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Thread: Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 3000 and Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000

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    Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 3000 and Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000

    Introduction and Packedge

    With the imminent arrival of Windows 7 Microsoft offers an update of its range of kits wireless keyboard / mouse with new models optimized for Windows 7 that means that 6 new keys shortcuts was added to access the applications included in the new taskbar in Windows 7. The first two kits are available Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 3000 at entry level and the Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 in mid range.

    The Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 3000 and Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 packed in a cardboard box that is with goog color combination of red and white looks very similar to the packaging that of other Microsoft keyboard and mouse combo come packaged .

    Inside you will find in both cases the keyboard, mouse, USB wireless dongle, four AAA batteries not rechargeable (two for the keyboard, two for the mouse), a CD with drivers and documentation. To the WCD in 5000 found more than two feet detachable keyboard, similar to those of the excellent WLD 7000

    Wireless Optical Desktop 3000

    Setup of the Wireless Optical Desktop 3000 and Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 is identical and easy like other keyboard and mouse. Simply insert the batteries plug the transmitter into an USB port, and windows wil detect automatically rest will done by windows

    Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000

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    Re: Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 3000 and Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000


    Mouse of both kits are almost identical, and are also the same reference (Wireless Mouse 5000). Wearing both a black dress, they differ in their secondary colors below, side buttons and Microsoft logo where white logo on mouse WD 3000 and Microsoft BlueTrack on the WCD 5000 .The USB receiver can be clipped under the mouse. A small switch ensures the extinction of the mouse when the receiver is clipped.

    Perfectly balanced and sufficiently large this mouse provides a correct grip, but no more and will suit either hand. Both sides and back of the mouse are made of a rubber grip voiding slippage, but not very pleasant to the touch, instead of plastic soft that equip the mouse up range of Microsoft and Logitech. It is surprisingly heavy cons (148g or 1g more than the big Logitech MX Revolution), but those who are embarrassed by this weight may count slightly lower (125g) by removing one of two batteries, the mouse works perfectly so.

    In addition to the left and right buttons and the Tilt Wheel, the mouse has two side buttons for next and previous function of the browser. They are located on both sides of the mouse, which makes manipulation of one of the two little easier because it is not very usual to have to use the ring to activate a button.On the underside there is the access door to the battery sensor and location with the receiver.

    On a dedicated carpet gliding is excellent, but it leaves much to be desired by cons when the mouse is used directly on a desktop. The BlueTrack sensor is cons always as comfortable whatever the surface used.

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    Re: Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 3000 and Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000


    Since kits boarded the same mouse it is logical that the difference face on keyboards. And what a difference! At first glance, the keyboard WD 3000 gives the impression of being simple , while the WCD 5000 has the air of a great brand of keyboard.

    As for the mouse the low end printing that clears the WD 3000 has a wide white liseret around the keyboard (actually the whole lower part is white). The quality of finish is worthy of a Microsoft keyboard and typing comfort is the rendezvous. The wrist rest is plastic soft rather pleasant, typing is accurate, without loss of characters along the way, pressing the keys is neither too harsh nor too soft , however a noise level quite high, but still given the correct price positioning.

    The WCD 5000 is clearly a step above. The impact is quieter the wrist rest is wider which helps limit sweating and block the alpha-numeric is slightly bent position for a more comfortable typing. As its ancestor the WLD 7000, WCD 5000 has two removable feet that can be attached to either the rear of the keyboard or front to reverse its slope which allows a more comfortable wrist. If this reverse slope may seem surprising I confirm to use it proves to be very comfortable so much .

    Regarding the arrangement of keys the keyboards are very conservative, which does not displease me. We thus find the standard provision of all keys except function keys that are present but regularly spaced instead of being grouped by 4. They all offer a secondary function that the icon is represented on the sidelines. These keys give cons by a strange feeling to use because they are much smaller and less high than the other keys.

    Both keyboards also offer additional shortcut buttons including 6 dedicated buttons to access favorite applications under Windows 7. In total the extra keys are in number 19 on the WCD 5000 and 17 on WD 3000 the keys off and Live Messenger.

    characteristics are as follows:
    • Keyboard design Comfort Curve for Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000
    • Keys Taskbar Favorites Smart Features for Windows 7
    • Function Device Stage (quick and easy access to common tasks in Windows 7)
    • Ambidextrous mice
    • Mouse with BlueTrack Technology
    • Windows Flip
    • Mini 2.4GHz receiver

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    Re: Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 3000 and Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000


    Wireless Optical Desktop 3000 is correct for its price but not more. The Wireless Optical Desktop 5000 cost is far more interesting because with an excellent keyboard, comfortable and quiet.You can check here for prices Keyboard and Mouse Price List in India

    The mouse is generally correct the quality of BlueTrack sensor catching have much other defects. However the cost of mouse with kit is much less . Microsoft does not provided notches on the wheel which loses accuracy.

    There is a little design flaw exist which some people will not like.The inability to extinguish the mice without the receptor clip .The case of a mouse aimed mainly laptop users.

    • shortcut keys
    • Some of the shortcut keys work without installing the drivers
    • Mouse design
    • Comfortable to use
    • resistant keys


    • F Lock
    • no status lights on keyboard
    • Installation of the IntelliType software required

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