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Old 11-05-2010
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Sin And Punishment: Star Successor (Nintendo Wii)


At the dawn of 2000, for players, was more the same deal. The PlayStation had invaded homes and the PS2 was going to generate excitement with a revolutionary processor. The Saturn was inclined to give way to a Dreamcast which promised to connect all six billion of players by offering games that literally exploded the retina. The Nintendo 64 had securities revolutionary and large cartridges that crushed CDs in magazines, but could not really recreate the success of swarming and catalog the Super Nintendo. As a Christmas gift for this milestone year before the Great Bug Treasure had fortunately decided to spoil the players and fans with import Sin and Punishment , a shooter 3D frenzy which the developer has offered a series again. Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is the long-awaited sequel to the Nintendo 64 cult-classic.

This series debut in North America delivers an intense, adrenaline-soaked thrill ride that never lets up from start to finish as Isa and Kachi go on the run and on the defensive, shooting everything as a host of enemies try to hunt them down. Sin & Punishment: Star Successor brings a one of a kind shooter gameplay created by the undisputed masters of the genre. The introduction shows the killing of a rebel group. Before dying, one rebel muttered the name of the head of their group: Achi. Driven by the army, the rebels must face another danger: the ruffian. These are genetically modified animals that have now become uncontrollable. Achi, Airan, and Saki its allies are the last bastions against the destruction of the world.

About the Game:

This shoot 'em up is a mix of styles, it is inspired by games like Space Harrier and the gun shoots like Virtua Cop. The character that you head is seen from behind and suffered the scrolling as it drew like Space Harrier. Unlike the latter, in Sin and Punishment, the protagonist does not fly, he runs the floor, can jump and do somersaults on the side. The slider is provided independent of the movements of the hero and is governed by other buttons. It reacts just like a pistol shot. Your weapon is not limited to a single gun, it can also turn into a formidable sword. When an enemy is close you can activate it and thus inflict major damage or send missiles at your attackers. Do not think the handling is difficult, on the contrary the grip is instinctive. In addition to fully explain the controls, the game offers a demo showing the functionality of buttons and a tutorial level.

As soon as you start the game, it is directly in the action. The finger pressed the fire button, you shoot down everything that is on the screen. And monsters, there's a whole fleet. It ducks everywhere and it comes from all sides. Hum It is the shoot as we like, well nag properly. It's a real invasion is coming! Whole troops swept into Tokyo and the army does nothing, it is even against you. That's not going to stop, or even the range of boss that gets in your way. The final term before the enemy has more than twenty bosses and mini-bosses. None are alike, you will encounter a giant arachnid, a futuristic helicopter, humans with psychic powers, a space station and even Eva ... The watchword of the game is variety. Running on terra firma is not enough, some levels you will travel on a platform that will fly in all directions, watch it breath away! To view the other side and you will be immersed in the atmosphere of good old 2D shots.

  • Players can take to the skies with a jetpack or hovering skateboard-like device to dodge enemy attacks or get a better lock on their targets. Get an extra bonus for staying grounded while avoiding injury. Various stages require understanding intricate patterns as players? characters side-scroll, race on vehicles or zip in every direction through a devastated post apocalyptic world. Players can fire at targets in the distance or for close-range targets use sword attacks.
  • The precision pointing abilities of the Wii Remote controller make targeting enemies a snap. Players have the option of controlling their characters using the Wii Remote-Nunchuk combination, the Classic Controller, the Classic Controller Pro, Nintendo Gamecube controller or the Wii Zapper.
  • Choose from two playable characters with unique combat abilities.
  • It?s all about the score multiplier. The better a player?s skills, the more multiplier points are earned, and the higher the overall score. Players will want to play the game again and again to beat their personal best on each level.
  • Created by TREASURE, the developers behind Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun and Gunstar Heroes, the game pushes the boundaries of the shooter genre with horders of enemies, massive bosses and explosive graphics.
  • Endless waves of enemies got you down? A second player can join the fight to dish out twice the punishment.
  • An online international leaderboard lets players see how their scores stack up against players from other countries. Players will play again and again, and try to unlock even more points by figuring out and performing coin and medal-achieving tricks, in order to get an international-caliber score.
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Old 11-05-2010
Join Date: Jun 2009
Posts: 413
Re: Sin And Punishment: Star Successor (Nintendo Wii)

A giant beast of prey and merging, we can see in any good sentai respectable. A ballet perfectly tuned to mass killer, several water parks have already been incorporated into their performances. A ninja girl half robot that can fly and has a lightsaber is a quite common in japanimation. In Sin & Punishment 2, one can see all these things and even face gun in hand, and a host of other creatures and giant machines determined to make you skin. You, are Isa and Kachi, a boy with a jetpack in the form of football on the back and a girl equipped with a skateboard wheel more class than Back to the Future II. It would be wrong to rely on their children's appearance as the duo is able to take down any opponent in a few seconds or minutes for the more resistant. The most powerful is Isa with his gun-shaped Wii Zapper and its unique but shots loaded with large radius of action. Conversely, Kachi has a targeting system and can launch multiple rays homing by concentrating its fire, like the hero of Panzer Dragoon or Ground .

The conduct of a party is also similar to these two titles, with 3D environments in which it will automatically advance, travel is restricted to vertical and horizontal planes, both on the ground and in the air. Both characters can also make small jumps in height, providing multi-directional dodging a short period of invincibility, and a melee attack very effective, can neutralize and even returned much of the countless bullets shipped equally the enemies swarming. Mechanisms that take full advantage to maintain the highest bar of his life and his score multiplier climbing each defeated opponent. Rapidly destroying or after specific targets, we can also bring in the medals count inflating the points according to their type (bronze, silver, gold or special), which are essential to the farting on online rankings.

Technically the game is not up to the console. The graphics are poor, sometimes the game is still beautiful but not often. The protagonists are made with few polygons and seem quite square. This weakness allows the screen to display a ton of enemies without the animation suffers. Sin and Punishment always remains as smooth and fast. Also your actions are enhanced lighting effects that do not interfere with the smooth running of the game music is in all means. They do not stick to the fast-paced action as they are not enough rhythm. Some are not bad but most go completely unnoticed. We come now to the main handicap of this app: the life of ridicule. The default difficulty is set to Easy, in this configuration, the game ends when the first part in less than two hours. If you set the difficulty on Normal, it will not take more than one afternoon to complete. Really too short!

As in most productions signed Treasure , we will not have much opportunity to blow out of the cut-scenes , the bias of Sin & Punishment 2 being that of the non-stop action. Explosions in the chain, shooting clouds of colorful, spectacular staging and bosses are gigantic key ingredients of the title, a good head above the level of its predecessor, the Nintendo 64. Can not bored throughout the eight main levels - or levels coaster - the game, which have shown no signs redundancy: even after meeting several times a boss or a half- boss , the patterns change and confrontation never happens twice in the same way. Those familiar with shooters recognize situations inevitably cross into other games designed by the same studio while rediscovering classics such as the warship to be destroyed in stages, the boss following the player throughout the level or the internship end consists of a series of major cross opponents throughout the adventure.

If it begins in a complex technological rather banal acting tutorial, the following destinations are much more successful and varied, having developers even offered a level of folklore inspired night nippon where the character and the cursor is at times the only available light sources. Generally, we take full of cum in every sense of the term, the game is far from a walkover after the first three stages in the normal mode, the difficulty can be reduced to easy for novices or inflated hard for the courageous from the main menu. Gauged by default for the duo Wii - Nunchuk , which is the configuration most fun to play with the precision of the pointer, the title also fits the Wii Zapper , the Classic Controller and Gamecube controller offering the choice of customize several settings, history please everybody.

Sin & Punishment 2 is practically flawless and not pull away from the best of the Wii with graphics very correct, a number of items displayed simultaneously outrageous and sometimes a frame rate which stands at 60 frames per second 95% time, something especially nice for a game that requires timing and a good analysis of the attacks of enemies. Sometimes, however, some effects of lack of depth and clarity easily deceive their windows on the world of colliding projectiles or enemies, especially during the fighting bosses . The art direction, provided mostly by the same team as the first game, is much more pleasing to the eye on Wii N64, even if one has to love the characters effeminate and somewhat angular.

Failing to contain unforgettable themes, the soundtrack fills its role quite punchy with compositions which fit perfectly with the adrenaline rush of near-permanent situations generated by Moult epic lived in the shoes of Isa or Kachi, the dialogue scenes and the script is just there to give some respite to the player between the sequences wildly exhilarating. Good surprise: the PAL version offers the choice between Japanese or English dubbing, but also offers subtitles in French, English or Japanese. Ultimately, we must look far to find major flaws in the latest baby of Treasure , that it include easiest being the lack of true character by the second player wishing to join the shooting sessions, the presence is signaled by a simple viewfinder and fire support in bursts.

Sin and Punishment is super fun, it's a compendium of pure action. It explodes in substance, but what is it short. One would dream when we see the end. As against what is easy with games is that there often comes a remake or two small parties to unwind. The achievement does not appear to the height of the soft but it is only subsidiary so the game is taking. Besides the emulation is not perfect, each plugin has its flaws, some work better graphics, but do not display all elements of design, while others give the opposite effect. This therefore distorts the findings about the graphics that do not seem to match the machine. We have seen far worse as disappointment.
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Old 11-05-2010
Join Date: Jun 2009
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Re: Sin And Punishment: Star Successor (Nintendo Wii)


Twice as long, twice as strong, twice as easy to handle twice as handsome, Sin & Punishment 2 has not done things by half for a result that not many people had expected when she was unveiled late last year. A true display of expertise Treasure , this episode Wii is a concentrate of good ideas never used twice, craziest fighting each other and enjoy practicing alone or in tandem, despite the lack of character and Single-shot for the second player. A gift of spring invigorating and highly recommended for fans of shooters racy, because to miss a penalty would be as pleasant a sin.

  • A deluge of ongoing action
  • Situations constantly renewed
  • Practicality nickel Wiimote / Nunchuk
  • Directed solid
  • Scoring system simple and effective

  • Pointer for only the second player
  • Effects of depth not always very readable
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Old 25-07-2010
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unsure Re: Sin And Punishment: Star Successor (Nintendo Wii)

It looks aaaight. Never heard of the game before. I saw a video. pretty cool i guess. I wanna get Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword!
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