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Thread: Fracture (ps3, Xbox) Game

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    Fracture (ps3, Xbox) Game

    I heard half years ago for the first time Fracture, a game of Day: 1: Studios and published by LucasArts studio. Given the long history of this studio is my highest priority. And of course, because they used to, long long ago, the makers of the adventure of all adventures: Monkey Island. But back to Fracture. It is a shooter. And not just a thirteen in a dozen shooter. Fracture promises the possibility of the field continue to own any of them. Did you coverage and you are too lazy to run away? Then you shoot the ground right up! Is there a timetable on a passage? Then you feel that you care with a pointy rock pushes up the grill! Do you need a tower on top of where you are? Then you can throw a grenade with a pointy rock pulled from the ground, make sure you in the right place, and voila! I can not wait and immediately stop the disc in my PS3 faithful. The game starts right and what is immediately striking the right sound. Unfortunately there's a tellertje to run as many minutes will still be waiting on the installation. Fortunately, only 4 minutes and 20 seconds to just under 2 gigabytes of precious hard drive space. But yes, now this is more the rule than the exception. You can see that because all the PS3's standard hard drive equipped with the developers are also grateful to use them. So be patient returns. And four minutes on a human life?

    Standing on a spike

    Day 1 Studios
    Sci-Fi Shooter
    Release: Oct 7, 2008
    ESRB: Teen

    My first steps as soil researcher

    Immediately after the installation I start the game in campaign mode. The offline story is always important to play as Fracture, my opinion. After choosing the campaign, there is a choice of difficulty: casual, hardcore or standard. In the intro movie to see how the earth has been lost between now and 2161, when Fracture happens. During the intro is clear that the United States has been split into two parts directly to each other. It owes its name to the game: Fracture. The first mission is the mission that can be downloaded as a demo was. Learning to use all weapons and facilities. The game is a 3rd person shooter, so you look your character on the back. The beauty of the graphics engine is out. The reflections in the ground floor which can be distorted, shadows of rotating blades. If you see the field you have changed little fire-like red or blue veins running through it.

    After playing with different weapons have the story goes on and you can engage in real enemies. Luckily, a ball on your screen where you always have, because sometimes you get lost. That is because your site should change your way through the building, something I have not seen another game. The 3rd person perspective is getting used to, but does not feel strange. The first part of the story is about an infiltration into a base. You get more useful information to hear how certain tasks to be carried out and where the story goes by. In addition, there is help available. If you have a photo ratje came on the screen flashes, you can press the select button and then it zoomed in on an object that does something in the story. The action in Fracture is continuous and it is difficult to stop the game. You notice that it is increasingly difficult to see where you should go. This is because the site must continue to change the story to follow. The graphics are nice and the explosions look good. You do have the feeling that your regular total overcharging by enemies and that you are economical with the bullets that you should have, because they are not available in abundance. Sometimes it let enemies weapons or bullets, but you can not assume that it always is.

    Shelled from a distance


    The online menu and see a very standard: possibilities for a quick match to choose a custom match search or a game host. There is also options to send invitations to or accept. The online section contains many types of game and that is important. Deathmatch is just so boring. That is so good at Fracture. The following modes are available:

    Free for all: Everything that moves shoot
    FFA Team: The team deathmatch option Fracture
    Capture the flag: Both teams are trying to conquer each other's flag.
    Single Flag CTF: Both teams try to capture flag 1. Sounds like HeadQuarters of COD4!
    Excavation: Defend and remove "spikes" for points. Something that really Fracture-like sounds.
    King Maker: Fight to the control zone to occupy and score points.
    Team King Maker: Same as above but in a team.
    Break-In: Fill those hostile basis points.
    In addition to these 8 game modes, there are 8 multiplayer maps available, with some specially suitable for team games while others are suitable for all games. Fracture has a maximum of 12 players per game. Not very much, but so organized. Unfortunately I have not found an option for clan tags can be added. What is striking is that there are many options for online game Customizing: what grenades or weapons are allowed, is a radar available, you can change team, and so on.

    I would like to play online testing how Fracture plays. But unfortunately the game is still not official, and that means that no people are online to play. We must LucasArts but their word that it will work, or just wait until October 10, when the game really is. Until then the wait!

    Fracture contains a large number of weapons and it is possible to 4 kinds of grenades to take each with their own goal. Also in Fracture vehicles that are driving. What I miss is an offline or online coop mode. I find the shooters in campaign mode is very nice, but for all together with another to play.

    Grenade at work


    + Graphics are excellent. The worlds are beautiful and everything can be destroyed without any annoying delay.
    + Fun story much time is spent.
    + The terrain deformation allows real extras.
    + Online is great for each other. Many options and eight maps. Hopefully, there are still a few at.

    - No split screen. Unfortunately not the offline and online coop.
    - No trophies. Which is very unfortunate for a new game.
    - No clantag support.

    Final Verdict: 8 / 10

    It is LucasArts did something else to do with the shooter genre. It is quite difficult, because a shooter remains a shooter on the whole. Fracture is something else. The site is always very important for a shooter and that the area can be changed is good. For the rest the game contains all the elements for a good online shooter in addition to the fun offline campaign. I get a lot of hours to spend Fracture!

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    Re: Fracture (ps3, Xbox) Game

    I've only played Haze and UT3, so I can not really say. It looks like something on Haze, Fracture only plays better, because Haze is very focused on the nectar. Without such a mess, you can almost not set. And tactics is also very involved Fracture; Haze that had not. UT3 had no offline campaign, so that you extra.

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    Re: Fracture (ps3, Xbox) Game

    Played briefly only.
    But it looks nice, nice done with the reduction and increase of the land.

    Unfortunately, I found the cut-scenes as moderate.

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