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    Reliance Big tv

    Reliance big TV is Digital TV Service with MPEG-4 technology. BIG TV will certainly transform your TV viewing experience. With features that will change the way you watch TV, simply turn your TV into a BIG TV. Reliance is excited to present the next landmark of TV entertainment in India. With Big TV Digital Service, you can experience spectacular entertainment, blockbuster movies, up-to-the-minute news, and your favourite programs at the click of a button.

    Big TV has fantastic features like pure digital viewing experience, more channel choice, many exclusive movie channels, easy programming guide, interactive services, parental control, 24x7 Customer Service.

    Feature of Reliance Big TV
    • Technology - Advanced MPEG 4 Video Technology
    • Cinema - Exclusive movie channels (32)
    • Interactive Mosaic channels (multichannel previews per screen)
    • Interactive Mosaic channels by category
    • Favourite channel list (with unlimited channels per list)
    • Assign personalised name to favourite list.
    • Advanced predictive Search by Director, Actor, Title, Keyword.
    • Sort by Channel category, names and numbers.
    • Sort channels via Mini-Guide

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    Re: Reliance Big tv

    Guide - Know what’s on TV and plan your viewing. Use the easy- to- follow Electronic Program Guide(EPG) that lists all the channels available on TV, Radio and Cinema. You will also have an up-to-date program schedule for 7 days. Browse and sort through hundreds of channels, set reminders, and create your own personal favourites list — all this and more at the click of a button on your BIG TV remote.

    Mini Guide - Restless to know what’s showing on your other favourite channel? The Mini-Guide is the coolest and quickest way to find out what’s playing on other channels while watching LIVE TV. It lists all available channels and displays information about the selected programme at the bottom of the screen. It even allows you to set reminders, sort channels, enable subtitles and change to alternate audio languages (if available) in just one click!

    Cinema - An innovation which gives you the freedom to watch movies the way you want to. Watch movies on Pay-Per-View as well as Monthly Subscription basis. Widest variety of genres like Action, Comedy, Thriller, Romance, Family, Classic and Mega Hit in English, Hindi and Regional languages.

    Select - SELECT offers you instant access to top entertainment, news, movies, sports, kids and music channels at a glance. This feature is an interactive mosaic window that displays 12 Live TV channels from one category per screen. On the selected channel, you can even view a short description of the current programme. Select and decide what you want to watch.

    Favourites - Get rid of the hassle of browsing through the entire channel list. You can set up a personal programme guide of the channels you watch the most and create up to 8 of your favourite channel lists with personalised name and unlimited channels. Once created, you can view, access, add, delete or modify your list from the Guide and Mini-Guide as well.

    Parental Control - Want to keep your children away from unwanted content? The parental controls’ safe lock not only enables you to lock a channel but also block programs based on their content rating. For instance, if you lock programs with ‘Adult’ rating, all programs across channels with an ‘Adult’ rating will be automatically blocked. A lock icon will appear on the screen if anyone tries to tune to ‘locked’ content which can be unlocked only by using your unique PIN.

    Reminders - Don’t miss out on your favourite programs. A few minutes before the event begins. Once you set a reminder, a ‘Clock’ icon appears before the program name in the Guide, Mini-Guide and Search results.

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    Re: Reliance Big tv


    1. Power:To switch the Set-Top-Box (STB) in “standby mode” or in “power on mode”
    2. Menu: To launch or terminate the menu application.
    3. Standby / Power on indication light: Turns red while in “standby mode” and turns off while in the “power on mode”
    4. Message indication light: Turns orange when STB receives a message
    5. Remote Sensor: Receives the infrared signal from Remote Control Unit.
    6. Arrow Keys: To navigate interface Left/Right & change cursor position.
    7. OK: To activate a highlighted item or go to next level on hypertext menu or to confirm the user’s action.
    8. IR Activity Indication Light:Turns green while in the “power on mode” Flashes green when receiving data from Remote Control Unit.
    9. Arrow Keys: To navigate interface Up/Down & change cursor position.
    10. Smart Card Slot: Open flap and insert a Smart Card fully into the slot.

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    Re: Reliance Big tv

    Big TV has the capacity of upto 250 TV channels which is much more than any current DTH operator. You can enjoy upto 32 Pay - Per - View channels, never before seen in India.

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    Re: Reliance Big tv

    Reliance Big TV is a worst DTH provider you can get anywhere in world. They are a thief. They will take some charge from you without any intimation and later they will say they don't have any idea about this charge. Also, any kind of wind stops the service for few seconds, even if it is very slow.

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