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Sapphire HD 5870 Vapor-X


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Old 15-01-2010
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Sapphire HD 5870 Vapor-X

Sapphire has a top range fame tremendously high-end models for graphcics card, the Vapor-X series graphics cooling quieter progress also fresh resultant than stale sinks, incorporating an increase in serial memory and core speed. The HD 5870 Vapor-X ATI offers outstanding performance with excellent improvements in energy consumption and ablity of cooling almost silently under any environment.

Specifications for Sapphire :
Model ATI Radeon HD 5870 Vapor-X
GPU : Cypress RV870 (40 nm)
Interface : PCI-Express 2.1/2.0
contain of transistors : 2.015 million
Shader Processors : 1,600
Core Frequency : 870 MHz
Memory Frequency : 5000 MHz (4 osculation 1250 MHz)
Memory Type : GDDR5
Memory size : 1 GB
Memory Interface : 256 bits
memorization Bandwidth : 160 GB / s
Maximum verdict supported : 2560x1600 up to three monitors
1920x1080 up to six monitors
Ventilation system : Fan 9 cm
profit : 2 kiss DVI, 1 osculation HDMI, 1 smack Display Port
Extras : 2 x adapter 2 Molex 4 pin to PCI-Express 6-pin 25 cm
CrossFire Bridge

The sequence of Sapphire Vapor-X are well known because bringing some level of factory overclocking again move ahead one of the supreme coolers assembled by the assembler itself.

Sapphire improvement prominence this case the length of this series with a break down of 27 cm, somewhat minor than that found in other models. Still, we know in advance if our basket will regard enough space to cause the 5870.

The specific "ATI's Eyefinity" is present in all the HD5000 series, offers the preference to mount one, two or three at maximum resolution (2560x1600), or six with a lesser resolution, 1920x1080, over able to lead them as one stuffed monitor or independently of one another. For this feature, there are four digital outputs, two DVI, an HDMI also a expo Port.

We commit need two PCI-Express connectors 6-pin to aptitude the graphics, although not considerably needed because the adapters that came shroud the card.

Windows 7 brings the DirectX 11 API, supported by the imperforate HD 5000 series, these new libraries include major improvements such as "Shader Model 5.0" or multi-threaded rendering that specious the GPU. Besides this, we have the hardware tessellation, believing a new technology being 3D objects connections real time, in general, increasing the digit of polygons shelter which objects are created, bringing more fitting object and detail.

The heatsink mounts a devotee of 9 cm, is the largest find in the range HD 5000, with a sound very content and performance beyond doubt.

This chart is compatible with the Universal Video Decoder 2.0, which allows hardware acceleration of 1080p up to two files simultaneously, compatibility screen Windows Aero pace playing HD video, as well whereas independent gamma direct and the control of febrile again black levels during reproduction. All this is accessible if you use compatible software consonant in that WinDVD or PowerDVD, greatly reducing CPU consumption during playback of video in H.264 besides VC-1 formats used imprint Blu-ray and HD DVD.

We set up that the Vapor-X models come factory overclocked, 20 MHz and 50 MHz core memories (200 MHz high-powered). You compulsion have the latest version of GPU-Z since which all instruction is displayed correctly.

We went progression a little memory and heart values to 1285 and 890 MHz respectively. Little more will be welcomed due to we are within the verge which offers the convenience of drivers. We may use other tools to unlock these limits, while taking great care, as absolute daily was shot temperatures besides we may conclude to amass the voltage that is offered to the graph.


We regard run different tests, both synthetic and games to deliver an overview of the graphic card performance. unimpaired tests have been performed twice, best with the memory speeds and nerve center factory, and the help with a clocking done from the Catalyst control center, reaching to 1285 MHz again 890 MHz the memory locus.

The company is predominance the air, so there is no ventilation whatsoever. The ambient temperature remained constant at 22 ? C, and the card is stirred momentarily to the program "Everest decide Edition" prerogative idle state further in full status fame the states of factory overclocking. All the games opine been tested under "DirectX10".

Conclusion : We certainly have before us, one of the best models of the era HD 5870; the Sapphire Vapor-X offers a lower temperature than any other model, besides preserving the sound of our duo. Which is a good high-end, including two fulfill games with which we can exploit the full DirectX11 API, with the driving title. To connect two composite monitors (spread to six) opens a door to the fans of simulation titles and they will be no inclination to go into both panels, at the constant time offers a large work city for those who handle the editing or blastoff fix 3D. Energy consumption has been improved, 800-1000 W fonts longing to stay energize.

Powerful, cool and inanimate are three features make the Sapphire HD 5870 Vapor-X apart of the best models currently available in the market.

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Old 11-05-2011
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Re: Sapphire HD 5870 Vapor-X

That was one of the best review I have come across in many days. It consisted of every important details about the Sapphire HD 5870 Vapor-X ATI Vapor-X series graphics card. Thanks for providing the detailed information about the specifications and the tests and conclusions which your have given. I am sure this will prove to be helpful to many people like me. I am just thankful to you for spending so much time and energy while making this review about the Sapphire HD 5870 Vapor-X ATI Graphics card and sharing the information with everyone.
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