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Old 26-05-2010
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 1,611
ModNation Racers

There are many racing games arcade have dreamed of successors in Mario Kart . Watching any trajectory error plumber-pilot, Bomberman Kart , Crash Nitro Kart , or other Sonic & SEGA Racing All-Stars tried their luck, but in vain. Some titles have approached very close ( Crash Team Racing , Diddy Kong Racing ...), but few of them have finally managed to shake the dominance of virtually unchallenged Nintendo gender. Not enough to leave much hope that ModNation Racers signed with Sony , and yet, this new license may have a role to play in flattering fiber creative drivers.

ModNation Racers wants to be the console of Sony like Mario Kart is to Nintendo: a racing game fun and friendly, totally free-wheeling play mostly multiplayer, either split screen or online. Mission accomplished? Since the beginning it is presented like that, and it is like this: ModNation Racers is a pile between Mario Kart and LittleBigPlanet . Unless this is rather a skin "The racers" for trackmania ? Regardless, in the background.

This title is yet another good-game kart tracks including large, super jumps and starts with a shovel. In piloting, we found almost everything that made the success of Mario Kart , that is to say, driving arcade and easy to assimilate rather exhilarating, skids at the lower corner, a generous intake and obviously to collect weapons in full flight.

Divided into four categories (missile, lightning, explosion and super boost), they have the option of changing the order of the race in a split second ... as in Mario Kart . The comparison is definitely inevitable, but the gameplay of ModNation Racers does not feel ashamed because it offers often equivalent. It is just not very original.

About the Game:
Although it has all the air, ModNation Racers is not so close to Mario Kart than that. It is a thoroughly fresh take on classic kart racing that empowers the player to personalize their entire game. Players can express themselves by creating their own Mod character, styling their own racing kart and event building - in just minutes - an imaginative track that can be shared with the rest of the PlayStation community via the free PlayStation Network service. The easy-to-use editing studio tools make this creative process accessible to players of all levels. Not feeling creative? ModNation Racers presents a humorous story with a wealth of pre-made characters, karts, tracks and challenges for all.

In fact, if the profile may suggest that this is indeed the Mario Kart type of game, its design, its mechanisms, its overall balance is quite different from those found in Mario Kart or more recently in Sonic Racing. Shoot, boost & drift your way to the finish line both offline and online, then create your own racing experiences with the same tools used by the development team. Express yourself by creating your own Mod character. Build your own quirky kart or design an imaginative track with deep, yet easy to use creative tools. Once you are finished, share it with the rest of the world or access unlimited amounts of user generated ModNation content on the PlayStation Network. There is no end to the karting fun!

Game Features:
Kart racing action built for the next generation! The power of the PS3? provides a kart racing game like no other. Feel the blistering speed with every boost and how karts handle differently in various track environments and surfaces.
  • Full Single player storyline with over 25 outrageous tracks.
  • Explosive Weaponry and Power Ups.
  • Dynamic Physics for realistic Kart handling.
  • 2-4 Player Split Screen Multiplayer Action & Up to 12 Player Online Races.
  • Draft, drift, and boost your way into 1st place in 25+ colorful obstacle-filled tracks
  • Drive through a fun storyline to win the ModNation Racing Championship
  • Beat the competition with crazy upgradeable weapons like Sonic Bombs, Electric Bolts, and more!
  • Play with up to 12 people online, or 4 people offline in Split Screen mode
  • Download additional content on the PSN for special creations

The only racing game to offer full Character, Kart and Track customization to create your own racing experience. Design your own mods, karts, and tracks using the same Creative Tools that developers used to make the game!
  • Design your own track, character, and kart.
  • Deep, yet easy to access creative tools.
  • Thousands of customization options.
  • Easy yet deep tool set lets you create in minutes or spend hours to perfectly express yourself
  • Customize every foot of pavement, change terrain, add weapons, scatter obstacles, and place other features wherever you want
  • "Auto Complete" feature instantly decorates your dream track so you can quickly test drive it
  • Create your Mod from thousands of facial features, clothing, and even voices to best suit your personality
  • Build your kart from scratch from different body types & dozens of accessories like engines, wheels, decals and more.

Join the Nation and share your creations with the world! Go online and interact with a global community of fellow ModNation Racers and designers. Download other Mods, Karts, and Tracks to add them to your collection or remix them with your own twist!
  • Share all of your creations with the community.
  • Browse an unlimited number of community creations.
  • Access unlimited user generated content to play, rate, remix and race!
  • Enjoy endless user generated content for limitless racing fun.
  • Vote and comment on other players' creations to select the next ModNation star creator
  • Monitor your profile via ModNation.com and get inspired by what others are creating
  • Track your racing skills with online stats and leaderboards
  • Chat via text or headset and challenge others to race
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Old 26-05-2010
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 1,611
Re: ModNation Racers

The gameplay is extremely rich of ModNation Racers. Although he appears to play classic racing karts, it hides some subtleties that make his personality. For example, there are a third way to empty the gauge turbo, directing the right analog stick left or right to "reap" the other karts. Your horse will deport and violently collapses faster and send one of your opponents in a wall, a tree, a hole or just outside the track. Be careful though, the AI is vengeful and if your attack is not sufficiently free, you can expect to undergo a "mowing back. The sets of the game also affect the gameplay as some are dynamic and can be triggered via a button or at a target by pressing the R1 button. Depending circuits, tons cross the road, new shortcuts or open various traps littering the road will be activated. All this makes ModNation Racers as a highly dynamic but probably a little less public that may be Mario Kart. We also found a little less inspired level design of circuits, not so diverse as this, more emphasis has been placed on the cinematics that punctuate the campaign mode, beautifully designed and packed mostly with humor.

The look of vehicles is much more fun to customize. We start by choosing the lines of his kart in selecting a frame. Rather sports, classic or crazy: the possibilities are diverse, as long as it has earmarked a maximum number of coins in the Quarry. Then comes the time to select the mechanical components. Again, the choice is vast with the roar of engines and different style, suspensions of varying heights, seats, steering wheels, wings ... Finally, the last step but not in order of importance, laying almost surgical accessories gives the fund its charm "tuning". Virtually all elements of the vehicle can be colored, resized and positioned independently. You can apply patterns, reliefs, stickers, including letters and numbers ("JACKIE 62", the class up on the plate). The bad taste is never far away, but it is a tool for customization of rich and well designed.

Simply by using wisely the opportunity to combine items. Or more specifically, to develop them. When you get a missile, a flash or a turbo, you are free to use it immediately or wait to get a couple of additional tags that will boost it and make it more powerful, quicker, more devastating. The only drawback in the story is that if an opponent manages to turn you, you lose the item and the accumulated tags. The use of objects is less stupid and so bad as in other titles of its kind and is also about tactics in ModNation Racers! Moreover, we find this side of the turbo-level tactics. By chaining the skids, the player drives a turbo gauge is located to the right of the screen. It can then, by pressing L1, use this turbo to catch up or sow his opponents.

But it is also possible to defend against enemy attacks by pressing the circle to reveal a protective shield around the kart. This second option food more quickly, but the gauge is saving many times if your timing is accurate. The player must simply be alert to visual cues and sounds that enable it to estimate the distance between a missile homing in order to trigger the shield at the right time. Finally, all that we can blame the principle of items ModNation Racers are the items themselves, all very similar and perhaps a little too oriented "fire", making it sometimes very little action readable.

Asserting that ModNation is an exact copy of Mario Kart would be a mistake. The title of United Front Games has a little more strategically wedged in the corner of the screen. This is the boost gauge. This thermometer is yellow to monitor during races. It is recharged during breaks or slips and makes many services, once completed. It allows the choice to launch a turbo to deploy a shield to protect themselves from enemy attacks or to give a few heaves collapses faster to send an opponent a little too sticky in the background.

The temptation is great to keep the trigger pressed L1 at each reduction plan to start accelerating, but beware: the reserve boost is more ready to fill that empty and the idea of being left without defense against missiles , lightning or other explosions, is enough to make one shudder. The weapons are accumulated by collecting multiple bonuses at once. They can multiply their power by three, to be particularly abused. What gave life to the legitimate fears and frustrations of drivers emeritus. In particular, the explosion that launches sound waves crippling difficult to contain without a shield fully charged. Besides that, the blue shell is for girls. We also deplore the lack of variety of weapons, which standardizes a bit too races strategies.
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Old 26-05-2010
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 1,611
Re: ModNation Racers

In fact, if the profile may suggest that this is indeed the same type of game, its design, its mechanisms, its overall balance is quite different from those found in Mario Kart or more recently in Sonic Racing. In addition, Sony has largely focused on the community, so that it quickly makes the parallel between ModNation Racers LittleBigPlanet, a title which, obviously, the basis for the development of this racing game karts. Besides, if you intend to invest about 60 € in purchasing ModNation Racers, try to have a PSN account and an internet connection to enjoy all the content policy. Playing this track solo and offline is only useful for a certain time, the community was brought to live the game with many possible interactions between players World wide, including in terms of editions of karts and above all, tours, easy to share online. Votes for the best modeurs (characters, karts and tracks) will be also organized on the fringes of many tournaments in-game that will include the game servers.

The originality of ModNation Racers: his design studio. All the mechanics of the game revolves around this little garage accessible from the ModSpot, a kind of 3D interface as roundabout surrounded by different modes of play This workshop will present the most comprehensive that we have been given to use in a racing game. It can first create your avatar by selecting from a main color and fifty different, defining its features (eyes, mouth, nose, ears, hair, hair ...), choosing her dress (pants, shorts jackets, shirts, helmets, masks, goggles, gloves, boots, shoes ...), him affixing stickers or various ornaments and finally, associating a voice among the dozen Available. The possibilities already innumerable are compounded by the side of any element editable, giving free rein to your imagination.

The same principle applies to the kart you drive. Chassis (muscle, exotic, racing, all terrain, tuning, conceptual, crazy), paint (patterns and colors, stickers), parts (engines, suspensions, wheels, seat, steering wheel, fins, plates) and other accessories delusional (garlands, shuriken ...) are adaptable and editable at will! Finally, this workshop includes a track editor that lets you ultra complete the choice of environment (mountains, desert, beach, jungle), elements (time of day, clouds, wind, water level) , sculpting the land and of course, the route of the road. Ultimately, it is possible to spend many hours in this workshop, without getting bored for a second.

ModNation Racers has a solo career mode parole. Equipped with a thirty fast circuits (even if the IA dearly sells the skin), it is only there to help unlock items and to show an overview of the fantasies possible in the creative space, where Players are expected to express their talent. Before you even put a wheel on the runway, the pilot's equipment and his car could easily occupy the manic detail for several hours. One can regret that personalization is only cosmetic. Indeed, it is not possible to change the conduct of his car, except on two axes of acceleration grip and very sketchy.

Anyway, the customization is particularly accomplished visually, starting with the Mods, the little characters in the game fruit of the union against nature between Sackboy from LBP and Lego Technic, they distinguished by their unattractive appearance and especially their ability to take on any appearance. At stroke of wigs, glasses and colorful suits, the bravest will always try to make them endearing. The fun flower designs already on the PlayStation Network .

Beyond the freedom enjoyed by the user, there is obviously a solo mode, racing, AI and original gameplay mechanics. The career mode of ModNation Racers has thirty races in which he is opposed to eleven AI. As well tell you, the track is loaded, but rather exceptional balance found by the developers at United Front Games has avoided the main concerns identified in games like Mario Kart. Here, no adaptive AI, so no sudden downturns in the lead group to wait for the player behind the curve and not cheat to death when he dominated the race.
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Old 26-05-2010
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 1,611
Re: ModNation Racers

Similarly, if the races ModNation Racers would be nothing without the items to get famous on the track, they never take precedence over the pipe. You can not rail against your bad luck or be clear to you frustrated systematically dispossessed of first place in the final straight in ModNation Racers. Indeed, the items that you do are randomly distributed in any way reflect your position. In any case, they are worth more or less impossible therefore feel helped or injured because your responsibility to make good use of the object that is offered.

The creation of channels through a publisher is not new to racing games, but that of ModNation stands by its extreme ease of use. The player directly to his track record leading a sort of big groomer. Left, right, height, or depth, the trace left by the machine draws the road. Once the Full Circle, he has only to automatically generate all the approaches to the race and ottoman, it's already time to test the circuit before sharing with the online community. Needless to say, the hasty and random circuits of this kind have no play value, but we can not have everything ... To design original circuits, players will be patient, use the automated features sparingly and make their circuit detail after detail. It must take account of the width of the runway, shortcuts, height settings, jumps, weapons, carpets boost ... Only the best will be distinguished by the vote of players online .

Online, the game shines with its flexible side. You can adjust almost all parameters as the number of rounds up to 9 and the number of players up to 12 (and fill the holes with bots ), but you can mostly get out the wad on the races created by others. Better to love surprises, since the whole point of ModNation Racers is precisely to discover the circuit without warm-up lap. At each start its new route, selected by the host of the party among the levels of the solo or tons circuit posted by the players. Released this, we can not assert that the plots of their design or style, rather conventional.

Of course, we must allow time for the community to initiate, but you already guessed that most of the changes will lie in the placement of traps, and bonus cuts. The multiplayer is still the main strength of the title. It is generally stable, although it regrets some slowdowns if congestion on the runway ( offline for that matter). The split screen allows two players to join online races, reduces the efforts of the anti-aliasing to none, but does not weigh significantly on the flow. The two or three cuts unannounced network reported here and there, hoping that it concerns only the period of service launch.

Note that even if relatively short (about thirty races), the solo ModNation Racers is interesting insofar as it unlocks a wealth of new objects and accessories, a package of mechanical parts and everything you need in the design studio to have fun. It can also collect tokens which can then be used in a store to get there again, new objects, randomly. In fact, the entire architecture of the solo mode is well thought out, since in addition to the goals needed to unlock new races (usually finishing in the top three places), each test has objectives appendices, a varying difficulty but mostly high enough, we love to succeed, to the point of exhaustion again without deserving races.

The reward, you guessed it, these are still unpublished and still objects to customize and re-customize your character and your kart. But since everything is not perfect, allow us to rail against two major shortcomings of the game: the system of super-start on one side, clumsy and not particularly bright and frankly, those pesky loading times on the other . Finally, the ModSpot, 3D interface ModNation Racers has an unfortunate tendency to row for no apparent reason.
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Old 26-05-2010
Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 1,611
Re: ModNation Racers

With shopping arcades and its track editor in community-based, Mod Racers nation stands at the crossroads of tracks from Mario Kart and LittleBigPlanet . If the formula is rather attractive, colorful title of United Front Games , however, has neither the aura of the first, nor the creative power of the second. Fun to stick to his underpants pilot and stickers on his kart, but this kind of customization options tired quickly. And if he withdraws it, the NR becomes slightly revised copy of Mario Kart that is in the background. A good copy, fun and certainly not devoid of tactics, but hardly original, by definition. ModNation can still count on their armor and its multiplayer community platform to address many thought PS3 owners in a bit of creativity.
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Old 27-05-2010
Join Date: Jun 2009
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Re: ModNation Racers

United Front Games succeeds with ModNation Racers. Now, the Sony can also collect players around a basic concept, but fun to be both entertaining and technically simple but rich mechanisms very well designed and above all, perfectly balanced. In addition, the collector than player you can be is particularly spoiled and loved as long as you create and customize to the death, nothing prevents you splurge on ModNation Racers. Finally, the community aspect will also satisfy the multi party regulars and exchanges of data and content.
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Old 09-06-2010
Posts: n/a
Re: ModNation Racers

I wanted to try this but some reviews put me off. I really like customization and this seemed like mario kart meets little big planet but it doesn't seem to have taken off like either.
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