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Thread: MSI GeForce N285GTX OC SuperPipe Graphics card

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    MSI GeForce N285GTX OC SuperPipe Graphics card


    If you are a hardcore gamer then you will surely be interested in owning such graphics card. The biggest from Nvidia is currently GTX 295 which are the formation of 2 GTX 260 set together. however These cards require lots of power But fortunately there is low map option available just below the GTX 295 called GTX 285 .Here we talking about the specific model MSI N285GTX OC SuperPipe, which differs slightly from the reference models.

    Box package:

    MSI N285GTX OC SuperPipe is packaged in green and black shades, and with an beast on the front . On the front you can include read that the card is equipped with 1GB GDDR3 RAM and 3-way SLI and PhysX ready. Somewhat more attractive is word as OC Edition and SuperPipe, which says that card is above the usual.

    Inside the box is the card and accessories packed into a box.which contain following things

    • Manual
    • Quick user guide
    • Driver CD
    • Tomb Raider Underworld (full version)
    • DVI / HDMI adapter
    • DVI / VGA Adapter
    • S-video cable
    • Component Cable
    • S / PDIF cable

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    Re: MSI GeForce N285GTX OC SuperPipe

    Let us look a little closer to the graphics card. MSI SuperPipe cools naturally dominates most of the card. it is made of gray metal in order to improve cooling performance compared to plastic.

    two of the five heat pipes in the cooler is made extra thick to improve heat management. if you see all five heat pipes is extra large, but two is really specially thick.

    At the top of the card are the two PCI-E power connector to provide power . Beside these two sockets, there is also a connector for S / PDIF to be used if you want the output sound with the DVI / HDMI.

    Inside part screws to hold the big cooler in place. One can also see the two SLI connectors are used if you want to connect two or three cards.

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    Re: MSI GeForce N285GTX OC SuperPipe

    Test MSI 285GTX OC SuperPipe :

    • Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P
    • Intel Core i7 920
    • 6GB OCZ Reaper HPC DDR3-1600

    Future Mark:

    MSI N285GTX OC SuperPipe card is as expected in the front, however, but competitor is ATI HD 4890 card in 3DMark06

    Tests from the game Knights of the sea:

    Here is the MSI N285GTX OC SuperPipe is best

    Track Mania Nations Forever

    Here is the MSI N285GTX OC SuperPipe lost the HD 4850 and HD 4870 cards ahead .


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    Re: MSI GeForce N285GTX OC SuperPipe

    Over clocking

    Since this is a best card for overclockers . The card is already overclocked but still there can be expect more out of it. After having some modification you can get around with it better and GPU, Shader and RAM up at 725MHz/1573MHz/1325MHz.
    one can hardly complain about it.Though card !

    power consumption

    In idle using MSI N285GTX OC SuperPipe consumes little power compared to ATI HD 4890. But once game start system increased the consumption of power level pretty much and is almost 100W more than what is consumed with the HD 4890 card. It is not best when you look at the performance but better than HD 4890 in many respects.

    Because of the large cooler with thick heat pipes provides benefits of low noise. Even when benches rising it is not blowing much and temperatures kept at a comparing level called 49 idle and 87 under load.

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    Re: MSI GeForce N285GTX OC SuperPipe


    MSI N285GTX OC SuperPipe has proved to be a strong and performer graphics in several respects compared with an ATI HD 4890 c. It is not best that card uses a lot more power of about 100W more when there is pressure.

    The special cooler that MSI has mounted on the card is best with performance, less noise and good design fronts, and very satisfactory and including a free game Tomb Raider Underworld.The main thing is that the card is over priced . Even its sold for $30 more than the GTX 285. Currently the MSI N285 GTX SuperPipe OC sells for $370

    Advantage :

    • good Performance
    • Cooling Solution
    • low Noise level
    • package Bundle

    disadvantage :

    • Power scuttle
    • No DirectX 10.1
    • expensive

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