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Thread: Logitech Driving Force GT

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    Logitech Driving Force GT

    Recent reviews of racing steering wheels on the first page an introduction to the manufacturer to read, but this sends from Logitech that we do otherwise. This has two reasons: Logitech as a company is discussed in the review of the Formula Force EX, and it is the wheel that is not officially reviewed PC send!

    What? You might think .. Yes, officially, the Driving Force GT (more DFGT) a wheel that is compatible with the PlayStation 3. Just as the Driving Force Pro for PlayStation 2 Logitech, however, secretly or not, but PC drivers for the steering wheels. Just install the default drivers from Logitech is enough to DFGT to work.

    Within the price range where we talk about, 70-130, has a Logitech PC steering available. I am sure that the DFGT a better choice because he is a greater rotation and has more buttons. So is chosen only DFGT to review for Logitech in this price.

    Contents box and features

    The packaging of the Logitech DFGT is largely in black and green. On all sides except the back we see a picture of the wheel. On this side is information on the steering wheel and pedals. 3. Moreover, there is only information on compatibility with the PlayStation. On the back is a white plane with information in 28 different languages. With the exception of the back, the box is very attractive from.

    Contents of the box:

    • driving;
    • pedals;
    • nutrition.

    Installation software and cables

    The Logitech software and drivers are installed in the same manner as the Formula Force EX. There is no CD available and therefore you will need to download the driver from the Logitech website. There is an install wizard kept popping magic and the installation begins. During installation, you connect everything. Calibrating does this send itself in contrast to the Formula Force EX, after connecting, you are ready. Below you will immediately profiler setup for all testing.

    In addition to drivers, there is an application installed, the Logitech profiler. This program allows certain functions to be added to games. You can create multiple profiles in the game. But more on this later.


    This control, there are three cables needed. First there is the USB cable, this is directly attached to the wheel. The length of the USB cable is no less than 270 cm long, so Logitech has ensured that almost all PC's with the handlebar may be, but the ergonomics of the zitplek disturbed. Nor can such a long cable with better compatibility with consoles reached because people are often on their television, then the computer screen.

    The second cable is the connection between the pedals and handlebars. For the connection to the wheel Logitech has also chosen to send this to a seven-pin connector that is very similar to that of the old I / O ports on the back of the PC. This will not send eight holes in the connector on the steering wheel, but there are two 'holes' close in the connector. The seven pin plug makes a strong impression. It is only regrettable that the plug will not pitch to, as monitor cables, the plug there theoretically would be covered. The thickness of the cable is equal to that of the USB cable. The length of the cable is 210 cm, which is very generous to call. Certainly no complaints.

    The third cable is the cable. The plug in the wheel is a standard connector for power connections. The feed block has a separate form. He is very thin, but very high and wide. Moreover, the corners are not rounded. The length of the cable is more than 350 cm, which Logitech enormous flexibility with the Logitech Driving Force GT. Also, we finally have a durable cable. Beautiful thick and sturdy.

    Logitech DFGT

    The steering wheel has a diameter of 28 cm which is very pleasant. It is slightly larger than the diameter of the steering wheel and slightly cheaper closer to the real deal. The wheel of the steering wheel is rubber-like plastic with a slightly different structure in the places where you grab the wheel. It might sound like something good Koops, but this feels really good to plastic. It offers great grip and let your little sweating. Also, the structure is not coarse, but it feels a little bit of what you'll find in a car without learning steering. Long race is no problem with this drive, load of sticky or wet hands, you will not easily get.

    On the front of the wheel, we see a lot of buttons.

    1. Triangle.
    2. Button.
    3. Square.
    4. Cross.
    5. R3.
    6. button on top right spoke.
    7. Button on top left spoke.
    8. L3.
    9. +.
    10. -.
    11. PS button
    12. Large central GT button.
    13. Enter-like button.
    14. red circle clockwise.
    15. red circle clockwise.
    16. Select.
    17. Start.

    This we can add four buttons, two switches on the rear flippers and sequential poker also add two buttons. Total of 21 buttons and HAT switch. The large button in the middle lights up when the wheel is connected, there is a white Gran Turismo logo. The switch on the rear flippers are unfortunately normal buttons and not real flippers. The only drawback to the wheel itself. The cod is a good location, easily accessible and provides an audible click sound when you switch.

    As said this send no less than 21 buttons and no button is shared with another. The only drawback I can think of may be that you lost touch in memorizing the buttons. Furthermore, simply amazing work of Logitech. If it is true switch flippers had added was driving was absolutely terrific.

    The housing of this drive is very strong, there is no further kraakje to hear. The steering is tight and is not caught on sounds. The plastics that Logitech wheel used for this all look very representative and feel very strong, a very good combination. The terminal is built in the wheel, just as the Formula Force EX. The clamps work quite well, although they sometimes have trouble with the strong Force Feedback effects of the wheel. The table where the wheel will be put down should not be too thick, slightly less than five inches is the maximum.

    Finally, the rotation of the steering treated. The rotation of the wheel is 900 degrees, a rotation very pleased. Racing with old cars can now very well, street cars often have a great rotation. Very precise steering now. The large rotation offers many options for several cars. The rotation is infinitely adjustable from 40 degrees to 900 degrees. This is the wheel for all racing game to use.

    Force Feedback and precision
    The maximum of this force feedback wheel is very strong. If these forces are not used you have muscle pain the next day. Of course the power itself entirely in it. The precision and speed of the force feedback are very good. Also, more and more game manufacturers that send between their hardware are supported. Simbin example special force feedback profiles for this wheel. As mentioned, the precision of the wheel itself fantastic. A disadvantage is the turning mechanism in the wheel that makes much noise.

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    Re: Logitech Driving Force GT

    Logitech pedals DFGT

    The pedals, which makes the Logitech Driving Force GT looks very good. The pedals are sporty, and there is a difference in length and pressure sensitivity. There is a long base where the pedals are. The plastics material used for these pedals look great.

    By pressing the pedal, the long battle on. Both the accelerator and the brake pedal have a very long stroke which makes for a good precision. The pedals are a nice corner to lie if they were completely fooled. The throttle feels very good, the spring is not too hard and long battle is a high precision of gas possible. Also, this pedal on a good standby to lie if completely fooled.

    The spring in the brake pedal is slightly stronger than the accelerator, it is the spring progressive. The deeper he intrapt the heavier it is. Het remt prettig en door de lange slag is gedoseerd remmen zeer goed mogelijk. It inhibits nice and long stroke brake is dosed very possible. De veer van het rempedaal had overigens best iets sterker mogen zijn. The spring of the brake pedal had best be something more.

    The stability of the pedal set is very good, four rubber strips ensure that the set can not slip away. Furthermore there is a mechanism allowing you to set the bottom in carpet down manner with pins. This slip is almost impossible.

    Logitech's software consists of two parts. First there is the driver with the test screen. The test screen lets you determine whether the rash of drive 100 percent equal. In addition, the pedals and all controls are tested. All buttons are pressed, in addition to the HAT-switch, the control a force feedback effect and there will be noise from the speakers. A good way to Logitech for both the buttons and the Force Feedback test. This is the same as the Formula Force EX.

    Under the settings on this screen you get further options relating to the Force Feedback and control of the wheel. The first is whether you pedal on an axle wants. Usually you do not want, since both gas and brakes than impossible.

    After this question, you get the rotation demand. You can set the rotation of 40 to 900 degrees. Below is equal to the Formula Force EX software, so one selectiebox if you want to have Force Feedback. Below are the famous sliders for Force Feedback strength, resilience and shock effect. The damper force may force some feedback a little damp so as to get a Force Feedback hakkelt less, but the real sense of the Force Feedback is it will be lost. It slows the speed of the wheel can move in a certain direction. The spring ensures that the steering is heavier and you're out of the center.

    Both options are off to the best feeling to get the Force Feedback. Furthermore, these options are not necessary in most race simulators since the Force Feedback is already built to heavier the farther you go to the center is. Logitech has no opportunity to bring a dead zone inserted.

    Profile Software

    Where the Saitek SST software, use the Logitech Profiler software. Logitech Profiler software to certain buttons add a macro. For example, button 11 can be equated to the combination on a keyboard, but only to a point, as one of the mouse or SHIFT. If you have a button you can make SHIFT while pressing the 'SHIFT' key and button 2 for example, another function. You can use the 2 button to switch button and SHIFT + 2 to look to the right.

    The Profiler seems not yet ready for the Driving Force GT. Many buttons are not recognized, and switch on the rear flippers of the steering pedals as recognized. While the pedals are not recognized.


    Logitech has suggested steering in high in the market. Logitech has a very strong asset in the hands, the steering is heavy, looks good and has nice features such as 900 degrees rotation and switching sticks.

    The major advantages of steering the good quality impression when driving grasped and looks it. In addition, feel the Force Feedback is very good and the number buttons on the steering wheel more than enough.

    Downsides, the steering is not only the lack of genuine link flippers is a blood-letting. It is unfortunate that the brake pedal is not something harder, but heck, the pedals feel good to go. Furthermore, the steering noisy, though many people do not belong.

    The major advantages and disadvantages small in combination with the relatively low price for what you get back, it is steering a Must Have stamp despite that Roundup is not yet completely done!

    The steering is in the Netherlands for sale and the search for this drive will certainly be successful.

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