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Thread: Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP)

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    Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP)

    Designed as a tribute to celebrate two decades of Final Fantasy, Dissidia was brought forward to bring together the main hero of the series in one fighting game unique. Overly ambitious, soft bustles with amazing ideas and with abyssal depth, this game gives it a longevity that defies belief!

    Yet there was reason to be skeptical about the announcement of this opportunistic project in which nobody believed in the beginning. But with the game's release in Japan, it had to go to the obvious: Dissidia is not a simplistic fighting game and only intended only to fans of Final Fantasy. It would be rather an altogether different game containing something really fascinating to leave it some little time to speak. The title is sure to divide audiences, but even the most reluctant praise of its courage to go where no one had ever ventured .

    For qualifying Dissidia, it is a simple fighting game that would be more degrading than this title that contains such a wealth of ideas that can not decently compared to anything already known. If the app is literally permeated with the aura Final Fantasy, it is ultimately not what most characterizes this crossover bold. Original throughout, the combat system is very quickly monopolize to our attention, its only weakness being its time for getting started which is a little abused. Specifically, when the game starts, the characters are all level 1 and only have a panel of highly limited powers. If it makes it easier to assimilate the basic mechanisms of combat system, it greatly reduces the impression one has of the gameplay during the early hours of playing tournaments, then we retain their extreme ease their redundancy and excessive duration reduced to a few tens of seconds. It must still go through there to the game finally agreed to give us the keys that will allow us to perceive the hidden potential.

    Reached mid-way mode Journey of Destiny, we've completed the first five scenarios of defenders of the cosmos and we are going to keep going without knowing how we are still far from being able to challenge Chaos, the symbol of evil absolute. The abilities of our heroes begins to grow a little and you perceive a little better the many subtleties inherent in combat system. Comparable to some extent, the spirit of Bushido Blade where we could vanquish his opponent in a sudden confrontation in Dissidia is generally resolved in a few seconds. It is time to implement a plan of attack ultra aggressive in order not to let his enemy no opportunity to respond. The sequence of scenarios involving multiple checkers who bow to very specific rules where each player is free to move at will, as he wants to go fast to earn record bonuses to improve its overall score or otherwise take its time to face all enemies and find pieces all the boxes of each board. The concepts of game plan, timeline and creative accessories are all key components in the narrative mode, but we fail to correct space here to detail them as they should.

    The particularity of games is that they involve two types of strikes that work in tandem. It must first unleash all his anger on his opponent by multiplying attacks bravery in going, if possible, until syncope, prior to inflict an attack of PV can reduce his life points to zero in a blow. For if the attacks of bravery are not lowering the HP of the opponent, that they determine how much damage you'll take him to the next attack of PV. Their role is especially crucial that each of your keystrokes increases your principal points of bravery while reducing that of your opponent. Of course, nothing requires you to defeat your enemies in a single attack of PV, but it is however only advisable to seek to impose their syncope to neutralize them while you seizing bonuses bravery related to the land on which you you are. Arenas which, rightly, have a significant impact particularly and in the course of fighting since the characters have to evolve by taking advantage of hiding and pitfalls they may hide.

    Far from being grounded, the fighters move with great ease, that can spray the decoration of a simple gesture and rush their opponents in the blink of an eye. The result is impressive to look at that exciting to play, because even if the speed of night games sometimes effective angles of view, the player has almost no need to see what is happening on the screen to succeed to guess whether he has evidence of anticipation. But nothing turns out not necessarily as desired, especially during phases of prosecution where the two belligerent attack, dodge and cons-attack each turn, until one of two cracks under pressure. The difficulty of the task lies in the timing chosen to avoid the striking of the opponent quickly if an attack of bravery, slow if it is an attack of PV. The rendering on the screen is again impressive, continued to be the best way to increase its capital to complete before attacking his enemy with one hit. Add to that the opportunity to build on certain portions of the decoration to confuse the opponent and you get a combat system that generates a lot of adrenaline rushes. The icing on the cake, the collection of species EX gives access to hidden potential of his character and can perform a burst superbly EX enhancement to the screen.

    The discovery mode Odyssey Fate, however, is that in the mouth that allows a clear view of all the subtleties of the game system to address the challenges then most full-bodied of the three other pieces of the narrative mode. We would also like to see the extent of opportunities offered by the menu customization. As a hero rises to the level he gains new abilities and new attack techniques that will evolve to a level of control that reduce the cost of activation. The awards from the end of fighting or items purchased in the store can all be equipped on your characters to enhance their capabilities through weapons, armor or accessories. Finally, it is possible to associate each invocation in particular that would activate either automatically or manually in combat. If these invocations are very useful and many, retrieve all still require you to do several times every scenario. And he must be forty hours of play to confront chaos and unlock all the main modes, the soft finish 100%, hence requiring easily double.

    Far from generating fatigue, Dissidia has the unique feature to gain interest in measuring time spent on the game bad the enemies of the hero does not have an equivalent in terms of scenarios of how Odyssey of Destiny because even if they can be controlled in most game modes, it must first spend time in the booster so they are able to do well. The same goes for Shantotto Gabranth and the bonus characters from the XI and XII episodes that start naturally at Level 1. The Colosseum mode remains a good way to move his troops through a card system which allows to obtain jobs that affect the flow of play. As the fighting and fast games against human players, they are responsible for boosting a little more durability already spectacular for a fighting game.

    Be aware though that the European version of Dissidia has a number of supplements that should be interesting to list here. It also includes an arcade mode that enables completely new to face a series of opponents in a row without going through the coliseum. The gameplay has also been rebalanced and the game contains new tutorials and some very specific additional sequences. In return, we require a doubling in English much less satisfactory than the original Japanese, which is quite unfortunate. Finally, the soft we are offered on a regular or limited version collector. Sold for 49 euros, this includes, in addition to the game, a mini-CD of the soundtrack, a 48-page artbook, mini official guide of 32 color pages and two exclusive lithographs. What reward those who had not yet cracked versions for the import of Dissidia.

    Long to initiate the battle system is gaining interest as the characters see their skills grow. Nervous and often very short, clashes renewed well as the character played and quickly adrenaline.The screens do not really do justice to the quality of achievement for both cut-scenes narrative that fighting for themselves. The rendering on screen is impressive and the characters are more beautiful than ever, but we regret the absence of certain figures in the saga.The soundtrack of Dissidia can only have a monstrous impact on players who know by heart the music of the Final Fantasy series. Almost all topics are fighting and the arrangements are, overall, very successful. Too bad the voices in English we are taxed.

    If we confine ourselves just to Solo Narration mode, one must already count a good forty hours of play to confront chaos, all this straight! Count easily double to complete the full 100% (setting up props, completing achievements, development of all characters ...). If one adds the trade and battle online, life is simply indecent.First crossover worthy of the name in the history of Final Fantasy, Dissidia is a game that it would be wrong to label too quickly as a purely fan-service, and therefore of no interest to anyone does not shudder at the thought of Cloud cross swords with Squall at the plant magitek Final Fantasy VI. Incredibly long and remarkably rich in design, this title is unparalleled in its class and mark the twentieth anniversary of the series in an admirable manner.

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    Re: Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP)

    Dissidia: Final Fantasy exclusive to the PSP, is a fighting game with the key characters from the series such as Sephiroth, Kuja, Zidane, Tidus, Cloud or Garland ... The fighting areas will resume the most famous places in the series and will be fully 3D, with many bonus features destructible. Dissidia: Final Fantasy also has a simplified battle system that takes into account the distance between the combatants.

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    Re: Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP)

    It is also possible to improve the effectiveness of its fighting by providing it with new equipment and items. As far as progress in fighting, experience of the character and allows it climbs at certain stages, to increase its features and learn new techniques.

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