode very easy to read. Even email attachments are easily download and well presented, unless they are too large. The pressure point of the keypad is completely uniform. The Hazel is presenting itself as an eco-trend product and is in the price range (from 152 €) thoroughly recommended.

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