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Thread: ASUS M50Vn Laptop

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    ASUS M50Vn Laptop

    Laptops are sold as never before, and our claim to the small miracle boxes increasing every day. We'd pretty much that they are just as fast as desktop computers, but also so mobile that we can take them with us when we want, and have battery life to entertain us for a while. The machines should therefore ideally be a technological reincarnation of the potato - it must be used for everything!

    Asus bet with M50Vn of this market segment. It is a machine that can function equally well to the media, communication, work and entertainment. Asus brag in addition of the extra tight security and very good battery management.

    ASUS M50Vn Laptop

    The machine appears in different configurations with different hardware, and varies with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor from 2.0 to 2.8 GHz, up to 4 GB 800 MHz DDR2 RAM, a 15.4-inch display with a resolution of 1366x768, 1440x900 or 1680x1050 pixels and a 250 GB, 320 GB or 500 GB hard drive.

    What they all have in common include an Intel PM45 Express Chipset, Nvidia Geforce 9650M GT video card, Blu-Ray drive and a standard 6-cell battery of 53 Wh.

    In our test copy, we have a P8600 processor from Intel at 2.4 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 1440x900 screen resolution and a 500 GB hard drive. This is a sufficiently powerful hardware that we expect seamless execution of most applications, and a very responsively system.

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    Re: ASUS M50Vn Laptop

    My View

    When the machine was packed out, it was with expectations of a simple style and clean appearance, and this vote so far until we opened the lid. A large number of stickers met us, and experience immediately sank a couple of notches.

    A cautious hand to remove these without having to leave for the big track, but it is nevertheless quite irritating. There is a high probability that the consumer already knows what kind of hardware you have in front of, and stickers nor home on a demo model.

    The appearance is in total is more than approved. The striped pattern is reminiscent of some stripes on a business suit, and that's seen it seems a little pro.

    ASUS M50Vn Laptop Front View

    The machine is solid, and is firmly in the hands. The screen does not give much for the press, and the joints are tight and have smooth action. With its 3 kg is the middle when it comes to weight. Heavy not to seem cheap, and easy to not be cumbersome to carry on.

    The usual ring drivers included with, but it's not much to rope for. We appreciate that it came with an optical mouse of quite okay quality, plus a polish cloth and cable collector charger.


    We find most of the connections on M50Vn, it has the Express card slot, microphone input, two headphone outputs, D-sub VGA, four USB 2.0 ports, firewire port, modem connector, LAN connector, eSATA and HDMI.

    ASUS M50Vn Laptop Right Panel

    ASUS M50Vn Laptop Left Panel

    On the back is the modem, LAN and power intake, and the front has a WiFi switch. The position is essentially straightforward, but we could well imagine HDMI and VGA on the back as well, so these cables sticking out the side when the machine is used with an external monitor.

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    Re: ASUS M50Vn Laptop

    Keys and Touchpad

    On Asus M50Vn have been space for a keyboard with NUMPAD, which is not so common on the 15.4-inch. The keyboard also keeps a good quality, and the surface is very comfortable. The keys are quiet, and has, in our opinion, the optimal placement of control and delete in the right place and enter a key with two key heights.

    One should pick on something, it might have been slightly less failure in the keyboard, in addition, it continued much grease spots on the shiny plastic frame around the keyboard.

    ASUS M50Vn Laptop Touchpad

    There are a number of shortcuts on the surface of the keyboard, which opens the various tools and applications. The usual system properties that level, etc are controlled by a combination of the Fn key and selected keyboard buttons. The most exciting find we have shortcuts pointing at the surface!

    This is something yours truly has never seen before. By pressing the right upper corner of the pointing surface activate my shortcuts are printed on the surface. A backlight makes the picture clearer. The feature can also automatically turn on when you attach an external mouse.

    It works pretty well, and the response is good from the point surface. If it is not used with an external mouse, you can however quickly forget to change the mode, and you try to navigate with shortcuts. It is not such a good idea.

    Otherwise, tap the surface to good use. The surface is comfortable, and it is lowered into the cabinet so that the edges indicates the surface in a good way. Mouse buttons and the fingerprint reader also works very well and are good to use.


    As on most portable computers, not impress them much. Remarkably thin sound with little bass, which generally only justice to the music on low volume. They are however nicely integrated into the machine, but using a couple of hundred dollars on the external speakers are a good investment.


    The screen is of good quality, the colors are vivid, the details will come clear and even if the contrast coating provides a degree of reverberation in the screen is no problem using the normal indoor lighting. Angle is quite ok, both vertically and horizontally.

    Temperature and noise

    We never noticed the heat wrist or trouble end fans while we tested this machine. With low temperatures usually follow their slower speeds on the blower. It's not the most powerful hardware in this model, but it really helps on the noise level experienced at the speed remains stable.

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    Re: ASUS M50Vn Laptop


    The machine behaves nicely with the included Windows Vista Home Premium. It is just like working with memory-and processor-intensive applications like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier, while they have other things going on. It fit great amount of memory and the processor ensures effective for it.

    It comes with many applications and solutions from Asus that it claims will make life easier for one. We mention in fling; Asus Copyprotect, Asus Smartlogon, Asus Net 4 switch, Asus Power4gear extreme, Asus Live Update, Asus Multi-Frame, Asus NB Probe, Asus Instant Fun Plus, Asus Life Frame 3, Asus Virtual Camera, Asus Splendid, Asus Express Gate.

    When all the applications installed on your computer, so that they are out of the box, suffer the boot time and system response slightly. After having removed the most futile of them, we marked a great difference. There is a growing trend among PC manufacturers to pre-install mass "bloatware" on your computer, and we like it not!

    Listings Asus Express Gate, we, however, a small Linux-based operating system installed on the motherboard that has a short startup time and provide access to the Internet, media and IM applications.


    When it comes to the measurable performance, M50Vn makes it well here, while the graphics card is a little weak in the team for the most demanding games.

    Competitors who have slightly more powerful graphics solutions make it better in these tests. Nvidia Geforce 9650M GT plays older games fine, but you must see him off in the past, most graphics intensive games.


    We have begun to test the battery life with maximum brightness and minimum brightness, as this usually have a large impact on battery time. Asus says this is a PC that could be used for everything possible, and should be taken over everything. In order to be mobile and flexible battery time should be good and we had great expectations with M50Vn.

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    Re: ASUS M50Vn Laptop


    Asus M50Vn has tried to sweeten the majority. This is a machine for those who need a PC that can do most. With 500 GB storage capacity, it is also the place to put photos, music, games and movies.

    The machine comes in different configurations, and prices. With this you are having a machine that looks good, perform well and are fun to work with.

    In relation to the machines we tested M50Vn up against, it makes it good. It is not, however, does not a PC you can use for everything. The video card is not good to take the latest and most demanding games, but the processor and memory makes it more than what is suited to run HD movies, heavy applications, and many programs at once.

    It will highlight the most positive is the sharp and good screen, a nice design, good keyboard and good battery life. In addition, the computer Blu-ray player, which we see as a nice bonus.

    Should we draw attention to something negative, it is the all too many additional applications which could clearly work fine without it. But with little knowledge of the data is no problem to weed out the most useless, and organize some of the startup.

    We have no problems recommending Asus M50Vn to those who need a good possible machine. It makes it look great on the test bench, and we are left with a very positive impression of the machine.

    • Good appearance
    • Good performance
    • Nice screen
    • Mass storage
    • Convenient keyboard

    • A lot of "bloatware"
    • Many stickers
    • Blank plastic provides fast grease stains

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    Re: ASUS M50Vn Laptop

    This Asus M50Vn is one of the latest ultra-thin laptop models from the company. From the attending of its sales figures, it looks set to boss the ultra-slim laptop bazaar for absolutely a while more. The combination of great spaces, gorgeous design and an affordable price tag has proven to be irresistible to many.

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