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Old 06-05-2009
Join Date: Nov 2005
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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The new candy that is "Snikt!

Having appeared primarily in securities derived from X-Men films, in cross-over (Marvel VS Capcom, Marvel Ultimate Alliance ...) and more rarely in a dedicated (X-Men 2: Wolverine or Vengeance " Wolverine's Revenge "for English), Logan finally back into the gaming scene. This time, it tumbling on all media of the moment: DS, PSP, PS2, Wii, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. This article is devoted to two media cities. This time for an adventure that Wolverine is the only playable heroes, in which he reveals a few moments of his life before and after injection of the metal adamantium in his bones.

The scenario is fairly close / related to the film, even if the game has a number of points with very different work by Gavin Hood. The title actually comes complete either of the parties only addressed in the film (mainly those in Africa) and sometimes draw on the comics (with the presence of character like Bolivar Trask Darkholm or Raven) and sometimes go in different directions freely invented by developers at Raven. They have also taken a number of freedoms, such as implementing the original enemies (or with a different appearance, as Wendigo) and a philosophy sometimes at the edge of gore.

History is composed of five major sections, which we take particular in Africa, Canada or the United States. The plot plays over time and leads us in three distinct periods of non-chronological manner. All in order to make the pace in the adventure and reduce fatigue by alternating different temporalities and different places.

But seriously , enter now and bungalow in the heart of the matter. What is the game itself? We have said before, the first dedicated adventure Wolverine was not a great success. And that, for several reasons: limited technical achievement, a lifetime much shorter and a bit simplistic gameplay. Raven seems retained much of the lesson by taking a solid and recognized, both in substance and in form elsewhere.

Thus, the engine is the Unreal Engine, a guarantee of a certain visual quality (Unreal Tournament III, Gears Of War 2 ...). This is reflected mainly in the smoothness of the textures (especially on walls and floors) and the depth of field really appreciable levels in Africa, the U.S. and canyons in the city of New Orleans. And even if the areas more "closed" (as the research lab or snowy areas of Canada) are significantly below, the whole is pleasing to the eye but rather to honor media. The effects of light are not left and load times are virtually non-existent in the game (apart from the start of the game).

Yet the technique is not without its faults. Indeed, there is (especially on the PS3 version and a little less on Xbox 360) slowdowns, more or less noticeable depending on the passages throughout the adventure. Similarly, there is sometimes bugs (crash or display) in stages of exploration or some fighting (against a Leviathan for example). These occur in rather random, depending on the camera angle of the moment or another special circumstance ... Not necessarily what spoil the pleasure of play in the end, but it leaves us still a slight feeling of not quite finalized.


And, fortunately, the pleasure of the game is there. Thanks to a game that sits on a solid foundation largely mirrored the major standards such as God Of War. Game system mixing action and a bit of reflection, contextual actions (Quick Time Event to close), passages of balance or "climb" (with the possibility of attack by climbing), the dodge side, the concentrated blow which prevails opponent in the air.

This is reflected even in the linearity of the advance together with passages alternating between exploration / reflection and calm fighting. The result is a rather consistent rhythm and sense (which is supported by the change of periods set out above) and almost impossible to lose - especially since a special power shows us the direction to follow in case of doubt -. Developers have played the security card, but they have not stopped. Because it clearly did not claim to revolutionize the genre, X-Men Origins: Wolverine does not least some good ideas which lend it an extra bit of character and identity in relation to the universe.

Thus, regeneration of the hero is a widely put forward by a visual change in real time. Indeed, the fans may observe a certain joy that injuries (even criticism) of the hero is absorbed over time. There is also a small side role play where certain objects and experiences accumulated during our journey we will provide more capacity. It has the feeling of advancing our own Wolverine (the choice to change this or that jurisdiction belong to us) which brings more depth to the title, very action oriented for the rest.

Then we can collect some subtleties in the fighting, as the possibility of using some elements of scenery (with pic statue, forklift, electrical panels, etc..) In the manner of MadWorld, the attack against the smooth - time taken to make opponents to send outside or that run quickly in front (for intimate dash), jumping wildly at an opponent, etc. (see our exclusive video). Some passages somewhat out of the ordinary, such as where we see the action through the rear window of a sniper, aerobatic phases or stages of the race against the clock. Little details that provide additional variety and depth of valuable although inherently based on the kind of game mechanics repetitive.
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Old 06-05-2009
Join Date: Nov 2005
Posts: 1,203
Re: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

At the level of life, this is satisfactory. It will take between 8 and 10 hours to finish the adventure with a lot of improvements to comfort our hero. Many bonuses are more or less hidden in levels (mutagenic capacity, additional costumes, plates) and is quite possible to revive the adventure at least once to get the most bonus for statements or redo history with all the powers available to office. Three difficulty levels are available (easy, normal and hard) which will last unchoked having finished the game the first time.

Overall, it is of a good overall journey without mishap, except for two or three passages unnecessarily frustrating, and which should satisfy most fans of the universe Wolverine. Regrettably however, the field seems sound as far behind. Comments of enemies that tend to loop and a lack of credibility / coherence to global what happens on the screen. The video you commented following summarizes the main positive and negative points of the game, while showing you in action:

After six years of sleep, Wolverine returns to the game with an adventure that is completely dedicated. And it is clear that this new venture is ultimately a pleasant surprise.Enjoyable to watch and play and based on solid, the X-Men Origins: Wolverine is an effective content should Many fans of the hero even if he invented almost nothing and it has some flaws.
  • Platform : DS, PSP, PS2, Wii, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360
  • Publisher : Activision
  • Developer : Raven Software
  • Distributor :Activision
  • Genre : Adventure / Action
  • Game type :Exclusive Solo
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