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Old 20-05-2010
Join Date: Nov 2005
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Samsung GT-S9110 Touchscreen Watch Mobile Phone


At first glance it seems that the GT-S9110 Watch Phone by Samsung is quite bigger, modern watch with high quality leather strap. But on closer inspection one can see that it is happens to be a phone for your wrist. The conversation is either via an integrated loudspeaker via speaker or with the supplied Bluetooth headsets which is already available. With a market price of 471st - ? (without contract, shipping and depending on the provider), the Samsung Watch Phone is not exactly cheap. The lifestyle accessory, however, has neither EDGE nor UMTS. Due to the small screen it is hard to go surf on the Internet. Even a camera is not available. Whether these watch phone was able to convince us, we will see in our test.


1. First impression of optical / special features to support the design - An oversized wristwatch.

2. Housing material / surface quality - High quality leather strap with brushed metal elements.

3. Housing Dimensions - With a weight of 117 grams and dimensions of 59 x 39 x 12 mm, it looks a bit bulky on the wrist.

4. Goodness (sharpness / resolution) of the display - 1.76 inch display with 262,144 colors and a resolution of 176x220 pixels. Color-perfect and sharp display.

5. Implementation of the folding mechanism of the bracelet - Stable-looking folding mechanism.

6. Quality of the battery compartment cover - The battery compartment cover is made up of stainless steel and can be opened easily, closed, and sits perfectly.

7. Size of the supplied items - Operating Instructions, Bluetooth stereo headset, battery, charger for the headset and for the Watch Phone. Accessories may vary depending on your network provider.

8. Processing Results - The beautiful Watch phone is made up of plastic, with high quality leather strap and metal frames. With the handy, just in moderation and acceptable weight it looks a bit bulky on the wrist. The TFT display is clear and sharp colors are displayed. The battery cover is made of stainless steel for the Samsung as well as the attached and sits perfectly which also scores for the Watch Phone.

Battery compartment cover made up of stainless steel

The battery sits perfectly in the battery compartment cover

Answer, Menu and End keys

Headset and USB connection

The speaker is positioned below
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Old 20-05-2010
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 1,203
Re: Samsung GT-S9110 Touchscreen Watch Mobile Phone

Business functions

1. Supported networks - Triband, GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900, UMTS (WCDMA 850/2100).

2. Data transfer - Bluetooth 2.0, Bluetooth with stereo audio streaming (A2DP), USB, WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10.

3. Reception and voice quality - The Samsung GT-S9110 has an excellent reception quality, even if the network coverage is not so perfect. The vocal sound playback on the built-in speaker is not realistic, but is provided with a light scratching. In connection with the Bluetooth headset, the voice rises markedly. Voices are clear and seem relatively comfortable.

4. Voice quality of the speaker - The voice playback at medium volume is still well understood. At higher but somewhat distorted.

5. Battery life (with normal use) - 4 days.

6. Storage capabilities of Contacts - Name, phone, phone, detail Add / Delete Details: Mobile, Phone, Fax, Etc.. Email, Group, caller Ring Tone, Caller picture; groups: family, friends, Office, Unassigned.

7. Profile - Normal, Mute, Car, Meeting, Outdoors, Offline, my profile, its own profile and all settings are preset and can be easily adapted to your own needs. Moreover, the possibility to create "own profile" can be done.

8. Calendar settings - Create: Date: Subject, location, start date, start time, end date, end time, repeating: No, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, every year; Alarm: on / off; Anniversary: Subject, date, alarm on / off; Event: Show subject, start date, end date, by month; Open: Today, date, settings: Week begins on Monday, Sunday; standard view by: month, day.

9. Notes feature - 70 characters per note; symbols; T9 on / off; writing options: input method: T9 abc, T9 ABC, T9Abc, Abc, ABC, abc, Numeric, Symbols Writing language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Cancel ; Created Memos: Edit, Send via: news, delete, Bluetooth.

10. Built-in voice recorder (dictaphone) - Recording option: Voice call: Delete, Rename, Sort by: date, type, name, size, Bluetooth visibility: Save and protection: Save and Run, Send by: Message, Bluetooth, Set as: ringtone, caller ringtone, alarm; Details: Name, date, format, length, size, protection, location, settings: recording time: 1 hour, max size; Standard name: voice memo (or your own input). The playback of the recording sounds good to understand. But if you get too close to the microphone, significant distortions and other acoustic artifacts are audible.

11. E-mail functionality - NA.

12. Internet functionality - The loading of the website takes a long time, since Edge is missing. It is understandably difficult to present a clear view of the web pages because of the screen that is noticeably too small.

13. Other features - Voice Memo, Voice Recorder, Bluetooth, memo (Notes), calculator, conversion, alarm, clock, world clock.

14. Business Results - The quad band mobile phone via Bluetooth provides rapid data transfer. Fast Internet connections are not possible due to a lack of Edge and UMTS. 4 days battery life is commendable. Calendar, profiles and contacts are to the usual standard. The memo holds only 70 characters and can not score points here for the mobile-Clock. The voice recorder provides good results if they do not go too close for recording purpose. Finding and opening web pages takes less elaborate time. The GT-S 9110 still has features like Bluetooth, calculator, currency conversion, world clock and alarm which is also a good point.

Voice Recorder with mediocre results

Unfortunately there is no way to extend the memory of the GT S9110 with Micro SD card
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Old 20-05-2010
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 1,203
Re: Samsung GT-S9110 Touchscreen Watch Mobile Phone

Multimedia Features

1. Camera Equipment - NA.

2. Camera quality - NA.

3. Video camera equipment - NA.

4. Video Quality - NA.

5. Facilities of the built in music player - Forward, rewind, pause, stop, last played, all songs, playlist, delete playlist, renaming; Title: Playlist: News, All, Repeat: Off, 1, All tracks, random: on / off; on Bluetooth stereo Headset transfer; Playlist: To Playlist From Playlist; Details: The important details: name, size, format, date, location, media information: artist, title, album, length of the title, genre, author.

6. Sound quality of music player - The speaker is positioned on the front strap. In Central and bass songs sound quite well. Even at higher sounds or songs with more bass activity, it may prove to play not as glaring. With the stereo headset, the acoustic results are quite pleasing and harmonious.

7. Radio present yes / no, sound quality of Radio - NA.

8. Storage capacity of the memory card - 30 MB dynamic memory - not expandable.

9. Multimedia Results - The built-in MP3 player can be operated very easily. Playlists are laid out quite simply and easily. Songs can be heard on the integrated speakers, as well as the stereo headset. The mobile phone has only 30 MB internal memory and is unfortunately not expandable.

Stereo headset with good sound

Headset connection

Beautiful and high quality Bluetooth Headset
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Old 20-05-2010
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 1,203
Re: Samsung GT-S9110 Touchscreen Watch Mobile Phone

Handling / Menus

1. One-hand operation for the main functions possible - Yes, partially.

2. Call execute (with the menu item "Contacts") - Running a call and finding contacts is rather easy.

3. Adding / Creating / editing contacts - No restrictions on creating, adding or editing new and existing contacts.

4. Readability of the display - On the day and at night it gives very good readability of the display. In direct sunlight or light irradiation contents are still visible. But that is where, like almost all other mobile phones, on the setting of the theme and background image can be done.

5. Pressure point of the keys / reaction of the touchscreen - Uniform and precise response of the touch screen.

6. Handling the navigation elements to prospect the menus - NA.

7. Clarity of the menus - The menu has easily recognizable symbols. The design is clearly arranged and easy to read.

8. Extent of the menus - The menu has enough size sub menu.

9. The design of the menus - The graphic design is typically like all other Samsung devices, with easily recognizable menu icons.

10. Opportunity for the assignment of shortcut keys - NA.

11. Message Handling - Symbols, T9: on / off; writing options: input method: T9 Abc, T9 ABC, T9Abc, Abc, ABC, abc, Numeric, Symbols Writing language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Cancel Add; Subject: ( The addition of a subject changes the message type); elements Attached files, business card, calendar, memo, Multimedia Add: image, music, sound, sound recording, add text: template, business cards, calendars, Edit Page: Add the page, delete page, Edit Page display time; Style: Text style: Medium, Bold, Italic, Underline, strikethrough, color format: This page, all pages, background color, font color, change text, save drafts and draft: SOTI by: date, recipient, message type, Prodection on , SIM / Phone Delete Message.

12. Service photo and video camera - NA.

13. Operation of Music Player - The music player is easy to use and is simply decorated. The entire handling and creating of a playlist is not overtaxed.

14. Reading Memory - NA.

15. File Management - NA.

16. Results - The GT-S9110 is easy to use. Making a call, adding contacts, as well as the readability of the display speaks for the Samsung. Messages are written quickly on the precise responsive touch screen. The menu has a clearly design. The simple operation of the MP3 player are further plus points.

Answer - Back and End keys are nicely integrated

Graphically well-designed Clock

Overall Conclusion

The Samsung offers a very rich market price to a basic grade, fully equipped, at least in the GT S9110 Watch Phone. With high quality workmanship and despite the larger dimensions, very chic design contributes to the Watch Phone for the wrist. The display consists of tempered glass and makes it scratch-resistant and protects against damage. Regrettably, the leather strap was a little too short. The internal music player scores with ease of use and produces good sound. The speaker has been very favorably placed. Loading the web from the Samsung GT-S9110, however, has little difficulty. The response of the touch screen on the other hand runs evenly. In the price range (from 471st - ?) the Samsung S9110 GT, is certainly not for a bargain-priced, but for a lifestyle accessory of a kind.

Samsung GT-S9110 Watch Phone
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