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Old 01-09-2009
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 158
Sony Ericsson W508 Walkman Mobile Phone

Scallops, flip phone, the phone with flap, folding mobile - this child has many names. In this case carries the child, specifically the Sony Ericsson W508, the Walkman name, a brand like Sony Ericsson is undoubtedly happy to have in their portfolio. Walkman name does not mean, contrary to what Sony Ericsson will likely argue, is automatically a sovereign music phone.


Walkman-brand or not, we can give away first as last that the W508 is in no way will be something bomb for those who are looking for a handy music phone to a normal price.

Price wise W508 is in the middle of the tree, and can be a pretty average phone, when we look at the specifications.

The appearance has a degree of plastic character, but the format is completely functional. W508 is relatively thin to be in scallops format, and propagates not particularly out in other directions either.

It also provides a solid quality impression. Folding mechanism seems solid, and the phone is easy to open with one hand. Creaky and other unusual sounds, we did not notice during the test period.

Although you may not take the back cover look and often, we must mention that this was something knob. Whether you should take it on or off.

Cover King

It brings us into an opportunity that almost has laid fallow since the glory days Nokia 5110, 3210 and so on around the turn of the millennium, namely the ability to change the cover.

You can tell the switch cover on the W508. On the front it is only the black field around the external display is unchanged. Then time will show whether the world is once again ripe for interchangeable, we think perhaps that other ways to make mobile personal is more relevant now during the day.

The keys are too flat

Like the phone itself is also a key area. To be Sony Ericsson have the usable size, but flat is the reason why they do not provide all world of the response. Menu keys are particularly small, and is instrumental in the key set must be said to be below average.

Flexible screens have not found their way into mobile phones yet, so the screen is of course also flat. The screen has vibrant colors and is fairly sharp without endless. The size of 2.2 inches would not for many years given standing ovations, now we feel it's small.

For normal use as making calls and sending messages works, however, the screen of course excellent.

Nevertheless, user

Although the keys mentioned are not all the world to shout hurray for, the W508, in spite of this straightforward to use. The explanation is, of course, the menu system, which is known from a host of earlier Sony Ericsson phones. As we have previously stated, this is one of the best menu systems for common cell phones that target business users.

Perfect it is certainly not the largest shortage is perhaps that you do not get displayed calendar entries on the front of the screen, a feature we know very much appreciate. By default, you are offered a rather animated themes for the menus, which means that the response is a little slow.

OK accessories

Picture of the W508 is packed may not be of exciting accessories, but you'll find what you need to use the phone as you intend. Transferring music, pictures and other files you can do both with the data cable or card reader supplied. The memory card of 2 GB means you actually have room for usable with music on your phone.

As it should be for a phone with changeable covers, it comes with an additional pattern, the front cover of the package.
  • W508
  • Battery
  • Chargers
  • Headset with transitional jack
  • Data cable
  • USB Card Reader
  • 2 GB memory card
  • Extra cover
  • Instructions for Use
  • CD with software
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Old 01-09-2009
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 158
Re: Sony Ericsson W508 Walkman Mobile Phone

Design and usability

  • Form: Scallops
  • Dimensions: 9.35 x 5 x 1.4 cm
  • Weight: 98 grams
  • Display: TFT, 2.2 inch, 240 x 320 pixels, 262 144 colors
  • Shortcut Keys: volume, keypad, music player
  • Input and output: Sony Ericsson proprietary
  • Short positions: Yes, Memory Stick Micro
  • External antenna socket: No
  • Menu System: Sony Ericsson's own
  • Firmware: 1216-7630 R1EA028 090410
  • Price: about Rs.12000
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Old 01-09-2009
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 158
Re: Sony Ericsson W508 Walkman Mobile Phone

The battery is as usual for Sony Ericsson W508 at a plus. With normal use, we lay in just over three days between charges. Then we had certainly not turned pedometers and not regularly sync. Yet it must be said to be good, especially for a flap phone has two screens to get power.

W508 had no problems with coverage, and sound quality and volume during the conversation was excellent. The microphone is otherwise placed on the side of the keyboard and not at the bottom of the phone so that is normal. For all we know, this is contributing to the impeccable sound quality.

All round with extra fine

If the phone rings and you preferably for some reasons other than dissatisfaction with the sound quality does not want to take your phone, you can just move your hand (or otherwise) over the front of the phone. Then call the sound turned off, which happens when the camera detects motion in front of the phone.

Absolute practical and relatively rare in the mobile world, but hardly any technological revolution. The undersigned had in fact an alarm clock with similar functionality 15 years ago.

Simple pro

Professional feature is on their side not as athletic. E-mail reader is for the simple type, and attachment to the familiar document formats such as text documents or PDF files can not be displayed on the W508.

The browser is the type of NetFront, and works well. Super-3G so there are no syrup-feeling when you are checking your Facebook.

The screen rotates but not automatically when you turn the phone, but this may not be equally applicable to a flap phone as a phone in the normal format.

You surf a lot with your phone, you will notice that the screen is the smallest made extensive browsing. Are you an avid pro user who surf a lot, using cell phone to e-mail or, for that matter see lots of pictures and movies on your phone, there are not any phones in this category you should look at.

Out to strut?

As with many Sony Ericsson phones in recent years, the W508 pedometer. As usual, the later models is that in the form that a program called Walk Mate, you can set as wallpaper on the home screen.

When you are out on tour and have followed the progress of your so eager that you have gone up quite wild, W508 has Google Maps installed. It has certainly not GPS, but uses the mobile network to determine your approximate position. Accuracy is just as bad, but it holds plenty to see on the map roughly where your photos were taken.
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Old 01-09-2009
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 158
Re: Sony Ericsson W508 Walkman Mobile Phone

Technology and features

  • Mobile networks: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, HDSPA 2100 MHz
  • Internet Speed: GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA
  • Wireless transmission: Bluetooth 2.0
  • Retrieving e-mail: POP3, IMAP
  • The quoted battery life: 3G, Up to 16.7 days rest, 4 hours talk time; GSM, up to 16.7 days rest, 10 hours talk time
  • SAR value: 0.85 W/Kg
  • Internal Memory: 100 MB, Memory Stick Micro (2 GB included)
  • Address: 1000 contacts, 7000 numbers
  • Calendar: Yes
  • E-mail reads: Yes, easy
  • Features: Alarm, notes, timer, stopwatch, calculator, code list, AccuWeather, Walk Mate, recorder, remote control, file manager, Google Maps
  • Synchronization: SyncML, Exchange, Outlook
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Old 01-09-2009
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 158
Re: Sony Ericsson W508 Walkman Mobile Phone

If you buy a Walkman phone, you expect anything but a boring phone. Not least go out in that it will be painless to play music on your phone.

And W508 does not fails. All you need to play your music is in place. Sound quality is good with low noise and clear sound. In the included headphones is sound albeit a bit cramped, and the sound can be experienced as a little flat. This means that the music is not as engaging as the best music phones.

Are you tired of your own music, you have obviously a good RDS radio that you can switch over to.

No boom blaster

As mentioned, it may be an idea to connect a pair of headphones of better quality than those provided. Alternatively, you can play the sound over the built-in speaker. It is a single swallow, so that when the music is only in mono without the greatest pressure.

One of the games included are also audio-oriented. It is of course Guitar Rock Tour, which is built of the same principle as the console game Guitar Hero, familiar from many a afterparty.

Keeping with tradition, Sony Ericsson has loaded up with a host Small Programs to mix and treat with audio and video. How many actually use them is another matter, but sometimes they do anyway some cool possibilities.

Of course, Track ID also in place, a very useful thing that gives you the "name & number" of songs you listen to.

Games for body and soul

Besides a traditional BMX games, you can also play bowling. Here, Sony Ericsson has benefited from the built-in motion sensor, so it is not enough to just push buttons.

To throw the ball you must namely moving the phone in a movement similar to real bowling (or bowling on the Wii for those who adhere to the sort of ball games). Not surprisingly, the bowling was a big hit among the smallest.

And images of the eye

Behind the camera lens at the front of the phone hides a camera chip with 3.2 megapixel resolution. The lens sits right on the hinge of the phone, which is a slightly disadvantageous position. There are in fact a little too easy to keep your finger over the lens when you take a picture. There is also no protection for the camera lens.

W508 has fixed focus, so that it has the most fine-focused sharpness. If that happens, but the images are generally of fairly sharp. Color reproduction is also realistic.

Indoor LED flash makes the absence of the current, so here are the pictures more grainy and sometimes blurry due to slow shutter speeds.

This time, we have also included pictures of the motherboard and its map, which will eventually get all the tests ahead. Detail in his map is on 13,800 lines. A good compact camera is usually up to about twice that. As more phones are being tested ahead, it will be easier for readers to compare cameras, even the quality of different phones.
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Old 01-09-2009
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 158
Re: Sony Ericsson W508 Walkman Mobile Phone

  • Media Features: Walkman 3.0
  • Media formats: MP3, AAC
  • FM Radio: Yes, RDS
  • Wireless stereo (A2DP): Yes
  • Media Outputs: Sony Ericsson proprietary
  • Java support: MIDP 1.0, MIDP 2.0
  • Games and Entertainment: Bowling, FMX III, Guitar Rock Tour, Track ID, VideoDJ, PhotoDJ, Mega Bass, Music Mate 5, Music Quiz
  • Camera Resolution: 3.2 megapixels, separate camera for video call
  • Autofocus: No
  • Zoom: Digital zoom (Up to 3.2 x)
  • Flash or photo light: No
  • Video shooting: 320 x 240, 15 fps
  • Other: The Image mode, Area, white balance, night mode, effects, brightness, quality, self timer, exposure
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Old 01-09-2009
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 158
Re: Sony Ericsson W508 Walkman Mobile Phone


Sony Ericsson's new W508 is a flat Walkman phone in scallop design. It set no records in the fewest number of mm thickness, but it should nevertheless ago to be a slim little thing.

The keys are in the style of the phone and is almost completely flat. This is unfortunately a little beyond the response. On the front you will also find some keys for controlling music integrated into the front door.

The cover of the phone, you can however change, and it comes with an extra cover in the package.

Dunk dunk

If this does not sound like sweet music to your ears, then W508 massage the ears with the music you prefer. Once you've filled up your memory card of 2 GB either via cable to your phone from your PC, or with the included card reader, works W508 as a moderately music player. The headphones that come with, we can stretch ourselves to call the whole thing, with transitional jack included. On a music phone, we definitely preferred the phone had input mini-jack directly to the Sony Ericsson has finally gotten to on their W995.

If you'd rather leave the choice of music to the local radio station, you can instead turn on the RDS radio as the W508 boasts.

The screen and menus work well without any major surprises. The screen is not particularly large, and the menus are simple without the more advanced features. Once you've located in the well-known Sony Ericsson menus to the person you want to call, and checked on the relatively sharp screen that you call the right person, you will not have any problems to have a conversation. The sound is good, and the battery lasts so that the mother a chance to talk about all the funny stories from the last talking shop.

Gesture control

When you sit in a cafe with a phone on the table, it can be embarrassing when the phone is ringing and ringing, reveals sense to have the Backstreet Boys or whatever. Then comes the so-called Gesture Control to its right, you just need to fan lightly lanker front of the phone and the W508 is silent as the shell - or was the oyster - it is.

Little extra

Sony Ericsson W508 is a good phone in most areas, but it lacks that little extra. You will in other words, a moderately phone for the money, and even though you may not be immediately in love when you can flip it up for the first time so it is far from anything bomb.

An alternative to roughly the same price may be Sony Ericsson W595, which is a popular music phone in slide format. Is it the money, you can save a few hundred patches by going to the whiplash W350. Are all these boring, you can add in a few bucks extra and go for the Samsung Beat DJ, a little round thing with a pressure monitor.
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Old 08-12-2009
Posts: n/a
Re: Sony Ericsson W508 Walkman Mobile Phone

Its quite pricey for its features. For this price 5530 xpress music would be a better option.
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