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Thread: NOD32 Antivirus Software

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    NOD32 Antivirus Software

    Antivirus protection is spelled "NOD32." Built on the award-winning ThreatSense® engine, ESET NOD32 Antivirus software proactively detects and eliminates more viruses, trojans, worms, adware, spyware, phishing, rootkits and other Internet threats than any program available.

    Eset's NOD32 was the hands-down winner in "Virus Stoppers," our eight-program antivirus roundup. In our tests, it caught 79 percent of unknown malware samples when using one-month-old signature files.

    It's the ideal antivirus for Windows XP, and also runs smoothly on Windows legacy systems, MS-DOS, file servers, mail servers, and more.The next-closest program, BitDefender Antivirus 10, came in with a distant 61 percent.

    Apart from other things ESET NOD32 Antivirus provides:-

    1. Proactive Protection: The award winning ThreatSense technology combines multiple layers of detection protecting you from Internet threats before it is too late.

    2. Precise Detection: ESET accurately identifies known and unknown threats. It consistently wins top awards from testing labs and is recognized for having zero false positive.

    3. Lightweight Design: Requires less memory and CPU power, allowing your computer to run fast, making more room for games, web browsing, and emailing.

    4. Fast Scanning Speeds: Highly efficient program ensuring fast file scanning and product updates. It runs quietly in the background.

    Proactive, precise, lightweight and fast. You won’t find a better antivirus program.

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    Re: NOD32 Antivirus Software Features


    1. Ease of Use

      ESET's NOD32 is simple to use right out of the box (figuratively speaking … it’s a download) and requires little or no configuring for the average user.The program comes defaulted to Standard Mode which is fine for most users. In Standard Mode the options are limited but the antivirus program runs fine - it's probably a good idea to hide the majority of the options.

    2. Ease of Installation

      Installation was prompt and easy. The package is just 34M making it among the lightest antivirus packages we have ever seen.It takes only 1 minute 45 seconds for installation and the computer is immediately ready for use - requiring no restarts after installation.The left-hand column features Protection Status, Computer Scan, Update, Setup, Tools and Help. The right windowpane is reserved for the active feature in use.The right windowpane is reserved for the active feature in use.Should you need to remove NOD32 from your computer, there is an uninstall option. After a reboot we found almost no evidence of the product on the machine.

    3. Help/Support

      ESET's Help Files within the program are very useful and well laid out, although why in Standard Mode we aren't sure why the "Help" link in the upper-right-hand corner of the program disappears.It’s about time the other software developers include similar help files. It’s simple and quick for the user and doesn't require much development cost for the software publisher. Online, ESET provides a fairly thorough 32-page PDF file manual for download, plus online FAQs for NOD32, links to an active user forum dedicated to the software, and a web form for contacting ESET customer support.They also have a live telephone support offered, the call is not toll free and is available only during business hours, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday.


    NOD32 showed signs of promise with its new, slick interface, but NOD32 still falls behind its major competitors with its Virus Scanner which could use some work in terms of speed and resource use.Its proactive approach to virus and other malware detection is among the best in the world, its virus detection is excellent, and now with an easy to use interface, this software ranks among the best available.

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