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Thread: The N310 Mini-Notebook by Samsung

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    The N310 Mini-Notebook by Samsung

    Even though it is one of the world's lightest mini-notebooks in its 10.1" class, weighing just 1.23kg with a powerful 6 cell battery, the N310's innovative design is packed with the latest technology for maximum mobility and productivity. It also incorporates a range of practical features, like a normal-size, ergonomic notebook PC style keyboard, to simplify life on the move. So when you need to stay in touch, but want to make a good impression the N310 makes complete sense.

    Samsung has its extremely successful Nc10 Netbook with the N310. The introduction new look, the machine a good portability, a new Design keyboard gravel beach and costs £ 399. The 10,1-Zoll-Bildschirm orders that Netbook standard 1024 x of 600 pixels dissolution. A detailed is and offers brightens and colors defined. It no framework around the screen, looks good, but meant also, it gives only little protection for it.

    The chassis of the N310 is constructed from a resistant plastic, providing a good protection for the life in the highway. The cleared corners you see brilliant, but also it causes that the machine is easy to fall in a stock market or great pocket. Without a doubt, the N310 is the best pebble characteristic its keyboard. The keys are cut of the meeting of them difficult to lose affected, and also are very well distributed, offering one of the best experiences writing we have seen in a NETBOOK. Internamente, Samsung N310 is fed by the processor Intel Atom. This it is the processor of election for the majority of netbooks, and uses very little energy, in order to provide a greater duration of the battery. Once again, the memory of 1024MB is NETBOOK quarrels standard, but it is sufficient at the same time to execute several applications with very little delay. Integrated GMA 950 of Intel GPU powers the graphical capacity of the machine. The hard disk of 160 GB is than generous more, not only it can adjust to all archives and folders of work, but also to the libraries of music and photos you have mantenerte entertained while you work. Portability is the average. Whereas the N310 only weight 1.2 kg, the duration of the battery is mere 148 minutes. This goes behind others netbooks and means that you will have to take the shipper with you if outside the office from length. Extras include three ports USB, a card groove SD, Wi-Fi 802.11g, a VGA and finally a camera integrated for videoconference through the Web. Although the N310 is a great machine counts on a good usabilidad and yield, which talks about a cost. Perhaps it does not have watching netbooks better available, but there are many more cheap offer a yield similar to a price.

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    Re: The N310 Mini-Notebook by Samsung

    Design :

    N310 fashion forward design is a departure of more professionally looking forward to N110 and NC10 is. Devised by the Japanese artist Naoto Fukasawa, the wound up and gladde are affected by marginal blight of N310 have been modelled after a pebble. The Navy blue lid is covert with slightly granulous, gegummeerde surface that are more durable than the typical hard plastic, according to Samsung. These touch themselves certainly N310 of its nearest competitors. At its stylings is too subtle, Samsung' s logo prominent person has been incorporated in the order put characters which are themselves concerning cover, it a smattering in-your-face for our wish. N310 is not only Samsung' s most compact netbook, but its trimmer then a lot of others. Measure of 10.3 x 7.3 x 1.1 cm, the system is not as thin as the HP mini 1000, but it is shorter than the MSI wind U123. Weight of 2.8 kilo at itself, N310 (in its taken felt case) and A/c adapter ended up on 3.4 kilo, and did not do much very on our shoulders as ran we to house.

    Keyboard / Expanded Touchpad

    While we have been impressed with the most traditional keyboards on Samsung precedence netbooks, the N310 is un' island in style layout, that it is of the 94 for hundreds of the full-size. They are the same type of keys that has raised will find on systems like l' ASUS Eee PC 1000HE, MacBook Apple, Sony and much VAIOs, but the keys of the N310 are dealt also with one of dwarf-Ionian dimensions d' silver in powder that renders " free batteri." But it is not alone germophobes that as this keyboard; nearly from the moment in which we have begun to use it, we have appreciated the comfortable key soft, but they are felt. Key of placement, moreover, is not a problem: the Shift key is full dimension and finds under the key Shipment. L' it originates them of the touchpad on Samsung NC10, to 2,3 x 1.1 inches, has been many disappointing vertically tightened small and. Like Samsung N110, N310 has extending horizontally and vertically trackpad. Measure 2,5 x 1,3 inches, the dimension of the block is by now comparable to those of others netbooks, comprised the AOD150 Acer Aspire One and MSI Wind U123. However, the touchpad he is not enough large like that the ASUS Eee PC 1000HE. The push-buttons of the mouse remain an only rocchettara bar lack a divot to separate to the right and left. We prefer two dedicated keys, but this is still better than that of the touchpad vertical oriented push-buttons similar to those of HP Miniums 1000 or 2140.

    Display & Webcam & Audio

    Similar to 2140 Mini HP and Dell Mini Inspiron 10, Samsung N310 counts on a flesh color 10,1 inches (1024 xs resolution 600-pixels) with retroiluminación LED, glass screen. She is sufficiently ample like so that it is possible to be maintained a page Web and a document abierto next to the other. The software of Samsung allows to increase the resolution you of 1024 xs 768, but everything is compressed in the screen. An episode of 24 of streaming of seemed very clear and detailed in the native resolution, the inclination and the screen 45 degrees (that are in which it goes) not to produce distraction glare. Over the screen megapíxeles is a camera of 1.3, that always clear images in chat of video of Skype. A call in California saw little blurred movement when it saluted to us quickly and it could even make the details in our face. The NETBOOK also comes with the CyberLink YouCam, which allowed us to capture photographies and video. The system of located loudspeakers stere upon the keyboard was very strong; of MGMT " Electric Feel" not more of sound like tinny NETBOOK like other speakers.

    Performance :

    Configured, as its predecessor, the N310 the 1,6-GHz Intel atomic CCU and 1 GB RAM with Windows XP, if the Netbook standard in the achievement. Coping machines 1510 on PCMark05-121-Punkte over the category average and is only three points lower than the N110-N310 the situation, with our mobile usual tasks, execution of video telephone calls over Skype and surfing in the Web with several Tabs was also at the same time opened. Integrated Intel GMA 950-Grafikchip with 128 MT crowd OD MEMORY to a result of 736 in 3DMark03, 103 points more highly than the N110, if 19 points lower than the average of the category. Its 3DMark06 result of 88 nearly half of the 158 class average, but a downloaded High definition 720p video tie-clip shown smoothly without sip on or breaks. We transkodiert a 5-Minuten-und-5-Sekunden-MPEG-4-Video-Clip (114MB), around the AVI format with emergency brake on. The N310 the task in 29 minutes and 10 seconds, that is 6 minutes more slowly than the Netbook average. The N310 is 5.400-U/min, 160 GB non removable disk gebootet Windows XP Home in 45 seconds, 10 seconds faster than the Netbook average. The laptop transfer test (a 4.97GB files with mixed media copy) has 5 minutes and 1 second, or a sentence of 16,9 Mbps. That is quite fast for a Netbook (the average is about 14,4 Mbit/s), but not as fast as the Acer Aspire One AOD150 (17.7 Mbit/s). The N310 remained relatively cool during the examination, the lower surface has not hotter than 90 degrees.

    Battery Life :

    Whereas the Sasmung N110' s standard zes-cell-batterij than seven hours time more run, N310 standard is provided with 4-cel a battery. On the rag top Battery test (ongoing web surfs by means of Wi-Fi), N310 3 hours lasted and 32 minutes. Although higher than 2:40 average netbooks equipped with three batteries, on this $ 479 price we have been disappointed that zes-cell a battery does not come standard. The $ 399 ASUS Eee PC. 1000HE (7: 08) and the $ 379 MSI wind U123 (8: 14) both more than the double of the runtime. Still, Samsung plan battery for N310, which is assessed on more than 10.5 hour on a single cargo for a high capacity of 8850 mAH zes-cell.

    Wireless Performance :

    802.11b/g the Wi-Fi card all' inside of the previewed N310 a constant job for the logon in net. An attainment of 20,2 and 15,9 Mbps Mbps from 15 and 50 feet, respective, or slightly advanced to the average, we have been in a position to maintaining a fort far away marks them from our point of access. Streaming video on YouTube and music was lacking in any pauses. Samsung previews to offer the N310 with built-in furnitures to wide band from the fall.

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    Re: The N310 Mini-Notebook by Samsung

    Features :

    class leading craftsmanship :

    A class leading design built to fit in with people's fast-paced and digitally interconnected lives, so you can do even more on the move - and still look good! The superb look and feel of its slim and elegant chassis is accentuated with a choice of colours and haptic styling.

    ultra portability :

    The N310 is one of the lightest mini-notebooks in its 10.1" class, weighing just 1.23kg*, but packed with the latest communications technology for maximum mobility and productivity on the move. So you can carry less, but do more.
    *1.23kg is based on 6 cell battery.

    video-conferencing :

    An integrated 1.3 mega pixel digital motion camera makes it easier than ever to keep in touch with friends and family, using video-conferencing or live messaging. The camera combines the resolution and image quality of a still camera with the sustained high frame rates of a video camera.

    pebble keyboard :

    The N310 features a smooth rectangular-shaped isolation keypad design giving you an attractive first impression. Its ergonomic design and optimised key spacing make working and communicating a much more pleasurable and productive experience, with fewer errors and faster typing speeds.

    anti-bacterial keyboard :

    Uses Silver Nano Technology to coat the keyboard with incredibly small, nano-sized silver ion powder, which makes it impossible for bacteria to live and breed. So, 99.9% of bacteria are successfully eliminated within 24 hours and the mini-notebook remains bacteria free for even longer, creating a more hygienic personal computing environment.

    Genuine Microsoft Windows® XP Home :

    Packed with multimedia features, Windows XP Home Edition aims to unlock the full potential of your mini-notebook. Designed exclusively for home computing, Windows XP Home Edition puts the exciting experiences of the digital age at your fingertips. From digital photos, music and video to building a home network, Windows XP Home Edition brings you into the digital age with ease.

    Intel® Atom™ processor :

    Incorporating Intel's smallest and lowest power processor, the Intel® Atom™ processor, this is specifically designed to deliver an amazing Internet experience using mini-notebooks. Based on an entirely new micro-architecture, the Intel® Atom™ processor increases energy efficiency to extend battery life, whilst delivering enhanced mobile performance and increased system responsiveness on mini-notebook devices.

    fully featured for simple data sharing :

    Enables simple data sharing with a host of advanced connectivity tools, including a 3 in1 memory card reader (SD, SDHC, MMC), 3 built-in USB ports, and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR* (Enhanced Data Rate), so you can easily transfer pictures, movies and data to and from virtually any modern camera, peripheral or audio-visual device.
    *Based on factory specifications.

    10.1" widescreen LED display :

    The N310's 10.1" widescreen display is optimised to deliver a seamless visual experience on the mini-notebook and by using LED technology means that the screen is thinner, up to 33% brighter, and uses much less power than traditional LCD screen. Even the durability of the system is better, because there are fewer breakable parts.

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    Re: The N310 Mini-Notebook by Samsung

    Specification :

    Operation System : Genuine Windows® XP Home (SP3)

    Processor : Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 (1.6GHz) : 533MHz FSB with 512KB Cache

    Main Chipset : Intel 945GSE + ICH7M

    Memory System Memory : 1GB (1 x 1GB) DDR2 800MHz

    Memory Slot : 1 x Slot SODIMM

    Display LCD : 10.1" WSVGA Glare (1024 x 600) SuperBright© Gloss LED Display

    Graphic Memory : 128MB Integrated Graphics

    Graphic Processor : Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 950

    Multimedia Sound : HD (High Definition) Audio

    Multimedia Player : EDS (Enhanced Digital Sound) Effect

    Speaker : 3 watts Stereo Speakers (1.5 watts x 2)

    Integrated Camera : 1.3 Mega Pixel Digital Motion Camera

    Storage HDD : 160GB SATA 5400RPM

    Wired Ethernet LAN : 10/100

    Wireless LAN : Atheros® Wifi 802.11b.g

    Bluetooth : Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR

    I/O Port VGA : Yes

    Headphone-out : Yes

    Mic-in : Yes

    Internal Mic : Yes

    USB : 3 x USB 2.0

    Multi Card Slot : 3 in 1 Card Reader (SD, SDHC, MMC)

    DC-In (Power Port) : Yes

    Input Keyboard Type : 84 Key with Silver Nano technology (Anti-Bacterial Keyboard)

    Touch Pad, Touch Screen : Touch Pad (Scroll Scope, Flat Type)

    Security Virus : McAfee Virus Scan

    Lock : Kensington Lock Port

    Recovery : SAMSUNG Recovery Solution III

    Security : BIOS Boot Up Password / HDD Password

    Power AC Adapter : 40 watts

    Standard Battery : 4 Cell Lithium ion 4400mAh

    Physical Dimension (W x D x H mm) : 262 x 184.5 x 28mm

    Weight, include Standard Battery (kg) : 1.23kg

    Warranty : 1 Year Collect and Return

    Software Installed S/W : SAMSUNG Magic Doctor / SAMSUNG Update Plus / Easy Display Manger, Easy Battery Manager/ Easy Network Manager / Easy Speed Up Manager, Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Standard DVD : System S/W Media

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