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Thread: Sapphire Radeon HD 5830 Graphics Card

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    Sapphire Radeon HD 5830 Graphics Card


    The appearance of the Radeon HD 5830 is on this occasion something unusual, since, as rarely happens, AMD will release its delivery partners to manufacture the cards from Cypress LE, younger brother of Cypress XT present in For example, the Radeon HD 5870, for this is that when we started this analysis we face that AMD will not make the HD 5830, so technically they do not have this card, but if you need to do to comply with an NDA (Non- disclosure agreement) must have engineering samples to the press, as we are in this case us. Particularity this time, ATI (AMD) has decided to allow its partners to let them use their own reference design from the outset, certainly due to the good experience of different design of Cypress. A little more freedom this time allows them to stand a little easier than the simple reference design.

    Apart from that, here are some experiment we did of this card, the opinions are very mixed or even disappointing for some. Indeed, for the sake of money seems to be the common conclusion in relation to the positioning performance of the card in the range announced at € 229 retail price, it's likely that buyers will turn to any alternative graph, except this one, we would like to sell stocks of 4890 that we do not take it otherwise. In the dance of the benchmarks, the HD 5770 works on the feet of the HD 5830.

    Not all the color is so ant, AMD in a move that favors us who work against time to comply with the NDA, he used a Radeon HD 5870 PCB and on the total amount of LE Cypress, with its own firmware change support that configuration. As such, this card will show you today will not exist as such in the market because it is hybrid, but all in all performance is identical to the version with the partners because the heart and the memories are the same, only changes support circuitry.

    Something else that might change from card to card Is the display configuration. Though we suspect mOST will stick with the standard layout. When ATI 5xx0 series introduced the first card, the HD 5870, it debuted also eyefinitiy new ITS technology, which let's you run up to three monitors phrasal (and event six On Some special cards). To notorially tHEY also introduced a standard choice of oven display connections; Two DVI, one HDMI and a DisplayPort. Any combination of the DisplayPort and Two of the Other connections lets you run up to 1,920 x 1.200 Three pixel resolution monitors for 3D surround gaming. All furnace connections allow output also of digital audio.

    To boost the performance of this card, ATI Has the specified chip "should run at 800MHz or over, WHICH IS Actually Higher Than the 5850. The result is it has quite high power figures with consummation stated idle power of 25W and a maximum thermal design power (TDP) of 175W. This compared to respective figures of 27W and 151W for the HD 5850 and 18W and 108W for the HD 5770. Also the card it means clustering Requires Two auxiliary PCI-E power connectors to keep it Supplied with Enough juice. However, power figures thesis Did not quite hold up in Our testing. While the HD 5830 was quite Certainly Consumed bit more power Than the HD 5770, it Remained Comfortably below the HD 5850.

    Then looking at game performance, Except For Call Of Duty 4, the HD 5830 we'd have Performs Pretty Much expect - it lies half way Almost desired exactly Between the HD 5770 and HD 5850, with a slight leaning Towards the train. However, in Call of Duty 4, it Seems to really struggle and has only just pips Some settings the HD 5770. Perhaps of more concern is that consistently the HD 5830 falls behind the HD 4890, which was available for around the price when it came out almost desired exactly a year ago. So, if you invested all you're getting for spending around the saami money again is support for DirectX 11 games and lower power consummation, and Frankly Neither of contention are big enough to make it worthwhile.

    AMD continues to move steadily with their Radeon HD 5000 and today is the turn of the Radeon HD 5830 card, which many hope that whoever attempts to bury all current mid-range GTX cards to win more market shares and also that near users with deep pockets voluptuous-the-art graphics cards.

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    Re: Sapphire Radeon HD 5830 Graphics Card


    Unmatched in its class, and define AMD's Radeon HD 5830 and they know it, but perhaps can be a little ahead before Fermi land on the market, but for now boast of technological triumph is not bad. As you can see, the image of the card as such there is a ghost and that's because AMD does not manufacture this card. Maximum consumption is 175W as AMD and the minimum is close to 25W, just considering the type of card, with support DirectX 11, SM 5.0, 1.79 TFLOPS of computing power and up to 6 monitors 2560 × 1600.

    Comparing the Radeon HD 5830 is on the HD 5770 and HD 5850 under, yes, consumption is somewhat high considering that the HD 5870 has an estimated 188W. Just 16 Texture Units on the HD 5770 and HD under the same 16 5850, 800MHz for the GPU, 1120 and 1000MHz SPs for GDDR5 memories are some of the features highlighted in the new Radeon.


    As I noted earlier, the card we have in our hands is a physically excluding HD 5870 GPU, since in this case we have the Cypress LE and not the XT, they are not impressed by seeing the pictures, because it is a subtle departure AMD is using to meet deadlines and to deliver parts to the press.

    As if the skeleton is a HD 5870, but the heart is different. We removed the sink and let the light what we already know, an HD 5870, but with a slightly less powerful GPU. The Cypress LE GPU, running at 800MHz, 1120 stream processors, 16 ROPs, a little less than the Radeon HD 5850.

    Synthetic Benchmarks:

    We started testing with Futeremark Suite to tee off with 3DMark 2006, where the logical order is kept very well marked, at least in this test, making the HD 5850 card as the best performance, followed by the GTX 285 and kicking is the HD 5830, which certainly does not overclock over 18,000 points, without making the operating system to gain points, only the CPU is 3.6 GHz

    3DMark Vantage:

    If 3DMark Vantage was the standard to determine which card is better than another, the GTX 285 would be in serious trouble, because in the two tests is in third place, being displaced by the new Radeon HD 5830, which is ultimately Cypress XT a somewhat castrated, hence its potential.

    Crysis Warhead:

    Crysis began as the emblem of the new technology NVIDIA DirectX long ago, long before the current version of the famous number 11 API and with his second delivery, Warhead has not yet ceased to be a headache for video cards, developers of new technologies and for buyers who expect their new jewel is blowing up from the titles of yesteryear to the game to be released day after tomorrow.

    The Radeon HD 5830 is a faithful escort of the GTX 285 in the tests without filters, while smoothing screen by applying the difference is reduced to the point of separating both average yield for a couple of FPS, which ultimately show that Technology is advancing positively, as a new midrange card comes dangerously close to a high segment "old."

    Far Cry 2:

    While the HD 5830 is in the range of performance than the GTX 285, the latter does not leave many FPS of the new Radeon card, so straight, the GTX 275 has nothing to do if your older sister da battle with difficulty when we do not use filters. Location apart is when we apply all the rigor of smoothing screen and 8x cake turns in favor of the GTX 285 and HD 5850, both obtained results almost identical average and certainly outpace the Radeon HD 5830 in the setting maximum amounts to torture by a small margin exceed 30 FPS.

    STALKER: Clear Sky:

    Clear Sky where you look is a game that has a hard time to any video card, even the HD 5000, but still can play up to 1920 x 1200 pixels without filters, a great achievement for a card that says the middle segment. When you get serious only the HD 5850 can handle the difficult task of moving the game to 1920 x 1200 pixels, 4x antialiasing and display the highest quality.

    Tom Clancy's HAWX:

    Although the Radeon HD 5830 is inferior in capacity to the HD 5850 and GTX 285 performance is very promising, showing that the GTX 275, insurance is in trouble and that as we raise the resolution and smoothing applied together 8x screen in the GTX 285 starts to fall until the HD 5830 is above the older sister of the GTX 275.

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    Re: Sapphire Radeon HD 5830 Graphics Card


    The overclock we took it out with the CCC Overdrive, winners brought the sliders to maximum and good, said the card without problems. We arrived at 75MHz over the original frequency of 800MHz on the GPU and comfort in the memories we 1200MHz, 200 MHz on the original configuration. It should be noted that these reports reach 1300MHz without problems, so we have a huge ceiling yet.

    With this overclock went up a few points in 3DMark 2006, just over 1000, leaving the evidence suggests that games can go up at least 2 or 3 FPS. We also wanted to test the configuration is more painful than 3DMark Vantage, and up nearly 700 points.The 75 extra MHz on the GPU and 200 MHz for the reports give us almost 3 FPS more in Warhead, about 5 FPS in Far Cry 2 and 2 in Tables average FPS in Clear Sky, so it's worth something up the frequencies.

    Speaking of temperatures is not very correct in this case, because the product they are seeing in this analysis will never be in the market as such, since it is a solution that took AMD to get by, but anyway we can tell very briefly we reach a maximum 87 º C with fan speed automatic control, while the maximum we can go down to 65 º C, with 25 º C environment.

    Speeds & Feeds:
    • Engine clock speed: 500 MHz
    • Processing power (single precision): 0.8 TeraFLOPS
    • Polygon throughput: 500M polygons/sec
    • Data fetch rate (32-bit): 80 billion fetches/sec
    • Texel fill rate (bilinear filtered): 20 Gigatexels/sec
    • Pixel fill rate: 8 Gigapixels/sec
    • Anti-aliased pixel fill rate: 32 Gigasamples/sec
    • Memory clock speed: 800 MHz DDR3/GDDR3
    • Memory data rate: 1.6 Gbps DDR3/GDDR3
    • Memory bandwidth: 25.6 GB/sec
    • TDP: 24 Watts

    Features & Benefits:
    • With ATI Eyefinity technology get the ultimate immersive gaming experience innovative 'wrap around' multi-display capabilities1
    • Get unrivalled visual quality and intense gaming performance and for today and tomorrow with support for Microsoft® DirectX 11
    • Tap into the massive parallel processing power of your GPU with ATI Stream technology and tackle demanding tasks like video transcoding with incredible speed
    • Experience the speed, responsiveness and performance of ultra-high bandwidth GDDR5 memory
    • ATI CrossFireX technology with multi-GPU support offers advanced scalability

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    Re: Sapphire Radeon HD 5830 Graphics Card


    Although we did not have access to the HD version of 5830 that will touch the windows of stores worldwide, the AMD solution to get by us is to set the strategic position of the HD 5830 in terms of graphics power, as circuitry in this case accompanies the GPU does not affect their performance in doing so radically different, as different memory modules or different times may give variations, but nothing significant enough to think that you can see returns far away from what we now have come to appreciate.

    Perhaps the solution to the trade press was not very elegant, but it allows you to see the technology that accompanies the HD 5000 is a large network of circuits that are almost generic for the whole family, only changing the nature of the circuits (more digital or more similar) as heading into the center of the discussion, the HD 5830 may represent a good option in the market if your price does not shoot well over a GTX 275 and not get too close to a GTX 285, because in one way or another if it fails to meet this prima their existence would have their days numbered.

    The determining factor on this occasion may be the availability of the product, because as you know, a low stock implies that the first wave and quickly depleted and the second batch of cards will come with a slight increase in their prices according to demand experienced with the first litter.

    Well, the performance is good, according to the segment pointed to the card, the temperature can not talk because the circuitry which is mounted the LE is not for Cypress, so the reality may be different and finally, the graphic processor This series still holds one more card between the HD 5830 and HD 5770.

    • Good performance considering that points to the middle segment.
    • Allows you to connect multiple monitors.

    • Consumer somewhat high for a midrange card, compared with standard older sisters.

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