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Thread: iZ3D Monitor 22 for 3D video games

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    iZ3D Monitor 22 for 3D video games

    iZ3D Monitor 22
    If you looking for more immersion in PC 3D video games, there is a solution, a solution proposed by the manufacturer iZ3D. This is an LCD monitor providing an effective 3-dimensional reflecting objects and characters with an underscore.It is 22-inch screen that is used quite extraordinary with polarizing glasses.

    Presentation, bundle

    iZ3D is a U.S. manufacturer based in San Diego this manufacturer only 22-inch 3D screen.The cardboard packaging is very large but very accurate with illustrations very "gamers." It is reclosable. The board claims it is the first 3D screen.A wrist on top makes it easy to carry.There is also a quote from director James Cameron is known that the craze for 3D (with 3D Titanic documentary and new 3D current) 3D display will become a must for video and computer games.The 3D display will become unavoidable in video games and computer games."

    The screen is well protected between two polystyrene blocks. The bundle is arranged on top in the holes left by the blocks of polystyrene.
    The bundle is complete, as it consists of a CD with drivers, sheet guarantees, a manual, a bag of 3D vision goggles and a variety of cables including the following details:
    - 2 DVI cables
    - 1 VGA cable
    - 1 AC power cord (U.S. plug)

    The cable connectors are fully protected by sheets .The manual editing is a very large piece (size of a large poster) with many illustrations where everything is explained very simply.

    In the bag of glasses, there are actually 3 pairs. Two pairs "normal" with a design rather successful. Glasses are profiled. The frame is made of plastic covered with a metallic paint with black tiger stripes on the tips of branches.
    They are quite comfortable. The two pairs each with a different color.
    This is obviously polarizing glasses that can see in 3D. It will therefore bring to view in 3D.

    The presence of two pairs of glasses is a very good thing because it allows another person to follow player 3D game in progress. However not to shift the screen to avoid the field of 3D vision.These glasses called "BeCool. You can order additional pairs of glasses on the site of iZ3D

    The third pair has no mount because it is in fact of glasses that fit on eyeglasses. Thoughtful iZ3D! The adaptation of the eyeglasses is done very easily with a system of spring clip.The surface of the polarizing glass is big enough pure cover glasses for all the glasses.

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    Re: iZ3D Monitor 22


    The design of the screen is rather very simple. Only the iZ3D logo engraved in silver on the top left brings a touch of originality.The whole structure is black (plastic).The display is maintained by a right rectangular solid and relatively large.The latter is equipped with circular skid pads that keep the screen perfectly in place.


    Unlike Zalman 3D displays that are compatible with NVidia cards, the iZ3D is compatible with all graphics cards from the 6600 for NVIDIA, and from 9200 for the AMD / ATI (which even the use with maps entries range ATI).
    However, the screen is still not compatible with SLI or Crossfire. But iz3D intends to resolve this detail. We therefore connect the screen on two graphics cards.

    iZ3D has had the excellent idea of making the device compatible with 110-240V and 50/60 Hz This means that the screen can be used in America where the sector voltage is 110V for 50 Hz but also in Europe and in France where the voltage is 220V.The only problem is qu'iZ3D did not include the power cable with plug. We received a cable with U.S. plug. But it was enough to take a standard cable (taken from a power supply) and the screen works perfectly.iZ3D probably distribute its superb screens shortly in France. The bundle will be updated with the proper cable by then.

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    Re: iZ3D Monitor 22


    The display works in all Windows including Vista 32/64 bit except Windows 2000.IZ3D This monitor offers a resolution of 1680 x 1050 with a response time of 5ms.Its size is 22 inches, it weighs 7-8 kg.It offers a contrast of 700:1 for an angle of 120/90.

    The iZ3D 2 "features a brilliant type" glossy "easily cleanable.It allows easy finger. Do not to touch it if you do not want big visible traces with glare. The brightness of the screens (as on laptops) is sublime in particular for films.Indeed recently the LCD TV monitors have opted for this surface (Samsung screens). With this surface, the range is impressive blacks, colors are extremely varied. It is sublime. The only disadvantage is that the reflections are not wrong with this surface brightness. The solution is not to use the display near a window or light source.

    after on it is beautiful. The colors are bright and deep. The stake is very good. The blacks are deep.The response time (5ms) is highly appreciable. Changes in images are bright and fluid.

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    Re: iZ3D Monitor 22

    keys ,controls and connection

    There are a series of long limbed 6 buttons at the bottom of the screen.A flashing blue LED indicates that the screen is connected to one DVI output (output corresponding to the main screen background) (exit right in front of the screen).Connect the second DVI port stops flashing blue LED for a fixed illumination.This second connection to the DVI port on the left that displays the front and thus allows the 3D effects. So the connections are either two DVI outputs on the graphics card. If the graphics card has only one DVI output and VGA output, 3D connections are also possible by connecting a DVI port on the secondary DVI display (DVI display to the front), and by connecting the VGA connector to display the main standard (rear view).The 3D screen operates in dual screen mode.

    The other colors of LEDs are blinking orange when the display is in standby and orange simple when the device is in standby.A flashing blue LED indicates that the screen is not configured in Dual View mode (it does that on a single slab, the slab main).This happens so when the screen is only connected to the DVI port prncipal or is configured in single display mode in the console to configure your graphics card.

    At plugs are consistent with the supplied cables, two DVI and one VGA. There is also the outlet. The sockets are arranged vertically. The ports are connected therefore upward. It will return the screen to easily enchicher catches. Do so in the blind is quite difficult.

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    Re: iZ3D Monitor 22

    Installation, mounting

    The sheet assembly is easy to read and very comprehensive but not complete.There are, however, a comprehensive manual of the monitor on the official website of iZ3D

    Installing drivers

    There are new drivers on the site of iZ3D dated 27 May 2008 (version 1.08) but still in beta.These new drivers bring many new features like the appearance of 3D activation Direct3D/OpenGL with the possibility to define keyboard shortcuts to activate 3D for each game

    The installation of drivers is very easy once you set Dual View mode.

    Once installation is complete, an icon moves in the taskbar. Just click above to see the management console. You can also right-click to directly place a menu to activate the stereo mode.

    These drivers provide an interface to activate the 3D stereo (in standard mode and OpenGL games).You can also set activation keys for each game 3D button and default button *.The + and - keys can increase or decrease the gap and optimize 3D vision 3D.

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    Re: iZ3D Monitor 22

    Operation of the 3D screen

    The iZ3D consists of two superimposed matrix display, a rear screen and a screen before.There are therefore two screens including one (back) is the standard screen.The screen looks forward with polarized 3D glasses only.So without the glasses, the iZ3D monitor screen is normal. 3D all the magic appears when you put the glasses.It is not in IMAX 3D effects, but three-dimensional rendering is nice.We will use this course in 3D games only.

    But how vision works physiologically 3 dimensions? In fact each eye receives a different view through the lenses of polarizing glasses. The brain combines and superimposes these two views to form a 3D vision.Each individual is more or less sensitive to this kind of vision that may also require time to adjust.

    To obtain a correct 3D effect, it is important to be in front of the screen.
    A bad régleage provide duplication.We need a little time for adaptation or longer depending on the individual.

    Must be resolved in the control panel of your graphics card display mode in dual view. A priori the régleage is not alone by installing drivers from iZ3D.


    It defaults to press the * key to activate the stereo (3D) with the option? of activated.Pressing the + and - to increase and decrease the separation between the two layers of images. It can make its own adjustments.

    There are other software provided by the iZ3D sViewer software which allows you to view images in 3D. It is primarily used software testing and calibration. iZ3D also provides a video player Classic Media Manager to watch 3D movies in 3D.

    In terms of physical and control buttons on the screen, there is no big thing. The screen turns on a horizontal pivot and a vertical pivot (2 degrees of freedom thus).The buttons on the screen control provide an automatic control of brightness and large, that's all.

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    Re: iZ3D Monitor 22

    Tests results

    We tested the monitor with this configuration:

    Test Configuration:
    - AMD X2 5000 +
    - Aeneon XTune 2 GB PC-5400
    - Palit GeForce 8800GT 512 MB / PEAK HD3870 512MB
    - Gigabyte S Series
    - X-Kira 530W Spire
    - IZ3D Driver Version 1.07.0036 (27 May 2008)
    - Windows Vista

    We of course discussed the tested screen mode sntadard 2D.In addition to the remarks made in the previous page on the feel of the image and colors, we tested the screen by launching a DVD ( "Mouse City").Color and image quality are very good.Brightness at 100% provides vivid colors.Use the screen in complete darkness for make out and especially avoid glare.

    iZ3D offers 3D software as mentioned above, an image viewer called sViewer and reader iZ3D Media Player to watch videos in 3D.sViewer to display an image (screenshot of a game) in the graphics are optimized for viewing 3D (double). This image provides a first dive in the stunning 3D world.The Dual View two screens combine to give through the glasses of depth to the image.You see cahmpignons and shrubs in the foreground near us and below the cottages with dwarves. This is remarkable!This first experiment is already a good point to this screen.

    Now to the real target of the screen: games.
    The list of games compatible with 3D is as follows (it is regularly updated):
    1. Armies of Exigo
    2. Ballance
    3. Battlefield 2
    4. Battlefield 2142
    5. Battlefield 2 Special Forces
    6. Beowulf
    7. Bet on Soldier (BoS)
    8. BioShock
    9. Black & White 2
    10. Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
    11. Call of Duty 2
    12. Call of Duty 4
    13. Demo Cars (Disney-Pixar)
    14. Civilization IV
    15. Command & Conquer III: Tiberium Wars
    16. Command & Conquer: Generals
    17. Counter Strike: Source
    18. Crysis - ATI Only
    19. Dark Messiah of MM
    20. Delta Force: Xtreme
    21. Devil May Cry
    22. Dungeon Siedge II
    23. Dungeons and Dragons
    24. Empire Earth II
    25. Fahrenheit
    26. Far Cry
    27. FEAR
    28. Flatout 2
    29. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    30. GTR
    31. Guild Wars
    32. Half Life 2
    33. Half Life 2: Lost Coast
    34. HALO
    35. HALO 2 (Vista Only)
    36. Heroes V
    37. Lego Star Wars
    38. Live For Speed
    39. LOTR: Battle for MiddleEarth II
    40. LOTR Online: Shadows of Angmar
    41. LOTR: Return of the King
    42. Men of Valor
    43. Medal of Honor: Airborne
    44. Micro Machines 4
    45. MTX Moto Trax
    46. NBA 2005
    47. NBA 2006
    48. Need for Speed: Carbon
    49. Need for Speed: Underground 2
    50. Need for Speed: Most Wanted
    51. NHL 2005
    52. NHL 2006
    53. Painkiller
    54. Red Orchestra
    55. Rise and Fall
    56. STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl
    57. Serious Sam II
    58. Sid Meier's Railroads
    59. SiN 2: Episodes
    60. 2 Singles
    61. Sniper Elite
    62. Sonic Adventure DX
    63. Starship Troopers
    64. StarWars: BattleFront I
    65. Team Fortress 2
    66. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    67. The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles
    68. The Movies
    69. Tomb Raider
    70. Unreal Tournament 2004
    71. Warcraft III
    72. Warcraft III: Frozen Throne
    73. Warhammer 40k Dawn of War
    74. Warhammer 40k Winter Assault
    75. World in Conflict
    76. World of Warcraft
    77. World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade

    The new racing game GRID car was added to the list.

    Here is a list of compatible games considered by users:
    1. Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
    2. Assassin's Creed
    3. Dirt
    4. EVE Online
    5. Rainbow Six: Vegas
    6. Ryzom
    7. Star Trek Legacy
    8. SWAT 4
    9. The Witcher
    10. Turok
    11. Unreal Tournament III

    Now to tests in the games

    Crysis 3D is a priori supported for the moment only for machines equipped with ATI graphics cards.

    Under Vista, with a PEAK 512MB ATI HD3870, Crysis crashes when 3D stereo is activated.We have a "Crysis has stopped working".We tested with several resolutions, but even with the lowest (800x600), this time the game starts but crashes upon arrival in the course of the game with our configuration.We tested the patch with Vista for GeForce 8 cards fixing crashes in high resolution, always the same.Crysis fontionne not in 3D mode with ATI graphics cards so we were at an impasse for this Thursday If even the games advertised as compatible and optimized do not work, it's a little annoying. New beta drivers have emerged during our tests. They have improved some things.You can with the latter finally still run Crysis in 3D but the 3D effect is not obvious at all with a 8800GT and have seen a bug graphic at the top of the screen with gray squares. We'll have to wait for beta drivers not stable. But not to worry, the media iZ3D is very active.

    With the game Starship Troopers under XP, we discovered that the HD3870 was not compatible with this game (the graphics during game summary screens to white / blue flashing). We then installed an ATI X800XL and could see the 3D effects with the iZ3D.It is absolutely remarkable and immersing. Large insects literally jumping over you.

    With adventure games, the 3D effect is there but not perfect, the difference images between the two screens and too large. We must step back to unreasonably reduce the effect of duplication. After that of course depends on each individual who receives the 3D effects polarization more or less well. Besides physical testing is available sute the official website of iZ3D.Let us not forget, you can adjust the offset of the two display screens to make the best 3D effect. But this is not always easy and possible.

    With Tomb Raider Anniversary and a 8800GT, the 3D effects are excellent. In the manor, the pronfondeurs corridors and rooms we take the 3D effect and highlights the particular forms of Lara when the camera rotates around it.

    In FEAR, we did the tests on Windows XP because we first encountered the problem on Windows Vista with the game vec a HD3870.We then moved on a 8800GT.And the effects are remarkable, the game is even more scary! Simply enormous.

    In WoW, immersion is one of the best games we've tested.The 3D effect is remarkable progress in depths hallucinantes.The gaming experience is great.

    Far Cry test under XP: Again, it is sublime. We rediscover the game

    Test demo GRID: huge slowdowns in high resolution (we are down to 0.25 fps with a 8800GT 512MB! With 3D enabled passive mode (3D mode triggered by keypress). We observed some shadow effects disappeared when we switched the 3D effect.There are slight delays with the iZ3D drivers enabled.

    We also had time to right a flashing of the screen at the end of a party.Otherwise, we could play with the 3D effect with a régleage suitable for us to 1.75% of separation, in other words not a spectacular 3D effect. Maybe our eyes are not very receptive to 3D. Beyond 1.75%, the separation is too large, it is with double glasses.But iZ3D tarin is currently working on it (see their forum).

    In summary, the games have emerged in most 3D games were adventure not listed as compatible or Darkess Within Tomb Raider Anniversary.FEAR, Far Cry and WoW also offer a gaming experience quite dramatic.For the rest of the games we tested, it is clear that this is not yet available.The drivers continue to improve so no worry.

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    Re: iZ3D Monitor 22


    The 3D mode is now usually a quite negative impact on some games by dropping their fluidity especially at high resolutions, turning off some effects of shadows and generating small graphics bugs. The drivers still have a long way to go to achieve something really drinking but were not worried, technical support being very active.For good all the same handful of games listed as compatible and optimized stereoscopic media, this screen iZ3D offers a stunning 3D experience and immersion rather remarkable.For the rest, the screen offers good image quality in standard mode and a very good comfort. The finishes are quite good.It also appreciates the three pairs of glasses designated well delivered but also the price: $ 599, a price defying any competition with the dollar at this time.

    - Screen bright beautiful
    - Comfortable
    - Excellent 3D experience
    - Do not fatigue the eyes
    - Easy to install
    - 2 pairs of polarizing sunglasses designated quality
    - 1 pair of glasses suitable for eyeglasses
    - Very good support from the official site
    - Online Manual in French
    - Price

    - Some reflections
    - Screen that heats a lot
    - Drivers not yet fully in paragraph
    - Loss of fluidity in some games

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