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Thread: Samsung GT-S8000 Jet Mobile Phone

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    Samsung Jet (S8000) mobile phone

    Samsung Jet is not a simply another full touch mobile phone. It brings a brand new concept of mobile phone to today's consumers. Samsung Jet supports the latest smartphone features which include multi-task manager and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, bringing user-friendly menu navigations in a sleek and compact design. Samsung makes a remarkable thing: unifies the look of the interface for different platforms, be it Java, Windows Mobile, Symbian or Android. Users do not have to get used to a different organization, the ideology of those platforms, it remains a single interface. Samsung is not a pioneer in this field, LG has already done this step, the interface S-class is used in mobile phones, communicators and Windows Mobile, but a small range of smartphones and communicators (or rather, lack thereof) does not assess the full benefit of this approach.

    Samsung JET - this single symmetrical shape, with a minimum of control elements and a large touch screen e2e. Design is very similar to the younger S5600 Preston, the same smooth outline shell transparent central key, the dimensions, but in appearance JET, there is one important detail. The rear surface. At the light, it overflows, flash bright red lines, the figure is always changing. It looks really nice, nothing like in mobile phones has not been. And the whole new line of five devices, Samsung has a similar realization, it becomes a feature of the new multimedia line.

    Specifications Samsung JET (S8000) :

    • Network: GSM / EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and UMTS / HSDPA / HSUPA (900/1900/2100 MHz) 7.2 Mbit / sec
    • OS: Java, three-dimensional interface TouchWIZ 2.0 online widgets
    • Processor: Qualcomm MSM6246 800 MHz
    • Display: 3.1-inch touch AMOLED, with a resolution of 480x800 pixels, displays 16 million colors
    • Camera: 5 MP autofocus with, LED flash, Face Detection (feature recognition of individuals), Smile Shot (fixing smiles), Blink Shot (exception wink), etc.
    • Memory: 2 GB, slot for memory cards format microSDHC (up to 32 GB)
    • Communications: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, USB 2.0
    • Navigation: GPS
    • Audio: MP3/AAC/AAC + / eAAC + / WMA / RA
    • Video: DivX/XviD/H.263/H.264/WMV/MPEG4, AVI, etc.
    • FM-radio with RDS
    • accelerometer
    • Battery: 1100 mAh
    • Dimensions: 108,9 x53, 5x11, 9 mm

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    Re: Samsung Jet (S8000) mobile phone

    In the panel there are no LEDs, this glossy, high-quality plastic in translucent areas, through which bright and translucent inserts. If there is no light source near the bar is completely black. It was fairly easy, but there is no backlash. At the bottom - hole dynamics, it is the only model, at the top - lens built 5 MP camera and LED flash. Under the panel you can find a slot for memory cards (there are hot-swappable), SIM-card, battery, here are the standard.

    Dimensions of the phone is quite comfortable, it is not too broad, rather thin, lightweight. Apple iPhone much more difficult, but with two phones from LG (Arena and Viewty Smart) is fully comparable size. This means that most users do not have any problems with the carrier, all the maximum comfort.

    The screen of Samsung JET on the background of a relatively large size of the device, 3.1 inch with a resolution 480h800 points. With the high resolution picture looks excellent, but even more pleased with the technology used: AMOLED. This technology allows the display to reduce power consumption, ensures the brightness of colors, best viewing angles and high speed of updating the image. Apple iPhone screen loses brightness, resolution, smoothness of the picture, but here the difference is not as great as with other devices.

    The upper end is a standard 3.5 mm jack and a microUSB plug - the optimal location. C the right side are the buttons start the camera.

    The main part of the front surface is the big screen, and the distance to the edges of the shell is very small. The screen is not recessed into the body, means the only finger control, not a stylus (capacitive screen). The screen is protected by tempered glass - a nice feature on the background of the other solutions in this class. Above the screen is sensor lighting and front camera for video calling.

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    Re: Samsung Jet (S8000) mobile phone

    The bottom line of the screen are four virtual buttons that cause the application set of numbers, a book of contacts, messages, and the main menu. At the top of the screen are only indicators of processes, information about the network signal, battery level. Here is a useful and user-friendly controller, the details of the current connections to devices from Samsung does not, although such a drop-down menu is very useful and ergonomically. Instead, the challenge for the Task Manager with the central key, just enough to keep her longer.

    The Samsung Jet S8000 also sports Samsung's Dolfin browser. you can browse up to 5 web pages which is more browsing capability than the Safari or Opera Web Browser, a one touch zoom, and a multi-browser bar which allows you to search within the page, search using google, or type in directly the web address. The Samsung S8000 also has GPS, DNSe, SRS sound effect, and DivX support.

    The main competitor - LG Arena - is exactly the same, and the cost of these products will change symmetrically. These devices show that a leader need not necessarily be the most functional device in the lineup, the flagship - it is also a device with a maximum sales potential.

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    Re: Samsung Jet (S8000) mobile phone

    Now turn to my own experience, after 5 days of use.

    The camera gives me very good results, not test the flash or video.
    The interface is very complete, fast, do not generally train (with lots of widgets).
    What impresses is the screen, super set, bright, color saturation, it provides very strong. The call quality is very good that I could see. The landscape keyboard works very well, beyond my expectations. You can type quickly.
    The trick is the top reading of DivX & Xvid PC, no problem fluidity on movies that move a lot (transformers), no re-encoding or resampling is quite royal. Just a con trick, the HP being behind, we can not really hear the headset or putting strong enough, what I find desagreable.

    The thing that I did not test is the GPS. The jet samsung site talking about a soft guidance 3D, I did not just Gmaps. Such the geotagging photos is disabled for now, to see if a later version of the software allows.

    The music player is not bad, I turn on the effects of which I am using does not, against the headphone output is quite good. So overall a Q / P I find it very good, and such very nice.

    Last point, it comes with a slide-in box (skai) which allows to drop his appeals without having to remove the beast. Also headphones (semi INTRAS) + microphone with volume, and deportee jack on the microphone to replace the helmet and keep the microphone.

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    Samsung GT-S8000 Jet Mobile Phone

    Samsung's touch-screen models are clearly on the rise. A fairly new model, called the Jet S8000 GT presents itself in absolute black with an 800 MHz processor for blistering fast multitasking and rapid data transfer. The buyer will receive it from about EUR 350 (without a contract and costs) for a cell phone with an enormously rich upper middle class facilities such as a built-in GPS receiver, 2 GB large memory (via microSD cards up to 16GB of expandable), HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, WiFi, FM radio, calendar, operate on the brilliant touch screen with 3.1 inch AMOLED display and a 5 MP camera with flash and various other features included. As how handling goes, how the Samsung S8000 GT Jet is in practice, we will demonstrate it in our review.

    Samsung GT-S8000 JET mobile phone - multitasking pro with 800 MHz processor


    The battery compartment cover is made of plastic, and can be easily opened

    Back of the Samsung Jet mobile Phone

    Volume control buttons

    The integrated speaker is positioned at the back

    The slot for the Micro SD card is located under the battery compartment cover

    Camera Clicking button and hold button

    Processing characteristics
    1. First optical impression / special features to support the design - Simple and timeless design, good quality impression.

    2. Housing material / surface quality - High-gloss plastic.

    3. Housing Dimensions - With a weight of only 96 g and dimensions of 103 x 55 x 12.9 mm, it is very good in the hand. In many pocket, it can also fit more easily.

    4. Precision of the touch screen - Touch-pressure point with very precise response, which will be confirmed upon request with vibration.

    5. Goodness (sharpness / resolution) of the display - 3.1 inches AMOLED display with 16 million colors and a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. Very good color and sharp display, high sharpness, almost pixel formations.

    6. Implementation of the folding or sliding - NA.

    7. Quality of the battery compartment cover - The battery compartment cover is made of plastic, is easy to open, close, and also sits fit perfectly.

    8. The quality and scope of the supplied accessories - USB cable, software, user manual, headset, charger, soft case.

    9. Processing Result - The stylish touch screen mobile phone consists of high-gloss plastic, and is situated with its dimensions and has also got acceptable weight which sits very well in the hand. The precision of the touch screen rather runs evenly and smoothly. 16 million colors are displayed on the AMOLED display sharp and is bright. The battery compartment cover is plastic which sits perfectly. The supplied accessories meet the standard.

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    Re: Samsung GT-S8000 Jet Mobile Phone

    Business Features
    1. Supported networks - Quadband, GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900, GPRS Class 12.

    2. Data Storage and Transfer - Bluetooth 2.1, Bluetooth with stereo audio streaming, WAP 2.0, EDGE, HSDPA 7.2 Mbps, UMTS.

    3. Reception and voice quality - With a network coverage which is only sufficient for S8000 GT, it has no problem with a good reception quality. The voice reproduction is good but sounds minimally covered. Noise in the background are hardly to be heard.

    4. Voice quality of the speakers - If the loudspeaker is turned on during a call, one can hear only slight noise in the background. The voice is mixed with minimal noise, but it is easy to understand and still sounds natural.

    5. Battery life (with normal use) - 3-4 days.

    6. Storage capabilities [Contacts] - Phone: first name, last name map, name, mobile - change in private, type: business mobile, landline - private, fixed-line - for business, fax, etc., video call, mobile - for business, e-mail - home / office, group, ring tone, vibration, birthday , memos, group: office, family, friends, ring tone, vibration: 1, 2, 3, 4, birthday, memo, add additional fields: Mobile - private / business, fixed network - private / business, fax, etc., video call, Email - private / business, URL - private / business, group, DTMF, nickname, company, profession, address - private / business; SIM card: name, phone number, phone number: Clear Mobile Phone: Rename; email - privately , group, SIM number, add more fields: Group. The address book can be filled with up to 2000 entries.

    7. Profiles - Normal, Silent, Car, Meeting, Outdoor, offline; The profiles can be preset and can be easily adapted to own needs.

    8. Calendar settings - Create Schedule: Title, Start Date, Start Time, Alarm: off, on time, set 30 minutes before, 1 hours before, 1 day before, 1 weeks in advance, adapt, details: Set end date, end time, details, location, alarm, leave: On / Off, Repeat: off, every day, every week, every month, every year; Repeat until (date); Anniversary: title, date, alarm: off, on time, 30 minutes before, 1 hours before, 1 day before, 1 week in advance, adapt, alarm time, specify details: alarm, details, holiday setting: on / from repeat; each year: on / off; options: Go to day view, week view, delete: today, this month, all the information before today, all data; calendar settings: Start date: Monday, Sunday; view format: month, week, day, in the absence of memory, events, schedule events: Anniversary, memory status: 200 entries and 100 entries for anniversary Schedule.

    9. Notes function - Memo: Creating Languages (EN): English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, input type: T9 Abc, T9 ABC, T9 abc, Abc. Edit ABC, abc, Numeric, Symbols, keypad, handwriting, Write Field 2; created memos: "Send via: Message, Email, Exchange ActiveSync, Bluetooth options: delete, print via Bluetooth, memory status, 100 messages can be saved but only 100 characters per note, are somewhat limited.

    10. Built-in voice recorder (Dictaphone) - Settings: Standard name: voice memo, recording time: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 60 minutes, limiting for MMS; Standard Memory: Phone, Memory Card, Voice Recording: delete, options: send via: Message, Email, Exchange ActiveSync, Bluetooth , Set as: call sign for voice, call sign for video call, caller ring tone, alarm, details: name, format, size, distribution, created date Managing on / around, place, prepared memos:: move, copy, delete, rename Sort By: date, type, name, size, send via Bluetooth, printing via USB, Bluetooth, Bluetooth visibility, protection, The voice recorder was able to convince us, unfortunately, not in any way. The host is equipped with audible noise in the background. Especially at higher volume one can hear increasingly intrusive noise and scratching. Nor should the recording does not goes too close to the device to achieve at least a reasonably good result.

    11. E-mail functionality - Connection types: POP3, SMTP and IMAP4. The email account is set, thanks to e-mail wizard in a few steps. However, the input and output servers are terminated and will not be like many other mobile phone itself loaded from the network if down. The downloading of emails takes minimal time. Also Annexes (depending on size and type) will be viewed properly.

    12. Internet functionality - Loading hardly takes time and even complex pages designed for the GT S8000 loads up with no difficulties. However, Internet calling is possible if they are integrated in the jet via WiFi to a network, which is done again a lot quicker. By tapping the screen they are enlarged or reduced and the Samsung Dolphin browser is very clearly presented. In high or landscape one can then surf the net and easily move from page to page.

    13. PC synchronization - An accompanying USB cable and software are included. Synchronization with Outlook is done as usual, from the easy part. The installation of the software on Vista takes some time to complete, the actual synchronization process is very fast.

    14. Additional Features - WiFi, job function, world clock, calculator, conversion, music recognition, communities, live pix, Exchange ActiveSync, video editor, timer, stopwatch, games: Roller Coaster 3D, rolling dice, serves Tuturial Motion (Motion Guide to teach movement to the mobile phone when best Applications (Camera & Music Player), to be more easily controlled), Tetris, Pyramid Bloxx, Brick Breaker, Brain Challenge2) (demo versions, Google Maps, Photo Browser, Alarm.

    15. Business Results - HSDPA 7.2, EDGE, UMTS and Bluetooth make the quad-band mobile phone S8000 GT for a relatively speedy data transfer - in addition HSUPA for fast uploads have added further improvement. 3 to 4 days battery runtime are perfectly acceptable for the jet with its equipment range. The reception of only a sufficient network coverage and voice quality of the speaker can not complain either. Calendar, profiles and contacts correspond to the usual standard, and are not to be criticized. A worry is once again the note functions. Only 100 characters per note in our opinion, are much too low. The dictating machine, unfortunately, disappointed with nearly useless results, which are equipped with audible noise and scratching. The email account can use the Email Wizard (easily adjusted even when the settings are not automatically retrieved from the network) and retrieving the mail is still fast. Web sites load quickly and the display is in portrait and landscape mode, which is very clear. In addition, the S8000 has a GT game (full version), and three demo versions of entertainment and other very useful features points.

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    Re: Samsung GT-S8000 Jet Mobile Phone

    Multimedia Features
    1. Camera equipment - 5 megapixel with digital zoom; mode: camera, scene, video camera, recording mode: Single, Smile, series, panorama, frame, scene: None, Portrait, Landscape, Night, Sports, Party / indoor, beach / snow, sunset , dawn, autumn color, fireworks, text, candlelight, backlight, settings: self-timer: off, 2, 5, 10 seconds; Resolution: 5M (2560x1920), 3.2M (2048x1536), 2MP (1600x1200), 0.3M (640x480 ) W4M (2560x1536), W2M (1600x960), w0, 4M (800x480), White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Cloudy, effects: no, black / white, sepia, negative, ISO: Auto, 100, 200 , 400, 800; Exposure Measurement: Matrix, Integ. Mess., Spot, Focus Mode: Auto Focus, macro, face detection, image stabilization: on / off; WDR Customize: on / off; Blink: on / off, image quality: Very Fine, Fine, Normal, Economy;: contrast, saturation and sharpness: -2, -1, 0, +1, +2; guides: on / off, check: on, 2 seconds, out; GPS connection: on / off, shutter sound, tone 1, 2, 3, out; Memory: Phone, memory card, photo light: on, off, automatic, aperture value: -2, -1,5, -1, -0.5, 0, +0.5, +1, +1.5, +2; Quick editing options: Set as: wallpaper, caller ID, editing: Editing: Effects: Filter, Style, Warp effect, partial blur adaptation;: Auto adjust, brightness, contrast, color, convert: Resize: 640x480, 320x240, 176x144, 160x120 ; Rotate: 90 ° right, 90 degrees to the left, tilting; Full Resolution Sample, Paste: frame, picture, clipart, emoticons, text, message on screen, files: Open, Save, upload to the Web, send via: Message, Email , Exchange ActiveSync, Bluetooth delete.

    2. Camera quality - In daylight and normal lighting conditions, indoors, the camera of Jet S8000 GT achieves very good results. Lifelike colors and shapes are shown. At night, it can also score with fine results. The motive is partly overexposed, although shown to have done something (no settings, and especially when one goes up too close to the subject), but still with very good results in the dark and convincing.

    3. Video equipment - Recordable formats: MPEG4, H263, DivX support; normal, a limitation for MMS, settings: self-timer: off, 2, 5, 10 seconds; Resolution: (w0, 3M), 720x480 (0.3M), 640x480, 320x240, 176x144; White Balance: Auto, Daylight, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Cloudy, effects: none, black and white, sepia, negative, WDR: on / off, video quality: Fine, Normal, Economy Adjusting;: Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness: -2 -- 1, 0, +1, +2; guides: on / off, Record Audio: on / off, memory: phone, memory card, finishing options: fast forward, rewind, pause, stop, send it by: Message, Email, Bluetooth options as Caller ID, slide show, details: name, format, resolution, size, routing, date created, city, length of the permit; upload to the Web.

    4. Video Quality - Colors and shapes in daylight and normal lighting conditions, indoors, are viewed properly. Even with faster movements, pixels are barely visible and not heard in the background recording by zooming, either. In addition, the camera adjusts rapidly to changing to light conditions. In the darkness it can achieve but in spite of night mode, unfortunately, there are hardly any results. In low light you can just see only highly attenuated and barely recognizable objects.

    5. Built-in music player - Playable formats: MP3, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +, WMA, AMR, Midi, SP Midi, iMelody, WAV, MMF (MA2, MA3), XMF, Now Playing, all songs, playlists, recently played, most often played, performers, Albums, Genres, Podcasts, Settings: Background music: on / off, sound effects: Normal, Rock, Jazz, Live, Classic, Mega Bass, concert hall, Wow HD, bass boost, music clarity, externalization; Visualization: Type 1, 2, 3, 4; Music menu: Playlists, recently played, most played, recently added artists, albums, genres, composers, podcast, Play mode: Repeat: all, automatically, a; Title: send by: Message, Email, Exchange ActiveSync, Bluetooth; Set as: callsign for voice, call sign for video call, caller ring tone, alarm; Options: Details: name, format, size, routing, date created on / around, place, artist, title, album, length of the title, genre, date, description praise, number of the title, format, and very well thought to the music menu which can be customized according to own choice (to add or remove). Thus it is possible to compile their own music menu.

    6. Sound quality of the music player - The loudspeaker is positioned at the back. Yet it can still play the selected song in a very appealing quality. At the turning over of the mobile phones, you can hear a clear improvement of the sound. Highs and lows are reproduced, thanks to DNSe sound enhancement is well balanced. Even songs with too much bass sound operates at max. Volume to avoid distortion. The built-in equalizer (not under options, but can) just below the title display here further refine the titles. Another improvement hears you when selecting "5.1" as a psycho-active option, which works only in conjunction with the headset.

    7. Radio yes / no, sound quality radio - Recording music identification, search, settings: Background music: on / map out; Sender ID: on / off; alternative frequency: on / off, radio text: on / off, Recording Quality: High, Normal, Low, Standard name: manual radio, frequency set; Add to Favorites, open all channels, headset or speaker; The menu has something economical and channel names can not regrettably, be added. However, plenty of space is available for channels and in good alignment of the antenna, the respective channels reproduce in almost noise-free quality. In addition, the radio has an RDS function, and can score points with its radio recordings.

    8. Memory Storage - 2 GB of internal for user data - expandable up to 16GB.

    9. Multimedia Results - The handling of the photo / video camera runs intuitively and easily. The useful additional settings are easy to find and adjustable. The results are fine for the 5 MP camera in normal light conditions. Even in the darkness, the camera can achieve good quality images, thanks to powerful lightning. However, one should not go too close to the subject, because the flash can quickly get overexposed. Can be quite easy to use even with the built-in MP3 player. A playlist is quickly created. The sound is criticized because DNSe sound enhancement and 5.1 mode (with headphones) can be turned on. The radio is fairly easy to access through the menu and has very sparingly channel names that can not be added. But it has enough places for channels and scores with almost noiseless sound. The mobile phone has a dynamic memory of 2 GB and is expandable up to 16 GB.

    5 MP camera

    Camera in Action

    Headset with great sound

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    Re: Samsung GT-S8000 Jet Mobile Phone

    Handling / Menus
    1. One-handed operation for the main functions available - Yes, partially.

    2. Call execute (with menu "contacts") - Easy to run a call and find contacts.

    3. Adding / Creating / editing contacts - The handling, add contacts, create, or edit, runs smoothly.

    4. Virtual Keyboard - Very accurate and surprisingly fast.

    5. Handling the navigation elements to prospect the menus - NA.

    6. Clarity of the menus - Easily visible and easily recognizable.

    7. Scope of the menus - The menu range is indeed very rich, but not with overwhelming effect.

    8. The design of the menus - New design, but timeless, modern and well seen.

    9. Possibility of assignment of shortcut keys - The side-integrated widgets (as in almost all recent models from Samsung) are used for fast access to the menu. They are light and arranged according to their own wishes.

    10. MMS and SMS handling - Add Recipient: last Contacts, contacts, groups, manual input; Add Media: image, video, audio, add photo, video recording, record sound, options: Save in drafts, templates, insert;: text template, business card, schedule, anniversary, task, memo, Favorite, Add Attachment: File, Business Card, schedule, memo, task, Favorite, subject to add page; language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, input type: T9 Abc, T9 ABC, T9 abc, Numeric, Symbols; Write option: keypad, handwriting, writing box 1, write field 2.

    11. Photo and video camera operator - The 5 MP camera can be operated intuitively. Your settings are easy to find and easy to adjust.

    12. Operation of Music Player - Since the design of the MP3 player is very clear, running the entire handling is very easy without any problems. Well thought was from Samsung, (just as it did the GT-S5600) that can be joined to its musical menu according to their own ideas (eg artist, composer, album, playlists, etc).

    13. Reading from Memory - The GT S8000 is very fast to read from Micro SD cards of various sizes up to 16 GB for the existing data, if the file type and format is similar.

    14. File Management -Create folders and move data easily.

    15. Results - The entire operation runs without any problems and with high precision. Running a call, to add or edit contact information as well as the readability of the display (in normal light and at night) brings advantages for the GT S8000. The response of the touch screen is very commendable. The menu does have a rich volume. Reading from memory cards is pretty fast for the Samsung GT-S8000 with no problems. Existing data are, as far as the file format type can play here. Moving data into its own folder, for example, also is uncompromising.

    Answering and end keys

    Overall Conclusion

    The Samsung S8000 GT jet is sold at a fair market price which also proves to be an excellent equipment. Its appearance is elegant, discreet and the 5 MP camera with Smile Shot function gives good results. In the dark it can also score points. The built-in flash is powerful enough to display images at night. However one should not be too close to his subject to go up because of the slightly overexposed flash. The internal memory of 2 GB is sufficient enough, and thanks to Micro SD cards it can be easily expandable to 16 GB. The music player can also stand out with good sound quality, thanks to DNSe ™ sound enhancement and 5.1 range through the headset. The loudspeaker is positioned on the back, but may well present the desired track. A difference you can hear out, however, when turning round the mobile phone. The menu is right for the radio, although sparingly, in the Entire application must nevertheless not hide, because the play convinces through clarity and freshness. The images are created using the radio to highly praise. In addition, stations at sufficient places are available. Intuitiveness of the very responsive touch screens, together with the practical widgets it is easy to handle the mobile phone. The HSDPA and EDGE Internet pages are loaded very quickly and look great in display. By lightly touching the screen to shrink or enlarge these problems. Even emails can be easily downloaded and are very easy to read. Attachments are also displayed correctly. However, one must take here is a short waiting time into account. The Samsung GT-S8000 surprised us very positively with balance sheet with its entire inner life - and it looks attractive also. Whether you are looking for a business or an elegant mobile phone or mobile device for flexible multimedia entertainment - the JET can be a powerful companion for all situations.

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    Re: Samsung GT-S8000 Jet Mobile Phone

    That's my number one choice for my new mobile phone. I think the Samsung S8000 offers the best value for price. Have also checked out a few other devices but they couldn't really turn me away from the S8000. This review has just made my decision easier - I have to get it soon ....

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    Re: Samsung GT-S8000 Jet Mobile Phone

    When i first saw this phone i was very excited for the 8MP camera but later on when i researched more i found it lacks the Symbian OS present in Omnia, that means a non-smartphone. I'm waiting for price reduction of Omnia HD

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    Re: Samsung GT-S8000 Jet Mobile Phone

    Can anyone tell me how to change the ISO setting on the camera? Have tried all the different camera settings but ISO option is always greyed out. Also, my phone doesnt have a red striped back. The shop said it was always black!

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    Re: Samsung GT-S8000 Jet Mobile Phone

    If you are looking to change the ISO setting on the Camera of yours then you have to press the ISO button and use the 'up down left and right buttons'. This will change the speed of the of the same. If you are missing this feature from the Camera then i will advise you to check the manual of the Camera for ISO setting.

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    Re: Samsung GT-S8000 Jet Mobile Phone

    Have tried all possible settings, arrows, etc but no luck. Have read the manual through and through, no help. Even downloaded a Samsung phone manual, no help either. I contacted Samsung with a reply at last and they suggest a firmware update through the Samsung New PC Studio software which I had installed from the supplied CD. There was a warning of all sorts of lost data, etc so havent dared to try it. On checking the details of the photos I have taken, it seems it's set at ISO 32 which is ridiculous. Any ideas of best way to solve this, not sure about firmware update!

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    Happy Re: Samsung GT-S8000 Jet Mobile Phone

    Have managed to solve my own problem! It seems that the ISO cant be changed when WDR (which is a kind of automatic setting) and anti-shake is selected. Seems odd to me - will test out the camera tomorrow. Relieved I dont need to fiddle with firmware updates anyway.

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    Re: Samsung GT-S8000 Jet Mobile Phone

    I got a samsung S8000 mobile phone model and its both plus and minus volume keys is not working due to water spilled on it. Now, it will only work for decreasing volume but cannot be used to increasing volume and hence hearing volume has got lowered. If anyone knows how to increase the same volume by doing some R & D internally, then please share it with me.

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