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Thread: Red Dead Redemption (PS3, Xbox 360 )

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    Red Dead Redemption (PS3, Xbox 360 )

    Developer(s) : Rockstar San Diego
    Publisher(s) : Rockstar Games
    Distributor(s) : Take-Two Interactive
    Engine : Euphoria RAGE
    Platform(s) : PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
    Release date(s): December 30, 2009
    Genre(s) : Third-person shooter, sandbox, action-adventure
    Mode(s) : Single-player
    Media : Blu-ray Disc, DVD
    Input methods : Gamepad

    Red Dead Redemption is a game western produced and distributed by RockStar games and will launch in Red Dead Redemption is a sequel of the game Red Dead revolver, which in 2004 saw a real success being sold 1.4 million copies. The main game is John Marston, a gunman sent to refaca order in a frontier area of the United States. Although the setting but also on the edge is taken.

    The game plays itself out at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time was the Wild West has slowly extinction. The industrialization of America was well on progress to come, so the government could stabbing their time in the eradication of outlaws. Protagonist John Marston is also in contact with the consequences.

    Redemption is a continuation of Revolver, but there is a proper time between two games. The new game is set in 1908, fifty years after the first part. That also means that a new gun hero to play the leading role. You are now on the road as John Marston, a man with a very violent past. You try that, however long past time to rest. Where you formerly been a pretty violent gang, try a peaceful life to build with his wife and children. The future, however, has other plans with you.

    Mystry Begins

    At the beginning of the last century the U.S. government tried for the first grip on the states in the wild south-west of the country. Every order sent to keep the federal government in addition to the usual sheriffs also staff to the area who were employed by the mysterious Agency. The administration has been renamed FBI, but was then still in its infancy.

    Controversial Office when it was already, as well as Marston has wicked plans. He is by members of the Office under pressure to put his old craft back to suits and a very dirty job to restore the secret agents. This violent mission of Marston is the red thread in the game. The story carries him through a game world that has been cut into three large pieces, using transport such as steam trains are linked. Within each area you are free to go and where you want. According to Rockstar, the three parts of the world's largest game publisher in the market ever has. The area is larger than that in the various parts of Grand Theft Auto, for example.

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    Re: Red Dead Redemption ( Preview : PS3, Xbox 360 )

    Game Play

    You start in the Frontier, a dusty world that you might associate with the Wild West, complete with dirt roads and over-blowing bushes. Later you will slip down to Mexico, where nature and especially the buildings are very different. Finally get on the Plains rightly, that further to the north. The Plains are not only greener than the rest, civilization is also what pulls further, that the villages and cities are more modern look. These towns and villages are far apart and the area between them seems at first often bare and empty. Yet there is much to experience. The game schotelt your regular 'random events' for. Thus, there is just a pop up tent with a cowboy who equips, or someone who wants a lift. You will also regularly in gunfights between groups of wild strangers stream. It may be that they leave you alone, but it can also happen that they are against you. It is important to always be on your guard.

    You can also call against wild beasts. There are enough of. Innocent rabbits to bears, panthers, vultures and wild horses. There are forty different species and there is even a complete ecosystem in the game. If you leave them alive, the animals eat each other. And not only each other, because if once again somewhere someone shot the vultures you will soon be seen around the top circle. The animals and plants are also adapted to the site. If you will not find bears in Mexico.

    The beasts are not just as decoration. You can on hunting, shooting animals and skinning hides their sales in the various settlements, so you can earn some money. There are many more ways to collect Pecunia. If you in the pub playing various mini games where you can win money. For example, as soon as possible between your fingers piercing with a knife. If you win a computer controlled bar visitor, you can collect quite a few dollars. Then you just at the right time in the pub arise. The game has a full 24-uurcyclus and that means that the daytime a lot calmer in the various bars than at night. This clock will affect all life in the game, both human and animals.

    Marston will naturally move mainly on a horse. The beauty is that horses have some form of intelligence and therefore feel more or less what you want them. Each horse is different and will also feel different. One horse is faster, the other is more difficult to send. The intelligence of your horse is especially noticeable during fire fighting, with your horse more or less his own way to be involved. You can obviously determine how hard your horse runs. It can walk, but also in full gallop. As a rider you have to trace your horse to firing. This incentive comes at the expense of the stamina of your horse, that one just maintains full gallop. Keep your horse at top speed, however, easily moving train, in some missions is also desperately needed. You can even jump to full speed on horse to train and back. If you somehow lose your horse during the game, you can of course one steal. If you succeed in your horse to lose as you all alone the middle of the desert, then leave the game after some time entirely coincidentally a horse passing by.

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    Re: Red Dead Redemption ( Preview : PS3, Xbox 360 )

    Marston gets during the game several orders of his tormentor. If it somewhere in a dusty desert town of a certain Bonnie retrieval. This city however soon taken hostage by cowboys to keep Bonnie. Worse still, Bonnie with a strap to her neck on a chair, that every moment can be kicked out of. For example, the mission soon becomes a real shoot-out where you should see Bonnie in life to keep. Of course the seat disappears at a given moment under Bonnie's feet, the pressure still further increase. You then only briefly to the remaining bad guys off and Bonnie free. The open game world you can along different routes to be Bonnie, which also means that the contract in different ways you can address.

    That goes for most missions. According to Rockstar RDR will not contain as many missions as the GTA games, but the missions will be significantly longer than you are accustomed GTA. Moreover, the missions a layered structure known, the aim is gradually adjusted. Fortunately, there are checkpoints that save progress during the long missions. Besides this kind of shoot-outs will be obviously necessary missions that you must perform on horseback, as the mission where you can jump on a moving train. This is in Mexico and you should cooperate with the local army to protect the train. There are more such support missions on horseback should be made.

    Especially during the execution of missions, you will need the most important tool that Marston has returned the Dead Eye. This variant on "bullet time", this time two versions. The simplest form can be used with any weapon. It is simply the time delay, so you can easily focus on your opponents. The second variant can be used only if you use a gun. Also you can slow time, but if you can be extra as many placemarks on your opponents if you stick your pistol bullets in it. At the moment you remove the trigger, stop the delay and all the bullets in fast firing. An ideal way for several opponents simultaneously off.

    Dead Eye you can not, of course, endless commitment. You build credit by opponents off, as in the previous section. If you hit, you'll notice that the edges of your screen red colors. You'll also notice that you slowly turn your injuries heal without you having to do something. Indeed, you can not do. There are no drinks, snacks, pilletjes or syringes with almost miraculously healed, and the time to work. Therefore it is especially important that you can find cover behind anything and everything. Even in dead animals.

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    Re: Red Dead Redemption ( Preview : PS3, Xbox 360 )

    Red Dead Redemption does not have a concrete release date, but we look forward to it all solid. With a great attention to details that make up a convincing game world, the game is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious titles for the foreseeable future. Call of Juarez and Damnation each offer their view on the Wild West, but sees this vision for us in the most spectacular.

    Red Dead Redemption promises value for money. You get a huge open game world presented in the first instance suspect appears empty, but just surprising lot to do. The main part is the dark story that Rockstar Director Dan Hauser has personally recorded. There are many side roads to save it. Technically, there is RDR fine. The engine is an amalgam of techniques that have already proven themselves. The main achievement of the game is the extended Dead Eye, which allows you to implement it against large groups of opponents to take.

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    Re: Red Dead Redemption ( Preview : PS3, Xbox 360 )

    Too bad they do not qualify for the PC. Red Dead Revolver was there only for the PS2 and Xbox, so that (like GTAIV) with time still appears unlikely.

    The game seems to be very entertaining. The atmosphere of Call of Juarez with the open game world and the freedoms of the GTA series. Western Games do zowieso be nice, of Call of Juarez will shortly be a new version.

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