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Thread: Tyan Thunder n6650EX (S4992) Motherboard

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    Tyan Thunder n6650EX (S4992) Motherboard

    Tyan Computer Corporation, founded in 1989, designs, manufactures and markets innovative server & workstation boards, platforms and solutions. Our products are specifically selected by OEMs, System Integrators, VARs and Resellers worldwide. The merger of Tyan Computer Corp. and MiTAC International Corp. was officially completed on October 1st, 2007 at which point, Tyan became one of the business units of MiTAC, named Tyan Business Unit (TBU). Tyan’s brand is to be deeply enhanced and further developed through the synergy and innovation of the new MiTAC.

    Products from Tyan feature design enhancements specifically developed for enterprise computer room and data center environments. These highly stable, space & energy efficient products are very attractive to OEMs and System Integrators designing next generation server solutions for a wide array of customers and applications.

    With design and engineering centers located around the world, Tyan holds a distinct advantage over the competition. Our engineers are well-positioned to assist customers with the development of tailored solutions that meet their needs. Customers are assured that Tyan products meet the highest quality and reliability standards available.

    Tyan enables its customers to be technology leaders by providing scalable, highly-integrated, reliable platforms for a wide range of applications such as high-end servers or workstations used in markets such as CAD, DCC, E&P and HPC. Our time-to-market strategies and best in class engineering processes distinguish us from the competition. Many Tyan customers have had their Tyan-based products recognized within their industries, garnering a multitude of distinguished awards.

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    Re: Tyan Thunder n6650EX (S4992) Motherboard

    Tyan, a long-time manufacturer of great computer products and leading workstation/server-oriented motherboards, have evolved with their Thunder n6650EX motherboard. This motherboard is a modified version of it's previous evolved Thunder n6550EX motherboard, but with out of the box support for AMD's 45nm Opteron CPUs. The Thunder n6650EX has the ability of handling four quad-core processors which is upto 128GB of ECC Registered DDR2 system memory, dual PCI Express x16, and six Serial ATA 2.0 ports.

    Fully loaded with a massive memory capacity and superior performance capabilities, the Thunder n6650QX (S4992) is the premier 4-way server platform. It supports (4) 8300 series AMD Opteron™ 45nm Quad-core Processors (1207-pin; Socket F), (1) nVIDIA NPF 3600 + NPF3050 chipset, (32) DDR2 DIMMs, up to 128GB ECC registered memory, (2) PCI-E x 16, (3) PCI x 8, (1) PCI-X 64/133MHZ slots. It also features (2) USB headers, (6) SATA-II connectors (8) SASports, XGI Z9S 32 MB DDR II frame buffer on-board 2D/3D graphics controller, and RAID 0/1/5/10 support capabilities. Additionally, the Thunder n66500QX (S4992) supports EDA, HPC, life and science, CAD, CAM, CAE and CFD simulation applications.

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    Re: Tyan Thunder n6650EX (S4992) Motherboard

    Technical Specification:

    • Name:
    Tyan Thunder n6650EX

    • Model:

    • Type:

    • Processor:

    1. Four 1207-pin ZIF sockets
    2. Support up to (4) AMD 45nm Quad-Core OpteronTM 8300 series processors
    3. Support 4.4GT/s HyperTransportTM inter-processor link
    4. Support AMD Dual Dynamic Power
    5. Management (DDPM) feature

    • Chipset

    1. nVIDIA nForce Professional 3600 + 3050 (NFP 3600+NFP3050)
    2. (1) PERICOM P17C9X130 PCI-X bridge
    3. (2) PERICOM PI2PCIE412-D PCI-E Mux.
    4. Winbond W83793G Super I/O
    5. (2) Analog Devices ADT7476 Hardware
    6. Monitoring ICs

    • Memory:

    1. 128-bit Dual channel memory bus
    2. (32x) 240-pin DDR2 DIMM slots
    3. Support memory speeds of 400/533/677/800^ MHz
    4. Supports up to 128GB of Reg/ECC DDR2 memory
    5. Supports Single, Dual and Quad Rank memory
    6. ^ 800MHz DDR2 speed
    7. support available only at 4x Dimm's per CPU
    8. or less (8x) Dual Rank memory per CPU will have a maximum memory speed of 533MHz

    • Expansion Slots:

    1. (2) PCI-E x16 slots
    2. (1) x8/x16 lane from PERICOM PI2PCIE412-
    3. D (PCI-E Mux.) under NFP3600
    4. (1) x8/ x16 lane from PERICOM
    5. PI2PCIE412-D (PCI-E Mux.) under NFP3050
    6. PCI-E x8 slots
    7. (3) x8 lanes from NFP3050
    8. (1) x8/ x0 lane from PERICOM PI2PCIE412-D
    9. (PCI-E Mux.) under NFP3600
    10. (1) x8/ x0 lane from PERICOM PI2PCIE412-D
    11. (PCI-E Mux.) under NFP3050
    12. PCI-X 64/133MHz slots from PERICOM
    13. P17C9X130 (PCI-X Bridge)
    14. Total (6) expansion slots

    • Integrated I/O:

    1. (2) 9-pin USB headers
    2. (6) SATA-II connectors
    3. (2) Mini-SAS connectors (total 8 SAS internal ports)
    4. (12) 4-pin FAN headers
    5. (1) 2x9-pin front panel header
    6. (1) 2x6-pin TYFP2 header for Tyan Barebone
    7. (1) 2x9-pin FAN header for Tyan Barebone
    8. (1) 2x3-pin LCM header
    9. (1) 5-pin PSMI header
    10. (1) 3-pin IPMB header

    • System Management:

    1. CPU thermal & voltage monitor support
    2. (8) fan headers: (4) for CPU fans and (4) for system fans
    3. Watchdog timer (WDT) support
    4. Port 80 code display LED

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    Re: Tyan Thunder n6650EX (S4992) Motherboard

    • Integrated 2D/3D PCI Graphics:

    1. XGI VolariTM Z9s graphic controller
    2. PCI interface
    3. 32MB DDR video frame buffer memory

    • Integrated SAS Controller:

    1. LSI SAS1068E 8-port SAS controller
    2. PCI-E x8 interface
    3. RAID 0, 1 and 1E support
    4. (2) mini-SAS internal connectors

    • Integrated SATA Controllers:

    1. SATA-II controller integrated in NFP 3600
    2. (6) SATA-II ports w/ RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5 support

    • Integrated Network Processor:

    1. (1) IntelR 82571EB dual-port GbE LAN controller
    2. (1) DavicomR DM9161AE 10/100 PHY (dedicated for IPMI connection)
    3. WOL and PXE support
    4. Total (3) RJ-45 LAN ports (one for dedicated IPMI connection)

    • Integrated LAN Controller:

    1. (2) GbE LAN ports via Marvell PHY 88E1121
    2. Supports WOL and PXE
    3. (2) RJ-45 ports with LED

    • BIOS:

    1. AMI 8Mbit LPC Flash ROM
    2. Serial console redirect
    3. USB boot supported
    4. Supports APM1.2 and ACPI
    5. PnP, DMI, WfM power management
    6. S0/ S1/ S4/ S5 states supported

    • Power Connector:

    1. (1)24-pin(2x12-pin),3V+5V+12V power connector
    2. (2) 8-pin, 12V power connector
    3. (1) 4-pin, 12V power connector

    • Form Factor:

    1. MEB (13" x 16.2")

    • Regulatory:

    1. FCC Class B (DoC)
    2. European Community CE (DoC)

    • Server Management:

    1. Onboard Raritan KIRA 100 supporting KVMover-IP function
    2. IPMI v2.0 compliant

    • Back Panel I/O Connector:

    1. Stacked PS/2 connector for mouse and keyboard
    2. (2) stacked USB v2.0 ports
    3. (1) stacked DB-9 serial port and D-sub VGA port
    4. (3) side-by-side RJ-45 ports (one for dedicated IPMI connection

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    Re: Tyan Thunder n6650EX (S4992) Motherboard

    • BIOS of Tyan Thunder n6650EX (S4992) Motherboard:

    The recommended BIOS replacement vendor is BIOSman. The vendor offer great product support and timely responses to your BIOS inquiries.

    Use the tables below to locate the appropriate Adobe Acrobat PDF manual file.
    If you can't open the files, visit the Adobe Site to get the reader.

    To ensure maximum performance for your TYAN system board, we encourage users to check this page periodically for the latest BIOS releases. The list below includes links to the appropriate BIOS download pages for TYAN system boards.

    • Memory of Tyan Thunder n6650EX (S4992) Motherboard:

    • Memory Frequences:

    • Checkout the CPU Available with the Tyan Thunder n6650EX (S4992) Motherboard:

    • OS Support Matrix:

    Due to the number of embedded components/chipsets that are on the motherboards, and the variety of OS's/Distributions that are available, it is always a good idea to double check with Tech Support if there is any question about what drivers are/aren't supported. In the majority of the cases if the OS is listed as supported then all components/chipsets will also have support, but it is not so in every single situation.

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