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Old 18-03-2009
Join Date: Sep 2005
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Philips GoGear Spark

The MP3 Player Philips GoGear Spark is the Fiat 500 at the MP3 players. He is so small that it easily in the small compartment of the purse found a home, and immediately evokes the protector instinct. Like his role model in the automotive industry, he is limited to the most necessary functions, but skillfully uses this

  • Sparkanisch: Only basic features onboard
  • Operation: Square minimalism
  • Hearing test: Full sound against the cold
  • Connection to the computer: Against the Current
  • Microphone: Digital Memory Support
  • Conclusion and technical data

Extremely compact MP3 player like the Philips GoGear Spark offer advantages. Due to their size they easily disappear into any pocket or can be in unusual places, such as the shirt collar or belt loop, attached. Also, the Philips GoGear Spark is based on the dimensions of 4.7 x 4.7 x 1.3 inches easily stowed. This is also the low weight of 30 grams of substantially.

Only basic features onboard

The Spark offers music and video only basic features of modern MP3 players. The equipment details such as a radio or film, he does play. After all, a built-in microphone records voices or ambient noises. It is in memory versions of two, four or eight gigabytes offered .

The processing is fully managed. The device is made entirely of plastic, this process is clean and the gap dimensions are pleasingly low. However, the entire surface after a short deployment time littered with fingerprints. Falls from about hip level, the Philips Spark prejudice and in most cases free of scratches.

Operation: Square minimalism

An on and off switch on the left side, a volume rocker on the right side, a menu button on the top - the GoGear Spark comes with a few nice buttons. The function of the normal tax or a tax Joysticks Cross over the display itself, which is based on all four sides physically press it down. The principle has at Philips iRiver Clix (U10) and just as well.

Within a few seconds, you gain control and internalized is clearly structured by the main menu: Music -> Photos -> photos -> Folder View -> Customize -> Settings -> Final Title. More are initially not to discover the Philips player is a more relaxed companion and not overburdened with branched sub menu items.
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Old 18-03-2009
Join Date: Sep 2005
Posts: 1,427
Philips GoGear Hearing Test

Full sound against the cold

The included headphones are not included in the regional team, but for now are useful. Apart from the optimal fit and the absence of foam tips they sound a little dull. Therefore, we are listening to with our reference headphones, the Shure Model E500PTH to.

When disabled, sound equalizer our test playlist to match the winter weather a little chilly and colorless. This will change after switching to the "full sound" option, Philips developed a polished sound, which compressed MP3 files will be new life. This works in practice is surprisingly good and the other EQ settings (Rock, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical, Techno) almost into oblivion. This left but clearly audible effect. In addition, buyers at the controls of a freely definable equalizer steam.

The control to stop the blows GoGear if need be, the ears with a painful High volume free. Fortunately, the user can in this menu on a self-defined maximum limit, so there is no accidental comes. Very good is also the layout of the volume scale. Gradually, the pressure level in the fine nuances regulated. Therefore, the player is good as a radio play-Sleep with sensitive in-ear headphones.

Connection to the computer: Against the Current

The data from the PC or Mac easily done - just the Spark with the included USB cable to the computer terminals, even walk the files by drag and drop from your computer to the jukebox. A special software is not needed for this. The USB cable is also the only way the GoGear with fresh power supply, a separate power supply not Philips sets. Positive: The Spark eludes the long lasting trend, for each device a new special connector introduced. It can be used with any mini-USB cable to computer.

Although in principle any type of file on the four gigabytes of memory, the Sparks copied, but the device can only play a few formats. These include on-site audio files with the extensions. Mp3,. Wma and. Wav. He only accepts images in JPEG format. Appear on the latter for this purpose is being quite small OLED display with a diagonal of 3.8 centimeters, a little dark and flat. Nettes Gimmick: The player shows at the request of the music playback during a slide show of images stored in - a musical mini-photo frame, so to speak.

Microphone: Digital Memory Support

Thanks to a built-in microphone, the Philips GoGear Spark to dictation. The quality of the mono recordings in WAV format is average. Too far from the source may not, however, because the microphone is not very sensitive. As a digital-memory support, for example to record a shopping receipt, but it is good.
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Old 18-03-2009
Join Date: Sep 2005
Posts: 1,427
Philips GoGear Spark Conclusion

Conclusion and technical data

The Philips GoGear Spark is a robust, small MP3 player, you just like to have. It covers only the basic function "Music Play" from these for at a good level. The extremely simple operating concept, the dimensions of everyday life and good finish make it the first choice when it comes to a simple knitted MP3 players with good intrinsic value to be found.

Master Data

Type : Flash Player
Storage Sizes: 4 GB
Dimensions (centimeters) : 4.7 x 4.7 x 1.3
Weight (grams) : 29
Available colors : Black-Silver


Conspicuity :
Scratch resistance: High


Diagonal (inches) : 3.8
Resolution (pixels) : 128 x 128
Colors kA


USB : USB 2.0 (mini-USB)
USB host : No
Line-In : No
Specialties : Typical commercial mini-USB port
built-in microphone: Yes


Type : Lithium Polymer
Duration of music playback : about 50 hours
Rechargeable via USB: Yes
Interchangeable : No

Connection to the PC

If a disk?: Yes
Copy from the Explorer?: Yes
Forced Software : No

Menu / control / browser

Alphabetical Order : Yes
ID3 : Yes
Sorting options : Artist, album, all songs, playlists
Programmable buttons : No
Resume Function : Yes
Bookmarks : No
Control : Clickable screen
Number of keys : 5
Operation with closed eyes: Possible
Mechanical key lock : Yes
Playlists : Yes
Possible to delete individual titles: Yes


Playable Formats : MP3, WMA, WAV
Equalizers : 6 equalizer presets, 1 adjustable EQ
Effects / Sound Enhancement : Full Sound
Radio: No


Viewing images: Yes
Formats : JPEG
Slideshow function: Yes
Picture display during music : Yes
Cover Appears when playing music : Yes


Design : Very good
Performance : Well
Equipment : Sufficient
Benefits: Compact size, Easy to use, good sound, long battery life
Disadvantages : Play copy-protected content is not possible, no radio, display dark
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