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Old 23-06-2010
Join Date: Jun 2009
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Joe Danger Video Game


The stunt bike long been part of American folklore. You've probably seen pictures of those rednecks who fawn barjos on two wheels and their acrobatic feats, which oscillate between exploits and suicide attempts. The drama within is a good summary of what will happen Joe Danger.

Joe is a former star projectors, a man daredevil on his bike, a bit like the Ghost Rider but kawaii version. Following an accident he had to start from scratch, and you are there to get back on track! Yes we agree it's a pitch with two bullets, but at least it's there! In fact, Joe Danger is a strange game, halfway between a little big planet and an HD trials!

We can not say that it is quiet as a business man who seems well timed. Yet the job of Joe Danger which as its name suggests has chosen to live in danger in performing various antics exclusive to the PlayStation Network. Joe Danger is signed by a very small development team of only four people fprm HelloGames Studios. The PlayStation Network is open to all small structures to bring some freshness: they will not complain especially since it would certainly be impossible for this kind of games broadcast studios in the form of Blu Ray to against the costs of distribution.

About The Game:

You are Joe Danger, the world?s greatest strong-minded stuntman. You exist to thrill the crowd and smash World Records. Engage your friends or race aligned with your competitors ? the reckless ?Team Nasty?. You express amusement in the face of danger, and it laughs reverse, as you bounce from rock to stone, on flames, towards that pile of mousetraps. Freeze up the game at any time and alter your level though you want it. Once you are ended, share the joy.

Joe Danger plans to reconstruct the childlike joy of the first era you took a toy motorcycle, doused it in lighter fluid, lit it, and initiate it at speedy over your cautiously constructed ramp out a second story window, while all the children in the locality cheered below.


Joe will need to complete all the challenges to access the next level. The principle is simple, go ahead and jump around but with a significant number of variations on the gameplay: boost, bomb, line change, target, etc.. A real mix of everything and when it goes fast and we must be especially precise relativemetn it really quickly accessible on foot! As HD trials, racing at the end are really hard and require a real-time learning cons from the beginning we made loops, wheels, "Superman" quite easily!

An ex-ace cavorts in the trade which comes after a terrible accident. We'll have to prove to everyone that you're still in the pants and you do not wear that nickname by accident. So you have the track of competitions, with startling jumps every three meters. The title is based on a simple combo system that allows you access to follow the exercises with relative ease. However, to achieve a maximum of points, he must remember to vary the combination, which is already proving more difficult.

Indeed, they require memory and incredible dexterity as some are complex. On the ground, not to lose these combos, you can do wheelies until next stratospheric leap. In this, the title is somewhat reminiscent of the system of Tony Hawk. But the game Joe Danger is most definitely thinking is Uniracers! It gets the same system that saves a boost thanks to the figures and the handling is also greatly similar. Suddenly the fun of this game is really fast and we went into raptures at the chains that we are able to succeed at full speed.
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Old 23-06-2010
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 413
Re: Joe Danger Video Game


Of course, the stunts are not the only goal of Joe Danger. According to the races, different challenges you will be charged. It may be landing on some targets or collecting coins and stars, some of which may be hidden. Sometimes it will also make these goals within a short time leaving no room for error and will ask for a mix of shapes and buffs. Finally, there are races against other stunt where the goal will often finish first, which is not always an easy task. In short, the choices are numerous and well-orchestrated so as to never get bored.

Even if just one successful challenge to move to the next race, knowing that some tests require you to pass a number of specific challenges to participate, forcing you to go back on previous races. Nothing provided for binding with a little concentration and learning, it never stays blocked too long. Regarding the number of trials, the choice is really huge game for PSN. It takes a lot of time to see the end, and even more challenges to complete on each. And yet, there are only those already included in the game.

Online, you will have the best time on race, not bad. The big advantage is its part of the game "sandbox" within the meaning of level creation, and yes, you can create your tracks with a simple editor, in 5 minutes you make your first level is by cons limited level creation tool, but enough already limited to small circuits friendly! The achievement is a pleasure to see is beautiful, it is fluid like a game psn well done!

Joe Danger inspired some Uniracers, there is no doubt that he borrowed from his publisher Littlebigplanet. In Sand mode tray, you can create your own tracks and give free rein to your imagination to build the jumps the most maddening and this even though you're walking down the runway. Also, always cited as the game, Joe Danger can travel on three different planes of depth, although it should go on routers to change. Without saying that the three choices for players, it can place diabolical traps. Obviously, it is possible to share his creations with gamers worldwide, which multiplies all the races available. Also in regard to life, a two-player multiplayer mode lets you play against a friend to try to win the race, with some mandalas.

Joe Danger is closer to the latest features of LittleBigPlanet or ModNation Racers with the spirit Play, Create, Share but failed to match them in that exchange occurs only at private messages with your friends more creation attachment. There is no centralized location where everyone could just come and explore and evaluate the progeny of gamers worldwide. Too bad no more online play is available even if it is possible to have fun with 2 on the same console split screen.To summarize, Joe Danger is a very pleasant surprise, much deeper than it seems at first sight and addictive enough to justify its price of 13 euros. If you want to play Evel Knievel, do not hesitate a single second.


Perfect compromise between Uniracers Littlebigplanet and Joe Danger is a real surprise. Dizzying jumps, pirouettes bowls Dante and memorable short, it is undoubtedly fun. A nice gift from the developers who make games with Hello there, however, their very first game will Just Do we regret the absence of a multi online.

Joe Danger is immaterial as evidence what it is quite possible to achieve productions sympathetic with little means but a lot of creativity and talent. Small games we'd like to see more often on the PlayStation Network in conjunction with endless breaks countless bricks or puzzle games .
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