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    Memento Mori (PC Game)

    Memento Mori is a Latin expression that means "Remember that you will die." It also means a kind artistic creations of all kinds, but all share the same goal, that of reminding men that they are fatal. In Memento Mori, this manifests itself in a belief, dating back over a century, that the Angel of Death appears in some paintings once it reaches the end of its life.

    Memo: Do not forget to die

    We are greeted by a cinematic in which we learn that a professor has invented a revolutionary process for examining works of art to detect, among other applications, false originals. Unfortunately, this discovery was not appreciated by some people who decide to terminate the life of the eminent scientist. Larissa Svetlova, of Russian origin, worked in Lyons at the offices of Interpol, for detection of forged works of art. Contacted by his former boss, the tyrannical Colonel Ostankovic, it is ordered to convene a Maxime Durand, a former thief and receiver of the works of masters, so that investigation of theft of paintings at the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg .

    We then find in an adventure game in the style point & click for in the third person. It offers an interface everything there is more classic with a site full 3D and inventory bar at the top of the screen. Each of them leading their own investigation, we are alternately Lara and Max who communicate among themselves by phone or e-mail. Something fairly linear, the script does not allow us to move from one to another at will as it exists particularly in Secret Files: Tunguska.

    If the mouse pointer does not change shape depending on the actions feasible, except in case of possibility of moving from one area to another, it displays against by a circle representing the actions assigned to the button right and left of the mouse. In some actions, such as combining objects or attempting to interact with the scenery, the color of the circle, as it is green or red, allows quickly whether the action is feasible or not. A double click allows you to run our character. There is also the option of viewing areas and interactive objects by pressing a key. Finally, the mouse wheel will scroll the items in the inventory. Nothing but classic now.

    Where Memento Mori shows its difference is clearly in its development particularly careful. First, the title supports many screen resolutions as well as various options to maximize the capabilities of its graphics card. The management of light and dynamic lighting is neat as well as shadows, reflection and refraction.

    Rare element in games of adventure, we travel to places where live many vehicles and people moving around us, even to say hello from time to time. Even if the animation of the characters is still quite rigid, they enjoy many attitudes making them alive. Similarly, all stages of animation for an action is performed, returning realistic behavior of our heroes. Finally, some good cinematic bill come punctuate certain key moments in history.

    The scenario starts quite slowly and takes its time to put in place. Fortunately, the staged quality allows not bored for a while and finally we dive in the heart of this plot. The latter we will travel from Lyon to Finland, through Russia, Portugal and Scotland. The twists are frequent, the mystery that hangs over the disappearance of these works is interesting and the ending pretty well found.

    Memento Mori is proposing a system of innovative dialogue. Exit answers to multiple choice, we end up with three icons proposing different attitudes: positive, negative and interrogative. Depending on the situation, we have a short or long time to choose our response. If the choice is our interlocutor react differently, the influence on the script is not visible at first. Indeed, eight for alternatives are possible depending on our choices and attitudes of some of our decisions.

    French localization is of good quality and dubbing far from being ridiculous, we are avoiding Russian accents, or other forced. If the main musical theme is most enjoyable, for against, the other pieces, although treated well and to get into the atmosphere, pass unnoticed. The places visited have a good atmosphere, whether at noises, but also brighten up the animations. They are very pleasing to the eye.

    Finish on the good idea to backup at the beginning of each new act. The number of eighteen, they are quite short. The high linearity of history and little difficulty proposed by riddles are that the game is over six to eight hours. But even if it is indeed short, it will come back quickly to take the time to try other combinations of responses and voluntary choice to see another eight for alternatives.


    So, Memento Mori: The Secret of eternal life is a good surprise. While it does not renew the genre, but offers good ideas, careful implementation and quality. With few puzzles and a small difficulty in solving the puzzles, adventure ends quickly. This is partly offset by the possibility to repeat the adventure to discover a purpose alternatives. Well as a pleasant and friendly as fans of adventures in the style point & click in the third person certainly appreciate.

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    Re: Memento Mori (PC Game)

    I would prefer a 2d game than this kind of entertainment

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