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Old 01-07-2010
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Toy story 3 - The Game

Toy story 3 is a game platform adapted from the eponymous film. You play as different characters in the film and drive many levels. The game has two main parts: the story mode, a series of apparently very different levels, and the toy chest, a 3D universe Pixar to explore at their own pace.

Let us begin by the latter, the simplest explanation. You follow a storyline divided into ten levels, controlling various actors such as Buzz Light year, Woody or Jessie, each with specific capabilities. In some levels, you can switch from one character to another at any time and interactions allow new shares. For example, Buzz can swing Jessie height, as is the case in the home of Andy, so that it will recover the objects. This kind of stage wins all his interest in the game together in split screen, where everyone can evolve as it sees fit in the level.

But Toy Story 3 is not a game platform, it is a real catch-all mingling also action, the shooter or the GST. For example in the level of the video game Buzz Light year begins in a crossing of meteorites Jet Pack move on to a long period of platforms topped with GST and finish on a live action 2D. A true knick-knacks ... But is the gameplay that follows?

Well, surprisingly, yes. Not only the various scenes are linked together beautifully, but they are all playable without time to adapt. Admittedly, it is often the rooster to the donkey, but the fun of this game is really, something quite rare in this type of gameplay mess. Whether keeping a horse race pursued by a ship, a stage on a train at full speed or a drive to races in a day care, we immediately wanted to play.

In addition, we must admit, the game is pretty cool with us because every death puts you shortly before your fatal error so you can try your luck, and this, to infinity (and beyond .. .). He wins and he loses in accessibility difficulties. In short, hard to fault in this regard, especially when you see that even the phases of Third Person Shooter are manageable. The only thing we could fault the story mode ultimately, is to be a bit too short. Fortunately, there is also the way Toy Chest.

A very promising method Adventure:

Bayonne kidnapped a group of orphans, Lego and locked in a train going at full speed. Woody will have to catch him riding Pile-Poil, while Bayonne brought down the ground beneath his feet using his laser. This done, the cowboy leaves his faithful horse, boarded the train and must go back to the lead car by releasing the passage orphans, while preventing the firing of rubber bullets in the Martian and his strafing turn. It should include cross the coals covered wagon boards well spaced.

For a first level is rather strong! Graphically, you are really immersed in the movie, and since no information has filtered through it, it was not immediately clear to what extent the different levels of the game again. But the developers who worked with Pixar team to make the game, it is entitled to be optimistic. The few images available to us seem to prove that the story mode is rather varied, since we can then play with Woody, Jessie and Buzz together in a room with Andy, Woody launch a cross-country course at the wheel of a car customized or destroy enemies with a laser beam of Buzz.

You can choose to review the kinematics and bonuses unlocked but you will opt for one of two main modes of play perfectly distinct. The first of them, simply called "Story" will follow the thread of the film and shelled the phases of the game sequences containing the most significant. Let's be honest, without being fabulous in terms of gameplay, all this is nice, especially because of an atmosphere that fits perfectly into the world created by Pixar. During these adventures, various tests will be offered as equating to a sort of party game. A little shooting, platform, address and race: each of the heroes of the saga will be asked to gradually overcome the obstacles that are placed in their way. Not unpleasant but still very conventional.

That other way is almost as complete as the story mode. It is typically a sandbox-like game where you can wander freely in a village which the pig is the Bayonne mayor. The inhabitants of this small hamlet will give you missions ranging from collection of fabric buildings previously "bought". As and when the village grew and missions are becoming more numerous. Moreover, we can customize virtually everything from the different buildings villagers. You can repaint the walls of the bank in white, or put clothes pirate old man who passed you. Pile-Poil, your trusty steed, is also the part that allows you to indulge in a multitude of races. Appears to be as enticing mode Toy Chest, however, requires that it is probably reserved for a younger audience, because repetition of tasks can quickly annoy most of us gamers.
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Old 01-07-2010
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Re: Toy story 3

ATM in your tub toys!

The big surprise is in fact in a second mode of play, the "Toy Box", which resembles a sort of GTA-like. Do not worry, Buzz and Woody will not have to fight against the underworld of Liberty City! But they can move freely in a wide open environment consists of a customizable city and its environs.

The people are indeed using your services quickly and offer many challenges which, when successful, will save you money. With your small savings, you are free to transform every corner of your City Wild West by building new buildings or renovating them at your leisure. It is even possible to intervene on the look of the population in the different outfits rigged some of which are particularly original. The possibilities for customization are maddening enough to play for young audiences and contribute to raise the soft above the average of the same type of adjustments.

The toy box, a dip in the Pixar universe:

Besides the story mode, NT3 has a free exploration party named the "toy box", which seems to alone justify buying the game after choosing Woody, Jessie or Buzz, you walk into a 3D world open to the pace of western, peopled Andy's toys, in which we must complete various missions at their own pace: repainting buildings, collect gold with Grandpa Chip's pick, personalize the hats different toys ... Different races are proposed, during which, overlapping Pile-Poil or other means of transportation (diligence, according to the images provided), it must pass a number of doors. In the secret passages, we discover among other elements of customization of buildings, being the first to discover the doors, windows and walls model "Finding Nemo". Apparently, once all the tasks of Cowtown made, other universes are unblocked.

In the end, Toy Story 3 is doing the honors, especially as its good gameplay ideas are accompanied by a realization without flaws. Even if the game does not purport to slap technique millennium, the general environment is really damn good, while framing the film. Some special effects are even more impressive, particularly in the level of Buzz in space. Apart from some small problems when the camera invites himself mess on your screen, there's really nothing wrong. The only small downside would probably apply to multiplayer. Indeed, we feel that he has no place in certain levels and it gives some the impression of having been added in haste, with a few strokes of the trowel to finish. Despite this negative point, Toy Story 3 is a good product that undoubtedly will please fans of the series, and perhaps even to neophytes.


Toy Story 3 is a good surprise that manages to combine most kinds of games for a lively and colorful results. Even if at times seems to target a younger audience, the whole family will find his account to a game here and there. Humor, action, short, a good compendium of fun that you should not hesitate too.
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Old 09-07-2010
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Re: Toy story 3 - The Game

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